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    Our mailbox is always full of esoteric questions from our readers. So every week, we pass along some of their most interesting queries to baseball historians who know the answers.

    Below, we've compiled a list of every question they've tackled.

    Have a question? Ask the experts at BOLexperts@idealog.com!
    (Due to the volume of mail received, we cannot guarantee a response.)

    Are you an expert? Let us know by writing to BOLexperts@idealog.com.

    What can you tell me about my scorecard from 1883?
    What was the box score of my first ballgame in 1969?
    What was the Tigers' Opening Day lineup in 1984?
    What is the most expensive piece of baseball memorabilia ever?
    What is the worst winning percentage ever?
    What team hit the most homers?
    What is the infield fly rule?
    What was the Yankees' best comeback?
    What are the fungo circles for?
    What is the Mendoza line?
    What was the Gashouse Gang?
    What happened on September 4th, 1954?
    What number did Cy Young wear?
    What's the NL record for consecutive games played?
    What's the value of my Steve Bedrosian autograph?
    What's the record for most consecutive steals?
    What kind of bat did Roger Maris use?
    What was the most home runs Willie Mays hit in one game?
    What is the record for most triples in a season?
    What number did Sparky Anderson wear?
    What was the longest game ever?
    What is the history behind the term "rubber game?"
    What were courtesy runners?
    What is the all-time World Series record between the leagues?
    What's the record for consecutive innings pitched without walking a batter?
    What two players won eight batting titles and how old were they?
    What is the team record for most homers in a game?
    What is slugging percentage?
    What years did Satchel Paige play for the Pittsburgh Crawfords?
    What is the Mets single-season doubles record?
    What were some of Dizzy Dean's weird phrases?
    What is an Expo?
    What is a "Magic Number?"
    What is the most bases stolen by one player in a game?
    What is the record for the most leadoff homers in one season?
    What was the roster for the Gas House Gang?
    What is the record for consecutive complete games?
    What were John Whitehead's stats?
    What was the last baseball team to win three World Series in a row?
    What teams and when has Lou Piniella managed?
    What team did Wilson, Myers, Rhodes, and Wilkins play for?
    What is the Ex-Cub Factor?
    What was the original lineup for the Cincinnati Reds?
    What number did Hank Thompson wear with the New York Giants?
    What teams did Irish McIlveen play for?
    What was the lineup for the 1957 Milwaukee Braves?
    What is the Pirates' record against the Braves?
    What was the 1954 Giants' lineup?
    What year did Yogi Berra hit .307 with 22 home runs and 125 RBI?
    What team holds the record for most runs scored in a game?
    What number did Charlie Keller wear for the Yankees?
    What number did Eric Solderholm wear for the White Sox?
    What is the record for consecutive home runs?
    What is the earliest date that the AL pennant was clinched?
    What can you tell me about a 22-inning game in 1962?
    What was the World Series roster for the 1934 St. Louis Cardinals?
    What numbers did the Dean brothers wear while they were playing?
    What were the fewest total hits two teams combined for in a nine-inning game?
    What is the record for most consecutive strikeouts by a pitcher making his first appearance?
    What is the most hits a team has gotten without scoring a run?
    What was the lowest ERA that ever led the league? What was the highest?
    What did Joe DiMaggio do in his first at-bat?
    What number did Joe Gordon wear for the Yankees?
    What is John Valentin the only player to have ever done?
    What year did Del Crandall begin playing in the major leagues?
    What number did Steve Stone wear with the Cubs?
    What number did Hack Wilson wear with the Cubs?
    What number did Mickey Mantle wear when he first came up with the Yankees?
    What number will Don Zimmer wear for the 2001 season?
    What teams did Marty Bergen play for during his career?
    What happened to the Washington Senators?
    What number did Kirk Gibson wear with the Tigers?
    What was the All-American Girls Baseball League?
    What are the qualifications for a baseball player to be considered a rookie?
    What number did Reggie Jackson wear in his rookie year?
    What is the record for most batters hit by a pitcher?
    What is the oldest major league ballpark?
    What were the rosters for Game Four of the 1971 World Series?
    What is the most hits ever in a shutout?
    What is the largest run deficit ever overcome?
    What number did Walter Johnson wear as a player and manager?
    What is the most runs by one team in an inning?
    What was the 1957 Dodgers' lineup?
    What team draws the most fans?
    What was the longest game ever?
    What is the record for reaching base in consecutive games?
    What was the highest combined score in history?
    What manager has won 500 games with three teams?
    What reliever has the most losses in a season?
    What pitcher has the most strikeouts in a row?
    What AL player drew four intentional walks in a game?
    What is the record for double plays in a season?
    What did Babe Ruth call his bat?
    What defines a rookie?
    What is the longest home run ever hit?
    What pitcher won 20 games for three teams?
    What pitcher has had the most K's and fewest BB's per game in one season?
    What ballplayer had the shortest name ever?
    What manager was ejected from the most games?

