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    January 9 "Slide‚ Kelly‚ Slide‚" by George Gaskin‚ makes the popular music charts‚ the first baseball song to do so.
    Cap Anson is quoted in the New York Clipper as saying that "I don't care if they can't field a little bit. In my experience I have found that a man can be taught to almost stop cannon balls‚ but it is a very difficult task to teach them to line 'em out."
    January 14 Former Chicago star Frank "Silver" Flint dies of consumption.

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    February 19 Dan Brouthers‚ batting champion of the AA while with the Boston Reds in 1891‚ signs a contract to play with the Brooklyn Nationals. It will be his 5th team in 5 years.

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    March 4 The first meeting of the united NL and AA takes place in New York. Only 4 teams from the collapsed 1891 AA are invited to join the NL‚ which will expand to 12 teams with a 154-game schedule split into 2 championship series.
    March 12 A bill before the New York State Assembly seeks "To prohibit the employment of females as baseball players."
    Speaking to his local papers upon his return from the spring meeting of the new 12-team National League‚ new Pittsburgh Pirates President William Chase Temple comments on the designated hitter‚ saying: "We came very near making it a rule to exempt the pitcher from batting in a game‚ under a resolution which permitted such exemption‚ when the captain of the team notified the umpire of such desire prior to the beginning of a game. The vote stood 7 to 5 for. I looked for it to be the reverse‚ but Von der Ahe‚ whom I depended on‚ voted otherwise." (as noted by John Thorn)
    March 15 In Ocala‚ Florida‚ the Phillies‚ powered by Connor‚ Delahanty‚ Hamilton and Thompson beat Brooklyn in the opening of the spring training exhibition season.
    March 30 At Georgetown College in Washington‚ the Senators beat the collegians‚ 6-1‚ in a seven-inning exhibition game. Senators third baseman Tommy Dowd‚ who attended Georgetown Law School last winter and lived at the college‚ scores the game's first run with a home run. The crowd of 1‚000 cheers him each time up with‚ "What's wrong with Tommie Dowd?" then answering with the cheer "He's all right."

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    April 12 Inaugurating the first 12-team NL season‚ Amos Rusie of the New York Giants outpitches Tim Keefe of the Philadelphia Phillies 5-4.
    The famous Boston Beaneaters battery of John Clarkson and King Kelly is too much for the Senators in Washington. Clarkson helps his cause with a HR in a 14-4 victory.
    April 16 Ohio governor William McKinley participates in the WL opening game in Columbus‚ which defeats Toledo 8-5. Ironically‚ McKinley would never attend a ML game as president.
    April 17 The first Sunday game in NL history features the hometown Cincinnati Reds defeating the St. Louis Browns 5-1. Bid McPhee contributes a HR.
    April 19 Cincinnati's Tony Mullane surrenders only a bunt single in a 3-0 win over the Chicago Colts‚ in the 2nd game of a twinbill.
    April 22 The Pittsburgh Pirates score 12 runs in the first inning against Ted Breitenstein and Bob Caruthers of St. Louis. Elmer Smith of the Pirates gets 2 bases on balls‚ marking the first time a player is walked twice in one inning.
    April 23 Bill Shindle of the Baltimore Orioles has 5 errors at shortstop in a 19-9 loss to Boston in the 2nd game of a twin bill. He also makes 2 in the opener. He will make 78 errors by the end of the season‚ an improvement over his record 115 miscues in 1890 while playing for Philadelphia (PL).
    April 24 Notre Dame defeats Michigan 6-4 in the first intercollegiate varsity game for the Irish. The Notre Dame winner is pitching and batting star "Ringer" Willie McGill‚ a former student at the elementary school in the college. Though only 18 years of age‚ McGill is now in his 4th professional season‚ and will play for the Cincinnati Reds later in the year.
    April 29 Cleveland Spiders SS Ed McKean accidentally shoots himself through the "fleshy portion" of his finger with a revolver. He will recover within a week and go on to drive in 93 runs‚ albeit with the lowest batting average and HR total of his career to date.
    April 30 Dr. S. B. Talcott‚ superintendent of the State Lunatic Asylum in New York‚ declares in the New York Clipper that "I believe that baseball is a homeopathic cure for lunacy. It is a kind of craze in itself‚ and gives the lunatics a new kind of crazing to relieve them of the malady which afflicts their minds."
    Pitcher Elton Chamberlain of Cincinnati hits a grand slam off Frank Foreman of Washington in the 8th to break a tie. The Reds win‚ 7-2.

