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    January 2 Fred Dunlap finally signs with Pittsburgh following the sale of his contract by Detroit. He agrees to a $5‚000 salary and a $2‚000 bonus‚ making him the highest-paid player to date.
    January 15 The Texas League is organized when the following six cities are awarded franchises: Austin‚ Dallas‚ Fort Worth‚ Galveston‚ Houston‚ and San Antonio.
    In San Francisco‚ George Van Haltran‚ pitching for the Giants‚ tosses a no-hitter against the St. Louis Browns in an exhibition game. The only solidly hit ball is a Tip O'Neill line drive caught by 1B Buck Ewing.
    January 17 Kansas City is admitted to the American Association to replace the Mets. Even though the Mets were bought out by Brooklyn‚ their franchise is only considered suspended until suitable playing facilities in Manhattan can be found.
    January 23 Harry Spence is hired to manage the Indianapolis (NL) team.
    January 27 Brooklyn keeps 5 of the recently purchased Mets players and sells the rest of the squad and 4 Brooklyn players to Kansas City for $7‚000.
    January 28 In Chicago‚ 350 fans brave the weather to watch a baseball game on ice at Lincoln Park. Fred Pfeffer plays wearing a top hat. After 2 hours and 5 innings of play‚ the game is called. The Spaldings defeat the North-Siders‚ 7-6.

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    February 2 Indianapolis announces that the roof of its new grandstand will hold 42 private boxes‚ to be sold to season subscribers only.
    February 23 James "Pud" Galvin signs with Pittsburgh for $3‚000‚ including $1‚000 in advance. The club offered him $3‚500 with no advance money‚ but Galvin needs the $1‚000 to tide him over the winter.
    February 29 In a spring training game in New Orleans‚ Cincinnati C Kid Baldwin slugs the umpire during an argument and narrowly escapes arrest.

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    The Washington NL club leaves on its southern tour a day earlier than scheduled‚ due to a superstition against starting a trip on a Friday.
    March 2 The NL meets in New York and abolishes all discounts from the 50-cent minimum admission price. Despite the demands of the Brotherhood and the fact that the rule is practically a dead letter‚ the NL refuses to drop its $2‚000 salary limit rule. The schedule committee recommends that the season go to 140 games from the current 126.
    March 5 The AA meets in Brooklyn and votes to make use of turnstiles mandatory at all entrances to its parks.
    March 20 Albert Spalding announces a baseball tour to Australia next winter with his Chicago team and a squad of NL all-stars.
    March 22 Deacon White signs with Detroit after a prolonged battle with manager William Watkins‚ under whom White had said he'd never play.
    March 25 The St. Louis Browns open the training season with an exhibition game versus the St. Louis Whites‚ a new Western Association team. The WA will have clubs in 4 cities that also have NL clubs.

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    April 1 The Texas League plays its first game‚ Houston winning at home 3-1 over Galveston before 3‚000 fans.
    April 2 The Browns beat Detroit 5-3 in New Orleans in the first game of a World Series rematch from last fall. The games are advertised locally as a "World Championship Series."
    April 3 Chicago sells pitching star John Clarkson to Boston for $10‚000. He has said he doesn't ant to play for Chicago but would rather play near his Boston home. With last year's deal for catcher King Kelly‚ the Beaneaters have acquired a "$20‚000 Battery" from the White Stockings.
    April 7 The Washington Evening Star writes about Dummy Hoy‚ "When he bats a man stands in the Captain's box near third base and signals to him decisions of the umpire on balls and strikes by raising his fingers." Many years later‚ Hoy comments in The Silent Worker of April 1952‚ that "the coacher at third kept me posted by lifting his right hand for strikes and his left for balls. This gave later day umpires an idea and they now raise their right ... to emphasize an indisputable strike." (as noted by Bob Schaefer)
    April 9 Matt Kilroy signs with Baltimore in the morning and then hustles back to Philadelphia to marry Fanny Denny in the evening. The honeymoon will be spent training with the Orioles.
    April 10 Denny Mack dies after a fall down a stairs. Mack started with the Rockford team in 1871 and played for many NL teams‚ For the past 2 seasons he managed Wilkes-Barre.
    April 14 The Kansas City Cowboys (AA) beat the KC Blues (WA)‚ 6-5‚ in 10 innings to clinch the best of 3 series and the local bragging rights. The 2 clubs will compete fiercely for support during the season.
    April 16 As reported in tomorrow's edition of the Washington Post‚ Jacob Murphy; the temperance apostle‚ held a meeting at the Louisville baseball park this morning. Every member of the Louisville Club signed the pledge. Pete Browning was the first to put on the blue ribbon and was followed by Tommy Ramsey. The Louisvilles will now be known as the Blue Ribbon Club. (as noted by Clifford Otto).
