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    January 1 Happy New Year‚ Baltimore. The Brooklyn Bridegrooms trade two Hall of Famers‚ Willie Keeler and Dan Brouthers‚ to the Baltimore Orioles in exchange for Billy Shindle and George Treadway.
    January 9 Boston's veteran C Charlie Bennett loses both legs in a horrific train accident. In 1900‚ Detroit‚ Bennett's first team‚ will name its ballpark Bennett Park in his honor.
    January 24 In Jacksonville‚ Florida‚ Gentleman Jim Corbett wins the heavyweight boxing championship in a disputed third-round knockout of Englishman Charlie Mitchell. Reffing the fight is "Honest John" Kelly‚ a former major league player‚ manager‚ and umpire. Kelly will referee two more championship fights‚ in 1896‚ and 1899.

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    February 26 In a series of rule changes designed to help pitchers‚ foul bunts will now be called strikes‚ and the infield fly rule is instituted.

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    March 5 Browns' owner Chris Von der Ahe‚ unable to hire either Harry Wright of P.J. Powers as manager‚ announces that he will manage the club himself. Von der Ahe will eventually name starting in?elder George "Doggie" Miller as manager.
    March 12 Pittsburgh issues free season tickets for ladies good for Tuesday and Friday games.
    March 14 U.S. Immigration Inspector De Barry will ask the Treasury Department if baseball is a "recognized profession" in order to determine if Buffalo has violated the alien contract labor law by signing two Canadians. Before De Barry gets a reply‚ Buffalo decides to play only Americans.

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    April 12 In the Opening Day game of the National League's first 12-team season‚ two future Hall of Fame pitchers‚ Amos Rusie of the Giants and Tim Keefe of the Phillies‚ square off. Rusie wins 5-4.
    April 24 In a game atypical for 1894‚ Cy Young throws a 2-hit shutout at Cincinnati 1-0‚ as the Cleveland Spiders score the winning run in the 9th inning on McAleer single following Ewing's double.
    Losing 3-1 to the visiting Boston Beaneaters in the 9th inning‚ the Baltimore Orioles rally for 14 runs in the top of the 9th to top the defending NL champions‚ 15-3. The 14 runs in the 9th is a ML record. The beating starts against Charley Nichols and continues against Jack Stivetts‚ although just one run is earned. 8‚500 fans go home happy.
    Cincinnati manages just 2 hits off Cy Young and loses 1-0 to Cleveland. Jimmy McAleer's single in the 9th drives home Ewing‚ who had doubled.
    At Brooklyn‚ visiting Philadelphia rolls to a 22-5 victory‚ led by Lave Cross‚ who hits for the cycle and adds two walks. He starts the game at 3B but ends up as catcher when lefthanded catcher Clements is injured in a home plate collision. Mike Grady takes over‚ then Cross moves behind the plate‚ becoming the first catcher to hit for the cycle.

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    May 1 Brooklyn wins a 9-0 forfeit over Washington when the Nationals‚ ahead 2-1 after 6 innings‚ refuse to return to the field in protest over an umpire's decision which allows the sole Brooklyn run to score.
    May 5 In the 5th inning of the St. Louis-Pittsburgh game‚ Pirate SS Jack Glasscock‚ thinking opposing Browns P Emerson "Pink" Hawley deliberately threw at him‚ hurls his bat at the pitcher and then confronts Hawley on the mound. Glasscock remains in the game and helps Pittsburgh to a hard-fought 6-5 victory.
    Baltimore turns the first triple play of the season in a 9-2 victory over Washington.
    May 6 Star Boston SS Herman Long accidentally flicks hot ashes from his cigar into his eye‚ causing him to miss several games.
    May 7 Baltimore (NL) routs the Washington Senators 17-0 for Baltimore's only shutout of the season. Tony Mullane is the winner over Al Maul‚ the 2nd time Al has been on the short end of a lopsided mauling (8/29/90).
    Kid Nichols' three-hitter beats Amos Rusie 1-0 in New York as Triple Crown Rusie allows fellow Triple Crowner Hugh Duffy a 1-for-4 day. Pitcher Jack Stivetts plays CF and his double‚ a pop up muff by 2B John Montgomery Ward‚ and a double steal plates "Happy Jack" in the first inning. Duffy played SS for Herman Long who was injured by flicking cigar ashes in his own eyes. Long's error was flipping lighted cigars and catching them in his mouth. Long will start tomorrow's game wearing an eye patch‚ but after booting his first play‚ he leaves the game to much ribbing.