    Who holds the record for the most hits in consecutive at-bats?
    Who made the last outs in Nolan Ryan's no-hitters?
    Who won the 1974 World Series?
    Who played first for the Phillies in 1994/95?
    Who has hit four homers in a game?
    Who were Willie Randolph's double-play mates?
    Who was traded for Willie Mays?
    Who was Bill Sullivan?
    Who was on the 1906 Kansas City Blues?
    Who has the most pinch-hit homers?
    Who coached the Mets and Yankees?
    Who was on the 1981 Orioles?
    Who was the last Yankee pitcher to hit a homer?
    Who threw the first no-hitter outside of the U.S.?
    Who holds the record for consecutive hits in the World Series?
    Who was the Dodger shortstop in the 70's?
    Who played third for the Yankees between Boyer and Nettles?
    Who was the "Mad Hungarian?"
    Who was on the 1973 Mets?
    Who was on the 1994 Expos?
    Who was on the 1986 Cardinals?
    Who was the last Indian to win 20 games?
    Who was on the great A's teams?
    Who was the Cubs third Baseman in 1984?
    Who caught Dave Righetti's no-hitter?
    Who was on deck for the "Shot Heard 'Round the World?"
    Who struck out the most batters in a World Series game?
    Who struck out the most?
    Who has the most World Series at bats without a hit?
    Who were the only two players to play for the Mets, Yankess, Dodgers and Giants?
    Who played third base for the Tigers in 1984?
    Who played for the 1955 Braves?
    Who invented the curveball?
    Who was Jesse Barnes?
    Who had the highest win percentages compared with their teams?
    Who gave up the most runs in a game and in an inning?
    Who hit .400 prior to Ted Williams?
    Who hit the most consecutive homers?
    Who was involved in Maris' trade to Kansas City?
    Who was the only rookie to win the Cy Young award?
    Who started game seven for the Dodgers in 1956?
    Who played the most games for the New York Yankees?
    Who wore #7 before Mickey Mantle?
    Who wore the number 11 for the Milwaukee Braves?
    Who were the players on the '57 Milwaukee Braves?
    Who has worn #5 for the Atlanta Braves?
    Who holds the home run records for the Kansas City Royals?
    Who was the first female owner?
    Who was the last spitballer?
    Who were the starters for the 1959 Kansas City A's?
    Who wore uniform #5 for the St. Louis Cardinals of 1930-1931?
    Who is the only pitcher to strike out Ted Williams three times in one game?
    Who has given up the most homeruns in the World Series?
    Who was the first African-American to play for the Pirates?
    Who was the last pitcher to win and lose 20 games in one season?
    Who were the starters for the 1934 Gas House Gang?
    Who was Willie Randolph's backup on the 1976 New York Yankees?
    Who said, "It ain't over 'til it's over?"
    Who led the Mets in saves in 1962?
    Who was the first switch-hitter in the majors?
    Who has managed both the Yankees and the Mets?
    Who played shortstop for the 1986 Red Sox?
    Who turned the only unassisted triple play in World Series history?
    Who has the record for most errors in a season?
    Who umpired Don Larsen's perfect game?
    Who wore #43 for the 1961 Milwaukee Braves?
    Who took the losses in Johnny Vander Meer's two consecutive no-hitters?
    Who holds the record for the most consecutive complete games?
    Who was the first player to play first base and not record a putout or an assist?
    Who was baseball's first million-dollar player?
    Who was the youngest player to pitch in a postseason game?
    Who had more wins in the postseason than he had during the regular season?
    Who holds the record for most leadoff home runs in a season?
    Who were the Rolaids' Firemen of the Year in 2000?
    Who was the only major-leaguer to die on the field?
    Who were the Giants' starters in Game One of the 1954 World Series?
    Who wore number 15 for the Yankees in the Maris & Mantle era?
    Who was the youngest player to play in the major leagues?
    Who was the last player to steal home in the World Series?