    April 18 At Opening Day in the AA‚ umpire John Gaffney makes news by standing behind the pitcher with men on base‚ an innovation that will soon be adopted by all single umpires.
    April 20 Opening Day in the NL. The inauguration of the new grandstand in Indianapolis is overshadowed by fights on the field involving Paul Hines and Dude Esterbrook of the Hoosiers and Dell Darling and Marty Sullivan of the Chicago Colts. Chicago wins‚ 5-4‚ with Terry Larkin beating Only Nolan.
    April 23 The Athletics pile up 28 runs on 23 hits‚ 5 walks‚ and 13 Cleveland errors in making the largest score of the season.
    The St. Louis Browns Tommy McCarthy performs a 1st in ML history when he reaches 1B on single‚ steals 2B and 3B. Then with 2 out and with 2 strikes on batter Silver King‚ he swipes home to win the game‚ 3-2.
    April 27 Detroit manager Bill Watkins fines captain Ned Hanlon $10 and suspends P Lady Baldwin without pay after Baldwin and the Wolverines are routed in Indianapolis 16-7‚ dropping the Wolverines' record to 1-5.
    April 28 The champion Wolverines rebound by beating the Hoosiers‚ 1-0‚ on Charlie Getzien's 4-hitter and Sam Thompson's HR.
    April 29 Phillie star Charlie Ferguson‚ 25‚ a 20-game winner in each of his first four seasons‚ dies of typhoid pneumonia at the home of Arthur Irwin. As a general ballplayer he had few equals.
    April 30 Boston runs its record to 9-0 as Clarkson wins his 5th game. Batterymate Kelly scores 3 times including the game winner in the 10th of the 4-3 win.

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    May 1 After holding out for a $4‚000 salary‚ Tim Keefe wins his 1888 debut for the Giants‚ beating Boston 6-1.
    May 3 In New York‚ George Gore goes to LF to start the game‚ but box-seat holders scream for Mike Slattery‚ and captain Buck Ewing makes the change before the game starts.
    May 5 Gid Gardner plays for the Phillies after being traded from Washington for Cupid Childs. But when Childs refuses to play for the Senators‚ the trade and today's game are nullified. Childs will end up in Kalamazoo for his recalcitrance.
    May 6 Long John Reilly hits 2 HRs‚ giving him 4 in Cincinnati's 4-game series versus Kansas City. Reilly will finish the season with an AA-leading 13 HRs.
    May 9 Playing in the close quarters of Indianapolis's Athletic Park‚ Roger Connor hits 3 HRs and the Giants total 7 (Gore‚ Keefe‚ H. Richardson‚ and Tiernan) to tie the existing records. Connecting for Indianapolis is Roger Denny: When Detroit belted 7 homers against St. Louis in 1886‚ Denny also homered for the losers. The Giants win‚ 18-4.
    With an 18-6 lead after 7 innings‚ Louisville righthander Elton Chamberlain pitches the final 2 innings lefthanded‚ holding Kansas City scoreless. Chamberlain will reprise his righty-lefty pitching in a game on October 1‚ 1891 (as noted by Cliff Blau).
    May 12 St. Louis RF Tommy McCarthy shows his savvy by sneaking behind a runner who had just singled and picking him off 1B on a throw from 2B. The Browns beat the Cowboys‚ 4-3.
    May 18 George Borchers pitches a 5-inning shutout in his ML debut‚ winning for Chicago‚ 13-0‚ over Boston‚ to up the Colts lead to 3 games.
    May 19 During Chicago's 6-4 win over the Phillies‚ 2B Fred Pfeffer goes from 1B to 2B on a fly to LF. According to the Chicago Tribune‚ "Pfeffer has introduced a new slide. He throws his body away from the base-line and reaches one foot for the bag." After a catch‚ George Wood‚ Phils LF‚ makes a perfect throw to Arthur Irwin‚ who is surprised to find Pfeffer's foot on the bag.
    Senator owner Robert C. Hewitt recalls acting manager Burkett to Washington after the team loses its 7th straight on the road. Jim Whitney and the owner's son are left in charge.
    May 20 The Athletics try and stage a Sunday game across the river in Gloucester‚ NJ‚ but the inadequate stands and field are overrun by a mob of spectators‚ and the game is called off.
    May 22 Future Hall of Fame slugger Ed Delahanty makes his ML debut with the Phillies‚ going hitless and making 2 errors at 2B. His contract had been purchased from Wheeling in the Tri-State League for $2‚000.
