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    January 1 Charles Ebbets announces to reporters that he now controls 85 percent of the stock of the Brooklyn team. He will assume the presidency after the death of Charlie Byrne‚ but his announced purchases will fall through when he fails to exercise his options to buy Ferdinand A. Abell's block of shares and does not pick up George W. Chauncey's shares.
    January 4 Charles Byrne‚ president of the Brooklyn club since 1890‚ and a power in the NL‚ dies of Bright's disease in Brooklyn. The 55-year-old executive also had managed the Brooklyn AA team in 1885-87.
    January 8 NL president Nick Young says he will have the more experienced umpires such as Tom Lynch‚ Bob Emslie‚ and Hank O'Day stay behind the plate when he institutes the new 2-umpire system. Previously‚ the single umpire would move behind the pitcher only with men on base.
    The NL reverts to a 154-game schedule after five years at 132.
    January 31 Cap Anson‚ 45‚ is fired after 19 years as player-manager of Chicago. Strong-minded Cap‚ with a record of 1‚288 victories and 5 pennants‚ was enormously popular in Chicago‚ though not with club owner James Hart. Former infielder Tom Burns takes over for Chicago‚ who are now called the Orphans‚ with Anson gone.

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    February 8 Cap Anson declines the public offering to rise a large subscription saying‚ "The public owes me nothing. I am not old and am no pauper. I can earn my own living. Besides that‚ I am by no means out of baseball."
    February 13 President John T. Brush of the Cincinnati club dismisses criticism of his proposed league resolution to punish players who use vulgar and obscene language on the field‚ saying newspaper criticism is the result of ignorance.
    February 16 Geraldine Farrar‚ 16-year-old daughter of one-time Phillies first baseman Sid‚ is launched on a career as an operatic soprano after an impressive audition at the Boston Theatre.

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    March 1 At a league meeting in St. Louis‚ Reds president Brush pushes through his resolution to "suppress obscene‚ indecent‚ and vulgar language on the ball field by players." There is considerable discussion‚ but it passes unanimously.
    March 8 The St. Louis Globe Democrat comments that certain players will have to take precautions to avod penalty for rowdy conduct. Names mentioned are Patsy Tebeau‚ Scrappy Joyce‚ Hugh Jennings‚ Joe Kelley‚ Jack "Dirty" Doyle‚ Fred Clarke‚ Mike Griffin‚ Hugh Duffy‚ and Mike Grady.
    March 12 Former umpire Tim Hurst arrives in St. Louis to take over management of the Browns. The team will have spring practice at West Baden Springs‚ IN.
    March 17 Baltimore manager Ned Hanlon has a dilemma in that one-half of his playewrs agree to go to Macon‚ Georgia‚ for spring practice‚ while others‚ including Willie Keeler and Joe Kelley‚ want to stay up north. Kelley also wants his salary raised from $2‚700 to $2‚800. Pitcher Joe Corbett threatens to hold out.
    Bill Lange offers to give up his position as captain of the Chicago team so that Bill Dahlen might have the job. Tom Burns‚ new manager‚ says no decision has been reached on the matter.
    March 27 Scrappy Joyce‚ new manager of the NY Giants‚ says facetiously that if the U.S. Army runs out of cannons in the conflict with Spain‚ he will loan his hard throwing pitching staff of Amos RusieCy SeymourJouett Meekin‚ and Ed Doheny.

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    April 2 Famed heavyweight boxer Jim Corbett‚ whose brother Joe pitches for Baltimore‚ claims he made $17‚000 last year by playing in well-advertised minor league games for a sizable cut of the gate. Sporting Life notes disparagingly that it was "a pretty fair salary for a first baseman of his class."
    April 6 Pitcher Amos Rusie and OF Mike Tiernan of the Giants are on the sick list. The cold and wet weather while the team has been playing at Lakewood‚ NY‚ instead of Hot Springs‚ Ark‚ is blamed.
    April 15 At Louisville's League Park‚ an estimated 10‚000 fans crowd the opener to watch the home team beat Pittsburgh‚ 10-3. Louisville is led by Fred Clarke 3 singles and Honus Wagner's two singles. Officiating on the bases as the NL introduces a two-umpire system is John Heydler.
    The Chicagoes‚ with Clark Griffith pitching and captain Bill Dahlen hitting a 2B and 3B‚ spoil Tim Hurst's managerial debut by beating St. Louis‚ 2-1.
    April 16 The league urges official scorers to award hits‚ rather than automatic errors‚ on hard-hit balls that handcuff infielders; to be scrupulous in awarding assists to all players handling balls in rundowns; and to cease awarding hits to batters on fielder's-choice plays.
    The Sportsman's Park grandstand is destroyed by fire in the 2nd inning with the Browns at bat against Chicago. Forty persons are injured as a crowd of 6‚000 stampedes to escape. The Browns new manager Tim Hurst and players help workmen remove debris so that the April 17th day game can be played.
