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    January 1 Brooklyn owner-manager Charles Byrne gives a New Year's bonus of $50 to each of his club's reserve players.
    January 12 The Metropolitan club buys Dude Esterbrook from the New York club. Although the Mets are no longer owned by the Giants' management‚ the Giants still seem to get the best of every deal between the 2 clubs.
    January 18 A new Kansas City club is founded to play in the Western League. It vows to compete with the local NL team.
    January 23 In Alameda‚ California‚ Dave Foultz and a Louisville-based touring team are accused of throwing a game against another touring team of eastern pros. These exhibitions and the local California League competition are making for a lively winter in the Bay area.
    January 26 In Wheeling‚ WV‚ Jack Glasscock and Joe Miller are locked up overnight on drunk and disorderly charges after a scuffle with police at the local opera house.

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    February 6 At Hot Springs‚ Arkansas‚ Spalding meets with the Chicago players and exacts from each man a pledge of total abstinence from drinking during the coming season. With the entire outfield gone from last year's team and P Jim McCormick holding out at home in NJ‚ the champion White Stockings will have to rely on young players.
    February 8 Mike "King" Kelly meets with Chicago owner Albert Spalding for contract talks. Kelly‚ who won the NL batting championship for the pennant-winning White Stockings‚ wants the bonus of $375 that Spalding promised for good behavior last year. Spalding refuses to give him the bonus or to rescind the additional $225 withheld from Kelly's salary as fines for drinking.
    The NL franchise in St. Louis is sold to a group from Indianapolis for $12‚000‚ including players. The Maroons will now become the Hoosiers.
    February 9 The Kansas City Cowboys go out of business with the sale of its players to the league for $6‚000. The club's spot in the league has already been taken by Pittsburgh.
    February 14 James B. Billings‚ one of the Boston (NL) club owners‚ agrees to pay Kelly a $2‚000 salary and a $3‚000 signing bonus if Boston can buy his reserve rights from Chicago.
    The National Colored League is organized at a meeting in Baltimore. Six clubs are represented: Lord Baltimore‚ Pythians (Philadelphia)‚ Keystones (Pittsburgh)‚ Gorhams (NY)‚ Falls City (Louisville)‚ and Resolutes (Boston).
    February 16 Chicago announces the sale of Kelly to Boston for $10‚000‚ more than twice the amount ever paid for a player before. With the contract and bonus‚ Kelly is dubbed a "$15‚000 Beauty."
    February 20 New York SS and captain John Ward thinks that the open sale of players has gone too far. "I wouldn't play in Kansas City under any circumstances‚" he says‚ but a club could force him to play there or not play at all.

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    March 1 In preparation for the upcoming National Colored Base Ball League (NCBBL) season‚ the Falls Citys of Louisville sign Al Prater from Detroit and W.S. Purnsley from the Cuban Giants. In addition‚ they have recently started construction of a 2000-seat park.
    March 8 The NL franchise in St. Louis is sold to a group from Indianapolis for $12,000, including players. The Maroons will now become the Hoosiers. The Maroons grant the NL the rights to Billy O’Brien , who last played briefly in the Union League in 1884. Tomorrow the Senators will obtain O’Brien from the NL and he will lead the NL in homeruns this season with 19.
    March 9 The Kansas City Cowboys (NL) go out of business with the sale of its players to the league for $6‚000. The club's spot in the league has already been taken by Pittsburgh.
    March 13 After a week of conditioning in Macon‚ Georgia‚ the Detroit team begins a 6-week spring exhibition tour through the South and Midwest.

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    April 3 Boston club president Arthur Soden announces to the players that while John Morrill remains manager‚ Mike Kelly will serve as captain.
    April 7 The St. Louis Browns and the Chicago White Stockings begin a "World Championship" series as a rematch of their series last fall. The games will be played in St. Louis‚ Louisville‚ Cincinnati‚ and Indianapolis in the next week‚ with 3 more scheduled in Chicago in October. Chicago will win 4 of 6 in the Spring series‚ but will not claim the world championship.