    Who was the "Toy Cannon"?
    Who was the Yankees' shortstop before Derek Jeter?
    Who was the baseball player with one arm?
    Who held the stolen base records before Lou Brock and Rickey Henderson?
    Who wore #23 before Don Mattingly?
    Who was the National League president in 1964?
    Who were the 1924 Milwaukee Brewers?
    Who wore numbers 1, 3, 6, and 9 for the 1936 New York Yankees?
    Who was the last National Leaguer to hit above .400?
    Who was the last pitcher to start and win both ends of a doubleheader?
    Who replaced Babe Ruth in right field for the Yankees?
    Who wore number six for the 1927 New York Yankees?
    Who was the first Negro League pitcher to be elected to the Hall of Fame?
    Who was the first player to have their number retired by their team?
    Who played shortstop for the Dodgers from 1974-1981?
    Who was the last player to have played for the Washington Senators?
    Who was baseball's first free agent?
    Who was the last Brooklyn Dodger to hit a home run at Ebbets Field?
    Who did Lou Gehrig replace at first base when he began his streak?
    Who is the only player to hit home runs from both sides of the plate in one inning?
    Who was the first African-American to play for the Yankees?
    Who was the only catcher to catch back-to-back no-hitters?
    Who are the top five all-time stolen base leaders?
    Who was the first African-American to lead the league in home runs?
    Who replaced Eddie Mathews at third base for the Braves?
    Who was the youngest player to win 20 games in a season?
    Who was the first player to steal home in the World Series?
    Who was the first black umpire in the majors?
    Who was on the field for the Yankees when they won the World Series in 1978?
    Who was the last Red Sox rookie to win the Rookie of the Year Award?
    Who said "hit 'em where they aint?"
    Who was the oldest player to win the Rookie of the Year Award?
    Who was the last switch-hitter to win the AL MVP Award?
    Who was the winning pitcher for the Mets in Game Seven of the 1986 Series?
    Who was the only player to have more than 220 hits in his rookie season?
    Who was the 1993 AL batting champion?
    Who holds the record for most at-bats in a season?
    Who hit the first home run in Veterans Stadium?
    Who was the first switch-hitter to get 100 hits from each side of the plate in a season?
    Who won the 1947 World Series?
    Who pitched a no-hitter for the Yankees on the Fourth of July?
    Who hit the first home run in Diamondback history?
    Who was the last American League pitcher to steal home?
    Who holds the record for most career grand slams?
    Who wore #5 for the Cardinals in the 1940s?
    Who was the oldest pitcher to throw a no-hitter?
    Who was the regular centerfielder for the Dodgers in the late 70s?
    Who are the top ten switch-hitters in terms of career home runs?
    Who was the first player to wear batting gloves?
    Whose record did Nolan Ryan break to become the all-time strikeout leader?
    Who was the first pitcher to have 15 starts and 15 saves in the same season?
    Who was the last Cub to hit 40 homers in a season before Sosa?
    Who was the smallest player in baseball history?
    Who were the Nasty Boys?
    Who holds the single-season Mariners triples record?
    Who holds the single-season walk record?
    Who was the oldest player and rookie ever?
    Who holds the record for most consecutive Cy Young Awards won?
    Who was the youngest player to hit 250 home runs?
    Who were the past AL presidents?
    Who has hit four homers in a nine-inning game?
    Who replaced Ripken the day his streak ended?
    Who had the most RBIs without a home run?
    Who is the only man to K McGwire, Sosa, and Maris?
    Who replaced Munson after his death?
    Who has the most career home runs at each position?
    Who had the highest single-season OPS?
    Who was the youngest player to win a batting title?
    Who holds the record for fastest pitch ever?
    Who was the first Latin American player?