    May 10 For the 2nd time in ML history teammates combine for 3 straight HRs‚ as Frank Shugart‚ George "Doggie" Miller‚ and Heinie Peitz of St. Louis hit consecutive roundtrippers in the 7th inning. In all‚ Shugart hits 3 HRs and Peitz 2‚ giving St. Louis a total of 6. However‚ their heroics are to no avail as their club falls to Cincinnati‚ 18-9. The last occasion where 3 teammates homered consecutively happened on May 31‚ 1890.
    May 11 In the course of a 12-7 loss to Philadelphia‚ Baltimore's star SS Hughie Jennings is hit by 3 Wilfred "Kid" Carsey pitches‚ establishing a ML record for HPB.
    May 14 Philadephia's Tuck Turner drives in Ed Delehanty in the 9th to tie New York and sends Delehanty home again in the 11th to give his club a 5-4 win.
    May 15 In the aftermath of a fierce fight between Baltimore's John McGraw and Boston's Tommy Tucker in the 3rd inning‚ a devastating fire probably caused by a tossed cigarette‚ starts in the RF stands at Boston's South End Grounds during the 3rd inning with Boston up‚ 5-3. The fire destroys $70‚000 worth of equipment as well as the park‚ the only truly double-decked grandstand Boston would ever have. The fire spreads to adjacent blocks and eventually destroys or severely damages 170 buildings and leaves 1‚900 homeless. The team moves to the Congress Street ballpark for several months before returning to the rebuilt Walpole Street Park. Boston will play one game at CSG tomorrow against Baltimore (win) and then go to Philley in switch of schedule for three games to get field ready. At the time it was thought South Ends Grounds were lost for season.
    May 16 A fire at Boston South End Grounds forces the use of Congress Street Grounds by the Beaneaters. CSG was used by Boston 1890 Players Leaguers (Champs) and Boston's only American Association team (Reds‚ Champs) in 1891. It was unused in 1892-3. The cozy dimensions result in 4 homers in Boston's 10-7 win over Baltimore. Wilbert Robinson almost hits a 5th.
    Losing to Cincinnati 6-4 in the 8th inning‚ Louisville's William "Farmer" Weaver hits a grand slam‚ and Danny Richardson follows with a solo shot-the last HR of his 11-year career-to spur a 9-7 win.
    May 21 At Boston's Congress Street Park‚ Kid Nichols manages a nifty shutout‚ 3-0‚ over New York. Nichols will lead the NL in shutouts this year with 3.
    Pittsburgh outscores Chicago 9-6 in the last two innings to earn an 11-10 victory.
    May 26 Pittsburgh leads at Cleveland 12-3 in the 8th inning when the home spectators start a seat cushion fight that spills onto the diamond. Pittsburgh is awarded a 9-0 forfeit victory.
    Boston scores 6 runs in the 9th to defeat Washington‚ 10-8.
    May 28 In a slugfest in Boston‚ the Beaneaters explode for an 18-12 win over visiting Washington. Boston's Bobby Lowe and Harry Staley both hit grand slams to match the ML mark set by Chicago in 1890.
    May 29 Washington breaks its 17-game losing streak by whipping Louisville 12-2.
    Pittsburgh moves past Cleveland into first place by edging Baltimore 3-2 as the Spiders‚ held to 3 hits by Jouett Meekin‚ lose to New York 2-0.
    May 30 In the afternoon game‚ Boston 2B Bobby (Link) Lowe hits HRs in 4 consecutive at bats‚ including 2 in the 3rd inning‚ to lead his team to a 20-11 first-game conquest of Cincinnati and a sweep of the doubleheader. The homers came off Iceberg Chamberlain‚ and all were lofted over the 250-foot LF wall of Boston's Congress Street Grounds‚ the Beaneater's temporary home. Lowe also adds a single to total 17 bases for the game‚ a record tied but not beaten until Joe Adcock in 1954. After Lowe's 4th homer‚ the crowd showers him with $160 in coins. There are 9 homers hit in the opener with Bug Holliday hitting 2. In the two games‚ Lowe's teammate Herman Long sets a ML record by scoring 9 runs (5 runs in game 1)‚ which has since been tied only once. Lowe‚ who used the time between games of the twinbill to help himself to the shore dinner at the North Boston Railroad Station‚ will try the same meal tomorrow‚ but will go hitless.

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    June 1 Philadelphia explodes for 7 runs in the 12th to beat Louisville‚ 10-3.
    Cleveland mauls Boston 22-8 and jumps 2 percentage points in front of Pittsburgh in the NL race.
    June 2 Ed Stein throws a 7-inning no-hitter‚ as Brooklyn edges Chicago 1-0. The previous day the Bridegrooms held Chicago to one hit in a 5-0 win.