    April 17 Chicago lashes 4 triples in the 4th inning on their way to a 14-1 drubbing of St. Louis. Walt Thornton is the winner over Kid Carsey. The Browns will finish last gain with a 39-111 record‚ but do it all under one manager for a change.
    Bobby Mathews‚ who won the historic first National Association game in 1871‚ dies of paresis at Baltimore. He was 47. (historian Bob Davids says he was 46).
    April 18 Jim Hughes of Sacramento makes his ML debut with Baltimore‚ and pitches a 2-hit‚ 9-0 win over Washington.
    April 20 John McGraw‚ Baltimore's feisty 3B‚ who will lead the league in runs (143) and walks (112)‚ gets 3 of each in an 18-3 drubbing of Boston.
    April 21 Phillies pitcher Bill Duggleby hits a bases-full HR in his first ML at bat against Giants lefty Cy Seymour‚ who later will be a NL HR leader. Duggleby's event was the 2nd homer (Mike Griffin‚ April 16‚ 1887) hit in a first ML at-bat and his grand slam debut will not be matched until Jeremy Hermida does so in 2005. The Phillies win‚ 13-4.
    Chicago's Clark Griffith stops the heavy-hitting Louisville Colonels‚ 8-2‚ allowing just two hits-by Honus Wagner and Doc Nance. Bert Cunningham allows 9 hits in the loss‚ including a homer by Barry McCormick.
    April 22 Two no-hitters: Baltimore's Jim Hughes hurls an 8-0 win against Boston in his 2nd ML start; Cincinnati's Ted Breitenstein pitches an 11-0 win against Pittsburgh‚ marking the first time two 9-inning no-hitters are pitched on the same day. For Hughes‚ it is his second straight shutout.
    April 24 Spain declares war on the U.S. and the ensuing conflict will depress baseball attendance. In one week Admiral Dewey will destroy the Spanish fleet in Manila bay.
    With Jim Hughey on the mound‚ the St. Louis Browns beats his old team‚ the Pirates‚ 13-1. Hughey scatters 11 hits‚ starts two DPs‚ and has a homer and triple at the plate. The Pirates will get back at Hughey on the 27th‚ beating him‚ 21-2.
    April 27 All New York players‚ including P Cy Seymour‚ score one or more runs in a 20-6 rout of Washington‚ which is called after 7 innings. Bill Donovan makes his debut‚ pitching 3 innings of relief‚ but he is wild.
    April 28 The game at Philadelphia is postponed on account of snow.
    April 29 Frank Chance makes his 1st appearance as Chicago whips visiting Louisville 16-2. Chance comes in as catcher in the 8th inning‚ and is allegedly ordered by P Clark Griffith to drop a foul pop fly because the pitcher has a fear of shutouts. He got his 1st last August 13‚ and will overcome his reservations to lead the NL and AL in shutouts in consecutive years.
    April 30 Opening Day at Brooklyn's new Washington Park attracts 15‚000 fans to see a 6-4 Brooklyn loss to Philadelphia. President Charles Ebbets and his young daughter‚ dressed in red‚ white‚ and blue‚ participate in the elaborate‚ patriotic pageantry. Veteran Sam Thompson hits the first HR in the new park‚ his last homer in the ML.

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    May 1 The Board of Discipline of the National Baseball League adopts a set of rules to suppress rowdy ball playing. John T. Brush said the resolution‚ which he proposed‚ "has worked like a charm."
    May 3 Brooklyn's Jimmy Sheckard hits a HR‚ 2 triples‚ and a single in a 9-6 defeat of Philadelphia. Eleven total bases will be the season's one-game high mark.
    May 4 Nap Lajoie of the Phillies goes 0-for-4 after 22 hits in the first 11 games.
    May 5 Baltimore manager Ned Hanlon sends a nasty letter to the league president‚ Nick Young‚ for scheduling a single game in New York. The Orioles arrived for the game‚ but were rained out‚ and Hanlon paid for the futile trip "without receiving a penny."
    May 6 Brooklyn scores 6 runs in the 9th inning and defeats Washington‚ 10-9.
    May 7 Depressed after a series of rainouts‚ Baltimore manager Hanlon is rejuvenated by the news of Admiral Dewey's victory at Manila Bay. "When Dewey comes back to America‚ he can have anything he wants from the National League." He proposes free annual passes to the Admiral and his men for "all baseball grounds in the country."
    May 8 Rookie Harry Steinfeldt‚ the "wonder from Wonderville‚" replaces injured Bid McPhee at 2B for the Reds‚ gets 3 hits against Louisville‚ and handles 9 chances afield.
    May 9 Boston‚ the 1897 champions‚ is playing only .500 ball. Rookie Jim Hughes shuts them out on 2 hits‚ while the Orioles pile up 13 runs against Kid Nichols.