    Where was baseball invented?
    Where does the term "bullpen" come from?
    Where can you use aluminum bats?
    Where did Cal Ripken, Jr. hit a game-winning homer on July 13, 1984?
    Where did the expression "can o' corn" originate?
    Where did Maddux's scoreless streak rank?
    Where did Rodney Scott finish his career?
    Where is the Ted Williams Tunnel located?
    Where did the term "World Series" come from?
    Where did Bill Dickey die?
    Where was Rob Dibble born?
    Where does the term "fungo bat" come from?
    Where does the term "rookie" come from?
    Where does the term "eephus pitch" come from?
    Where does the term "around the horn" come from?
    Where did the term "rubber match" come from?

    How do you calculate games behind?
    How big is the 30/30 club?
    How do you calculate E.R.A.?
    How many innings does a starter have to pitch to win?
    How did "K" become the letter used for strikeout?
    How did Maddux, Glavine,Smoltz, and Avery do in their first year together?
    How many times have the Yankees lost the World Series?
    How does corking a bat help the hitter?
    How many gold gloves has Paul O'Neill won?
    How many times have the Yankees been no-hit?
    How do Aaron and Ruth stack up in terms of combined homers in all games?
    How did the All-Star Game originate?
    How many Wild Card teams have made the World Series?
    How many times have the Red Sox won a World Series?
    How many baseball seasons have been lost due to strikes?
    How many current managers have played for the Yankees?
    How many teams have had two twenty game winners in one season?
    How many teams were in the major leagues when the Cubs won 116 games?
    How long has Mark McGwire played for the St. Louis Cardinals?
    How was the All-Star Game established?
    How many active players have batting averages above .325?
    How many teams have won 100 games in three straight seasons?
    How many times did Nolan Ryan lead the league in strikeouts?
    How many World Series did Babe Ruth win?
    How many pitchers have pitched for the Mets and also pitched a no-hitter in their career?
    How many players with four letters in their last names have hit 40 or more home runs in a season?
    How many World Series have been won by a team from New York?
    How many players have led the National League in home runs six times?
    How many switch-hitters have hit 40 or more home runs?
    How many third basemen have led their leagues in home runs?
    How many players have hit for the cycle?
    How many Yankees have worn #2?
    How many batters did Bob Gibson hit in his career?
    How many home runs did Nolan Ryan give up in his career?
    How many players have hit five home runs over two consecutive games?
    How many pitchers have won 300 games in their careers?
    How many Reds have gotten 2,000 hits with the team?
    How many numbers have the Yankees retired?
    How many managers have the Mariners had?
    How many players have won 10 games with both the Yankees and Mets?
    How many Indians have hit 20+ home runs for the team in seven seasons?
    How do errors today compare with the 1800s?