    April 16 Opening Day in the A.A. Two rookies‚ Mike Griffin of the Baltimore Orioles and George "White Wings" Tebeau of Cincinnati‚ hit HRs in their first ML at bats‚ the first to do so. Griffin‚ who is the first to homer in his first at bat‚ almost makes it 2 in a row but his 4th inning hit goes for a ground rule double‚ one of three extra base hits he garners. His O's beat the Phillies‚ 8-3. Tebeau's Reds beat Cleveland‚ 16-6.
    April 17 St. Louis Browns owner Chris Von der Ahe purchases 19-year-old St. Louisan Charley "Silver" King from the NL. King‚ with Kansas City at the end of the last season‚ had not been picked up by any NL clubs this spring. He will post a 34-11 record in 1887.
    April 19 Chicago mascot Willie Hahn‚ aged 11‚ is signed to a regular league contract. "You should have seen the little fellow open his eyes‚" when a club official read him the abstinence clause.
    April 20 Chicago trades holdout Jim McCormick‚ a 10-year vet‚ to Pittsburgh for untried rookie P George Van Haltran. Van Haltran is staging something of a holdout as well‚ staying in California to be with his mother who is seriously ill. Chicago also gets $2‚500.
    April 21 Pop Snyder‚ the only catcher from the National Association still behind the plate‚ allows Louisville to steal 10 bases in just 3 innings before being replaced by Jim Toy. The Colonels beat the Cleveland "Babies" 14-7.
    April 22 Tony Mullane pitches a regular-season game in Missouri for the first time since 1883. The Missouri injunction obtained against him by the St. Louis Unions in 1884 having finally been resolved‚ Tony leads the Reds to a 5-2 victory over the Browns.
    April 26 Denny Lyons of the Athletics goes 6-for-6‚ all on clean hits. The A's need every one of them to nip the Mets 18-17.
    April 27 Mets 1B Dave Orr collides with C Pete Sommers while chasing a foul popup. Orr bites through his tongue‚ loses 2 teeth‚ and twists his knee‚ while Sommers suffers a sprained neck.
    April 28 Opening Day in the NL. Of the new clubs‚ Indianapolis loses a thriller to Detroit in its home opener 4-3‚ while Pittsburgh is rained out.
    April 30 The Browns set a St. Louis scoring record that still stands by trouncing Cleveland 28-11. Bill Gleason goes 7-for-7‚ but 4 of his "hits" are walks.
    The Phillies open their new $80‚000 ballpark on Huntington Avenue and Broad Street with a 19-10 win over NY. They would remain on this site until 1938.

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    May 1 Charlie Comiskey triples and steals home and later homers to lead the Browns to a 14-13 victory over Cleveland. St. Louis scores 74 runs in a 4-game sweep and is on its way to becoming the first team ever to score over 1‚000 runs in a season.
    May 2 After winning 31 straight exhibition games and 3 regular-season games‚ Detroit loses its first of the year‚ to Pittsburgh and Jim Galvin 8-3. The Alleghenies had won their first 2 games‚ both by Kid Galvin. Pittsburgh is led today by Fred Carroll‚ who hits for the cycle.
    May 3 After opening the season with 10 consecutive losses on the road‚ the Mets win their home opener on Staten Island from Brooklyn 8-2.
    May 5 King Kelly muffs 2 fly balls in the 9th inning to allow the NY Giants to tie the Boston Beaneaters‚ 6-6. "The Only Mike" is playing with a sore finger.
    May 6 The National Colored League‚ patterned after the NL‚ opens with a game in Pittsburgh‚ the Gorhams beating the Keystones 11-8 before a crowd of 1‚200. Because of rainouts and small crowds the league‚ which has been recognized by the National Agreement as a legitimate minor league‚ will fold on May 16th after only 13 games.