    May 10 Amos Rusie of the Giants sets down Brooklyn on one hit and wins 5-0.
    The game in Philadelphia is cancelled because of snow (Sporting Life calls it "rain.") To date‚ 68 NL games have been postponed because of rain or snow.
    May 11 With the bases full and one out‚ Oriole RF Tommy O'Brien muffs Bobby Lowe's short ?y‚ recovers the ball‚ runs in‚ tags Jimmy Collins at 2B‚ and steps on the bag to force Chick Stahl and complete an unassisted DP.
    May 12 After being shut out twice by Jim Hughes of Baltimore‚ Boston lands on the young hurler for a 15-6 blowout. As a result‚ Cincinnati moves past the Orioles into first place.
    Cy Seymour pitches and bats the Giants to a 6-3 win over Brooklyn. He fans eight and hits a HR and a triple.
    May 14 Manager Bill Joyce hits two home runs off Gus Weyhing and leads the Giants to a 6-2 win over Washington.
    May 17 Boston's Ted Lewis‚ a graduate of Williams College‚ shuts out Brooklyn‚ 12-0‚ giving up only one hit‚ a 9th-inning single‚ to opposing hurler Joe Yeager.
    May 18 Chicago pitcher Walter Thornton has a bad control day as hits 3 consecutive batters in the 4th in an 11-4 loss to St. Louis. Willie Sudhoff is the winner‚ while former Colt player George Decker has 4 hits. Thornton's 3 HBPs in a row is a ML record.
    May 19 Jake Beckley‚ Reds 1B‚ hits 3 consecutive triples off Kid Nichols in a 5-4 win over Boston.
    Pitcher Frank Kitson makes his debut with Baltimore and blanks Pittsburgh‚ 6-0‚ on 4 hits.
    May 22 A 9th-inning scratch single by Brooklyn batter Fielder Jones breaks up a no-hit effort by Chick Fraser of Louisville‚ who wins 3-0.
    May 23 The Eastern League‚ struggling to stay alive‚ cuts all rosters to 15 players.
    May 24 The highest run total of the season is scored in a 15-13 Oriole defeat of the Orphans in Chicago. The pitcher yields 36 hits‚ 10 walks‚ 2 wild pitches‚ and 3 hit batsmen.
    Pitcher Clark Grif?th of Chicago‚ ejected from the Baltimore game‚ spews obscene language at umpire Tom Lynch‚ who threatens him with the Board of Discipline. Sporting Life notes "the only witness appears to be catcher Bowerman of Baltimore‚ who is hardly likely to testify against Grif?th."
    May 25 Chicago scores 20 runs off rookie Frank Kitson of Baltimore‚ who pitched a shutout in his debut May 19th. The game is called after 7 innings with Chicago winning‚ 20-4.
    May 30 Cincinnati OF Elmer Smith‚ a former pitcher‚ is blanked after hitting in 30 consecutive games dating from Opening Day. The Reds defeat Ralph Miller of Brooklyn 7-2.
    May 31 President Nick Young‚ in Cincinnati‚ says he is disappointed with the lower attendance at league games. He blames it on poor playing weather and the excitement over the war with Spain.

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    June 1 Former P Charles Sweeney‚ recently released from San Quentin penitentiary where he served a sentence for manslaughter‚ officiates in the San Francisco-San Jose game as a California League umpire.
    June 3 Jack Clements of St. Louis becomes the first player to catch 1‚000 games. He drives in the winning run in a 5-4 victory over Baltimore. Ironically‚ he is a lefty thrower and his record will soon be surpassed by Wilbert Robinson and Deacon McGuire.
    June 6 Bill Dahlen‚ Chicago SS‚ hits 3 triples in a 15-2 triumph at Brooklyn. It's the 2nd time he's had 3 triples in a game‚ but the other time was under ground rules about balls hit into the crowd.
    June 9 Ed Doheny of the Giants fans 12‚ but 7 walks‚ 5 wild pitches‚ and 6 New York errors give Chicago a 10-8 victory.
    P-OF Jack Stivetts breaks a 9th-inning 5-5 tie with Cincinnati as he delivers a game-winning pinch HR‚ the 3rd such wallop of his career. His record will stand for 16 years.
    June 10 A hard week for managers: Tom Brown is replaced at Washington by "Dirty Jack" Doyle‚ Billy Barnie is fired by 9th-place Brooklyn. Barnie's successor‚ CF Mike Griffin‚ resigns after 4 games; President Charlie Ebbets fills in. "Scrappy" Bill Joyce is dropped by the New York Giants in favor of Cap Anson‚ who takes over tomorrow.
    June 11 Cap Anson makes his debut as Giants manager and guides New York to a 6-2 win over Brooklyn at the Polo Grounds. Anson will not be happy with owner Andrew Freedman and last just 22 games at the Giants' helm before Joyce returns as manager‚
    June 13 Former pitcher Charles Sweeney‚ recently released from San Quentin penitentiary where he served time for manslaughter‚ officiates in the San Francisco-San Jose game as a California League umpire.