    Cleveland falls to 2nd place for the first time in a month as Boston scores 5 runs in the bottom of the 9th to win‚ 11-10.
    Sam Thompson of Philadelphia undergoes surgery on the little finger on his left hand and is expected to miss up to a month. Baltimore takes over the top spot with a 13-6 win over the Reds.
    June 4 Baltimore's Heinie Reitz hits a pair of bases-loaded triples‚ one in the 3rd and another in the 7th‚ to lead the first place Orioles to a 12-4 victory over Chicago. The pair of sack-filled triples equals the mark set by Sam Thompson in 1887.
    June 5 Baltimore shows why it is in first place as veteran Dan Brouthers sends the game with Chicago into extra innings with a 9th-inning RBI. His younger teammates follow his example in the 10th to take the O's to an 8-5 win.
    June 6 Pittsburgh erupts in the 3rd inning against Boston when Jake Stenzel hits 2 HRs and Denny Lyons and Lou Bierbauer hit one each‚ setting a ML record for HRs in an inning next tied in 1930. Pittsburgh hits 7 HRs in all. Bierbauer scores 5 runs in the Bucs' 27-11 win.
    June 7 Jack Taylor pitches a 2-hit shutout to defeat Cleveland 6-0 and to push his Pittsburgh team ahead of Cleveland into 3rd place.
    On a rainy day St. Louis Browns southpaw Ted Breitenstein walks 13 men as Boston avenges a humiliating loss the previous day with a 19-8 rout.
    June 11 After Chicago claims the lead with a seven-run rally in the top of the 9th‚ Boston counters with two to win 15-14.
    June 12 Brooklyn's 10-game winning streak is ended when Cincinnati triumphs 5-3. Brooklyn is now in 6th place with a 22-16 record.
    June 13 At Washington‚ the Nationals beat visiting St. Louis‚ 12-3. The Nationals are led by Bill Hassamaer‚ who hits for the cycle.
    June 15 Philadelphia SS Bob Allen is hit in the face with a pitch in a 21-8 victory against Cincinnati. Allen will require surgery to save his sight‚ and his career is all but ended.
    June 16 Ed Delahanty goes 6-for-6 with a double‚ as Philadelphia tops Cincinnati 19-9.
    Despite scoring 26 runs in the 3-game series‚ Louisville is swept by Boston‚ extending its losing streak to 18 games. The streak will reach 20 games before the Colonels manage to win. Tomorrow‚ Fred Tenney‚ star catcher of Brown University‚ "volunteers" to play for Boston. He gets his first hit‚ drives in 2 runs and scores‚ before breaking his finger while catching in the 5th inning. He'll return to action in 5 weeks (as noted by Dixie Tourangeau).
    June 18 Some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed. On Bunker Hill Day in Boston‚ in the a.m. game of twinbill‚ Baltimore's Tony Mullane digs himself a record hole by giving up 16 runs in the first inning (A record for the frame) to Boston. Mullane walks 7 in the inning to tie the ML record. He also "vaccinates" one batter. Boston scores a NL record 16 runs in the first inning. Batterymate Wilbert Robinson takes himself out of the game after the inning to rest for game 2. Mullane is lifted in the 7th for Bert Inks as Boston wins‚ 24-7‚ avenging a pummeling on April 24. In the frame Lowe is 2-for-2 with a HBP; Long is 2-for-2 with a walk; Duffy is 1-for-1‚ a homer‚ and 2 walks; McCarthy is 1-for-2 with a walk; Kid Nichols then gets beat in the afternoon game‚ 9-7‚ despite the help of Bobby Lowe's 12th homerun in his last 21 games at Congress Street Grounds. It is the Kid's only loss (8-1) at CSG.
    June 19 Brooklyn starts its game win Washington by scoring 9 runs in the 1st inning. Washington responds with 8 runs in the 3rd but Brooklyn survives to win‚ 11-9.
    June 20 Denny Lyons scores the winning run in the 9th inning to lead Pittsburgh to a 7-6 win over Washington. Lyons gets into scoring position by running from 1B to 3B-across the pitcher's mound-on a fielder's choice. The umpire did not see Lyons's transgression‚ a common one in the 1890s.
    Cleveland's John Clarkson stops the visiting Colts‚ 7-3. Chicago's Bill Dahlen‚ hitting .257‚ goes 1-for-4 to start his hitting streak.
