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    Perfect, Once Removed: When Baseball Was All The World To Me
    2006 / Don Larsen's cousin (once removed),Phillip Hoose, discusses his life as a baseball-obsessed child
    By Phillip Hoose (2006) Buy the Book | Read
    Have Glove Will Travel: The Adventures of A Baseball Vagabond
    2005 / From the back cover, Jim Bouton writes, "Bill and I have agreed to blurb each other’s books, and assuming he keeps his end of the bargain, I’d like to say that Have Glove, Will Travel is marvelous. It’s Johnny Appleseed meets Hunter Thompson."
    By Bill Lee and Richard Lally (2005) Buy the Book | Read
    New York Yankees: The First 25 Years
    2002 / Vincent Luisi presents twenty fascinating images of the Yankees' early days -- from Baltimore to the Babe
    By Vincent Luisi (2002) Buy the Book | Read
    Growing Up Baseball: An Oral History
    2001 / Ten interviews from Harvey and Frederic J. Frommer's oral history of "the growing-up years" of some of baseball's greatest heroes
    By Harvey and Frederic J. Frommer (2001) Buy the Book | Read
    Jocks and Socks: Inside Stories From A Major-League Locker Room
    2001 / Jim Ksicinski, the visitors' clubhouse manager at Milwaukee's County Stadium for over 30 years, remembers the managers he served
    By Jim Ksicinski (2001) Buy the Book | Read
    Banks to Sandberg to Grace: Five Decades of Love and Frustration with the Chicago Cubs
    2001 / Seven Cubs legends from the 1950s remember North Side baseball at its best ... at least, at its most entertaining
    By Carrie Muskat (2001) Buy the Book | Read
    Bob Feller's Little Black Book of Baseball Wisdom
    2001 / Hall-of-Fame hurler Bob Feller shares his thoughts on the game he once dominated
    By Bob Feller (2001) Buy the Book | Read
    The New York Mets Encyclopedia
    2001 / From Peter C. Bjarkman's definitive history of the Amazins, a survey of the most unforgettable events in franchise history
    By Peter C. Bjarkman (2001) Buy the Book | Read
    Babe Ruth: Major-League Dad
    2001 / Julia Ruth Stevens -- the daughter of Babe Ruth -- shares 18 photos from her personal collection
    By Julia Ruth Stevens (2001) Buy the Book | Read
    The Perfect Yankee: The Incredible Story of the Greatest Miracle in Baseball History
    2001 / Don Larsen remembers the last step to immortality -- the ninth inning of his World Series perfect game
    By Don Larsen (2001) Buy the Book | Read
    Hank Greenberg: The Story of My Life
    2001 / From Hank Greenberg's autobiography -- edited by noted baseball scribe Ira Berkow -- a look back at 1935, Hank's best season
    By Hank Greenberg (2001) Buy the Book | Read
    Black Baseball In Kansas City: Images of America Series
    2000 / Another fantastic series of classic images from Negro League experts Larry Lester and Sammy J. Miller
    By Larry Lester (2000) Buy the Book | Read
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    Crazy '08: How a Cast of Cranks, Rogues, Boneheads, and Magnates Created the Greatest Year in Baseball History
    2007 / Author Cait Murphy details the 1908 National League pennant race, a three-team dogfight between the Chicago Cubs, the Pittsburgh Pirates and the New York Giants and the struggle between the Detroit Tigers, Cleveland Indians and Chicago White Sox for the American League championship. Ms. Murphy's revalatory, often rollicking book features a colorful cast of characters from baseball storied past including Ty Cobb, John McGraw, Three-Finger Brown, Honus Wagner, Christy Mathewson and, of course, an ill-fated rookie named Fred Merkle.
    By Cait Murphy (2007) Buy the Book | Read
    That One Glorious Season: Baseball Players With One Spectacular Year
    2007 / Author Richard Letarte chronicles the standout seasons of 21 players from the 1950's, among them Dusty Rhodes, Don Newcombe, Hank Sauer, Dick Groat, Bobby Shantz, Jackie Jensen and Del Ennis. That One Glorious Season explores the impact their performances had on their teams and their careers. With a wonderful eight-page, full-color insert depicting classic baseball cards.