    May 25 Boston opens its new Grand Pavilion‚ an elaborate double-decked structure. Though the Pavilion seats 2‚800‚ 12‚000 see the Beaneaters lose their home opener to the Phillies 4-1.
    May 26 With flawless fielding and 3 hits‚ Hardie Richardson of Detroit stars in a 9-8 win over Chicago. His last hit is a game-winning HR in the 9th.
    May 27 Bill "Adonis" Terry hurls his 2nd career no-hitter‚ beating Kansas City 4-0. Three men walk and 2 more reach on errors. Terry no-hit St. Louis on July 24‚ 1886.
    May 30 The Brooklyn Bridegrooms‚ so called because many players married over the winter‚ move into first place by winning 2 games from previous leader Cincinnati. The visiting Reds lose 4-3 and 10-6.

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    June 1 In a dandy matchup in the American Association‚ two unbeaten young pitchers face each other in Brooklyn. Both Leon Viau of Cleveland and Mickey Hughes of Brooklyn are unbeaten since the start of the season‚ but Hughes wins the duel today‚ 3-1. It won't last long: Hughes will lose his next game on June 3‚ 6-4 to St. Louis.
    June 2 Kansas City caps a comeback from a 12-3 deficit by scoring 7 runs in the bottom of the 9th to beat Cleveland‚ 16-15. The victory lifts the Cowboys into 7th place ahead of the Louisville Colonels.
    June 3 The poem "Casey at the Bat" by Ernest Thayer is published in the San Francisco Examiner. Not until August 15‚ when actor Dewitt Hopper recites the poem with the New York Giants and Chicago White Stockings in the audience‚ will it become popular. When Hopper dies in 1935‚ it is estimated he recited the poem 10‚000 times.
    June 5 Jimmy Ryan makes a rare start for Chcago and edges Philadelphia‚ 3-2‚ thanks in part to 4 errors by the Phils' Ed Delahanty. The Philadelphia Bulletin (as noted by Dixie Torangeau) reports that Delahanty makes 5 errors and gets hurt late in the game and is replaced by Bastian.
    June 6 Henry Porter of the Kansas City Cowboys (AA) pitches a no-hitter against Baltimore‚ walking one and winning 4-0. Meanwhile‚ Cleveland and Louisville combine for 50 hits as Cleveland outscores the Colonels 23-19.
    June 7 Clarence Duval‚ a juvenile black actor appearing in the production "Starlight" has been adopted by the White Stockings as a mascot and will travel with the team.
    June 8 New Louisville owner Mordecai Davidson accepts manager John Kelly's resignation and announces he will manage the club himself.
    In the longest game in the NL this year‚ Detroit beats John Clarkson and Boston 11-5 in 16 innings.
    In New York‚ the Chicago team makes quite a show when‚ before the game‚ they emerge from their carriages‚ form a line‚ and march onto the field in their swallow-coats‚ led by their young mascot twirling a baton. The Giants are not impressed and trounce Van Haltren‚ 19-2.
    June 9 In New York‚ the Giants make fun of yesterday's Chicago entrance by marching onto the Polo Grounds wearing white plug hats and swallow-tail linen dusters. Jack Lynch‚ the old Mets pitcher‚ walks in the lead with a bat as a baton. Thirteen thousand fans are delighted. Chicago scores 4 times in the 1st and finishes with an 8-3 win.
    The resurgent Wolverines hold off the Beaneaters 10-9 to post their 7th consecutive victory and move to within 2 games of first place.
    Henry Porter follows up his no-hitter with a 12-4 loss to Louisville. He gives up 17 hits.
    June 10 The Athletics play their first official Sunday home game at Gloucester‚ NJ‚ or so they think. The AA secretary will later rule the game illegally rescheduled and throw it out of official records.
    June 12 OF Jimmy Ryan‚ who homered in the first inning‚ is brought in to pitch with the bases loaded in the 2nd inning. He shuts out the Giants as the Colts rally to win 4-2 to up their NL lead to 4 games.
    June 13 The last-place Senators finally get a legitimate manager when veteran Ted Sullivan arrives.
    June 14 St. Louis (AA) hurlers Nat Hudson and Tom McCarthy provide the offense as both pitchers hit homers off Toad Ramsey in a 13-7 win over Louisville.
    Reds pitching star Tony Mullane suffers a broken nose when hit by a drive in Kansas City. The injury will keep him out of action for 10 days‚ but his famous good looks will not be permanently damaged.
    June 15 Jim McTamany of Kansas City (AA) collects 6 hits-5 singles and a home run-off Elmer Smith and John Corkhill of Cincinnati.
