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    January 1 The Around-the-World touring squads play a New Year's game in Melbourne‚ Australia. The Chicagos beat the All-Americas 9-8.
    January 4 The Tourists play their final game in Australia‚ with the Chicagos winning‚ 5-0.
    January 15 The new Columbus club (AA) signs Spud Johnson‚ who had played with the defunct Kansas City (WA) team last season. That club was sold to Kansas City (AA)‚ which vows to fight Columbus for Johnson's playing rights.
    January 16 Dallas catcher Charlie Bradley is shot dead by Tom Angus because Bradley had won the favor of Angus's old girlfriend.
    January 22 Facing over $30‚000 in debts‚ the Indianapolis team goes bankrupt and surrenders its franchise to the NL.
    January 25 Spalding's world tour lands in Ceylon‚ where they learn that it will be impossible to play any games in India‚ as had been hoped. Tomorrow‚ they play a 5-inning‚ 3-3 tie‚ before departing for Egypt. They will arrive on February 7.
    January 29 Veteran Joe Hornung is released by Boston after 8 years with that club. According to The Sporting News‚ "Ubbo's unruly tongue was the principal cause of his release."

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    February 2 A new Indianapolis group‚ headed by John T. Brush‚ is granted an NL franchise.
    February 8 In NYC‚ workers are dismantling fences at the Polo Grounds to cut a street through the property‚ leaving the Giants without a home for the coming season.
    February 9 All-America beats Chicago 10-6 in the shadow of the Pyramids outside Cairo‚ and Cap Anson feels compelled to apologize to the Sphinx for his team's poor play.
    February 15 Indianapolis‚ which has been without a manager since October‚ finally comes to terms with vet Frank Bancroft to manage in 1889.
    February 16 Warrants are issued in Sacramento for the arrests of Joe Quest‚ Billy Alvord‚ and Harry Dooms for allegedly jumping their California League contracts. Alvord turns himself in and is released‚ but the Sacramento club is still seeking the other 2 players.
    February 19 The tour stages its first game in Europe‚ playing in Naples‚ Italy.
    February 22 At the Villa Borghesi outside of Rome‚ the Chicagos edge the All-Americas 3-2 before a crowd that includes King Humbert of Italy.
    February 25 The Tourists play their final game in Italy‚ with the All Americas winning‚ 7-4 in Florence.

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    March 1 The Philadelphia Phillies head for Jacksonville‚ FL‚ for spring training. No other ML clubs will train in the Deep South this season.
    March 3 Bobby Mathews goes to court to try and collect $600 that he claims is owed to him by the Athletics for his services as a "coacher" in 1888. If he collects‚ it will make him the first paid coach in history.
    March 5 Both the NL and AA hold their spring meetings to adopt their schedules. The NL also hires a 5th umpire at a salary of $200 per month. The AA‚ to the surprise of many‚ does not adopt the NL's salary classification system.
    March 7 Pittsburgh's Billy Kuehne is arrested at his billiards parlor in Allegheny City and is charged‚ along with his partner Ed Morris‚ with running a gambling house. When the case comes to trial‚ the key witness fails to appear and the charges will be dropped.
    March 8 The touring teams play their only game in Paris‚ the All-Americas winning 6-2 at Parc Aristotique. Chicago SS Ned Williamson suffers a knee injury sliding on the cinder playing field‚ disabling him until August 14th and effectively ending his days as a top player.
    March 12 The Tourists play their first game in England at the Surrey County Cricket Club in Kensington Oval‚ London‚ in the presence of the Prince of Wales.
    March 19 Columbus (AA) finally resolves its long-disputed attempt to sign 3B Spud Johnson by paying Kansas City $500.
    March 20 A NY sporting goods house receives an order for bats‚ balls‚ and other baseball equipment from Mr. Hiroka of Tokyo. In his letter he says that baseball "has been played there for several months" and that a baseball association would soon be organized.
    March 22 The All America team beats Chicago 7-6 in England's Old Trafford Cricket Stadium. The Manchester Guardian said the "general verdict of the more than 1‚000 spectators was that the American game was 'slow' and 'wanting in variety.'
    March 23 John Ward arrives in New York‚ having left the world tour early‚ and states that he might consent to play with Washington if he receives a major portion of the $12‚000 sale price. On April 2 he will kill the deal with NY by refusing to play for Washington.
    March 24 The minor league season opens with the California League in San Francisco and Stockton. This year's new rules include the first legal substitution rule and the reduction of balls for a walk from 5 to 4. The substitution rule‚ which allows a team to designate one man to be put into the game at the captain's discretion at the end of any inning‚ would soon be modified.
    March 27 The final game of the tour is played in Dublin. The group sails for America the next day after playing 28 games overseas.
    March 28 Indianapolis trades P Jim "Egyptian" Healy to Washington for veteran P Jim Whitney.

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    April 6 The Tourists arrive back in NYC having staged 28 games overseas since leaving the U.S. on November 18.
    April 8 The New York State legislature passes a bill closing the "old" Polo Grounds for "street purposes." The field‚ between 110th and 112th streets‚ is home to the New York Giants. Giant President John Day appeals the decision. The legislature will pass another bill on April 19th‚ but the Governor will veto it‚ leaving the Giants homeless.
    April 9 Pete Browning‚ "The Louisville Slugger‚" signs with Louisville for $1‚600. Browning also delivers a signed pledge of abstinence sworn out before a local judge. A sober Browning will misfire‚ hitting just .256 this year‚ but next year will bounce back to lead the PA in hitting with a .373 average.
    April 15 Invited to the White House‚ the Chicago and All-America squads meet with new President Benjamin Harrison. Harrison proves to be quite a baseball fan and would attend many Washington games during his term in office.
    April 16 The Athletics beat Boston in their final spring training exhibition game‚ thereby giving the AA an edge over the NL in pre-season competition‚ 24 to 23 with one tie.
    April 17 The AA season opens with games in Cincinnati and Louisville and rainouts in Baltimore and Philadelphia.