    May 7 Tip O'Neill of the Browns hits for the cycle for the 2nd time in 5 games. In each game‚ Tip had a walk (counted as a hit) as well as a clean single. He also has a 2nd home run‚ the first player to cycle and add a homer. It'll next be done in 1914‚ by Ed Lennox.
    Sam Thompson of Detroit becomes the first major leaguer to hit 2 bases-loaded triples in one game as the Wolverines (8-1) chew up Indianapolis‚ 18-2.
    May 9 Ed Morris of the Alleghenies refuses to pitch today's game and is suspended for 3 weeks. Morris is having trouble with the new rules limiting the movement of pitchers in the box.
    May 12 The Browns score 12 runs in the 5th inning and beat the Orioles‚ who score 10 in the 8th‚ 22-14. The new 4-strike rule and the restricted pitching motion have generated a big jump in scoring.
    May 13 Fred Dunlap has his 2nd 6-hit game in a week (walks are counted as hits) to help Detroit beat Chicago‚ 17-7. Sam Thompson has 3 triples.
    May 14 Pitching for New York (NL)‚ John Roach tosses a 22-hitter with 4 walks in a complete game 17-2 loss to Philadelphia. This is Roach's lone ML appearance. What makes it noteworthy is that he is a switch pitcher (ambidexterous)‚ throwing equally poorly with either hand.
    May 16 St. Louis wins its 15th straight game‚ which will be the longest streak of the year in the ML‚ beating the Athletics 7-2.
    Giants rookie Mike Tiernan makes 5 errors‚ tying the ML record for an OF. But he contributes a HR as New York beats Indianapolis‚ 11-8.
    May 17 Detroit's Dan Brouthers hits a bases-loaded triple and a bases-loaded homer as the Wolverines outslug the Phillies 19-10.
    The Giants slaughter the visiting Indianapolis club‚ 26-6 on 31 hits‚ 5 by O'Rourke. Everyone in the lineup has at least 2 hits for New York as the two teams combine for 50 hits. A day after making 5 errors‚ Mike Tiernan scores 5 runs while 4 others score 4 runs apiece.
    In a 14-6 loss to Washington‚ Chicago rookie Marty Sullivan hits 3 triples.
    In the four games today‚ the National League establishes a league record with 101 runs scored.
    May 18 White Stocking rookie Marty Sullivan ties a record by making 5 errors in RF as Chicago loses its 3rd straight in Washington 11-4‚ and 5th straight overall.
    May 20 Nearly 2 weeks after defeating the Falls Citys in their NCBBL opener in Louisville‚ the Boston Resolutes finally leave for home after earning enough money for train fare by working as waiters. Their departure‚ and the circumstances surrounding it‚ sounds the death knell for the 2nd professional baseball league organized by African Americans. The league will fold in 5 days.
    May 21 Sam Thompson's 3-run HR is the difference as Detroit beats Washington 4-2. Thompson will be credited with 166 RBI for the season‚ a 19th-century high.
    May 24 Indianapolis 3B Jerry Denny saves a run by holding King Kelly by the belt as Kelly tries to tag up on a ?y ball. The umpire misses the play and does not penalize Denny. But the ploy does not save the Hoosiers from an 8-7‚ 10-inning defeat in Boston.
    May 26 The Louisville Colonels pile up a club record for runs in a 27-9 rout of Brooklyn.
    May 28 Recently suspended Tony Mullane sues the Reds over his lost pay. He would eventually settle out of court and rejoin the team in mid-June.
    May 30 In an A.M.-P.M. holiday game in New York‚ Chicago rallies‚ scoring 6 runs in the 9th‚ for an 12-11 victory in the morning. Giants P Bill George helps by walking 16 batters‚ including 4 in the 9th‚ to establish a ML mark (it will be tied in a month). Infielder Danny Richardson relieves in the 9th and walks one more to give Chicago a record 17 bases on balls. Although a walk requires 5 balls‚ George finds this no handicap‚ as he walked 13 against Indianapolis on May 15 and will hand out another 13 passes against them on June 15. Chicago wins the nitecap‚ 3-2‚ with Clarkson winning over Keefe.