    Which Yankees signed my baseball in 1948?
    Which ballplayer flew combat missions in Korea?
    Which teams played in the last ten World Series?
    Which players had 500 home runs and 3,000 hits?
    Which teams did Nolan Ryan play for?
    Which MLB team holds the record for the longest losing streak?
    Which Willie played for the Baltimore Orioles in the 1950's?
    Which Cincinnati Reds played in Game Seven of the 1975 World Series?
    Which base is referred to as the "keystone base" and why?
    Which reliever struck out 11 in a World Series game?
    Which team has lost the most consecutive games?
    Which players reached the 3,000 hit mark the fastest?
    Which team has the most representation in the Hall of Fame?
    Which player holds the record for most postseason appearances?
    Which brothers rank first all-time in combined homeruns?
    Which team has the edge in all-time wins/losses in the All-Star Game?
    Which player was arrested for killing a seagull during a game?
    Which baseball great holds the record for most batting titles won?
    Which team did Les Nunamaker play for in 1920?
    Which Yankee team had the most Hall of Famers on it?
    Which 1969 Mets starter went 13-12?
    Which team holds the record for most consecutive wins to start a season?
    Which active hitter has struck out the most?
    Which two days of each year are no games scheduled?
    Which players have turned unassisted triple plays?
    Which players participated in the 1931 Tour of Japan?
    Which pitcher has hit the most career home runs?
    Which pitchers were the last teammates to finish 1-2 in their league in strikeouts?
    Which team has won the second most championships?
    Which player retired after winning 27 games the previous year?
    Which player has played for the most teams?
    Which batter struck out the least?
    Which team had the longest winning streak?
    Which club issued the most walks in an inning?
    Which player was known as "The Barber"?
    Which league has won the most World Series?
    Which lefty pitcher has the most strikeouts?

    Did Eddie Yost ever play for the Tigers?
    Did Ted outhit Joe in 1941?
    Did my brother-in-law make a good catch?
    Did Steve Hamilton throw the Folly Floater?
    Did Ted Uhlaender ever hit for the cycle?
    Did any team ever score in every inning?
    Did Deion Sanders ever play in a World Series?
    Did Dazzy Vance pitch in the 1934 World Series?
    Did Bobby Thomson wear #23 during his brief return to the Giants in 1957?
    Did Buzzy Wares ever manage the Cardinals?
    Did Vada Pinson ever play first base?
    Did Jim Ray Hart ever hit a game-winner against Sandy Koufax?
    Did Dock Ellis throw a no-hitter while on LSD?

    Do you have any info on Manny Marrero?
    Do the Red Sox have an all-time winning record against the Yankees?

    Has any player ever hit two grand slam home runs in the same inning?
    Has any player ever hit .300 for four different teams?
    Has any team won a World Series despite having a 4-14 pitcher?
    Has there ever been a game with more than one triple play?
    Has there ever been a pitcher with 20 wins and losses?

    Is Whitey Ford the only HOF pitcher under 6' tall?
    Is Joe Gordon in the Hall of Fame?
    Is my "The DiMaggio Albums" set worth anything?
    Is my Babe Ruth book worth anything?
    Is Kirk Gibson the only player to win MVP without making the All-Star team?

    Was there a double-tag double play at the plate in 1965 or '66?
    Was there a player named Thomas on the '57 Braves?
    Was the first night game ever played held in Massachussets?
    Was Williams helped by different rules in '41?
    Was there ever a team that finished a season without a shutout?
    Was there a hitter who went 0-10 in a game?
    Was George Brett the only player to have 20 doubles, triples, and homers in one season?
    Was Jackie Robinson alone when he was signed to play for the Dodgers?

    Were the White Sox the fourth-best team in the '90s?

    Can you tell me about a 1929 game between the Tigers and Indians?
    Can a manger make a substitute for the DH?
    Can I see a boxscore from 1962?
    Can I see a boxscore from my first major-league game?
    Can you help me date an old Bible with a newspaper clipping inside?
    Can you help me date a baseball signed by the Milwaukee Braves?
    Can you tell me about Stan Musial's five-homer day?
    Can you tell me a bit about Babe Ruth's final home run?

    Have there ever been any left-handed catchers in the majors?
    Have any pitchers thrown no-hitters and still lost?

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