    April 20 The Around the World tour ends with a final game in Chicago. The All Americas win the finale‚ 22-9 to finish 26-23 (3 ties) over the Chicagos.
    April 23 New York governor David Hill vetoes a last-ditch bill from the state legislature designed to block NYC's plans to force the Giants out of the Polo Grounds by cutting a street through the property.
    April 24 Opening Day in the NL. The New York Giants open their season in Jersey City's Oakland Park (Home of the Atlantic League entry) losing to Boston 8-7 before a crowd of 3‚042. The pitching matchups feature two future Hall of Famers‚ Boston's John Clarkson and New York's Mickey Welch. After tomorrow's game in Jersey City‚ an 11-10 Giant win‚ the Giants will relocate at the Mets' old grounds in Staten Island.
    April 25 After spending the first week of the season on the road‚ AA contenders St. Louis and Brooklyn both stage their home openers. The Browns improve their record to 7-0 with a 10-5 win over the Reds before 10‚000. With a crowd of 3‚500‚ the Bridegrooms settle for a 9-9 tie with the Babies from Columbus‚ and remain at 1-6 for the year.
    At Jersey City while the Polo Grounds is under construction‚ the Giants edge Boston‚ 11-10‚ overcoming a 9th inning ploy by Boston (as noted by JP Caillault). With 2 outs‚ Boston's Hardie Richardson hits a ball over the fence‚ but stops at 3B instead of completing his home run circuit. Richardson's move is intended to harass and disrupt the pitcher‚ Cannonball Titcomb‚ talented but notoriously erratic‚ as noted by historian David Nemec. This ploy-stopping at 3B on an apparent home run-was particularly used by Boston. In this instance‚ the Giants allow Richardson to stroll home and Titcomb gets the last out for the win.
    April 27 Chicago's sale of Frank Dwyer and Dell Darling to Minneapolis (WA) is announced. But the deal doesn't go through and Dwyer will post a 16-13 record for Chicago in 1889.
    April 28 Elton Chamberlain of St. Louis hurls a 5-2 six hitter and provides the Browns' winning margin with a 3-run homer. Tip O'Neill adds a HR and RBI single.
    April 29 The New York Giants play and win their first game 4-2 at St. George Grounds on Staten Island. Art Whitney and Ed Crane supply 9th-inning HRs. This picturesque park‚ home of the AA Mets in 1886 and 1887‚ houses the Giants and a production of the play Nero. The right fielder is obliged to play out on top of the stage platform‚ necessitating the use of rubber-soled shoes in wet weather.
    April 30 Jack Glasscock's 3rd hit of the day‚ a 9th inning single‚ drives in the winning run as Indianapolis beats Chicago‚ 6-5. Glasscock‚ considered a weak hitter when he entered the league ten years ago‚ will reach career highs this year with 205 hits and a .352 average.

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    May 1 As noted in 1998 by historian John O'Malley‚ Washington's George Keefe sets the ML record by walking 7 New York Giants in the 5th inning. The mark will be matched by Tony Mullane in 1894‚ and Bob Ewing in 1902.
    May 2 The St. Louis Browns nearly go on a sit-down strike in support of teammate William "Yank" Robinson. Robinson had been suspended and fined after a shouting match with owner Chris Von der Ahe‚ and his indignant teammates had refused to go to Kansas City for their next series. At the last minute‚ the players board the train‚ but they would then drop 3 in a row to the Cowboys amid charges that they are losing on purpose.
    May 4 Indianapolis's Jerry Denny goes 6-for-6 with 4 singles‚ a double‚ and a HR to lead the Hoosiers over the Pittsburgh Alleghenies 17-12. The hits come against Jim Galvin and Harry Staley.
    May 5 Brooklyn forfeits a game to the Athletics 9-0 when the unruly crowd at the Bridegrooms' Sunday grounds in Ridgewood‚ Queens‚ overruns the field in the 6th inning with the visitors leading‚ 5-1.
    May 6 With Robinson's latest fine having been rescinded‚ the Browns (AA) win the final game of their series with Kansas City‚ 11-9. The winning runs come in the bottom of the 9th. A new rule for 1889 allows additional runs to score after the winning run in sudden death situations if the runners could score before the ball can be returned to the pitcher. This game demonstrates the problems with the rule‚ since the Brown's Elton Chamberlain drove home the tying run on a hit through the second baseman's legs and then circled the bases for a home run when the Cowboys left the field without chasing the ball down. The Browns were batting last since the home team chose to bat first‚ a prerogative that will stand till 1950 when the rules are codified.
    May 7 Silver King is an easy winner as St. Louis (AA) drills Al Mays and Columbus‚ 21-0. Robinson returns to action with a 4-for-6 day.
    May 8 The new Olympic Park opens in Buffalo with a 6-2 Bison victory over Hamilton in an International association game. The opener is delayed slightly by the man barring the gate with a shotgun and demanding to be paid for work he had dome as a subcontractor during the park's construction. Although its name will change over the years from Olympic Park to Buffalo Baseball Park‚ to Bison Stadium‚ and to Offerman Stadium‚ this site‚ at Michigan Avenue and Ferry Street‚ will remain the home of Bison baseball through 1960.
    May 9 Ad Gumbert‚ a pitcher‚ plays LF and hits a grand slam to give Chicago a 7-6 win over Pittsburgh. Although he plays in just 41 games in 1889‚ Gumbert will hit 7 homers.
    May 10 Arlie Latham goes 5-for-6 with a double and 2 homers to pace the Browns to a 15-6 win over Columbus. St. Louis leads the AA race with a 16-6 record. Brooklyn‚ the eventual chap‚ is in 4th place.
    May 14 Pittsburgh suspends sore-armed pitchers Ed Morris and Pete Conway so the club won't have to pay their salaries while they're disabled. Morris will return to action June 8th‚ but Conway is through as a ballplayer because of his injury.