    May 31 Bob Ferguson is removed as manager of the Metropolitan club‚ the Indians having gone 6-24 under his harsh leadership. Easygoing Dave Orr is elevated to the manager's post.

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    June 1 The St. Louis Browns offer to buy a partial interest in the rival Athletic club. The Athletics are losing money‚ and 2 of the 3 partners want out‚ but this deal will not come to fruition.
    June 2 "Watch" Burnham is fired as manager of the last-place Indianapolis club. Front-office man Fred Thomas takes over as interim manager.
    June 3 In his rain-delayed debut as Mets player-manager‚ Dave Orr has to be carried off the field after seriously injuring his ankle.
    June 4 During a lull before the start of today's Boston-Philadelphia game‚ leadoff batter Joe Hornung stands his bat on home plate and challenges P Charlie Ferguson to hit it. Fergy does it on the first try.
    June 5 Today's Chicago Tribune publishes NL batting figures through May 31st that show Fred Carroll (.476)‚ Sam Thompson (.454)‚ and Paul Hines (.438) leading the league. Walks are counted as hits this year.
    June 7 After falling behind 8-0‚ the Giants roar back with a 12-run 3rd inning‚ and take a 14-8 lead. But the Phillies stage their own comeback and eventually prevail‚ 15-14.
    June 9 Mets RF Candy Nelson sets a ML record by starting 3 double plays‚ 2 on throws to home and one to start an infield rundown. Only 2 other ML outfielders have tied this record: Jack McCarthy (4/26/05) and Ira Flagstead (4/19/26). The Mets (AA) top Louisville‚ 8-4.
    Detroit edges Indianapolis with the help of 13 walks by the Hoosiers John Kirby. There will be five games this year where the pitcher walks 13 or more batters; three of those instances will occur with Bill George in the box.
    June 11 At the Polo Grounds‚ the Giants make it easy by scoring 11 runs in the opening inning enroute to a 26-2 pasting of Washington. New York collects 10 hits in the big inning‚ including 2 hits apiece by Mike TiernanBuck Ewing‚ and Monte Ward. Danny Richardson is 6-for-7 for New York with 6 singles. This is the second time this season the Giants have scored 26 runs: in 4 days they'll score 29. The starter and loser for Washington is Dupee Shaw‚ the inventor of the windup‚ according to John L. Sullivan (TSN obit 6/23/38). Ugly rumors will erupt about today's big loss‚ and Washington will release Shaw in August. The Boston Globe will report on his release that he‚ "had shown lack of heart in his work and was sick of the club. it is said he never recovered emotionally from the effects of the accusation late last year that he was crooked in some of his work versus certain clubs."
    Detroit's Fred Dunlap establishes a NL record by starting 4 DPs at 2B. He participates in 5 DPs in all to tie the existing ML mark and helps the Sluggers edge the Hoosiers‚ 7-6.
    The Sporting News reports that‚ "Jerry Reardon‚ the St. Louis boy who fractured his right leg while running bases here‚ is still on the disabled list."
    June 13 Chicago (NL) hurlers Mark Baldwin and Jimmy Ryan provide the offense as both pitchers hit homers in a 9-4 win over Indianapolis.
    Sportswriter O. P. Caylor takes over as manager of the Mets. Caylor had managed Cincinnati in 1885 and 1886 while writing for the Cincinnati Enquirer‚ now he is with the New York Tribune and managing again.
    Lev Shreve (Baltimore AA) tosses a 7-0 shutout against Cleveland and teammate Tom Burns helps with 3 triples.