    By Richard H. Letarte (2007) Buy the Book | Read
    Heartbreakers: Baseball's Most Agonizing Defeats
    2001 / John Kuenster surveys the most depressing, sudden twists of fate in baseball history. In this excerpt, one errant pitch costs the Pirates the 1972 pennant
    By John Kuenster (2001) Buy the Book | Read
    Land of the Giants: New York's Polo Grounds
    2001 / The last days of the Polo Grounds, from Stew Thornley's definitive history of the stadium. Also includes sixteen photos of the Polo Grounds through the years
    By Stew Thornley (2001) Buy the Book | Read
    The Sports Encyclopedia: Baseball 2001
    By Neft, Cohen et al (2001) Buy the Book | Read
    The 100 Greatest Baseball Games
    By Joe Dittmar (2000) Buy the Book | Read
    The Green Mountain Boys of Summer
    By Tom Simon (2000) Buy the Book | Read
    All Roads Lead to October: Boss Steinbrenner's 25-Year Reign over the New York Yankees
    By Maury Allen (2000) Buy the Book | Read
    Fenway: A Biography in Words and Pictures
    By Dan Shaughnessy and Stan Grossfeld (2000) Buy the Book | Read
    Home of the Game: The Story of Camden Yards
    By Thom Loverro (2000) Buy the Book | Read
    1960: The Last Pure Season
    By Kerry Keene (2000) Buy the Book | Read
    Where They Ain't: ...The Original Baltimore Orioles
    By Burt Solomon (1999) Buy the Book | Read
    Baseball in World War II Europe
    By Gary Bedingfield (1999) Buy the Book | Read
    Once Around the Bases: Bittersweet Memories of Only One Game in the Majors
    By Richard Tellis (1998) Buy the Book | Read
    Baseball Records Registry
    By Joe Dittmar (1997) Buy the Book | Read
    The Curse of Rocky Colavito
    By Terry Pluto (1995) Buy the Book | Read
    Cobb Would Have Caught It: Golden Age of Baseball in Detroit
    By Richard Bak (1991) Buy the Book | Read
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    Clemente: The Passion and Grace of Baseball's Last Hero
    2006 / From Publishers Weekly:
    By David Maraniss (2006) Buy the Book | Read
    Stepping Up: Curt Flood and His Fight for Baseball Players' Rights
    2006 / Alex Belth details the life of St. Louis Cardinals All-Star centerfielder Curt Flood and his legal battle against baseball's reserve clause. With a foreword by Flood's former teammate Tim McCarver
    By Alex Belth (2006) Buy the Book | Read
    The Duke of Havana: Baseball, Cuba, and the Search for the American Dream
    2001 / From Steve Fainaru and Ray Sanchez, the inside story of Orlando "El Duque" Hernandez -- and a look at the original "El Duque," his father
    By Steve Fainaru (2001) Buy the Book | Read
    The Man In The Dugout: Baseball's Top Managers and How They Got That Way
    By Leonard Koppett (2000) Buy the Book | Read
    The Golden Boy: A Biography of Jackie Jensen
    By George I. Martin (2000) Buy the Book | Read
    By Edward Gruver (2000) Buy the Book | Read
    Fouled Away: The Baseball Tragedy of Hack Wilson
    By hack_wilson.stm (2000) Buy the Book | Read
    Me And Hank: A Boy and His Hero, Twenty-Five Years Later
    By Sandy Tolan (2000) Buy the Book | Read
    DiMaggio: An Illustrated Life
    By Dick Johnson and Glenn Stout (1995) Buy the Book | Read
    Josh Gibson: A Life in the Negro Leagues
    By William Brashler (1978) Buy the Book | Read
    Babe: The Legend Comes to Life
    By Robert Creamer (1974) Buy the Book | Read
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    Sleeper Cars and Flannel Uniforms: A Lifetime of Memories from Striking out the Babe to Teeing It up with the President
    2001 / Elden Auker pitched to the Babe and putted with Presidents. In our two excerpts, he shares memories you have to read to believe
    By Elden Auker (2001) Buy the Book | Read
    Veeck as in Wreck
    2001 / Legendary huckmeister Bill Veeck remembers his greatest stunt ever -- signing midget Eddie Gaedel as a pinch-hitter
    By Bill Veeck (2001) Buy the Book | Read
    Baseball Days: Recollections of America's Favorite Pastime
    2000 / Memories of America's pastime from Dick Vitale, George Vecsey, Michael Dukakis, Ernie Harwell, Rick Dempsey, and Clive Cussler; compiled by Garret Mathews
    By Garret Mathews (2000) Buy the Book | Read
    Sosa: An Autobiography
    By Sammy Sosa with Marcos Bretón (2000) Buy the Book | Read
    Things Happen For A Reason: The True Story of an Itinerant Life in Baseball
    By Terry Leach (2000) Buy the Book | Read