    May 16 It adds up. Called in from the outfield to face Phillie slugger Sam Thompson with the bases loaded in the 2nd inning‚ Ad Gumbert serves up a home run on the first pitch. Will Hutchison then returns to the box for Chicago and finishes the game‚ losing 16-12.
    At American Park‚ Baltimore's leadoff hitter Mike Griffin hits a homer and is matched by the Reds leadoff batter Bug Holliday. The Reds prevail‚ 4-2. Holliday‚ a rookie‚ will tie for the NL lead in homers with 19.
    May 19 Fire destroys most of the stand at Brooklyn's Washington Park while the Bridegrooms are on a road trip. With young Charlie Ebbets in charge‚ rebuilding begins right away.
    May 20 The Kansas City Cowboys‚ after choosing to bat first‚ score at least one run in every inning against Brooklyn‚ winning 18-12. Mickey Hughes is the losing pitcher‚ going the distance. The Cowboys become the 2nd team in AA history to score in all 9 innings‚ Columbus having done so on June 14‚ 1883. The feat has not yet been accomplished in the NL.
    May 23 Lou Bierbauer carries the Athletics to a 9-8 win with a 2-run homer‚ a grand slam‚ and scores the winning run after a 9th-inning single.
    May 24 Willie Kuehne sets a new record by accepting 13 chances at 3B. Kuehne makes 3 putouts and 10 assists without an error‚ a ML record. His brilliant work enables Pittsburgh to best Washington‚ 9-7.
    May 25 Phillie 2B Ed Delahanty suffers a broken collarbone when he slides into Cleveland 2B Cub Stricker in the 5th inning. Delahanty will be out of action until July 30th.
    At Columbus‚ umpire Fred Goldsmith ejects Dave Orr and then forfeits the game to the visiting Brooklyn (AA) team when Orr refuses to leave the field. The two teams‚ however‚ refuse to abide by the forfeit‚ and the game is eventually completed with a sub playing in Orr's place. Brooklyn wins‚ 6-3.
    May 28 The Reds take a 8-0 lead over visiting St. Louis but the Mound City men rally to tie the match at 12-12. Cincinnati finally wins‚ 13-12.
    May 30 Brooklyn draws the largest crowd in AA history‚ 22‚122‚ for the Bridegrooms' afternoon game against the Browns. This may also be the largest standing-room crowd in history‚ since there were only 3000 seats erected in the 11 days since the fire at Washington Park. An additional 8‚462 saw the morning game‚ as the teams split‚ the visitors winning the a.m. game‚ 8-4‚ and then losing in the afternoon‚ 9-7.

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    June 1 Coming into the game with a robust .454 average (according to unofficial statistics)‚ Dan Brouthers goes 3-for-5 with a 3-run homer to lead Boston to a 7-2 win over Philadelphia.
    June 2 St. Louis takes the rubber game of the series with Brooklyn‚ 2-1‚ behind the brilliant performance of Silver King. King is 3-for-3 at the plate while pitching a one-hitter. The crowd of 11‚745 brings the 3-game attendance to 42‚329.
    June 4 A two-run single by Dick Johnston in the 10th inning gives Boston a 4-2 win over the Phillies. The win is the 9th in a row and 16th out of 17 for the Beaneaters‚ who lead 2nd place Philadelphia by 5 1/2 games.
    June 5 Cleveland rookie Jim McAleer hits a 2-run homer in the 10th inning to beat Chicago‚ 7-6 in first game of a twinbill. McAleer will hit only 13 homers in over 1‚000 ML games.
    June 7 Louisville slugger Pete Browning hits for the cycle‚ going 5-for-6‚ but the Colonels lose to the Athletics 9-7 in 11 innings for their 14th consecutive defeat. The game is staged in Philadelphia as a benefit for the survivors of the Johnstown flood one week before.
    June 8 Playing for Omaha in the small WA ballpark in St. Paul‚ Jack Crooks goes 5-for-5 with 4 HRs‚ 5 runs scored‚ and 13 RBI to lead Omaha to a 19-15 victory. Crooks would hit .344 with 197 runs scored before being sold to Columbus in late September.
    June 9 Darby O'Brien leads the way with 6 steals as the Bridegrooms steal 11 bases and win 12-2 over Louisville. The hapless Colonel battery is Toad Ramsey and Paul Cook.
    June 11 New York's Mickey Welch is the first pitcher to strike out Boston's Dan Brouthers this season. Welch's 2-hitter gives the Giants a 2-1 win over the Beaneaters. New York still trails Boston by 6 games even after 2 straight wins over them.
    June 13 After the Colonels lose for the 19th time‚ Louisville owner-manager Mordecai Davidson tells the players he will fine them $25 if they lose the next game. Six players‚ including Guy HeckerPete Browning and Harry Raymond‚ will refuse to play tomorrow against Baltimore.
    June 14 Louisville's Davidson recruits 3 Baltimore area amateurs to replace his striking ball players. Baltimore takes a 5-0 lead in the 2nd when the game is stopped by rain.
    At Indiana‚ Paul Hines and Jerry Denny hit back to back homers twice today‚ but the Hoosiers still lose to Pittsburgh‚ 13-9.
    The Athletics win their 14th consecutive game‚ the longest winning streak in the major leagues in 1889. The 14th win is an 8-5‚ 10th inning decision. Denny Lyons hits a 1st inning homer and his single starts the 10th inning rally.
    June 15 Only 6 Louisville players show up for the game in Baltimore‚ the others out in protest against owner Davidson‚ who owes back pay and is now threatening them with fines. Using 3 local recruits‚ the Colonels lose their 20th in a row‚ 4-2‚ in five innings. The next day the striking players will consult with Baltimore manager Bill Barnie‚ who convinces them to return to the club by assuring them their grievances will be brought to the attention of the AA directors. Davidson's fines against 8 players will total $1‚435 and‚ in most cases‚ will result in the players actually owing the team money.