    June 14 John Anderson‚ Norway's gift to the major leagues‚ leads Washington to 2 close wins over Baltimore with a timely homer in each game. The Nationals win 8-7 and 4-2.
    Walt Woods‚ Chicago righty‚ loses to Cincinnati‚ 2-1‚ in 14 innings.
    June 18 After the players mutiny and refuse to play‚ Philadelphia deposes 29-year-old manager George Stallings‚ who was in his first year of managing. The abrasive Stallings will mellow and resurface as the manager of the 1914 Miracle Braves. Club secretary Bill Shettsline‚ a nonprofessional‚ will be 15 games above .500 managing for the remaining 103 games.
    June 19 With Cleveland batting in the bottom of the 8th inning at Euclid Beach Park‚ the game ends abruptly when all of the Cleveland players are arrested for violating the Sunday blue law. Not so coincidentally‚ the Spiders had just scored to go ahead 4-3‚ so the arrests assure Cleveland of a victory
    June 20 Elmer Flick‚ who swings a 54-ounce bat‚ hits 3 triples for the Phillies at St. Louis in a 14-2 victory.
    June 22 Having lost to Cincinnati 2-1 in 14 innings on June 17th‚ Chicago P Walt Woods loses to Boston 6-5 in 14 innings‚ his 2nd loss of that lengthen a week. Boston's Ted Lewis relieves Vic Willis with 3 runs in‚ 2 on‚ and one out in the first inning‚ and induces the Orphan batter to hit into a double play. Lewis‚ "The Pitching Professor" (he is the Harvard baseball coach) finally triumphs over Chicago in the longest and one of the best relief efforts of the 19th century.
    The Phillies depose manager George Stallings. Club secretary Bill Shettsline‚ a non professional‚ steps in and is 15 games over .500 for the remaining 103 games. Stallings replaces Tony Mullane at Detroit.
    June 25 Cap Anson is quoted as saying‚ "the Brush rule (against rowdyism on the field) does more harm than good."
    June 27 Peoria beats St. Joseph‚ 8-4‚ in a Western Association game. After giving up 3 runs in the 1st‚ St. Joe's McDonald pitches 19 scoreless innings. Peoria's Quinn‚ arriving in the 5th with the score 3-3‚ matches him for 15‚ and wins on a 5-run rally in the 21st.
    June 28 Cap Anson‚ "choking with rage‚ purple with anger‚" is banished from the field by umpire Charles Cushman for disputing a call. Several policemen are needed to escort him off.
    June 29 The Western Association disbands due to lack of attendance.
    June 30 The Phillies run up the season's record total of 27 hits‚ whipping Cincinnati‚ 17-3. Southpaw Wee Willie Dammann goes the route for the Reds‚ allowing 40 total bases.

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    July 3 Playing manager Fred Clarke of Louisville goes 4-for-6‚ including 2 doubles‚ in a 12-inning loss at Boston. Cap will be the league leader in 4-hit games with 7.
    July 4 While Cleveland's Cy Young is delivering the ball in the 8th inning‚ Sam Mertes of Chicago steals home to tie the score. Then he drives in the winning run in the 9th‚ 4-3‚ to pin the loss on Cy. Frank Isbell is the winner. Cleveland takes the opener‚ 11-2‚ as Zeke Wilson cuts down Chicago's Walt Woods.
    The Senators‚ playing without the league's top hitter Duke Farrell (.390)‚ manage a split with the Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers. Farrell crushed the 2nd finger on his right hand in the door of a smoker on the train‚ and will be out for two weeks. His place in CF is taken by Al "Butts" Wagner‚ Honus's brother‚ who hits a 2-run HR‚ his only four bagger in the ML‚ a double and scores 3 runs in the 9-5 nightcap win. Bill Dinneen strikes out 8. The Dodgers take the a.m. game‚ 4-3.
    John Gaffney‚ former "King of the Umpires"‚ who has signed an abstinence pledge‚ returns to the arbiter's role with former player-manager Tom Brown‚ to handle the Baltimore-Philadelphia holiday twinbill.
    July 5 With the agreement of Atlantic League president Ed Barrow‚ Lizzie (Stroud) Arlington pitches an inning for Reading against Allentown. The lady hurler gives up two hits but no runs in the first appearance of a woman in organized baseball.
    July 6 Arlie Pond pitches Baltimore to a 15-0 win over Philadelphia in his last game before entering the Army Medical Corps as an assistant surgeon.
    Three New England teams disband and the league collapses. This is one of several minor leagues which are closing because of the war and lack of patronage.
    July 7 Criticized for being unable "to handle men in the up-to-day style‚" Cap Anson resigns as Giants manager with a 9-13 record. Bill Joyce is reappointed on the same day.