    At Boston‚ the Beaneaters play their last ever game at their temporary Congress Street. When the Beaneaters return from a month road trip‚ South End is repaired well enough to finish season. With five runs in the eighth‚ Boston takes a 10-7 over Baltimore (1894 Champs). The Orioles then scored five in the ninth on a single‚ double‚ walk‚ hit-by-pitch‚ walk‚ 2-run wild pitch‚ and a fly ball to lead 12-10. Boston scores one in the 9th and puts runners Lowe and Long to third and second. Hugh Duffy then hits McMahon's pitch over the left field fence goes and the game is won 13-12 because the rule only allows for winning run to score. Duff gets a single and two RBI. The crowd explodes as the last hit at Congress Street wins the game. Duffy also homered in the game before the fire and at the first game back at South End Grounds on July 20 (plus the next two) when they blasted Amos Rusie (Triple Crown pitcher that year) 12 to 1. In the 27 games at CSG‚ Boston and their opponents each hit 43 homers‚ enabling Boston to top the 100-mark by the season's end‚ only the 2nd team to do so until Ruth's 1920 Yankees.
    June 22 Washington scores in every inning to whip Boston 26-12. In the course of the rout‚ George "White Wings" Tebeau scores 4 runs without the benefit of a hit.
    The Colts beat the Pirates‚ 10-7‚ with Bill Dahlen collecting 2 hits and an RBI.
    June 23 Icebox Chamberlain throws a two-hitter as Cincinnati shuts down Louisville‚ 5-1.
    June 24 The Chicago Colts score 5 runs in the top of the 9th to take the lead over Baltimore‚ but the NL leaders respond with 3 runs in the bottom of the inning to claim an 11-10 win.
    June 27 For the first time in nearly a month‚ covering 24 games‚ Baltimore fails to score at least 7 runs‚ losing to Chicago 13-4.
    Veteran Louisville 2B Fred Pfeffer tags out Boston's Herman Long on an attempted steal of second by making a leaping grab of a high throw with his bare throwing hand and tagging Long with the same hand. Nevertheless‚ Boston wins 13-3.
    June 28 Louisville P George Hemming throws an 11-inning 25-hitter‚ as the Colonels edge Boston‚ 11-9.
    June 30 Future Hall of Famer Fred Clarke sets a record by going 5-for-5 with a double in his first ML game‚ but Louisville squanders his performance in a 13-6 loss to Philadelphia's Gus Weyhing. Philadelphia's Lave Cross matches Clarke with 5 hits as well. Clarke will be appointed manager in just three years.
    The Reds Tom Parrott allows one single in 8 innings in a 12-0 whipping of Washington.

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    July 1 Baltimore is shut out for the first time all season‚ losing a 6-0 decision to Louisville‚ of all teams.
    July 2 Philadelphia wins a 17-15 slugfest with Chicago by scoring 2 runs in the 9th.
    July 4 Two teams win 12-11 thrillers in the bottom of the 9th. New York outfielder Mike Tiernan's one out homer with the Giants batting last downs host Cleveland. The afternoon attendance is only 4‚000 as the parade in downtown Cleveland prevents many trolleys from running. New York also wins the morning contest in Cleveland‚ 4-3‚ behind Jouett Meekin's six-hitter. Meekin clubs three triples‚ a major league record for a pitcher that has not been equaled. Philadelphia edges Chicago‚ this time with a 3-run rally in the nitecap‚ to win‚ 12-11. Chicago takes the morning game‚ 16-10.
    July 5 Bill Dahlen continues his hot hitting‚ leading Chicago to a 13-10 win over Washington with a 4-for-5 hitting exhibition. Dahlen bangs three doubles‚ scores 5 runs‚ and drives home 3.
    July 7 Boston completes a 3-game sweep of Cleveland‚ outscoring the Spiders by a 57-23 margin. Every Boston starter got a hit in each of the 3 games‚ totaling 69 hits in all. Jack Stivetts‚ pitching and playing RF‚ homers in each of the games for Boston.
    July 9 Every Brooklyn player commits at least one error‚ for a team total of 10‚ helping Louisville to a 20-8 laugher.
    New York's Mark Baldwin surrenders only 3 hits‚ but is out dueled by Ed Stein‚ who pitches his 2nd one-hitter of the season to lead Brooklyn to a 3-0 victory.
    Baltimore OF Steve Brodie goes 6-for-6 with 3 extra-base hits off Frank Killen in a 14-10 victory over Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh took a 9-run lead into the 5th inning.
    July 10 Cleveland rolls to a 23-4 win over Washington‚ scoring 19 earned runs‚ all of Duke Esper. Cy Young is the winner.
    Pittsburgh beats first-place Baltimore‚ 19-9‚ as Jake Beckley scores 5 runs.