    June 17 With the pay and fine situations unresolved‚ the Louisville regulars return to the lineup and lose a doubleheader 10-6 and 10-0. Pitcher Toad Ramsey blows a 6-3 lead in the 9th of the opener‚ and the Colonels make 7 errors in the nitecap while managing just one hit. George Goetz is the Baltimore starter in the opener and‚ as noted by David Nemec‚ has the worst offensive performance of any player with a one-game career: 4 strikeouts in 4 at bats. Goetz is deprived of the win when he is lifted in the 10th after his team scores 4 runs.
    June 19 Washington CF William "Dummy" Hoy throws out 3 Indianapolis runners at home plate‚ setting a ML record that will be tied only twice in the next century: by Giants LF Jim Jones on June 30‚ 1902 and by Cub CF Jack McCarthy on April 26‚ 1905. Hoy also has a single‚ 2 doubles‚ and a stolen base‚ but the Senators still lose 8-3.
    June 22 Louisville's losing streak reaches 26 in a row‚ the all-time ML record‚ when the Colonels lose 2 heartbreakers to St. Louis 7-6‚ and 3-2 in 10 innings.
    Boston's John Clarkson raises his record to 20-2 with a 10 inning‚ 1-0‚ squeaker in Pittsburgh. The Beaneaters also win the 2nd game of a doubleheader to push their season record to 35-10 and a 5 1/2 game lead over Cleveland. Defending champ NY is in 3rd place‚ 8 1/2 games back.
    Bid McPhee hits a grand slam‚ off Paul Swartzel‚ and a 2-run homer to pace the Reds to an 11-3 win over visiting Kansas City. Bid will total 5 homers this year.
    June 23 The Colonels finally win‚ with Farmer Weaver scoring 3 times and Toad Ramsey pitching‚ Louisville defeats St. Louis 7-3.
    June 24 Louisville owner Mordecai Davidson resigns as team manager‚ giving doorkeeper Buck McKinney the title. Actual on-the-field authority remains in the hands of captain Chicken Wolf.
    June 26 Paced by 2 homers and 2 singles by Jerry Denny‚ Indianapolis beats Boston and John Clarkson‚ 10-6. For the first time this season‚ Clarkson has lost 2 games in a row.
    June 28 Kansas City (AA) speedster Billy Hamilton hits 3 triples off Guy Hecker in the first game of a doubleheader and adds another triple in game 2‚ a ML record. Toad Ramsey serves up the nitecap triple. The Cowboys win both games with Louisville‚ 7-3 and 9-3.
    June 30 Jack Stivetts gets the first base hit and first pitching win of his ML career‚ pitching St. Louis to a 12-7 victory over Louisville. Stivetts would finish his 11-year career with a .297 batting average and 207 pitching victories. The Browns are led by Tip O'Neill‚ who drives in 5 runs with a single‚ double‚ and HR.

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    July 2 President Davidson surrenders his financially strapped Louisville franchise to the AA‚ unable to pay his players' salaries. New local ownership is announced on July 5th.
    July 4 Seven of 8 holiday matchups end in splits‚ with Chicago getting the only 2 game sweep‚ over Washington.
    July 5 John "Sadie" McMahon wins his debut for the Athletics over Louisville‚ 9-1‚ on a 6-hitter. McMahon has been signed from the semipro Norristown club.
    The Cleveland Spiders surge to within a game of the NL lead with a dramatic 2-0 win over front-running Boston. Pitchers Ed Beatin and John Clarkson lock in a scoreless duel until the 9th when King Kelly misjudges a long line drive by Chief Zimmer and follows with a wild throw‚ allowing Zimmer and another runner to score.
    July 6 After having left the team to see ailing relatives in Worcester‚ John Morrill is released as player-manager of the Washington (NL) team. SS art Irwin is named as his successor‚ beginning what will be three terms as manager of Washington.
    July 7 Jim White and Jack Rowe finally agree to terms and sign players contracts with Pittsburgh. The two had been holding out hoping they could play for minor league Buffalo‚ a team the pair bought in December. But the NL remained adamant with its threat of expulsion for all Buffalo players (and opponents) if White and Rowe were to play for the Bisons‚ so the veterans gave in. Management of Buffalo is turned over to Jim's brother Will White.
    July 8 The New York Giants finally open the new Polo Grounds at 155th Street and 8th Avenue with a 7-5 victory over Pittsburgh. In 25 games in exile on Staten Island and in Jersey City‚ the Giants drew 57‚000 fans. In 38 games in their new Manhattan home‚ they will draw 144‚000.
    July 9 The Reds outscore the visiting Baltimore tem to win‚ 16-10.
    July 10 Roger Connor goes 3-for-3 and hits the first home run at the Giants' new park as New York finishes sweeping a series with Pittsburgh.
    July 12 Although he is working on a no-hitter‚ John Clarkson is lifted after 5 innings to rest him for his next start. Boston reliever Bill Sowders allows just one Pittsburgh hit in finishing the 13-1 win.
    July 13 St. Louis slugger Tip O'Neill has a perfect day at the plate‚ going 4-for-4 with 3 walks‚ scoring 5 runs‚ and driving in 4 to pace the Browns to a 25-5 rout of Baltimore and Bert Cunningham.
    July 14 A. G. Spalding's plan for classifying minor leagues is printed across the nation. It calls for strict salary and draft-price limits according to the class of the leagues‚ features that will serve as the basis for a century to come.
    July 15 A dramatic 2-out‚ two run home run in the top of the 9th by Danny Richardson lifts the Giants to a 7-4 win over Chicago‚ giving New York its 7th consecutive win in its new park. The string will snap tomorrow.
    July 16 Indianapolis manager Frank Bancroft announces his resignation effective July 20. In the next 4 days he will stay and help Jack Glasscock‚ his successor‚ adjust to his new duties. Bancroft says he is retiring from baseball‚ but he will be back in 1891 and work as the Reds GM from 1892 until his death in 1921.
    July 20 The Alleghenies run their losing streak to 12 games by dropping a pair to the Phillies‚ 4-3 in 10 innings‚ and 16-1. George Wood and Sam Thompson each hit 2 homers in the nitecap.