    July 8 Frank "Red" Donahue‚ of the Phillies‚ no-hits the visiting Beaneaters 5-0‚ allowing just 4 base runners. The only baserunner to reach second is Herman Long‚ who walks and swipes. It is the 2nd no-hitter pitched against the champs this season.
    Bill Joyce returns as Giants manager and New York celebrates with a 10-1 win over Brooklyn. Joyce replaces Cap Anson‚ who was 9-13 in his 22 games as manager. The Giants purchase the aggressive and versatile Jack Doyle from Washington. Having recovered from a bout of malaria‚ he will be used in the outfield‚ at short‚ and at first base.
    July 11 Cap Anson‚ who failed to get the support of Giants' president Andrew Freedman‚ resigns as manager. First baseman Bill Joyce will again take over the chores.
    July 14 Nick Altrock‚ a young lefty who won 16 at Grand Rapids (WA)‚ makes a modest beginning in relief for the Colonels in a 9-1 rout by Boston.
    Brooklyn pitcher Bill Kennedy gives a well-rounded effort against Pittsburgh‚ holding them to 3 hits‚ getting 2 himself‚ and having 6 assists in a 4-1 victory.
    Reds manager Buck Ewing‚ frustrated when the Orioles tie the game in the 9th‚ throws a ball over the grandstand and is expelled. The game ends in a 12-inning 5-5 tie.
    July 15 In Baltimore‚ Chicago 3B Barry McCormick accuses his team's 1B‚ Bill Everett‚ of making a rotten throw‚ sparking a fist fight. A Baltimore spectator‚ trying to intervene‚ is hit. McCormick withdraws from the game‚ and the Orioles win 10-9.
    July 20 Joe Corbett‚ the Baltimore hurler who has been holding out all season for a higher salary‚ spars with brother Jim‚ heavyweight champion of the world‚ to prepare him for his fight with Kid McCoy. Joe Corbett‚ who won 24 games in 1897‚ will not pitch in the majors again till 1904.
    July 22 Amos Rusie edges Pittsburgh's Frank Killen 1-0 in 13 innings at New York.
    July 23 President Nick Young defends the double umpire system‚ saying the umpires are not protected as much as in past years‚ and do not have to be shifted as frequently. Travel costs are reduced. His office has received just 25 percent of the complaints of the previous year.
    July 25 The Giants forfeit a game to Baltimore in the 4th on orders from President Freedman. He is offended by personal remarks from Orioles LF Ducky Holmes‚ who used to play for Freedman. Holmes will be suspended‚ Baltimore will demand its share of the gate receipts‚ and the controversy will continue for several months.
    July 28 Louisville star Honus Wagner leads the Colonels to their 8th straight win by hitting his first grand-slam HR and driving in 5 runs. Louisville pins the 6-4 loss on New York ace Amos Rusie. Despite the streak‚ the Colonels are just 32-55.
    July 29 Faced with a labor boycott in Cleveland‚ the Spiders transfer their series against Baltimore to Philadelphia.
    Baltimore appeals to the NL board of directors for its share of gate receipts for the July 25 game forfeited by New York. Baltimore feels a $1000 penalty should be instituted against New York.
    Aggressive Bill Dahlen‚ notorious umpire baiter‚ is banished by freshman arbiter Tommy Connolly for "kicking." He and hot-tempered Cleveland manager Patsy Tebeau will lead the league in this category with 6 expulsions.
    July 31 In the first 85 games‚ Cleveland has played 21 errorless games‚ and 21 others with only one miscue‚ considered a "remarkable fielding record."

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    August 1 Philadelphia's sensational rookie‚ southpaw Wiley Piatt‚ blanks Cleveland 1-0 with a 4-hitter for the 2nd time. He will tally 24 wins and a league-leading 6 shutouts.
    August 3 President Young releases a statement on the Freedman-Holmes matter‚ saying essentially that if the 2 clubs do not work out a solution on the gates receipts he will call a meeting of the board of directors and adjudicate the matter.
    August 4 The Orphans suffer their first shutout in 90 games played‚ a 5-0 whitewash by Doc McJames of Baltimore. The Orioles lead the league in shutouts with 10 and have shut out the hard hitting Beaneaters 7 times.
    August 5 In Chicago's 5-0 whitewash of Baltimore‚ Dahlen‚ 2B Jim Connor‚ and 1B Bill Everett execute a triple play.
    August 6 Walter Thornton has good fielding support from his Chicago mates and beats Donahue and the Philllies‚ 1-0‚ in 11 innings.
    August 7 Pitcher Seymour collects 4 hits for New York and defeats St. Louis‚ 12-1.
    August 10 Second-place Boston wins a doubleheader 7-4 and 6-5 from the league-leading Reds.
    August 11 Lefty Frank Killen‚ released by Pittsburgh‚ hurls Washington to a 4-1 win over New York.