    The Phillies lose 17-8 to St. Louis as the Phils Ed Delahanty has 2 hits to run his batting streak to 28 games. He is leading the NL with a .428 average.
    Brooklyn makes 10 errors to hand host Louisville a 13-7 victory. In the 5th Fred Clarke is knocked off his feet when he collides with Brooklyn catcher Con Daily.. When Clarke regains his feet Daily punches him in the mouth‚ earning him a $20 fine from Hurst and a thumb out of the game. A policeman wants to arrest Daily but the Louisville players restrain him.
    July 11 Cleveland catcher Charles "Chief" Zimmer matches Brodie's performance of 2 days ago by recording 6 straight hits off Win Mercer in a 15-10‚ 10-inning win over Washington.
    July 12 Boston beats Cincinnati 6-4 to move into a virtual tie with Baltimore for first place.
    July 13 Boston claims first place with a 22-7 bombardment in Cincinnati as Baltimore falls to St. Louis 11-10.
    July 14 A Boston loss and a Baltimore win give both teams a winning percentage of .667 and an equal share of first place.
    In New York's 9-5 win over Pittsburgh George Davis has 3 triples for the 2nd time in his career.
    With its 14-7 win over Philadelphia‚ Cleveland scores in double figures for the 7th consecutive game‚ and at least 14 runs for the 6th straight time. By winning 6 of these 7 games‚ Cleveland maintains its 7th-place standing.
    July 15 Baltimore retakes the NL lead with a 9-8‚ 11-inning victory over St. Louis.
    July 20 Cincinnati benefits from bottom-of-the-10th-inning HRs by "Farmer" Vaughn and George "Germany" Smith‚ the latter with 2 outs‚ to squeak past Pittsburgh 7-6. Pirate OF Elmer Smith is prevented from retrieving the game-winning hit in the LF bleachers‚ as he is allowed to do according to Cincinnati ground rules‚ by overzealous Reds fans. One of them draws a revolver on Smith after he hits several other spectators in a desperate attempt to reach the ball.
    Reopening burned-down South End Grounds‚ Boston celebrates by whipping New York's pitching ace Amos Rusie‚ 12-1. Hugh Duffy walks twice and hits a home run.
    July 21 In a 14-3 Boston win over New York‚ returning rookie Fred Tenney belts a HR off Jouett Meekin.
    After St. Louis sends the game into overtime by scoring twice in the bottom of the 9th‚ Chicago strikes with 5 runs in the 10th to win 16-11.
    July 23 Once again Boston draws into a first-place tie with Baltimore‚ again with a .667 percentage‚ after a 9-5 victory over New York.
    July 24 Boston moves into first place as Baltimore begins a 7-game losing streak by falling to Amos Rusie and New York‚ 1-0.
    July 25 Chicago's Jimmy Ryan scores 6 runs in a 24-6 rout of Pittsburgh. Walt Wilmot has a homer and 2 doubles‚ Cap Anson has 3 doubles as host Chicago collects 26 hits. The game is called after 7 innings to allow the visitors to catch a train.
    July 27 Chicago pitcher Scott Stratton hits two homeruns‚ but still falls to Cincinnati‚ 14-12.
    July 28 Philadelphia ties New York in the 9th when Sam Thompson hits a bases-loaded triple. They acore again the 12th‚ but New York evens it on a HR by pitcher Joett Meekin. The Giants finally win in the 13th‚ 11-10.
    Louisville scores 6 runs in the 9th to beat St. Louis‚ 8-4.
    Down 11-2‚ the Cincinnati Reds rally to defeat Chicago‚ 19-13. The Reds score 8 runs in the 8th to take a 15-13 lead. Farmer Vaughn has 2 home runs and scores 5 runs.
    July 30 Boston completes a 3-game sweep of Baltimore to build a 4-game lead in the NL race.

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    August 1 Cap Anson and George Decker each go 5-for-7 with a HR‚ and Jimmy Ryan and Walt Wilmot each score 5 runs‚ as Chicago massacres St. Louis 26-8. Bill Dahlen adds 3 hits‚ 3 runs and 3 RBIs as he hits in his 38th straight game.
    New York's Mark Baldwin surrenders only 3 hits‚ but is out dueled by Ed Stein‚ who pitches his 2nd one-hitter of the season to lead Brooklyn to a 3-0 victory.
    August 2 Down 8 runs in the 5th‚ New York strikes back with 9 runs to take the lead against Boston‚ but must fight back again to knot the score at 13-13 in the bottom of the 9th‚ when the game is called on account of darkness.
