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    by Joel Hawkins
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    Catcher for House of David, 1929-1942, Manager 1936-1942. Edward F. Deal was born September 10, 1901. He was often called "The Real Deal," "The New Deal," and sometimes just "The Clown." Eddie joined the House of David baseball team in 1929. He continued with the club until 1942 -- the longest tenure of any non-colony member.

    When the colony split in 1930, Eddie became a mainstay behind the plate for the House of David Central States traveling team until 1936. At that time, in addition to his job behind the plate, he took on the mangerial duties of the House of David "home" team. He was also a primary player in the local version of the Pepper Game, as well as a fan favorite.

    He caught both Grover Cleveland Alexander and Babe Didrikson while with the House of David. "I can remember sometimes just sitting on the bench and I'd say to myself, 'This is great!' They're paying me to do something I love to do."

    From The House of David Baseball Team by Joel Hawkins and Terry Bertolino.
    Copyright © 2000 by Joel Hawkins and Terry Bertolino. Excerpted with permission.
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