    August 12 The Treaty of Paris ends the Spanish-American War.
    August 15 Only 200 fans watch the 11th-place Senators defeat the 12th-place St. Louis Browns in Washington 10-2.
    The NL Board of directors recommends that Holmes be suspended for the rest of the season and that New York‚ which has not provided gate receipts to Baltimore for the July 25 game‚ pay a $1000 fine to the Orioles.
    August 16 Boston moves into first place‚ as Kid Nichols downs Chicago‚ 5-4‚ and the Giants' Amos Rusie shuts out Cincinnati‚ 4-0‚ The Reds held the lead for 98 days
    August 21 Walter Thornton of Chicago‚ a part-time OF‚ pitches a 2-0 no-hitter over Brooklyn and collects 2 hits.
    The Sporting Life calculates that NL right-handed pitchers have won 408 games and lost 397 for a .506 percentage. Lefties are at 163-174 for a .484.
    August 22 The Baltimore club‚ based on the direction of the NL board‚ suspends Holmes. A number of club owners as well as newspapers feel the suspension is too harsh. Holmes' lawyer will serve a write of injunction on the Baltimore club restraining the Orioles from suspending Holmes until he has a court hearing.
    In the Phillies 18-9 victory over Louisville‚ Bill Douglass scores 5 times.
    August 25 The NL Board of directors‚ bowing to public pressure‚ and the advice of a majority of owners‚ rescinds the suspension of Holmes.The recommendation that Freedman pay Baltimore a $1000 fine is not changed.
    August 26 Cleveland plays its final home game of the season and only their 4th in Cleveland since July 9th. With 83 of their final 87 games on the road‚ the team has earned nicknames such as the Nomads‚ Exiles‚ Misfits‚ and Wanderers.
    August 27 Hughie Jennings‚ the Orioles SS‚ has 10 assists in a 6-2 victory at St. Louis. The most for the season will be 561 by the Reds' Tommy Corcoran.
    August 28 Umpire Bob Emslie is too ill to continue after the first game between Baltimore and St. Louis. Orioles Manager Ned Hanlon recommends that Browns' manager Tim Hurst‚ a former NL umpire‚ officiate in the 2nd game. The Orioles win 6-2‚ but "Tiny Tim" is cheered by the crowd.
    Brooklyn and Cleveland play at a neutral field in Rochester‚ NY. Jack Dunn defeats Jack Powell‚ 7-5. Fielder Jones his an inside-the-park home run‚ his first HR of the season.
    August 30 The New York Press‚ concerned about scuffles among players‚ umpires‚ and managers and the deterioration of baseball‚ calls for the return of A. G. Spalding. Before his retirement‚ "he worked so long and well to place it upon a high plane."
    Chicago's Clark Grif?th‚ who will top NL hurlers with an 1.88 ERA‚ throws a three-hit 1-0 shutout at the Giants.

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    September 1 Nap Lajoie singles against the Browns to become the first hitter this year to reach 150 hits.
    September 3 Fielder Jones has 4 hits and 4 other Grooms have 3 each in Brooklyn's 16-8 battering of Chicago. Walters Thornton and Woods share the ignominy. Each allows 10 hits and 8 runs.
    September 4 Baseball pioneer William Cammeyer‚ founder of the Union Grounds in Brooklyn‚ and owner-manager of the New York (Brooklyn) Mutuals when the NL started in 1876‚ dies in Brooklyn. He was 77.
    September 5 Cleveland outlasts Cincinnati‚ 8-6‚ in a 14-inning slugfest of 38 hits‚ 9 of them doubles. Cy Young and "Still Bill" Hill‚ who allows 21 hits‚ go all the way.
    September 6 Willie Keeler for Baltimore goes 0-for-5 against Red Donahue of Philadelphia‚ ending his 25-game hitting streak. He had an earlier 25-game string from July 2nd to 30th.
    September 10 In a 4-2 loss to St. Louis pitcher Jack Taylor‚ Chicago reels off 3 double plays en route to a team total of 149. This total will not be surpassed until 1917 when the St. Louis Cardinals do it with 153. Dahlen to Connor to Everett have far better fielding stats than their more famous successors‚ Tinker‚ Evers‚ and Chance. Bill Dahlen will be gone in a few months‚ traded from Chicago to Baltimore for Gene DeMontreville.
    September 11 The Giants circumvent the New York area "blue laws" this Sunday by playing and winning League games with Washington across the Hudson River in Weehawken‚ NJ. Pitcher Seymour‚ batting 2nd in the lineup‚ strikes out 12 batters in the 8-2 victory. He has a hit and stolen base.
    September 14 Buck Freeman‚ who led all minor leagues with 23 HRs while with Toronto in the Eastern League‚ hits his first ML HR for Washington in an 8-5 loss to Cleveland. Washington loses both games today to Cleveland. The Nationals have their 4th manager of the year at the helm‚ Arthur Irwin‚ who has run the Nats twice before.