    August 4 New York takes a pair from Brooklyn‚ winning 16-8 and then staging yet another come-from-behind win‚ this time scoring 4 times in the bottom of the 9th to frustrate Brooklyn 9-8. The win keeps the Giants 1 1/2 games ahead of Baltimore.
    Boston beats the visiting Washington Nationals‚ 11-5‚ as Ganzell returns to the lineup with 2 hits and 2 RBIs. In the 6th‚ Bobby Lowe accomplishes the rare feat at South End Grounds by htting a homer inside-the-park‚ while teammate Herman Long hits one under the fence for a HR. Seven Boston players steal 9 bases.
    Philadelphia takes a 7-0 lead into the 5th inning and then watches Baltimore roll to a 19-12 win. Frank Bonner connects for 4 consecutive doubles for the Orioles.
    August 5 With Anson at bat in the 6th‚ a fire breaks out in the grandstand of Chicago's West Side Grounds. Hundreds are injured as the 10‚000 fans stampede‚ tearing down barbed wire fencing that had been put up to prevent the 25-cent bleacher fans from mobbing the umpire. Jimmy Ryan and Walt Wilmot help rescue hundreds by hacking down a barbed wire fence with baseball bats and allowing fans to escape onto the field. The game is called with Chicago winning‚ 8-1‚ over the Reds Frank Dwyer. Bill Dahlen collects a single to run his batting streak to 41 games.
    August 6 Bill Dahlen is 2-for-4 against George Cross as Chicago outhits the Reds‚ 12-9. Dahlen's streak is now at 42 games.
    Fire again strikes the major leagues as sparks from a plumber's torch starts a blaze that destroys the grandstand at Philadelphia's Huntingdon Grounds. It will be rebuilt with a concrete and steel structure‚ but in the meanwhile‚ the Phillies will play six games at the University of Pennsylvania's Varsity Grounds. It helps that the Penn's coach is the Phillies manager Arthur Irwin.
    August 7 Boston's Jimmy "Foxy Grandpa" Bannon becomes the first player to hit grand slams in consecutive games‚ connecting in Boston's 19-8 win over Philadelphia. At Varsity Grounds. Bannon's feat will not be matched until September 24‚ 1901 and next by Babe Ruth‚ in 1927. Bannon is in the middle of a 25-game hit streak that started July 30 and will end on August 29.
    In the fire-damaged West Side Grounds‚ Chicago SS Bill Dahlen‚ batting second‚ goes 0-for-6 to break his 42-game hitting streak. However‚ his teammates cover for him by defeating Cincinnati 13-11 on 20 hits. Leading the way is leadoff hitter Jimmy Ryan with 5 hits‚ and the 3rd batter‚ Walt Wilmot‚ who also has 5 hits and steals 4 bases for the 2nd straight game. During the streak Dahlen was 74-for-186 (.398) and drove in 44 runs: tomorrow‚ he will start a 28-game hit streak.
    August 8 Led by Billy Hamilton‚ who scores 5 runs‚ the Phils outslug first place Boston‚ 18-10. Baltimore sweeps two from Brooklyn to move a game behind the Beaneaters.
    August 10 Baltimore beats New York‚ 12-9‚ to stay two games behibnd first-place Boston and two ahead of New York. Joe Kelley scores 5 runs.
    August 11 James "Bug" Holliday hits a 2-run HR with 2 out in the bottom of the 9th to carry the Reds to a 7-6 win over St. Louis.
    Emulating Holiday‚ Brooklyn's Candy LaChance slugs a bottom of the 9th HR to overcome Boston‚ 11-10.
    John Tanner‚ a pitcher at Hebron‚ Kentucky‚ is struck by lightning and killed while trying to catch a fly ball.
    August 14 Taking advantage of the unusually small University of Pennsylvania field‚ visiting Louisville tags 6 HRs‚ including 2 by Tom Brown‚ to beat Philadelphia‚ 13-7.
    Cy Young wins a duel with Win Mercer as Cleveland gets a sac fly in the bottom of the 10th to win 1-0.
    August 15 After executing a triple play in the 9th to preserve the tie score‚ Boston defeats Pittsburgh in the bottom of the 11th‚ 6-5.
    August 17 Philadelphia‚ still smarting from Louisville's 6-HR assault 3 days ago‚ mauls the Colonels 29-4 beating Bill Wadsworth. Sam Thompson leads the stampede by spraying 6 hits and hitting for the cycle in 7 at bats. Three teammates-Hamilton‚ Sullivan and Grady-get 5 hits each‚ a ML record‚ as Philadelphia chalks up 36 hits‚ including 28 singles‚ both ML records. John Boyle and Lave Cross have 8 plate appearances. Ed Delahanty scores 5 runs as all 11 Phillies who bat have hits. The Phils end at a 5-1 record at Varsity Grounds‚ returning to newly rebuilt Huntington Grounds tomorrow with a victory over Cleveland.