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    May 4 Cincinnati players Billy Rhines‚ Jerry Harrington‚ and Eddie Burke are disciplined after getting involved in a fight the previous evening. Harrington and Burke are each fined $100‚ but Rhines-who won 45 games for the Reds over the last 2 years-is suspended without pay for the rest of the season. Nevertheless‚ Rhines will throw 84 ineffective innings this year.
    May 5 at Pittsburgh‚ the Phillies lose‚ 5-2‚ to the home team. (as noted by Frank Vacarro) The Phils lineup is different than that listed on the pre-printed scorecard and ump Gaffney rules "batting out of order" in a key situation.
    May 6 John Clarkson and Elton "Icebox" Chamberlain pitch a 14-inning scoreless tie‚ finally called by Jack Sherdian because the angle of the sun was blinding both the batter and pitcher. Clarkson limits the Reds to 4 hits‚ one fewer than the Beaneaters can manage off of Chamberlain. The Cincinnati Enquirer states that calling a game "on account of the sun" a good one. "His decision‚ while it may appear ridiculous on the face of it‚ was‚ strange to relate‚ a just and sensible one."
    St. Louis southpaw Ted Breitenstein's no-hitter is broken up in the 9th‚ when 2 singles produce the Bridegrooms' only runs in a 14-2 loss.
    May 7 Bill Hutchison hurls a one-hitter‚ permitting only a Jim O'Rourke 9th-inning single‚ to lead the Chicago Colts to an 8-0 win over the Giants.
    May 11 Baltimore defeats St. Louis 5-3 in a game in which‚ according to the New York Clipper‚ the only "curious feature was the fact that all of the runs scored were earned." St. Louis OF John Crooks hits a leadoff HR for the 2nd time in a row.
    May 14 Tom Daly of Brooklyn‚ pinch hitting in the 9th for the ill Hub Collins‚ ties up the game with Boston by hitting the first pinch homer in the majors He then singles in a run in the 10th but Boston wins‚ 8-7.
    May 16 A Supreme Court decision permitting the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad to give reduced rates to groups of 10 or more is a boon to ML baseball teams‚ who can expect to save 25 percent on transportation costs.
    May 17 Bill Hart of Brooklyn becomes the 3rd pitcher in less than 2 weeks to lose a no-hitter in the 9th inning in a 7-0 victory over Boston.
    May 18 John "Sadie" McMahon loses a no-hitter-and the game-when New York's Denny Lyons singles in the only run in Baltimore's 1-0 loss.
    May 21 George "Hub" Collins‚ 28-year-old Brooklyn OF and leadoff batter‚ dies of typhoid fever after a brief illness. He had led the AA in doubles in 1888 and the NL in runs in 1890.
    Behind Bill Hutchison‚ Chicago wins its 13th straight game 1-0 over Pud Galvin and the Pirates. Galvin surrenders only 2 hits in the loss‚ none before the 8th inning. The streak will stop tomorrow.
    May 24 Brooklyn makes good use of its 14 hits in a 24-4 rout of the Washington Senators. Oyster Burns typifies his club's attack by scoring 4 runs without the benefit of a hit.
    May 26 Boston's John Clarkson loses a no-hitter with 2 outs in the 9th inning‚ as Hughie Jennings of the Louisville Colonels comes through with a single. Clarkson wins‚ 7-0.
    May 28 In the Players' League‚ Jimmy Ryan helps Chicago defeat Amos Rusie and New York 10-4 by drawing 5 walks-half of Rusie's total for the game.
    May 29 A benefit All-Star game for Hub Collins‚ who died of typhoid fever on May 21st‚ is played at Brooklyn's Eastern Park. The game between the Collins' Brooklyn Bridegrooms and the St. Louis Browns (AA) raises $2804.90 for Collins' widow.
    May 30 Mark Baldwin of Pittsburgh hurls two complete game wins over Baltimore‚ by scores of 14-4 and 8-4.