    June 16 The NY Giants trade Elmer Cleveland to Detroit for holdout 3B Art Whitney.
    June 18 Two AA umpires work the Cleveland-Athletic game‚ a 3-2 Philadelphia win. The 2-umpire system had worked well in last fall's WS‚ but this is believed to be a regular-season first.
    June 19 A 2-out‚ 9th inning collision between Washington fielders Walt Wilmot and George Shoch allows Philadelphia to score the winning run. It gives manager Sullivan his first loss after 4 wins.
    June 20 Future Hall of Famer 1B Jake Beckley makes his ML debut with Pittsburgh‚ with a double‚ triple‚ and stolen base. Beckley started the season with the St. Louis Whites.
    June 21 George Van Haltren pitches a 6-inning no-hitter beating Pittsburgh for Chicago 1-0. He also pitches a hitless 7th‚ but since the Colts cannot complete their half before the rain‚ the official score reverts to 6 innings.
    June 22 In Chicago‚ the Colts overcome a 6-1 deficit by scoring 11 runs in the 6th inning to beat Pittsburgh 12-6. Fred Pfeffer drives home 4 runs in the 6th with a single and an inside-the-park homer.
    Lou Bierbauer of the Athletics establishes the record for second basemen by making 12 putouts in a 9-inning game. This record will not be tied until August 30th‚ 1966. Oddly‚ Bierbauer has no assists and 2 errors in today's game‚ a 6-5 win over Baltimore.
    June 25 James "Jumbo" Davis of Kansas City makes 5 errors at 3B as the Cowboys fall to the Browns 10-3. He will finish the season with 91 miscues‚ the 2nd highest total in history behind the 107 that Bill Joyce will commit in 1890.
    June 26 Hercules Bennett strikes out in all 4 of his official at bats in his debut with Louisville. Although he walks‚ steals a base‚ and cores a run to help the Colonels beat the Bridegrooms‚ he will not play another ML game until 1895.
    June 29 The Beaneaters release vets Ezra Sutton and Jack Burdock. Both players have been in the NL since its start in 1876 and had been with Boston for a decade.
    June 30 With permission from the NL‚ the Phillies reduce admission to 25 cents. Twelve thousand fans turn out to see a one-hit 7-0 victory over Boston by Charlie Buf?nton. After averaging 1‚123 admissions at the 50-cent rate‚ attendance will now jump to an average of 4‚010.

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    July 1 With the release of Dave Rowe‚ Sam Barkley takes the reins as captain-manager of the KC Cowboys (14-36).
    July 2 During a morning practice game at Recreational Park‚ Pittsburgh's captain Fred Dunlap is struck by a hard hit ball and his right jaw is broken. He will be out of action for several weeks.
    July 4 With the Reds trailing 2-0 in the 4th inning of an a.m. game against Brooklyn‚ John Reilly‚ Kid Baldwin and Jimmy Peoples delay the game with various stunts. They'll get fined $25 apiece for their high jinx. They do succeed in holding the game up until the anticipated rain comes in the 5th to wash out the potential defeat. The weather improves in the afternoon and the Reds beat the Grooms‚ 9-3.
    At Chicago‚ 20‚000 fans watch the 2 games Philadelphia‚ splitting 10-8 before losing 6-5.. President Spalding has 2 ticket speculators arrested outside the grounds of the morning game and had them locked up for violating a law prohibiting the selling of tickets on the street.
    Will Hutchison‚ a college star who has spurned numerous pro offers since leaving Yale in 1881‚ finally signs‚ inking a contract with Des Moines (Western Association). He will pitch his team to a pennant this year and later star with Chicago (NL).
    July 5 The AA meets in St. Louis and refuses to allow its clubs to reduce admission prices from 50 cents to 25 cents. It also adopts a system of double substitute umpires in case the assigned umpire fails to show up for a game‚ one substitute player from each club sharing the duties.
    July 6 The Brooklyn AA team‚ led by former Browns Bob CaruthersDave Foutz‚ and Doc Bushong‚ makes its first appearance of the series in St. Louis and is feted with a parade to the ballpark. The 3 pace the Bridegrooms to a 6-2 victory over the Browns to take over first place.
    July 7 The Southern League collapses under financial strain. The New Orleans club will join a truncated Texas League later this month.
    Dave Foutz‚ ex-Brown‚ drives in the tying and winning runs with 2 outs in the 9th for the Brooklyn Bridegrooms to beat the Browns‚ 4-3. Foutz is popular in St. Louis and is carried off the field by the Mound City fans.