    August 18 Baltimore retakes the NL lead from Boston with a 17-2 rout over Pittsburgh‚ while Boston is flattened 19-6 by Cincinnati.
    August 19 The Orioles fall back into 2nd place by 4 percentage points with a 7-5 loss to the Pirates.
    August 20 Washington's Bill Joyce smacks 3 HRs in an 8-7 win over Louisville. Joyce ?nishes the season with 17 HRs to place 2nd in the NL.
    August 21 At Boston‚ Cincinnati pitchers allow a ML record 43 runs in a doubleheader loss to Boston. The Reds lose 25-8 and 18-3 with pitchers Chauncey Fisher‚ Tom Parrott and Bill Whitrock on the hill. Boston does all its damage in just 14 turns at bat‚ as the 2nd game is called after 6 innings due to darkness. Tomorrow‚ Parrott is suspended for two weeks for "indifferent play."
    A day after beating St. Louis‚ 20-4‚ Brooklyn beats them again‚ 20-11.
    August 22 With the Giants up by 6 runs in the 8th‚ Chicago's Bill Lange comes to the plate wielding a 5 foot 10 inch bat that had been given to Jimmy Ryan by a New York theater manager. Neither the umpire‚ John McQuaid‚ nor the Giants object‚ and Lange‚ who had struck out twice against Jouett Meekin‚ hits a soft grounder to 1B Jack Doyle‚ who mishandles it. New York wins‚ 8-5.
    August 24 Brooklyn’s Billy Shindle hits a grand slam in a 15-9 victory over the visiting Cincinnati Reds.
    August 25 Amos Rusie throws a one-hitter‚ as New York hands Louisville its 10th straight loss 5-1.
    August 27 In Philadelphia‚ the Reds sweep the Phils‚ 19-9 and 9-5‚ but game 1 will be protested by the Phils and end in a 0-0 tie. Billy Hamilton is hitless in game 1.
    August 29 New York wins its 9th straight game‚ 6-4 over Cleveland‚ and is now breathing down Baltimore's neck for for 3rd place.
    August 30 Baltimore edges Louisville 9-8 and moves into first place as Boston falls to St. Louis. The Orioles will hold on to the lead for the rest of the season.
    August 31 Billy Hamilton ties George Gore's ML record by stealing 7 bases in an 8-inning game against Washington. Hamilton's heroics against the battery of pitcher Bill Wynne (in his only ML appearance) and C Dan Dugdale help Philadelphia to win 11-5 and‚ therefore‚ to sweep the doubleheader.

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    September 3 Joe Kelley becomes the 2nd man in ML history to get 9 hits (9-for-9) in a doubleheader‚ as Baltimore sweeps Cleveland‚ 13-2 and 16-3‚ to strengthen its hold on first place. It will be 32 years until another player matches Kelley's achievement. In the 6-inning game 2‚ against Cy Young‚ Kelley ties the ML record with 4 doubles‚ and his 9 straight hits set a ML record‚ which will be broken in 3 years. In the first game‚ the two teams combine for a ML record 11 triples‚ with Baltimore racking up 9 of them against Mike Sullivan. Baltimore will hit 150 triples in 129 games this year.
    This is easy. Connie Mack takes over from Al Buckenberger as manager of Pittsburgh and leads his team to a 22-1 pasting of Washington‚ Mack's old team.
    The Louisville Courier-Journal‚ in describing Cap Anson as a "wholesome example to the young ballplayers‚" states approvingly that "he smokes three cigars a day."
    September 4 New York rallies for 3 runs in the bottom of the 9th to slip by Pittsburgh 14-13 and edge closer to 2nd place in the NL race.
    September 6 For the 2nd time in 3 days‚ New York beats Pittsburgh by scoring in the bottom of the 9th‚ allowing them to pass Boston-which loses to Louisville‚ 15-10‚ in the Colonels' first victory in 19 games-and move into 2nd place. Pitcher Jouett Meekin clubs a home run in the 9th to give the host New Yorkers a 6-5 win.
    In the first of two games at Philadelphia‚ the Phils beat the Reds‚ 14-7‚ but the game will later be declared a no decision. It is ruled to have been illegally transferred from the Reds park. The Phils win the regularly scheduled 2nd game by a 16-2 score.