    July 21 Dan Shannon wins his first game as captain of the Colonels‚ 3-1 over Kansas City (AA). Shannon took over yesterday from Chicken Wolf.
    July 22 Pittsburgh beats Cleveland‚ 7-2 to snap their 12-game losing streak.
    July 24 Joe Dowie of the Orioles goes 5-for-6 in a 17-3 plastering of Louisville. Dowie would wind up with only 17 hits in his big-league career.
    July 25 A fatigued Horace Phillips is given a vacation from managing the Pittsburgh club‚ captain Fred Dunlap taking over. On August 1st‚ Phillips would suffer a mental breakdown and eventually be placed in an asylum.
    July 26 Cleveland loses 8-4 despite a fluke grand slam HR by Jay Faatz‚ who hits a ball that ricochets off of Pittsburgh 3B Jim White's foot and goes under a row of temporary seats behind third base. This gives Faatz time to circle the bases with arguably the shortest grand slam in history.
    Brooklyn‚ the eventual AA winners‚ clobbers the visiting Cincinnati Reds‚ 20-6.
    July 27 With 2 outs in the 9th‚ the Athletics score 6 runs on 2 errors‚ 2 doubles‚ a single and a home run by Henry Larkin to defeat the Cowboys (AA)‚ 12-10.
    July 29 Poor baserunning by the pitcher costs Baltimore dearly against St. Louis. In the opener‚ Bert Cunningham is thrown out at home in the 9th inning as the Orioles lose‚ 4-3. In the 2nd game of a doubleheader‚ Matt Kilroy pitches a 7-inning no-hitter but has to settle for a 0-0 tie because he fails to touch 3B while scoring a run in the 3rd inning.
    Boston wins a ten-inning‚ 7-6 decision over Philadelphia (NL)‚ but the Phils claim they are robbed by Mike Kelly. When Phillie slugger Sam Thompson hits a ball apparently over the fence in right field‚ Kelly runs back and then fires a ball to the infield‚ depriving Thompson of his homer. The Phils claim Kelly used a hidden ball trick‚ but the umpire rules it is the game ball. Thompson does not score.
    Young Willie McGill‚ 15 years old‚ pitching for Evansville (Central Indiana L) hurls a 3-0 no-hitter over Davenport.
    July 31 The Athletics beat the Browns‚ 7-3‚ thanks mainly to the great work of catcher Lave Cross‚ who throws out 4 base stealers and saves pitcher Gus Weyhing from many wild pitches.

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    August 1 Charles "Pop" Smith‚ just purchased from Pittsburgh for $2‚000‚ makes his debut for Boston in a 3-2 loss to Washington.
    August 2 An error in the 15th inning by Cleveland SS Ed McKean allows Chicago to win‚ 8-7. McKean will lead the NL in errors the next two seasons.
    August 4 The Dallas Hams beat the first-place Houston Babies for their 15th consecutive win in the fast fading Texas League. Dallas trails by only 1 1/2 games‚ but the league will fold by August 14 leaving Houston in the lead.
    August 5 New York's Mike Tiernan hits a pair of home runs‚ including the tie breaker in the 8th‚ to give the Giants an 8-7 win in Chicago.
    August 7 Cleveland scores 14 runs in the 3rd inning‚ still the ML record for that frame‚ and beats Washington 20-6. Mike Sullivan‚ making his first start for the Senators after 5 relief appearances‚ takes the entire pounding.
    August 8 Jack Glasscock is 5-for-6 and hits for the cycle against Mickey Welch as Indianapolis drubs New York‚ 14-1.
    August 9 At Chicago's West Side Park‚ John Tener defeats Boston's John Clarkson‚ 9-0. Hugh Duffy has 2 HRs‚ both inside-the-park‚ to help in the win.
    Boston manager James A. Hart signs a personal services contract with Chicago owner A.G. Spalding to become Spalding's secretary starting in November. Hart will finish the season with Boston before spending 17 years with the Chicago club and serving as its president from 1891 until 1906.
    August 10 Cincinnati's (AA) Jesse Duryea coasts to a 20-0 laugher over visiting Baltimore. Frank Foreman is the loser. Hugh Nicols has 5 of the Reds' 26 hits.
    Leading Brooklyn by only .00025 coming into the game‚ St. Louis turns back the Bridegrooms in 10 innings‚ 4-2‚ on triples by Tommy McCarthy and Tip O'Neill.
    August 11 Eighteen St. Louis hits and 10 Brooklyn errors add up to a 14-4 victory for the Browns (AA)‚ to the delight of 14‚000 St. Louis fans.
    August 12 An 11-0 two-hitter by Elton Chamberlain completes a 3-game sweep for St. Louis (AA)‚ boosting the Browns' lead over the Bridegrooms to 3 1/2 games. Total paid attendance is 32‚911.
    August 13 Ned Hanlon makes his debut as manager of Pittsburgh‚ and beats Boston 9-0 to knock the Beaneaters out of 1st place in the NL for the first time since May 11. Hanlon will manage in the ML for 19 years‚ winning 5 NL pennants.
    August 14 Chicago scores 10 runs in the 8th inning to whip Philadelphia‚ 19-7‚ at Chicago's West Side Park. Ad Gumbert wins over Kid Gleason.
    Three walks‚ an error‚ and a grand slam by Dave Orr in the 1st inning starts Columbus (AA) off to a 13-0 rout of St. Louis. Mark Baldwin pitches a 2-hitter.
    August 15 Larry Twitchell has a 6-for-6 day at the plate with a single‚ double‚ 3 triples‚ and a HR off Mike Madden. The 5 extra-base hits tie a record set in 1885. Twitchell also pitches to 2 batters in the 3rd inning before returning to the outfield. Cleveland wins 19-8 over Boston‚ and becomes the first team in NL history to score in all 9 innings in a game.
    August 18 The Sabbatarians having won a favorable ruling in the local courts‚ the Cincinnati police stop the Reds' scheduled Sunday game. Losing the lucrative Sunday gate will add to the Reds incentive to jump from the AA to the NL with its higher admission price-$.50 to $.25.-but with its ban on Sunday games.