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    June 6 President Benjamin Harrison watches Washington go down to a 7-4 defeat to Cincinnati in 11 innings. It marks the first visit to a ML game by a U.S. president.
    June 7 Henry Larkin of the Senators collects 6 hits‚ including a triple in a 20-2 victory over Cincinnati. Washington pounds out 32 hits in the game.
    Pinch hitting for P George Davies‚ Cleveland Spider Jack Doyle singles against Brooklyn. By some accounts‚ this is the first official pinch hit‚ though Daly's pinch hit on May 14 precedes this In ML history under the new rule allowing pinch hitters in non-injury situations. Other historians cite the Phillies Charles Reilly on April 29‚ 1892‚ while others cite Mickey Welch‚ September 10‚ 1889. Brooklyn wins today‚ 2-1.
    June 10 Though Baltimore fails to score after the 6th inning‚ the Orioles explode for 25 hits and swamp St. Louis 25-4. Wilbert Robinson‚ Orioles catcher‚ goes 7-for-7‚ bats in 11 runs‚ a ML record Whaling Wilbert scores once. He'll finish the season with a team-high 57 RBIs. George Shoch has 5 hits and scores 4 runs for Baltimore; pitcher Sadie McMahon‚ on the other hand‚ goes 0-for-7‚ tying the since-broken 19th C. ML mark. Baltimore continues in game 2‚ winning 9-3.
    In a doubleheader sweep of visiting Pittsburgh‚ the Brooklyn Bridegroom second baseman Monte Ward has 12 assists‚ a ML mark that won't be tied in a single game until Jim Gilliam does it in 1956. Brooklyn wins 4-3 and 5-4.
    June 13 NL club owners meet in New York to work out league financial problems. The club assessment is increased from 10 percent to 121?4 percent of the receipts of each game. Team rosters are reduced to 13 players‚ thus allowing the weaker clubs to sign some of those released.
    June 14 Washington‚ scoring each of its runs with 2 outs‚ records a 12-7 win over St. Louis with the help of 5 hits from Patrick "Patsy" Donovan. Despite this performance‚ Donovan will soon be traded to the Pirates‚ with whom he will enjoy five .300 seasons en route to a career mark of .301.
    June 24 Cleveland and St. Louis aces Cy Young and Ted Breitenstein battle to a 3-3‚ 16-inning tie.
    Philadelphia wins its 15th consecutive game 6-3 over New York and ties Brooklyn for 2nd place in the NL race. Despite extending the winning streak to 16 four days later‚ the Phillies will fall back to 3rd on that day and will remain there for the rest of the first half of the season.
    June 29 At Philadelphia‚ the Phillies lose to Boston‚ 9-1‚ ending their win streak of 16 games. This ties the club record of 1887 and 1890.
    June 30 Tony Mullane of Cincinnati and Ad Gumbert of Chicago pitch 20 innings in a 7-7 standoff. It is the longest game in the 19th century.
    Baltimore hurler Charles Buf?nton refuses to take a salary cut from $100 a week to $75 a week and is released by the club. Only 31‚ he will never pitch again in professional ball.