    July 9 With slugger Sam Thompson already sidelined with a sore arm‚ Detroit suffers another crippling injury when Hardie Richardson‚ Fred Dunlap's replacement‚ breaks his ankle and is lost for the season. Detroit beats Washington today‚ 3-2.
    July 10 Brooklyn scores 3 runs in the bottom of the 9th and 1 in the 10th to beat St. Louis‚ 5-4‚ and sweep the 4-game series. Bob Caruthers drives in the winning run and wins his 3rd game of the series.
    New York's Tim Keefe notches his 19th straight victory in beating Pittsburgh‚ 3-1.
    July 13 The Pittsburgh Alleghenies shut out Boston 4-0 and 6-0 for the first double header shut out in history.
    Cleveland announces the signing of Tom Loftus to replace manager Jimmy Williams‚ who resigned 3 days ago.
    July 14 The AA's substitute umpire system proves a failure after Brooklyn sub Adonis Terry tells his teammates that he heard KC manager Sam Barkley order sub Jim Donahue to call a Bridegroom runner out in the 9th inning of a 5-4 game. The Grooms walk off the field in protest‚ forfeiting the game‚ 9-0.
    July 17 Tommy McCarthy's 6 stolen bases pace the St. Louis Browns to 15 steals and a 10-3 victory over Kansas City. McCarthy also goes 5-for-5 at the plate.
    July 18 Detroit defeats Chicago‚ 5-0‚ and climbs over the Colts into 1st place. Pete Conway twirls a 5-hitter for the Wolverines.
    July 19 Chicago regains 1st place by beating Detroit‚ 4-3. LF Mark Sullivan saves the game by throwing out Count Campau at home in the bottom of the 9th.
    July 20 St. Louis regains the AA lead by beating Kansas City 18-5. The Browns will stay in first place the rest of the season.
    July 21 In a game in which the lead changes hands 6 times‚ the Spiders take the decisive lead with 10 runs in the 8th and beat the Orioles‚ 17-11.
    July 22 The Cleveland club stages its first Sunday game at Beyerle's Park at Geauga Lake‚ Ohio‚ 20 miles southeast of town and just across the county line. A total of 4 Sunday games will be played here this summer.
    July 24 Detroit moves back again into 1st place with a twinbill sweep of Pittsburgh. Pitcher Ed Beatin‚ subbing in the OF today‚ is 6-or-8 for Detroit with a HR and 2 triples.
    July 25 Toad Ramsey misses the Colonels' getaway train in order to avoid a warrant for his arrest at the railroad station. He is arrested later on the complaint of Louisville saloon owners who charge that Ramsey is overdue paying considerable bar tabs.
    July 26 Ed Seward of the Athletics pitches a 12-2 no-hitter against the Reds. Seward steals 2 bases and scores 3 times himself. Four Cincy players walk and 4 reach on errors.
    July 27 After having caught 29 consecutive games‚ Giants backstop Buck Ewing sits out today to nurse a sore ankle. After official figures through July 17 show him leading the NL with 37 stolen‚ the Buck will stop because of leg and ankle injuries‚ and he'll end the year with 53 steals‚ well behind rookie Dummy Hoy's total of 82.
    July 28 Jimmy Ryan hits 2 triples‚ a single‚ double and a HR and pitches 7 innings in relief to lead Chicago to a 21-17 slugfest over Detroit‚ dropping Detroit into a first-place tie with the Giants. The Colts trail by 21?2 games. Ryan is the first player to cycle and pitch in the same game. He also takes a turn in the OF and‚ after hitting a leadoff single in the 1st off of "one of Lady Baldwin's shoots" (noted in the Chicago Tribune by Dixie Torangeau) he steals 2B and 3B. The Tribune box score notes erroneously that Ryan has 4 hits for the game‚ but gives him 13 total bases.
    Ed Seward follows up his no-hitter with a strong performance‚ but loses‚ 2-1‚ to the Reds in 10 innings. He gives up 7 hits.
    July 31 Gus Weyhing pitches the Athletics' 2nd no-hitter in 5 games‚ stopping Kansas City 4-0. He walks one and hits another‚ but both are thrown out trying to steal.
    The New York Giants take over first place by beating Washington 6-1 while Detroit is losing to Indianapolis 7-5 in 11 innings. New York will retain the lead for the remainder of the season.

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    August 2 Claiming illness‚ Brooklyn captain Dave Orr misses the practice session. But later in the day he is spotted at Coney Island‚ and owner Charles Byrne removes him as captain.
    August 3 Cowboy rookie Billy Hamilton‚ recently purchased from Worcester‚ steals his first base in the ML. Before returning to the minors in 1902‚ Sliding Billy will amass 937 stolen bases‚ a record till 1979.