    June 14 Before an overflow crowd of 15‚000‚ the hometown Orioles score 8 times in the 8th inning to beat the Browns 15-12. St. Louis complains that substitute umpire Lew Daniels‚ an Oriole player‚ has robbed them of the victory.
    June 15 The Giants annihilate the Phillies 29-1‚ setting records for runs scored and allowed that still stand for each club. New York OF Mike Tiernan scores 6 runs‚ still untopped in the majors.
    In another scoring spree‚ Lowell (New England L) whips Haverhill‚ 41-7‚ in a match that goes just 7 innings.
    June 16 Before a riotous Baltimore club‚ Curt Welch of the Browns topples Orioles 2B Bill Greenwood to prevent a DP and is promptly arrested for assault by a policeman on duty at the park. He will be fined $4.50 by a local judge tomorrow.
    June 17 Boston scores 10 runs in the 10th inning to beat New York 19-9‚ with relief P Mike Tiernan taking the beating.
    June 18 Chicago beats Detroit‚ 18-6‚ to win the series‚ 2-1. John Clarkson pitches both victories for the Colts.
    June 19 During this Sunday battle with St. Louis‚ Cincinnati draws a crowd of 10‚542‚ its biggest of the season. However‚ the Cincinnati Enquirer notes that 15‚086 fans attended the game. Judging from the Reds' official attendance figures from 1886 to 1888‚ the Enquirer overestimated game attendance by an average of 45 percent per game. The official attendance average during this period was 1‚970-1‚511 on weekdays and 4‚075 on Sundays and major holidays.
    June 21 Tom "Toad" Ramsey of Louisville strikes out 17 Cleveland Babies‚ a singular achievement under this year's 4-strike rule‚ to match a mark he set last year. The Colonels win in a rout 21-1‚ as Cleveland makes 11 errors and totals 5 hits (2 of these are walks).
    June 23 Tip O'Neill goes just 1-for-4 (the "hit" being a "phantom‚" as sportswriters are calling bases on balls) against Cleveland's Bill Crowell‚ dropping his AA leading batting average to .516.
    June 24 King Kelly draws a crowd of 12‚000 as the Beaneater make their first appearance of the season in Chicago. He makes three hits and 2 errors as Chicago wins‚ 15-13.
    June 27 Highly touted California hurler George Van Haltren makes his ML debut with Chicago and ties the month-old ML record by walking 16 batters while losing to Boston 17-11. Van Haltren will later star as an outfielder for the Giants.
    June 28 Charlie Ferguson‚ on his way to his 4th 20-game season in 4 years‚ picks up an easy win as Philadelphia pounds Indiana‚ 24-0. Rookie Hank Morrison is the loser. The Phillies tally 18 singles‚ 3 doubles and another 11 walks‚ which are counted as hits this year.
    June 30 Athletics manager Frank Bancroft is given a 3-day vacation to be with his ailing son. Before the month is over‚ however‚ he will be officially fired. Captain Harry Stovey is in charge of the team on the field and no new manager will be hired.
    Toad Ramsey just misses tying his mark of 9 days ago‚ this time striking out 16 St. Louis Browns batters in an 11-4 won for Louisville. Nat Hudson is the loser.

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    July 1 The Phillies and Wolverines set an all-time record by scoring in 15 of the 18 half-innings played.
    July 3 The Browns forfeit a game in Louisville by refusing to resume play after a rain delay.
    July 4 Dave Fouts of the Browns has a banner day at the plate‚ driving in 9 runs with 2 HRs and 5 hits in the afternoon game of a doubleheader against the visiting Mets after having hit a HR in the morning game. St. Louis wins both 15-2 and 20-3.
    July 5 Although Fred Dunlap suffers a serious leg injury that will keep him sidelined for 2 months‚ Detroit beats Boston‚ 16-8‚ to push the Beaneaters into 3rd place.