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    July 1 Chicago Evening News reporter George Bechel criticizes the play of outfielder Jimmie Ryan. Ryan responds by beating up the journalist in a clubhouse altercation‚ with one newspaper account accusing him of "using him up pretty badly."
    July 3 Baltimore signs Harry Stovey‚ released by Boston.
    July 4 Tony Mullane is the only member of the Reds to object to a salary cut and is given a 10-day notice of his release. Switch pitcher Mullane will throw both hands up in tomorrow's game‚ pitching both left and right handed. (as noted by historian Cliff Blau). The release will be rescinded but Mullane will start just one more game this year for Cincinnati.
    July 7 Pete Browning's five hits contribute to the Reds' 21-2 rout of Baltimore.
    July 9 John Clarkson‚ signed by the Cleveland Spiders after his release from Boston‚ responds immediately with an 8-2 win over Tim Keefe and the Phillies.
    July 11 Boston‚ having clinched the first-half championship‚ plays an unusual game at Chicago with team members‚ led by King Kelly‚ dressed in outlandish costumes and wearing beards. The large crowd is delighted‚ and the game‚ a 3-2 win for Boston‚ is surprisingly well played.
    July 13 Chicago pitcher Pat Luby shows another flash of brilliance as he records his only ML shutout‚ beating Philadelphia 1-0 at South Side Park. Luby had a streak of six straight wins in May followed by seven straight losses.
    July 15 NL president Nick Young watches the 2nd-half opener in Washington as Cleveland loses 3-1. A major dispute erupts between umpire Charles Mitchell and Cleveland manager Patsy Tebeau‚ who is fined $10. Tebeau says‚ "Make it twenty." The fine is increased by installments to $50 "before Tebeau would quiet down."
    The St. Louis Browns stun the champions of the first season‚ the Boston Beaneaters‚ with a 20-3 bombardment in Boston.
    July 19 In losing 1-0 and 13-0 to the Bridegrooms‚ St. Louis extends its scoreless streak to 35 innings. The Browns‚ who have totaled only 15 hits in their last 4 games‚ will finally score after 38 innings‚ against New York.
    July 21 Tim Keefe of the Phillies outpitches veteran Jim Galvin of St. Louis 2-0. It is Keefe's 326th ML win against 211 losses. Galvin's career mark is 360-306. It is the 4th and last match-up-all in July the past three years-between these two 300-game winners. The next match-up of 300-game winners will be between Don Sutton and Phil Niekro on June 6‚ 1986; the next NL match-up won't come until Maddux and Clemens pair off on April 29‚ 2005.
    Harry Stovey smacks 3 triples and drives in 6 runs in the Orioles' 10-3 win over Pittsburgh.
    July 22 Female baseball players are not exactly accorded respect in the South. A Louisville Courier-Journal article about a mass murderer is tellingly titled "Alice Mitchell Played Ball."
    July 26 Ed Delahanty gets 5 of Philadelphia's 29 hits‚ including 3 doubles and a triple‚ in a 26-6 massacre of Cincinnati.
    July 27 Baltimore OF George Van Haltren‚ who collected 4 straight hits the day before‚ goes 5-for-5 against St. Louis in a 12-0 romp.
    July 28 The Orioles are embarrassed when an Elkton‚ MD‚ amateur hurler named Bill Hawke‚ signed by St. Louis‚ defeats Baltimore 2-1.

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    August 5 Substituting in LF‚ pitcher Jack Stivetts breaks up a scoreless tie with a 2-run HR for Boston in the 12th to beat Brooklyn.
    August 6 Pitching for Boston‚ Jack Stivetts tosses an 11-0 no-hitter over Brooklyn. Stivett again stars at the plate‚ connecting for a double and triple.
    Cincinnati manager Charles Comiskey reaches a temporary salary compromise with P Tony Mullane‚ who returns to the club but pitches poorly in a 6-1 loss to Chicago. He would soon leave the club to pitch in Butte‚ MT.
    August 8 Boston gets its 3rd straight shutout‚ 7-0 over Washington‚ and moves into a first-place tie with Cleveland. Tomorrow Washington will snap the Beaneaters' 33-inning scoreless streak with an 8-3 win.
    August 10 Baltimore rookie P George Cobb walks on all 5 trips to the plate in his 7-2 victory over Washington. In his only ML season Cobb will record a dismal record of 10-37.
    August 12 The Orioles remove OF posts‚ around which ropes holding back overflow crowds would be wrapped‚ after a ball hit by Harry Stovey strikes a post and bounces back toward the infield‚ forcing Stovey to stop at 2B. Another factor in the decision was an incident 3 days ago in which Oriole RF Frank "Piggy" Ward missed a sure catch when he ran upon a post. It doesn't help today as visiting Philadelphia wins‚ 9-6.
    August 15 Jimmy Ryan of Chicago goes hitless against George Stephens after connecting in 29 consecutive games dating back to July 9th. The team makes 10 errors while losing to Baltimore 9-2 for Stephens' only win. Stephens will be 1-1 this year and 1-7 lifetime. He'll die on August 5‚ 1896‚ 4 years to the day of his debut (as noted by Dixie Tourangeau).
    August 18 In the course of a 13-4 win over Baltimore‚ Browns LF Cliff Carroll attempts to field a ground ball‚ but he misjudges it‚ and the ball becomes lodged in his shirt pocket. Before he can extricate it the Oriole batter makes it to 3B. St. Louis owner Chris Von der Ahe is so outraged that he fines Carroll $50 and suspends him without pay for the rest of the season. Carroll appeals the fine and the suspension at the end of the season but is turned down.
    The Bridegrooms overcome 5 hits by Cap Anson‚ including 2 triples and a double‚ to defeat Chicago 7-5.
    August 20 The Browns Kid Gleason hits a HR and single and pitches St. Louis to an 8-4 win over the Orioles.
    August 22 Louisville's Ben Sanders no-hits Baltimore‚ winning by a 6-2 count. The Orioles runs score on walks and errors.
    James "Bug" Holliday hits 2 HRs and drives in all 6 runs in Cincinnati's 12-inning 6-5 win over Washington.
    August 26 The Colonels' Ben Sanders follows up on his August 22nd no-hitter with a 1-hit 4-0 win over Boston.
    After Pittsburgh defeats Philadelphia 11-3‚ the Phillies accuse the Pirates of doctoring the ball with a greasy rag found in the OF. Pittsburgh denies the accusation.