    Seven Phillies make 2 hits each off Nixey Callahan in a 10-2 drubbing of Chicago.
    September 16 Chicago forfeits the opener with Philadelphia‚ despite leading 2-1 after 4 innings. Then Jimmy Ryan of Chicago opens the nitecap with a HR‚ and his club goes on to a 10-5 win. It is his 17th leadoff HR‚ easily the highest total in the 19th century.
    September 17 After losing the morning game 6-1 to Brooklyn‚ the Pirates manage an 8-8 tie in the afternoon game‚ thanks to the slugging of Willie Clark. Clark hits a pair of bases-loaded triples‚ one in the 1st and another in the 7th. He is the 3rd player in the 19th Century to accomplish this feat.
    September 18 Buck Freeman continues his heavy hitting‚ belting 2 homers and a double to lead Washington to an 8-5 victory over Chicago.
    September 20 Boston overwhelms Louisville 24-4‚ setting the season's record for runs by one team. The Colonels make 10 errors‚ a high in the league this year. But the game's only HR is by Louisville's Dummy Hoy.
    The Kansas City Cowboys win the Western League pennant on the last day of the season‚ beating Indianapolis 6-5.
    September 21 In Louisville's 18-9 win ovr New York‚ Fred Clarke scores 5 runs.
    The Senators loan Al "Butts" Wagner to the Dodgers‚ where he will play 11 games at 3B‚ making 9 errors. Honus's brother returns to the Senators after the season‚ but it is his last in the majors.
    September 23 The NL western teams are shellacked on their final eastern trip‚ winning 23‚ losing 35. Baltimore takes 10 of 11‚ but gains no ground on the first-place Beaneaters‚ who win 9 of 10 and hold a 31?2 game lead.
    Jim Callahan of Chicago stops Baltimore's 12-game winning streak with a 2-0 shutout at Baltimore.
    September 24 In the only NL game played today‚ Willie Keeler‚ now known as "Wee Willie‚" leads an Oriole attack on Washington's Gus Weyhing with 4 hits and becomes the first player to reach 200 this season. The O's win‚ 14-3.
    September 27 Jake Beckley accepts a record 22 chances-21 putouts‚ one assist‚ no errors-in the Reds' 9-inning win over Cleveland. As noted by historian Frank Williams‚ Cleveland's Jesse Burkett continues his hitting streak which began on September 2 and will end on October 2‚ a streak of 25 games.
    September 28 Louisville righthander Bert Cunningham wins his 11th straight victory (Sporting Life says 10 in a row‚ while historian Adie Suhsdorf counts 11)‚ a record streak for the season. Kid Nichols of Boston would have had 16 straight but for a tie game between victories 9 and 10.
    September 29 Jimmy Collins collects 4 hits‚ including 2 HRs‚ one a grand slam in the 9th‚ giving Boston an 11-10 win. His league-leading HR total is 15 for the season.
    September 30 Philadelphia again loses to Boston‚ 7-3‚ and Nap Lajoie voices his dissatisfaction with Tom Brown as an umpire. Nap is sent to the bench but gets in a parting shot that Brown is crooked. For this he is suspended for 3 days.

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    October 2 Brooklyn and Washington play a Sunday game in Weehauken‚ NJ Candy LaChance's home run sends the Senators down to a 4-3 loss.
    October 3 At Philadelphia‚ the Giants Cy Seymour‚ who had been playing the outfield‚ shuts out the Phillies‚ 3-0‚ ending their NL record streak of 367 home games without a shutout (as noted by Jim Smith). Not included in the streak‚ which began after a shutout on August 16‚ 1893‚ are two protested games with the Reds in 1894. Seymour fans Lajoie twice and Delahanty and Flick once each.
    October 6 The Orioles return to New York with Holmes in left field and beat the Giants‚ 6-3. There are no incidents related to the July 25 forfeit game. However‚ Jennings has his noce broken when hit by a pitch from Meekin in the first inning.
    October 9 Jack Taylor of Chicago defeats Jack Taylor of St. Louis 5-4 in 10 innings. The winner is a newcomer who won 28 games for Milwaukee in the Western League. The loser is a veteran of 8 seasons.
    Reds OF Dusty Miller has 8 hits in a doubleheader against Cleveland. He dusts Cy Young in the opener‚ going 5-for-5 as the Reds win‚ 12-5. Miller has a single‚ double and triple in the nitecap‚ a 6-6 tie called after 7 innings because of darkness.
    October 11 Boston defeats the Senators 14-5 and clinches the league championship when Baltimore splits with the Giants.
    October 12 Sam Leever‚ Pittsburgh rookie‚ bests Cleveland's great Cy Young 9-1‚ to score his first ML victory.
