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    March 4

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    Indians CF Alex Escobar will have reconstructive knee surgery‚ after he crashed into an OF wall‚ and will miss the entire season. Escobar‚ who was acquired in the Roberto Alomar trade‚ was once a highly touted Mets prospect. His stock has fallen considerably in recent years‚ due to injury problems.

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    The Red Sox sign Cuban 1B Juan Diaz‚ who was declared a free agent after the Dodgers illegally signed him.

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    Delino DeShields‚ signed to a long-term contract by the Orioles‚ suffers a freak injury during an intersquad game and will be put on the disabled list.

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    Michael Jordan bounces out to Texas pitcher Darren Oliver in his first at bat in spring training.

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    Two outstanding defensive players‚ SS Pee Wee Reese and catcher Rick Ferrell‚ are elected to the Hall of Fame by the Special Veterans Committee. Reese hit .269 in 16 seasons with the Dodgers while Ferrell batted .281 with just 28 home runs in 18 seasons for the Browns‚ Red Sox‚ and Senators.

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    In a last-minute deal‚ the Giants are bought for $8 million by Bob Lurie and Bud Herseth‚ assuring that team will stay in San Francisco.

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    The Texas Rangers (formerly the Washington Senators) trade 2-time Cy Young award winner Denny McLain to the A's for 2 pitchers.

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    Stan Musial ends his holdout and signs with the Cardinals for $31‚000. The next day Harry Brecheen agrees to a St. Louis pact for $16‚500.

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    The woeful Phillies announce their new nickname-the Blue Jays. The winning entry in the contest was submitted by a Mrs. Elizabeth Crooks‚ and was chosen over a number of names ranging from Daisies to Stinkers. President Carpenter says he hopes to have the farm system identified by the same blue color‚ with the Wilmington club called the Blue Rocks and possibly the New Bradford team as the Blue Wings. The Blue Jays will be the unofficial team name for 1944-45 but abandoned in 1946‚ though the team will still occasionally be referred to in newspaper accounts as the Blue Jays through 1949. Ms. Crooks wins a $100 war bond and a season ticket to the Blue Jays.

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    The Cuban all-stars beat the Dodgers‚ 2-1‚ in Havana.

    The Reds issue a warning to fans not to tip the ushers at Crosley Field.

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    Grace Comiskey‚ widow of J. Louis Comiskey‚ is elected president of the Chicago White Sox. Her husband died on July 18‚ 1939.

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    After 12 years with the Red Sox‚ OF Harry Hooper goes to the White Sox for OF Nemo Leibold and OF Shano Collins.

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    John McGraw gives up on lefty Slim Sallee‚ selling him to the Reds. McGraw will buy him back next year.

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    The Yankees are the first team to train outside the U.S. when they travel to Bermuda for spring practice.

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    In Brooklyn‚ 500 fans are on hand as Charles Ebbets turns over the first spadeful of dirt to start the construction of a park for the "Trolley Dodgers." It is expected to be ready for the second half of the season.

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    A judgment of $52‚000 is awarded to the Baltimore club from Brooklyn. When Baltimore left the NL in 1903‚ Brooklyn agreed to pay $40‚000 for the franchise but never did. The award includes interest.

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    Andrew Carnegie donates a plot of land for the construction of a ballfield in Braddock‚ PA.

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    The first meeting of the united NL and AA takes place in New York. Only 4 teams from the collapsed 1891 AA are invited to join the NL‚ which will expand to 12 teams with a 154-game schedule split into 2 championship series.

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    The NL meets and adopts the stolen base and the 4 foot by 7 foot pitcher's box. But the NL retains 7 balls for a walk and rejects the AA rule giving a batter first base on HPB.

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    The NL‚ meeting in Buffalo‚ reduces the number of balls required for a walk from 7 to 6. Club owners also agree to provide 2 separate team benches to minimize fraternizing among opposing players during games.

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    The National Association of Professional Baseball Players holds its annual convention in Cleveland. Eight clubs send delegates. Bob Ferguson‚ Atlantics IF‚ is elected president. Each team is required to play a series of 5 games with each club. Whoever wins the most games will be declared champion. The rules will now permit the use of the wrist in pitching.

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