    You're Missin' A Great Game: From Casey to Ozzie, the Magic of Baseball and How to Get It Back
    By Whitey Herzog (1999) Buy the Book | Read
    The Ripken Way: A Manual For Baseball And Life
    By Cal Ripken, Sr. (1999) Buy the Book | Read
    Baby Bull: From Hardball to Hard Time and Back
    By Orlando Cepeda with Herb Fagen (1998) Buy the Book | Read
    I Was Right On Time: My Journey from Negro Leagues to the Majors
    By Buck O'Neil and Steve Wulf (1997) Buy the Book | Read
    My Turn at Bat: The Story of My Life
    By Ted Williams (1988) Buy the Book | Read
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    Carl Erskine's Tales from the Dodger Dugout
    2000 / Dodger great Carl Erskine remembers the joys of summer, The Boys of Summer, and a buttermilk cake that helped Brooklyn win it all in '55
    By Carl Erskine (2000) Buy the Book | Read
    Red Smith on Baseball: The Game's Greatest Writer on the Game's Greatest Years
    By Red Smith (2000) Buy the Book | Read
    Confessions Of A Baseball Purist: What's Right--and Wrong--with Baseball, as Seen from the Best Seat in the House
    By Mark Hyman and Jon Miller (1998) Buy the Book | Read
    Bunts: Curt Flood, Camden Yards, Pete Rose, and Other Reflections on Baseball
    By George Will (1998) Buy the Book | Read
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    Smithsonian Baseball: Inside the World's Finest Private Collections
    By Stephen Wong (2005) Buy the Book | Read
    The American League: The Early Years
    2000 / David Lee Poremba presents twenty classic images of the AL's early years, including what may be the first sports action shot ever
    By David Lee Poremba (2000) Buy the Book | Read
    The House of David Baseball Team
    2000 / Joel Hawkins and Terry Bertolino's impressive collection of House of David images, an overview of the bearded baseball sensations that took America by storm
    By Joel Hawkins (2000) Buy the Book | Read
    Once Upon a Diamond: When Baseball Came of Age
    2000 / From a new calendar featuring the baseball collections of the New York Public Library, images of forty-eight tobacco cards from 1909
    By New York Public Library (2000) Buy the Book | Read
    Black Baseball in Chicago
    By Larry Lester, Sammy J. Miller and Dick Clark (2000) Buy the Book | Read
    Black Baseball in Detroit
    By Larry Lester, Sammy J. Miller and Dick Clark (2000) Buy the Book | Read
    The Detroit Tigers: A Pictorial Celebration of the Greatest Players and Moments in Tigers History
    By William M. Anderson (1999) Buy the Book | Read
    Yankees Baseball: The Golden Age
    By Richard Bak (1999) Buy the Book | Read
    New York Giants: A Baseball Album
    By Richard Bak (1999) Buy the Book | Read
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    The Juice: The Real Story of Baseball's Drug Problems
    2007 / Hailed as the most authoritative book on the drug problems infecting baseball, The Juice offers a wide-ranging investigation of the drugs now being used or contemplated, the athletes who use them, their scientific effects and side effects.
    By r (2007) Buy the Book | Read
    Baseball Dynasties: The Greatest Teams of All Time
    2000 / From Rob Neyer and Eddie Epstein's examination of the top teams in baseball history, a look at some of the forgetten greats -- and some of the worst
    By Rob Neyer and Eddie Epstein (2000) Buy the Book | Read
    Whatever Happened to the Hall of Fame?
    By Bill James (1995) Buy the Book | Read
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    Spitters, Beanballs and the Incredible Shrinking Strike Zone: The Stories behind the Rules of Baseball
    By Waggoner et al (2000) Buy the Book | Read
    The Baseball Autograph Collector's Handbook
    1999 / Jack Smalling's primer on how to collect the autographs of baseball's greatest stars
    By Jack Smalling (1999) Buy the Book | Read
    How To Snag Major League Baseballs: More that 100 Tested Tips That Really Work
    By Zachary Hample (1999) Buy the Book | Read
    The Way Baseball Works
    By Tim McCarver and Dan Gutman (1996) Buy the Book | Read
    Nolan Ryan's Pitcher's Bible: The Ultimate Guide to Power, Precision and Long-term Performance
    By Nolan Ryan (1991) Buy the Book | Read
    The Science Of Hitting
    By Ted Williams and John Underwood (1986) Buy the Book | Read
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