    Cy Seymour loses a 2-1 duel with the Orioles. He asks to pitch the 2nd game because ump John Gaffney‚ who was "too severe" in game 1‚ will be at 2nd base and Tom Brown will ump behind the plate. Seymour wins‚ 6-2.
    October 13 Phillies pitcher Al Orth pitches 2 complete game wins today‚ but the 2nd is an abbreviated 5-inning game. Visiting Brooklyn loses the opener to Orth‚ 5-1‚ on 4 hits‚ they manage 6 hits in the 9-6 game 2 loss. The game is called on account of darkness.
    October 14 Player-manager Fred Clarke of Louisville goes 4-for-5‚ including a triple‚ against Pittsburgh in a 4-1 win. This is his seventh 4-hit game‚ tops for the NL season.
    October 15 Boston wins its 5th pennant in the decade for Frank Selee‚ equaling its 102 victories of 1892‚ but one fewer loss increases its percentage to .685 (102-47). Only 3 of the 12 clubs make a profit‚ as attendance slacks off.
    Brooklyn defeats the Phillies‚ 12-8‚ thanks to a grand slam by Candy LaChance off Bill Duggleby. It is the latest grand slam ever hit in the regular season.
    The Spiders end a 45-game road trip (17-24-4) by losing at Louisville‚ 5-4. Jesse Burkett‚ whose .345 is the league's 3rd-highest mark‚ goes to the plate for his 624th and final at bat without a HR. The longest road trip to date is 51 days (35 games)‚ set by Cleveland in 1884. The Spiders will play 50 on the road next year to set the mark.
    Giants owner Andrew Freedman brings in a new manager. It is John Day‚ who has been club president from 1883 to 1892.
    October 16 In a throwing contest at Louisville's League Park‚ Honus Wagner hurls a baseball 403 feet 8 inches to beat the record (400' 7 1/2") set by the Mutuals' John Hatfield in 1872. Wagner's distance throw will‚ in some histories‚ be topped by Larry LeJeune‚ who will throw for 435 feet on October 3‚ 1907. The 1908 Reach record book puts LeJeune's toss at 399 feet‚ 10 1/4 inches‚ which he accomplished on September 10‚ 1907.
    In the season just completed‚ Baltimore batters were hit by pitches 158 times‚ an all-time record‚ which would never be approached. Hugh Jennings led with 42‚ followed by Dan McGann with 38‚ and John McGraw with 18.
    October 18 NL attendance totaled 4‚626‚450‚ a drop of 1‚144‚815 below 1897. Chicago led with 561‚00; the Reds were 2nd with 557‚000. Washington did the worst overall with c. 255‚000. The decline was blamed on the war and on the unwieldy 12-team league.
    October 26 Dummy Hoy marries Anna Maria Lowery in Cincinnati. She is also deaf but has partial speech capability. She will later become a prominent teacher of the deaf in Ohio.
    October 29 Because of league interest in curbing rowdyism on the field‚ information is provided indicating that there were 62 expulsions during the season. Bill Dahlen of Chicago and Patsy Tebeau of Cleveland tied for the lead with 6 thumbings each. Dahlen was also suspended for 3 days.

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    November 15 Andrew Freedman‚ controversial chief executive of the Giants‚ is reelected president of the club at a salary of $10‚000.
    November 22 Former umpire "Honest John" Kelly is the referee at the Jim Corbett-Tom Sharkey fight in New York. Sharkey is the winner. Many baseball people attend‚ including John McGraw and Tim Hurst.

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    December 1 Club president Andrew Freedman renews the Giants' lease on the Polo Grounds for the next 10 years. In 2 days‚ Freedman‚ fires manager Bill Joyce.
    December 6 Baltimore manager Ned Hanlon‚ not unexpectedly‚ speaks out against the Brush resolution to curb rowdyism‚ cited by some as resulting in less interest and smaller crowds. "This past season I saw none that ought to scare anyone."
    December 7 Roy Thomas‚ University of Pennsylvania outfielder‚ is signed by the Phillies for 1899. Sporting Life calls him the "greatest amateur player of this generation."
    December 10 Pittsburgh cons Louisville into giving up promising OF Ginger Beaumont from Connie Mack's Milwaukee (WL) club for a worn-out pitcher and a last-legs 3B.
    December 12 John Montgomery Ward‚ former player‚ manager‚ and organizer‚ and now lawyer‚ says that 12 teams are too many in one league‚ and that two leagues would be better for baseball and provide a healthful rivalry.
    December 17 At their week-long meeting‚ the NL votes to continue the 154 game schedule for 1899. There is talk of two leagues‚ but nothing comes of it. John B. Day is selected as the new Giants manager. No action is taken on the Brush resolution.
    December 27 Washington sells popular OF Kip Selbach‚ a .300+ OF for 5 years‚ to Cincinnati for a sum described as "exorbitant": $5‚000.

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