    August 5 The Athletics hold a Sunday game at Gloucester‚ NJ‚ across the river from Philadelphia‚ beating the Cowboys 6-0‚ behind Ed Seward's 4-hitter and Denny Lyon's 2 homers. Gloucester will be the site of 30 AA games through the 1890 season.
    August 7 At a stormy session in Philadelphia‚ AA owners finally vote to allow 25-cent admission again but drop the percentage system of paying visitors and replace it with a $130-per-game guarantee.
    August 9 Detroit loses its 9th in a row thanks to a mental error by vet Deacon White. With the potential winning run on 3B in the bottom of the 9th for the Phillies‚ White fields a ground ball and throws the runner out at 1B‚ while the winning run crosses the plate uncontested.
    August 10 Tim Keefe wins his 19th consecutive game to break Hoss Radbourn's 1884 record. The Giants nip the Alleghenies 2-1 to win their 10th in a row and 18th in 19 games. They now lead by 7 1/2 games.
    August 12 St. Louis's Charles "Silver" King posts his 30th win of the season‚ besting the Athletics with a 2-0 two-hitter. The game is marred by the collapse of an elevated walkway at Sportsman's Park‚ but there are no serious injuries.
    August 14 Tim Keefe's winning streak is stopped at 19 games when Gus Krock and the Colts beat the Giants 4-2 before a crowd of 10‚240 at New York.
    August 15 After convincing Louisville owner Mordecai Davids onto lift his suspension‚ Colonel lefty Toad Ramsey pitches his first game in 5 weeks. Toad is bombed for 13 runs in less than 2 innings.
    August 17 Washington rookie SS Shorty Fuller sets a ML record by making 4 errors in one inning‚ allowing Indianapolis to score 6 runs. Fuller is replaced‚ and the Senators tie the game 7-7 before new SS George Shoch's 2 errors in the 8th open the way for 4 runs and an 11-7 loss.
    August 20 St. Louis nudges past Brooklyn 1-0 on brilliant baserunning by Arlie Latham. He opens the game with a single‚ steals 2B‚ and scores from 2B on an infield out. Silver King wins the pitchers' duel from Mickey Hughes.
    August 21 After making 6 errors in the final 2 innings to blow a 2-0 lead‚ Detroit loses to Indianapolis 8-3 for its 16th consecutive loss.
    August 22 Two one-hitters in the AA today‚ Jersey Bakely of Cleveland stopping Cincinnati 3-0 and Silver King of St. Louis beating Brooklyn 4-2. King's bid for a no-hitter ends in the 9th inning when Browns outfielders Tip O'Neill and Harry Lyons allow an easy ?y to drop between them.
    Baltimore manager Barnie is fined $100 for calling umpire Doescher a "stinker."
    August 24 Cap Anson goes 5-for-5‚ and Jimmy Ryan is 4-for-5 with a HR as the Colts rout the Wolverines 14-4. Anson's .344 batting average and Ryan's 16 HRs will be league-leading figures for the season.
    August 25 Tim Keefe wins his 30th game of the season‚ beating the Phillies 7-0. This is the 5th year in succession that Keefe has reached the 30 mark. Mike Tiernan helps with the first of 2 cycles in his career.
    August 27 Unpopular William Watkins finally resigns as Detroit's manager and is replaced by Bob Leadley. The Wolverines celebrate by losing to Harry Boyle and the Hoosiers‚ 6-0.
    August 29 Australian-born Joe Quinn makes his debut with Boston a memorable one by hitting a game-winning HR in the bottom of the 9th to beat the Giants' Tim Keefe 2-1.

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    September 1 St. Louis slugger Tip O'Neill hits a HR over the fence in the 8th inning and lays down a game-winning bunt single in the 10th inning to beat Athletics ace Ed Seward 3-2. O'Neill will win the AA batting title with a .335 average.
    September 2 The Browns strengthen their pitching by purchasing Elton Chamberlain from Louisville for $4‚000‚ giving St. Louis a reliable alternate to take some of the burden off Silver King.
    September 3 Tim Keefe pitches his 8th shutout of the season‚ the high mark in the ML this year‚ but he fails to win when Ben Sanders and the Phillies battle the Giants to an 11-inning scoreless tie.
    September 5 Pittsburgh OF Billy Sunday is married to Helen Thompson of Chicago. They then go to the Detroit-Chicago game‚ sitting with the bridal party in a box donated by president Spalding.
    September 6 Indianapolis tries its 2nd experimental night game (the first was August 22nd) but the natural-gas illumination is inadequate‚ and the idea is dropped.