    August 19 The Bridegrooms overcome an 8-1 deficit to beat the Colonels (AA)‚ 9-8‚ and close with a half game of the Browns.
    August 20 With a 10-4 decision‚ the Beaneaters beat the Giants for a 2nd day in a row‚ increasing their NL lead to 3 1/2 games.
    August 22 After being given a life on a muffed foul in the 9th inning‚ Buck Ewing blasts a 2-run triple to key a 5-run rally that enables the Giants to beat the Phillies‚ 8-4.
    The Reds whip visiting Brooklyn‚ 18-5.
    August 24 Mike Kelly's 2 hits and 4 stolen bases pace Boston to a 9-3 triumph over Washington.
    August 25 The Reds (AA) try and play a Sunday game in Hamilton‚ Ohio‚ 12 miles north of Cincinnati‚ but are again stopped by the authorities.
    August 26 In a play that foreshadows the 'Merkle boner' of 1908‚ Mike Kelly saves a 5-4 victory for Boston in the bottom of the 12th inning by crossing the plate with the winning run and then grabbing the ball from Sid Farrar so that the Phillies cannot throw it to 1B and retire the batter Dick Johnston. Johnston had the winning hit but failed to run it out. Kelly is attacked by a mob of fans and has to hide under the grandstand protected by players from both teams until extra police arrive.
    August 27 Jocko Milligan of the Browns collects 4 hits and 6 RBIs in a 19-1 rout of the Cowboys. Milligan's 3-run double in the 1st inning starts the scoring.
    August 28 A 2-out homer in the bottom of the 10th inning by Jimmy Ryan-his 4th hit of the game-gives Chicago an 8-7 win over Cleveland.
    The second place New York Giants spank the last-place Washington Senators twice, winning, 16-3 and 7-5. Acting the part of a Senator in game 1 is Harry Corson Clarke, a long-time thespian, who is 0-for-3 in his lone ML appearance. Clarke is in the circle of DeWolf Hopper, Digby Bell and possibly Ben Tuthill as Base Ball cranks among the theatrical community.
    August 29 Throwing errors by NY pitcher Mickey Welch and 3B Whitney allow Boston to score 3 runs in the 8th inning to win‚ 6-4‚ in game 1 of the final head-to-head series between the 2 NL contenders.
    August 30 A 2-run homer by Mike Tiernan and a steal of home by Jim O'Rourke are the highlites of a 5-run 7th inning by the Giants. New York beats the Beaneaters‚ 7-2.
    August 31 The final game between Boston and New York ends in a 9-9‚ 8-inning tie before a paying crowd of 14‚364 at the Polo Grounds. The Beans' Billy Nash stars with 2 runs‚ 3 hits‚ and 3 RBIs. Boston leaves town 2 games ahead in the NL standings.

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    September 1 After having led the AA race all season except for 3 days in April‚ St. Louis falls to 2nd place behind Brooklyn after losing to Columbus 6-5 on a 10th-inning HR by Dave Orr.
    September 2 In the afternoon game of a Labor Day doubleheader in Boston‚ Hardie Richardson hits a leadoff homer and P John Clarkson (36-13) makes it stand up for a 1-0 win over Indianapolis. Henry Boyle takes the loss.
    September 3 Indianapolis (NL) gets a last-second reprieve in the 9th inning when the ump calls time just before Con Daily apparently makes the last out of the game. Batting again‚ Daily singles home 2 runs to cap a 6-run rally to beat Boston‚ 8-7.
    September 6 Three walks off Silver King and an error by 2B Robinson hand the game to the Orioles as the slumping Browns (AA) lose again‚ 3-2‚ in 7 innings. King will end the year with a 34-17 record‚ while teammate Elton Chamberlain will finish at 34-15 (both these numbers are revised figures after research in 2002 by historian JP Caillault. These numbers were accepted by 19th century historian David Nemec).
    September 7 In the most controversial game in AA history‚ the Browns walk off the field in Brooklyn while leading 4-2 in the 9th inning. They claim it is too dark to play‚ but the lighted candles in front of their bench by owner Chris Von der Ahe make umpire Fred Goldsmith determined to finish the game no matter what. Several St. Louis players are hit with bottles as they leave the grounds.
    September 8 Claiming they cannot count on their personal safety‚ the Browns fail to show up for the scheduled Sunday game with the Bridegrooms at Ridgewood. The forfeit pushes the Browns 41?2 games behind.
    September 10 Batting for Hank O'Day‚ New York Giants pitcher Mickey Welch strikes out as the first pinch hitter in ML history. This must have been an injury situation since a rule allowing pinch batters in non-injury situations will not be instituted until 1892. The first pinch hitter under that rule is generally agreed to be Jack Doyle‚ on June 7‚ 1892.
    September 11 Rain prevents every scheduled game in both ML leagues. For the season the NL will have 62 rainouts and the AA 73.
    September 12 Clarkson pitches and wins both games of a doubleheader for Boston over Cleveland‚ allowing just 10 hits total in the 3-2 and 5-0 victories‚ which put Boston 2 games ahead of New York in the race.
    September 13 Hoss Radbourn pitches a complete doubleheader for Boston‚ too‚ but fails to win either game. After losing the opener to Cleveland‚ 3-0‚ he has to hit a HR himself in the 9th inning of the nightcap to salvage a 4-4 tie.
    September 15 Brooklyn increases its lead over St. Louis to 7 games as the Browns lose in Philadelphia while Brooklyn takes a pair from Louisville.
    Sioux City (Western Association) sweeps a quadruple-header from visiting St. Joseph winning 6-1‚ 12-7‚ 12-5‚ and 5-4 (another researcher lists 6-1‚ 15-7‚ 12-5 and 7-4) The first three games are 5 innings apiece and the 4th regularly scheduled game is 7 innings‚ with two in the morning and two in the afternoon. The scheduling is to allow St. Joes to catch the train to Milwaukee. The next quadrupleheader is September‚ 1903.