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    September 1 Recently released Pirate P Mark "Fido" Baldwin is arrested in his hometown of Homestead‚ PA‚ for alleged complicity in the recent strike and ensuing riot. Baldwin posts $2‚000 bail and claims that he was merely a spectator. He will soon rejoin the Pirates and ?nish the season with a 26-27 record.
    Rookie P Bill Hawke of St. Louis loads the bases with the Phillies in the 6th‚ but then fans the next 3 batters on the way to a 4-1 win. Tim Keefe takes the loss.
    September 5 Jack Stivetts‚ having his best year with Boston‚ tosses 2 complete game victories over Louisville‚ 2-1 and 5-2. The first game‚ a 3-hitter in the morning‚ goes 11 innings. In the P.M. game‚ Stivetts gives up 7 hits in nine innings.
    September 13 Boston shuts out Washington 9-0. Senator OF Patsy Donovan does his best to stave off defeat with 4 hits‚ but is thrown out at the plate 3 times.
    September 16 Tim O'Rourke hits a bases-loaded‚ 2-out‚ bottom-of-the-9th‚ 2-strike triple to give Baltimore a stunning 6-5 win over the Pirates.
    September 19 P Charles "Kid" Nichols‚ Boston's premier hurler‚ hits a grand slam in the 5th and a bases-loaded triple in the 6th to give the Beaneaters a 14-0 lead over Baltimore. In the bottom of the 6th he has to leave the mound when hit by a batted ball. The Orioles quickly score 11 runs‚ but still lose 14-11.
    September 21 Pitching for the Cleveland Spiders after Boston had traded him‚ John Clarkson beats Pittsburgh‚ 3-2‚ for his 300th win. The Spiders manage just 2 hits off Adonis Terry‚ winning in the 9th on 2 walks‚ a sac‚ and a single‚ good for 2 runs. Clarkson allows 4 hits. The win avenges a similar loss yesterday to Pittsburgh.
    September 26 Following an 11-0 pasting of Chicago‚ a fire destroys the Louisville Colonels' ballpark and much of the team's equipment‚ including all bats and many uniforms. Only the bleachers survive‚ but a home twinbill against Chicago on the 28th is played and is well attended.
    September 28 Bill Hutchison pitches both games for Chicago against Louisville‚ winning the first 5-4 and losing the second 5-3. It's emblematic of his season as he'll finish 36-36.
    In Philadelphia's 11-1 victory over Washington‚ lefty Jack Clements gets a triple on a ball that lands on top of the RF wall and must be retrieved by Senator OF Larry Twitchell. Despite the three bagger‚ Clements is the only 19th century player (minimum 1000 games) with more homeruns than triples.
    September 29 The Beaneaters overcome 14 errors‚ including 5 by 2B Joe Quinn‚ to defeat Washington 12-8. Quinn led the NL's second basemen in fielding percentage with a mark of .951.
    September 30 Willie Keeler makes his ML debut by singling and scoring for New York‚ but his efforts cannot prevent a 5-4 loss to Philadelphia.