    September 7 In Boston's 11-9 loss to Chicago‚ Dick Johnston leads off with a home run for the second game in a row to tie the NL mark. The loss pushes Boston 2 1/2 games behind 2nd place Chicago.
    September 8 The Cleveland Spiders (AA) win their 9th in a row‚ having climbed from 7th to 5th place during the streak. The Spiders edge Cincinnati‚ 2-1.
    September 12 New York forfeits a game in Chicago when Buck Ewing is injured and cannot continue. With no uniformed substitutes available‚ the Giants simply leave the field in the 5th inning.
    September 13 In order to break their run of hard luck‚ Buck Ewing of the Giants has his players wear one maroon stocking and one black stocking; a white jersey shirt and black knickerbockers (pants). Half the team wears white hats and the other black caps. The White Stockings are unimpressed and beat the visiting Giants‚ 5-3.
    September 14 Ed Seward wins his 3rd game in 3 days as the Athletics defeat Brooklyn 4-2. Seward has allowed only 13 hits in the 3 games. He will try again tomorrow and allow only 4 hits but will lose to the Grooms 4-2.
    September 15 Ed Morris of Pittsburgh pitches his 4th consecutive shutout‚ a record that will be unsurpassed in the NL until 1968. Morris's gems include 1-0 and 2-0 victories over the Phillies‚ a 7-inning 2-0 win over the Senators‚ and today's 1-0 win over the Giants.
    September 17 Ed Morris's streak is broken when the Giants score in the 2nd inning on doubles by Ewing and Slattery. The run sends Morris to defeat 1-0.
    September 18 Ben Sanders of the Phillies loses his bid for a perfect game when pitching opponent Gus Krock singles with one out in the 9th inning for the Colts. Sanders wins 6-0.
    September 20 In a doubleheader pitching duel‚ Tony Mullane beats Ed Seward twice 1-0 and 2-1. The Reds total only 9 hits‚ while the Athletics get 10.
    September 22 NL umpire Jim Kelly gets to the ball park just minutes before game time‚ having spent the night in a Detroit jail on assault charges filed by a female companion.
    September 23 Cincinnati sells starting players Frank Fennelly and John Corkhill. Without them‚ the Reds will win 13 of their final 16 games.
    September 27 Little-used Ed "Cannonball" Crane pitches a 7-inning no-hitter for the Giants against the Senators‚ walking 6 and winning 3-0.
    Anson's Chicago Colts‚ on their way to Boston‚ stop to play a game with the Syracuse Stars‚ the IL champions. Con Murphy‚ ex-Phillie‚ pitches and loses to Chicago‚ 3-0. Anson only consents to play the game after Moses Walker‚ the Star's "colored" player‚ is benched. Last season Anson refused to play against Newark unless Walker and Stovey were benched.
    September 29 Bill Gleason‚ relegated to bench duty by the acquisition of Fennelly 4 days ago‚ wins a game for the A's with a 22-out bases loaded triple in the 9th to top the Cowboys‚ 10-9.
    September 30 With the WA season completed and the warring Kansas City clubs having agreed to merge‚ the Cowboys move their final home game to the Blues' Exposition Park. The game is a 45-hit slugfest with the Cowboys beating the Athletics 26-14. Monk Cline scores 6 runs for KC.

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    October 1 When Indianapolis scores 3 runs in the top of the 9th inning to take a 4-2 lead at Washington‚ Senator C Connie Mack suddenly complains of a sore finger. The ensuing delay lasts until darkness and forces umpire Powers to call the game‚ and the score reverts to a 8-inning 2-1 Senator victory.
    October 3 Both the New York Giants (NL) and St. Louis Browns (AA) clinch their respective pennants today.
    October 4 Ed Crane of the Giants strikes out 4 consecutive batters in the 5th inning‚ one reaching on a missed 3rd strike. Crane ?nishes with a one-hit 1-0 victory over rookie John Tener of the Colts.
    October 5 Pud "Kid" Galvin becomes the first player in history to reach 300 wins as he beats the Washington Nationals‚ 5-1‚ for Pittsburgh. Galvin allows 4 hits. There are 14 errors in the game‚ 9 by Washington.
    October 7 Silver King notches his 45th win of the season‚ 10 more than any other pitcher will get this year. The 20-year-old righthander will also finish leading the ML in games pitched (66)‚ innings (586)‚ complete games (64)‚ and ERA (1.64).
    October 11 New York P Bill George bats leadoff‚ goes 3-for-6‚ and pitches a 3-hitter to beat Indianapolis 13-0.