    September 18 The Browns Tommy McCarthy steals 2B‚ 3B‚ and home in the 7th inning of a 3-2 St. Louis victory in Kansas City.
    September 20 Kelly and Nash‚ each of whom homered earlier in the game‚ combine hits in the 8th inning to beat Washington‚ 4-3‚ and keep the Beaneaters a half game behind the Giants.
    September 21 Four St. Louis errors in the 9th inning give the Reds 4 runs‚ enabling Cincinnati to win‚ 5-4.
    September 23 An emergency meeting of the American Association Board of Directors reverses the St. Louis forfeit of September 7th‚ the game being ruled as a 4-2 Browns victory‚ although the forfeit of September 8th still stands.
    September 25 The Brotherhood of Professional Base ball Players' organizational plan for a new Players' League is leaked to the press in New York. It calls for clubs to be owned jointly by players and capitalists.
    September 26 After Buck Ewing hurts his thumb‚ Giants sub catcher Willard Brown makes a critical throwing error as New York loses to Chicago‚ 4-3. New York is now tied with Boston for the NL lead.
    September 27 The Philadelphia NL club releases union activists George Wood and Dan Casey. Meanwhile‚ the Boston club announces the purchase of the entire WA champion Omaha team for 1890. This latter deal would not actually take place.
    September 28 Jack Stivetts preserves a 2-2 tie for the Browns (AA) by striking out 3 Louisville batters in the 10th inning with a man on 3B.
    September 30 Boston (NL) beats Cleveland 6-3 in 7 innings‚ while New York ties Pittsburgh 3-3 in 6 innings. This leaves Boston trailing by .002 with a record of 80-43 compared to New York's 79-42. Each club has 5 games left.

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    October 1 Boston takes over first place in the NL with an 8-5 win over Cleveland‚ while the Giants lose 7-2 to Pittsburgh.
    October 2 King Kelly shows up drunk and is taken by the police when he threatens umpire McQuade. Without him‚ Boston loses 7-1 and falls behind New York‚ which wins 6-3. Sam Thompson of the Phillies hits his 20th HR of the season. The AA HR leader‚ Harry Stovey‚ hits 19 this season‚ considered a greater achievement because of the bigger parks in the AA.
    October 3 Brooklyn (AA) pitcher Bob Caruthers wins a 17-0 laugher against Philadelphia. Rookie Sadie McMahon (16-12) is the loser.
    Both NL contenders win. Boston wins in Pittsburgh‚ 7-2‚ behind John Clarkson's 49th win of the year. New York wins 9-0 in Cleveland behind O'Keef's 27th win.
    October 4 Both contenders win again‚ setting up the final day with New York in front of Boston by percentage points .656 to .654. Each team has the option of playing one or two games tomorrow‚ so NY manager Jim Metro is in Pittsburgh to watch the Boston game. He is ready to wire to Cleveland if the Beaneaters are going to play an extra game‚ so that the Giants can also play one.
    October 5 New York wins the pennant on the final day by beating Cleveland 5-3 while Boston loses in Pittsburgh 6-1. This makes doubleheaders unnecessary for either team. Mike Tiernan stars for the Giants with a two-run homer and a steal of home. For Boston‚ John Clarkson is wild and ineffective in pitching his 5th game in 6 days. By beating the Beaneaters‚ the Alleghenies move into 5th place ahead of the Spiders. Chicago beats the Phillies‚ 3-2‚ to clinch 3rd place.
    October 6 Brooklyn wins its last home game 9-0 over the Athletics (AA) in 6 innings before a crowd of 2‚488‚ bringing the Bridegrooms' home attendance for the season to 353‚690‚ a ML record. The win helps Brooklyn maintain a 2 1/2 game lead with 7 games to play.
    October 9 Charlie Reilly hits a record 2 HRs in his ML debut with Columbus to lead the Babies to a 10-6 victory over the Athletics. Only Bob Nieman (9/14/51) and Bert Campaneris (7/23/64) will match this in the next century.
    October 10 Charlie Reilly hits another HR‚ giving 3 in his first 2 games‚ as Columbus beats the Athletics‚ 5-0. Joe Cunningham will be the only player in the next century to hit 3 homers in his 1st two games (June 30‚ July 1‚ 1954).
    October 11 Cincinnati announces the signing of Cleveland manager Tom Loftus to manage the Reds in 1890. The Reds (AA) will retain Gus Schmeltz for the remainder of this year‚ including the Ohio series against Cleveland (NL) and Columbus (AA).
    October 12 Brooklyn P Bob Caruthers blows a 5-2 lead in the 9th and Columbus rallies for 5 runs to beat the Bridegrooms‚ 7-5. The defeat leaves Brooklyn with the same number of losses (44) as St. Louis‚ although the Grooms have 3 more wins (91).
    October 13 Although held to 3 hits by Hank Gastright‚ Brooklyn edges Columbus‚ 2-1‚ behind the 4-hit pitching of Adonis Terry.
    October 14 Terry beats Columbus for the 2nd straight day‚ allowing 5 hits in a 6-1 win. The Adonis has a pair of triples to key an other meager 5-hit attack.
    In Cincinnati‚ the Browns keep their AA pennant hopes alive by winning their 12th straight‚ 5-1. St. Louis will play a twinbill in Cincinnati tomorrow and then 3 makeup games in Philadelphia.
    October 15 The Browns hopes for a 5th straight pennant end when the Reds win game 1‚ 8-3. St. Louis wins the 2nd game but they are eliminated from the race and will not play the 3 games in Philadelphia.
    In Jersey City a large crowd of supporters meets the Bridegrooms train from Columbus and celebrates the pennant winners on the boat ride back to Brooklyn.
    October 16 The Athletics beat the Phillies‚ 4-3‚ in the opener of the city series.
    October 17 Cleveland (NL) shuts out Cincinnati (AA)‚ 4-0‚ in the opener of the Ohio series.