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    October 1 Cincinnati captain Charles Comiskey‚ interviewed in the New York Clipper‚ states that "the days of the twelve club league are numbered. The double season plan is a failure…as the public will decide that a team that are [sic] champions up to the Fourth of July ought to be champions all season."
    October 4 Amos Rusie of the Giants pitches 2 complete- game victories over Washington at the Polo Grounds‚ winning 6-4 and 9-5.
    October 5 Cy Young of Cleveland hurls his league-leading 9th shutout‚ beating Cincinnati 6-0.
    As noted by historian Allan Wood‚ the New York Times reports "A Scheme On Foot to Reduce The Salaries of Players: There is a movement on foot for the reduction of salaries. Club officials claim that some of the stars are receiving wages far in excess of they ought to be and there will be a general cut. The players have been expecting this. The probabilities are that a salary limit will be adopted. This was done a few seasons ago‚ but all of the club officials broke the compact. It is barely possible that they will gladly live up to it now."
    October 7 Light hitting Tom McCarthy hits a double‚ triple‚ and 2 home runs off Silver King of New York in a 9-2 Boston victory.
    October 11 In undramatic fashion‚ Cleveland clinches the 2nd half championship by playing a tie game with Pittsburgh as Boston loses the 2nd game of a twin bill with Brooklyn.
    October 12 In an 11-3 loss to Louisville‚ Browns C Dick Buckley breaks his arm in a home-plate collision with Colonel OF Tom Brown.
    October 14 The scheduled Boston-Washington game is postponed because the Senators' field has already been reserved by the Columbia Athletic Club for a football game against Princeton.
    October 15 Charles "Bumpus" Jones of Cincinnati‚ making his ML debut‚ pitches a no-hit game over Pittsburgh‚ winning 7-1 on the final day of the season. Jones‚ who won 16 games in a row in the minors‚ will have a tough time the following season when the pitching distance is increased. He will go 1-4 with a 10.93 ERA and never pitch in the majors again.
    In a 7-1 win at Philadelphia‚ rookie Wee Willie Keeler‚ a lefthander‚ plays 3B for the Giants and collects 3 hits in 4 trips.
    Boston's Jack Stivetts hurls a 5-inning no-hitter against Washington‚ winning by a score of 6-0.
    The Chicago White Sox end their season with a 1-0 victory over the St. Louis Browns before 1‚500. The game was originally scheduled for St. Louis‚ but is moved to Kansas City after president Spears (of KC) and a local banker offer $1‚000 for the transfer. Chicago wins the coin flip and‚ batting last‚ scores an unearned run in the first inning. Bill Hutchison allows just two hits to win over Pink Hawley. "It was a stupid affair‚ and the spectators sat through it like professional mourners at a funeral‚" grumbles the Chicago Tribune. It will be more than 100 years before Chicago's NL club reappears in Kansas City.
    October 17 To settle the championship of baseball's first split season‚ Boston‚ the first-half winner‚ starts a 5-game series with Cleveland‚ the 2nd-half champ. Jack Stivetts and Cy Young battle to an 11-inning scoreless tie.
    October 18 In Cleveland‚ 7‚000 fans see Boston nip the home team 4-3 with Harry Staley beating John Clarkson. The latter had pitched for Boston in the first half before joining Cleveland.
    October 19 Boston wins another one-run contest 3-2 as Stivetts bests Cy Young.
    October 21 The winless Cleveland Spiders move to Boston where Kid Nichols shuts them out 4-0 before 6‚547.
    October 22 The close contests are over as Boston beats Cleveland‚ 12-7. Clarkson is unable to hold a 6-0 lead and loses to Stivetts.
    October 24 After a Sunday rest‚ the Boston Beaneaters sweep the series with their 5th victory 8-3. Only 1‚812 fans show up on a cold day.
    October 25 Although Boston fans showed little interest in the playoff‚ the directors give the team $1‚000 to split among the 13 players. Hugh Duffy is the batting star‚ collecting 12 hits in 6 games‚ including 2 doubles‚ 2 triples‚ and a HR.

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    November 1 Averages for the first 154-game season show that Dan Brouthers of Brooklyn was the top hitter at .335‚ and Cy Young the top pitcher with 36 wins and 11 losses.
    November 17 NL magnates conclude a 4-day meeting in Chicago where they agree to shorten the 1893 schedule to 132 games and drop the double championship concept. They also pledge to continue to reduce player salaries and other team expenses.

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