    October 13 The NL season closes on a prosperous note. The Giants finish with a season attendance of 305‚000‚ a league record.
    October 14 The story breaks that Detroit is selling its players and dropping out of the NL. The Cleveland AA club will join the league and get any leftover players.
    October 16 The 10-game World Series opens in New York with the Giants and Tim Keefe edging the Browns and Silver King 2-1. Each hurler allows only 3 hits.
    October 17 The Browns even the series when Icebox Chamberlain blanks the Giants 3-0 on 6 hits.
    October 18 In game 3‚ Keefe beats King 4-2 thanks to 3 costly errors by St. Louis C Jack Boyle.
    October 19 The series moves to Brooklyn‚ where the Giants win 6-3 behind the battery of Cannonball Crane and Willard Brown.
    Ed Williamson throws a baseball 133 yards‚ 11 inches‚ just 8 1/2 inches behind John Hatfield's record‚ set in 1872. The contest‚ held in Cincinnati‚ rewards Ed with $200 and a diamond locket.
    October 20 The largest crowd of the series‚ 9‚124‚ sees a dramatic 6-4 Giant victory at the Polo Grounds. Trailing 4-1 in the bottom of the 8th‚ New York scores 5 times‚ the go-ahead run scoring as 2 St. Louis fielders collide under a pop ?y.
    October 22 With a 12-5 win in Philadelphia‚ the Giants take a commanding 5-games-to-1 lead in the World Series.
    October 24 In St. Louis‚ the Browns stay alive in the WS with a 4-run 8th-inning rally that beats the Giants 7-5. Bill White's 2-run single caps the comeback.
    October 25 The Giants clinch New York's first World Championship 6 games to 2 by trouncing the Browns 11-3. Tim Keefe gets his 4th win of the series.
    October 27 The WS ends with St. Louis getting its 2nd "consolation" victory in a row. The Browns choose to bat first at home. Tip O'Neill‚ who was just 5-for-29 in the first 8 games‚ hits a bases-loaded HR in today's 18-7 romp after having won yesterday's 14-11 contest with a 3-run HR in the 10th inning. Tommy McCarthy also homers for St. Louis‚ off Cannonball Titcomb‚ the Giants starter. Cannonball allows 6 runs‚ half earned‚ in 4 innings. Utility infielder Gil Hatfield throws the final 5 innings‚ allowing 12 runs‚ including the grand slam. He'll return to the mound next season.

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    November 4 Al Spalding's Australia-bound baseball tour stages its first tour game in California‚ the All-Americans beating the Chicagos 14-4 before a crowd of 10‚500 in San Francisco.
    November 10 Detroit organizes a club to compete in the International Association next season to take the place of the disbanded Wolverines‚ 5th place finishers this past season. The Wolverines sell off their stars‚ with Big Sam Thompson going to the Phillies‚ and Dan Brouthers to Boston.
    November 15 The All-Americans beat Chicago‚ 7-4‚ in Los Angeles in the final game on the tour. On the 18th‚ Albert Spalding's group sets sail for Australia.
    November 20 The Joint Rules Committee reduces the number of balls for a walk from 5 to 4‚ establishing the 4 balls/ 3 strikes count that remains in effect a century later. It also eliminates an out on a foul tip if the catcher catches it within 10 feet of home plate.
    November 21 Cleveland is formally admitted to the NL to replace Detroit‚ creating a vacancy in the AA.
    November 22 The NL adopts a salary classification plan that puts all players into 5 categories with a standard salary for each ranging from $1‚500 to $2‚500. The scheme is vehemently opposed by the players' Brotherhood.
    November 23 New York announces the sale of John Montgomery Ward to Washington for a record price of $12‚000. But Ward‚ who is on tour‚ will eventually cancel the deal by refusing to play for the Senators.

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    December 5 Columbus is admitted to the AA to replace Cleveland.
    December 6 The AA votes against adopting the NL's salary classification system‚ to the surprise of the press and the delight of the Brotherhood.
    December 10 The Tourists play in Auckland‚ NZ‚ during a brief stopover.
    December 15 The Tourists play their first game in Australia‚ drawing a crowd of 5‚500 in Sydney.
    December 17 Former Detroit players Deacon White and Jack Rowe purchase a controlling interest in the minor league Buffalo club. Though their reserve rights have been sold to Pittsburgh‚ both men announce plans to play in Buffalo next year.
    December 28 The Cuban Giants‚ the top colored team in the nation‚ announces its plans for 1889: Monday and Saturday games at Elysian Field in Hoboken‚ Wednesdays and Fridays in Trenton; and Sundays at Long Island Grounds in Maspeth‚ Queens.

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