    October 18 The best-of-11 World Series between Brooklyn (AA) and New York (NL) opens at the Polo Grounds with the Bridegrooms winning 12-10 in 8 innings. Oyster Burns is 4-for-5 with 3 RBIs‚ including the game-winning double in the bottom of the last inning.
    October 19 The Giants bounce back at Washington Park with a 6-2 victory behind the 4-hit pitching of Ed "Cannonball" Crane.
    October 22 After an off day and a rainout‚ the WS resumes in New York. The Bridegrooms build up a 6-2 lead and then barely hold on to win 8-7. Umpire John Gaffney calls the game because of darkness in the top of 9th inning with the Giants having the bases loaded and one out.
    October 23 In a 6-inning game delayed by arguments‚ the Giants tie the score with a 5-run top of the 6th only to see the Grooms win it in the bottom 10-7 on a 3-run HR by Oyster Burns. New York's Jesse Burkett walks 13. Brooklyn leads the series three games to one.
    October 24 The Giants pound the Bridegrooms' 40-game winner Bob Caruthers for 11 hits and 24 total bases and win easily‚ 11-3. Battery mates Cannonball Crane and Willard Brown and 2B Danny Richardson all homer for the victors.
    October 25 New York evens the series when Hank O'Day beats Adonis Terry in a 2-1‚ extra-inning pitchers' duel. The Giants tie the game in the 9th on a single and 2 steals by Ward and a hit by Connor. In the 11th‚ Ward singles Slattery home with the winning run.
    October 26 Paced by an 8-run 2nd inning‚ New York takes the lead in the WS‚ 4 games to 3‚ with an 11-7 triumph. O'Rourke starts the big rally with a double and caps it with a home run.
    October 27 It's an off day in the WS‚ but in Missouri‚ St. Louis loses the final game to Kansas City but still wins the state championship.
    October 28 The Giants pile up 12 runs in the first 4 innings against Terry and trounce the Grooms 16-7. New York P Crane posts his 4th win of the series.
    October 29 The Giants win their 2nd consecutive WS by taking this year's best-of-11 matchup in 9 games. After spotting the Bridegrooms 2 runs in the first‚ the Giants rally to win 3-2 behind O'Day's pitching. Slattery scores the winning run in the 7th inning‚ coming in from 2B as C Doc Bushing misses a two-out 3rd strike.

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    November 4 After a formal meeting of reps from all NL chapters‚ the Brotherhood issues a "Manifesto" in which it claims that "players have been bought‚ sold and exchanged as though they were sheep instead of American citizens." This bold statement constitutes a declaration of war between the Brotherhood and ML officials which will soon explode.
    November 7 The Brotherhood and its backers meet to begin preliminary work on the organization of a Players' League. The players believe "that the game can be played more fairly and its business conducted more intelligently under a plan which excludes everything arbitrary and un-American."
    November 11 The Joint Rules Committee of the NL and AA makes only minor changes in the playing rules‚ the most important of which is to allow 2 substitutes per team‚ up from one in 1889.
    November 14 Disgusted by the conduct of the Association and especially the perceived dominance of St. Louis president Chris von der Ahe‚ Brooklyn president Charles Byrne and Cincinnati owner Aaron Stern withdraw from the AA and join the NL. Both teams have been out of the NL for 9 years. Indianapolis and Washington refuse to resign from the league‚ and that organization decides to go as a 10-club circuit.
    November 15 Kansas City drops out of the AA.
    November 21 The NL issues its reply to the PL manifesto. Claiming that the League saved baseball in 1876 and that under the reserve rules players' salaries had "more than trebled‚" the NL denounces the Brotherhood movement as "the efforts of certain overpaid players to again control [baseball] for their own aggrandizement. . . to its ultimate dishonor and disintegration."
    November 23 Before what one writer claims is "the largest gathering in California history" (15‚000 - 20‚000)‚ Oakland wins the California League pennant by beating San Francisco amid much confusion on the final day of the season. San Francisco tied for the pennant by winning 3 in a row‚ so for the final game Oakland hires ringers Willard BrownGeorge Van Haltren‚ and Cliff Carroll. San Francisco refuses to play so the ump awards the game to Oakland. To appease the crowd‚ the clubs play a game with their regular nines. Oakland wins‚ 5-4‚ behind 32-game winner Bill Coughlan.
    November 25 Jack Glasscock‚ claiming that his pledge to the Brotherhood does not constitute a binding contract‚ signs with the Indianapolis NL club‚ thus becoming the first "double jumper."
    November 28 On Thanksgiving Day‚ Boston (NL) opens a California tour with a 8-3 win over San Francisco before a crowd of 7‚000.
    November 30 Baltimore drops out of the American Association and joins the Atlantic Association.

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    December 1 The California League meets and officially awards the pennant to Oakland on the basis of their final day 5-4 win over San Francisco. The forfeit is thrown out.
    December 16 The PL is formally organized with Colonel E. A. McAlpin of New York as president. The league will not allow player transfers without the player's consent‚ excess profits will be split between the capitalists and the players‚ and prize money will be awarded to the teams in the order of their finish.
    December 17 The PL adopts some new rules‚ including the 2-umpire system and an increase in pitching distance from 55 1/2 feet to 57 feet. A lively ball is chosen‚ assuring high scores in the upcoming season.
    December 18 The Brotherhood meets and expels members who have signed National League contracts‚ including Jack GlasscockJohn ClarksonKid Gleason‚ and George Miller. Among those expelled‚ Jake Beckley‚ Joe Mulvey‚ and Ed Delahanty would eventually jump back to the PL and be reinstated.
    December 20 Toledo is admitted to the AA.
    Papers are served on Charlie Buffinton and Bill Hallman for allegedly breaking their contracts with Philadelphia (NL). This will be the first of many battles between the PL and NL.
    December 31 Three players purchased from the disbanded Kansas City AA franchise by the NL are divided by lot among the bidding NL clubs. Billy Hamilton is assigned to Philadelphia‚ while Boston is lucky enough to get both Herman Long and Dan Stearns in the drawing.

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