    September 11 Pittsburgh comes from behind with 2 out in the 9th to defeat Philadelphia‚ 9-8.
    September 15 Future Hall of Famer Bobby Wallace makes his ML debut‚ pitching for the Cleveland Spiders. He gives up 14 hits in a 6 inning game‚ called on account of rain. Wallace will be 18-22 as a pitcher over the next 4 years‚ but will sparkle for two decades as the shortstop.
    September 16 Cincinnati beats Baltimore 4-3 in the 2nd game of the doubleheader and snaps the Orioles' 18-game winning streak.
    At Chicago's West Side Grounds‚ George Decker connects for 2 HRs and hits for the cycle in leading Chicago to a 13-5 win over Brooklyn.
    September 18 At St. Louis‚ Boston outhits the Browns but loses‚ 5-4. Hugh Duffy does his best for Boston by collecting three triples‚ a double and a walk.
    September 20 Chicago rolls over Philadelphia‚ 20-4‚ as Bill Dahlen plates 5 runs for the 2nd time this season.
    September 22 After pitching 12 innings the previous day‚ Pittsburgh P Philip "Red" Ehret throws a 4-hitter to defeat 2nd-place New York 4-1. For his efforts against New York Ehret wins $100 offered by Baltimore's Wilbert Robinson for the win.
    September 23 Reds 2B Bid McPhee makes 3 errors in one inning as Cincinnati loses the opener of 2 to Brooklyn‚ 10-9. Tom Parrott‚ scheduled to start game 1‚ doesn't arrive until the 5th inning. He gets the start in game 2 (as noted by Rhodes and Snyder)‚ but walks off the mound in the 2nd inning after Arlie Latham criticises him for a lack of effort.
    September 24 Phillies pitcher John Johnson wins his only ML game as the Phillies make it easy‚ beating host St. Louis‚ 21-1. Every Phillie plates 2 or more runs except Delahanty.
    Baltimore manager Ned Hanlon admits in the Boston Globe that he offered the St. Louis club $200 if they won two games against Boston in their recent series. They won all three games by a run.
    September 25 Baltimore clinches the NL pennant by beating Cleveland‚ 14-9.
    September 26 In the Phils 12-6 loss at St. Louis‚ Billy Hamilton is 0-for-5‚ snapping his batting streak of 26 or 36 games. Researcher Trent McCotter‚ in 2004‚ discovers that Hamilton was hitless in the first game on August 27‚ a protested 0-0 game. Since the stats counted‚ Hamilton's 10-game hitting streak‚ which beganon August 15‚ was stopped in that game.
    September 27 Cleveland bombards the Phillies‚ 26-4 with 25 hits‚ 5 by Ed McKean. Cupid Childs scores 5 runs.
    September 28 In the Reds 9-8 loss to New York in Cincinnati‚ Cincy's Tom Parrott‚ playing at 2B‚ hits for the cycle.
    September 29 Plans for the establishment of a new ML‚ to be called the National Association‚ are revealed in the New York Clipper. NL officials counter with a plan to shrink back to 8 clubs and to create a 2nd club of young players for each NL team to play at home when the parent club is on the road.
    September 30 Losing to Cincinnati 16-1 in the bottom of the 6th‚ Cleveland stages a furious comeback‚ including an 11-run outburst in the 7th‚ to conclude the season with a 16-16 tie. This is a ML record for the largest lead without getting a victory.

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    October 8 New York whips NL regular season champion Baltimore 16-3 to sweep the best-of-7 Temple Cup series.

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    November 1 Former Providence P Charles Sweeney is convicted of manslaughter in San Francisco.
    November 8 Mike "King" Kelly‚ probably the most popular baseball player of the 19th century‚ dies of pneumonia in Boston.
    November 15 Sporting Life erroneously claims that "Bid McPhee will hardly discard the glove next season now that he is accustomed to wearing it."
    November 16 Managers Al Buckenberger (Pittsburgh) and Bill Barnie (Louisville) and Louisville star Fred Pfeffer are expelled from the NL for planning with officials of the proposed American Association (previously called the National Association). The 2 managers are reinstated before the end of the year‚ but Pfeffer must wait until the end of February 1895 before he is welcomed back into the fold.

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    December 15 Veteran manager Jack Chapman expresses his support of a proposed rule change forbidding all but catchers and 1B from wearing gloves. Citing Cincinnati's Bid McPhee as an example of one of the few remaining outstanding gloveless fielders‚ Chapman remarks that "as it is now‚ inferior players with big gloves can get into the game and force good men out."
    December 28 Star Chicago SS Bill Dahlen breaks his left arm is a fall.

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