    July 6 Alex McKinnon leaves the Alleghenies suffering from symptoms of typhoid fever. He has been having his best season‚ batting .365 (.340 not counting walks)‚ but will die of the disease within 2 weeks.
    July 7 Denny "Reddy" Mack of Louisville (AA) is called out at home for interference after apparently scoring the tying run in the 9th inning. He stays at home plate to prevent Brooklyn C Bob Clark from making a play‚ and umpire Wesley Curry calls him out for interference‚ despite the fact that no rule exists. The Colonels lose‚ 4-3.
    July 10 Enforcing a new law barring business on Sundays‚ St. Louis police stop today's game and arrest owner Chris Von der Ahe. Within a week‚ however‚ a judge will rule baseball exempt from the law.
    July 11 Horace Fogel takes charge of the Indianapolis team as manager. Like Ollie Caylor of the Mets‚ Fogel is a sportswriter by trade.
    July 12 Veteran Cincinnati OF Charley Jones is sold to the Mets. He has been hurt by the new strike-zone rule‚ since he can longer call for high pitches only.
    July 14 In Newark for an exhibition game against the International League Little Giants‚ Cap Anson refuses to allow his NL champion Chicago White Stockings to play against Newark's Fleet Walker and George Stovey‚ the black battery. Newark caves in to Anson's demands‚ and uses Hughes and Cantz as the battery. The Little Giants win‚ 9-4. Four years earlier‚ when Walker was playing for Toledo‚ Anson demanded that the catcher not appear in a game against Chicago or he'd pull his team. That time‚ it was Anson who backed down‚ and Walker caught the game.
    The Alleghenies agree to the Giants' offer of $2‚000 for slumping P Ed Morris. But the deal would fall through because of fan indignation in Pittsburgh.
    The International League's Board of Directors meets in Buffalo and declares that no new black players will be allowed in the league. Although not strictly enforced this season‚ this action spells the end of the IL as a haven for black ballplayers.
    July 15 John M. Ward quits as captain of the New York Giants‚ now a disappointing 4th. Buck Ewing succeeding him at the post. Ward‚ a Columbia Law School graduate‚ is busy organizing the new players' Brotherhood.
    July 18 Paced by George Wood's 2 HRs‚ the Phillies beat the Wolverines 12-2‚ as the league-leaders suffer their first 3-game sweep.
    July 21 Detroit manager William Watkins fines his 3rd string battery of Briody and Weidman. Dissension is rife throughout the team‚ but Watkins does not have the guts to fine the more prominent malcontents.
    July 22 Master Jack Chapman‚ age 14‚ 4 months and 2 days short of 15‚ pitches for Philadelphia against Cleveland in a 9-0 forfeited game. This is his only ML appearance. Chapman is the only player younger than 15-year-old Joe Nuxhall who will appear in the majors in 1944.
    July 26 Philadelphia (AA) catcher John Milligan has 3 assists in the 3rd inning of a 3-2 victory over Cincinnati. Milligan sets a ML record that won't be tied until 1914‚ by Les Nunamaker.
    July 30 On Staten Island‚ the Mets defeat the visiting Cincinnati (AA) squad‚ 6-4‚ in 10 innings. Long John Reilly has three doubles for the Mets. Kid Baldwin of the Reds is quoted in the NY Times about his teammate Pop Corkhill‚ "He is the greatest outfielder who ever lived. He has dropped just 2 balls in 4 years."

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    August 4 St. Louis P Silver King feels ill‚ so he switches positions with RF Dave Foutz. After one inning‚ however‚ King returns to the box and beats Cincinnati‚ 7-2.
    August 6 Charlie Buf?nton of the Phillies allows one real hit and 2 "phantoms" (walks) in shutting out Indianapolis‚ 5-0.
    August 7 NL Secretary Nick Young issues stats that put Dan Brouthers at the head of the batting list with a .455 average.
    August 9 Buf?nton pitches his 2nd straight one-hitter (not counting walks)‚ beating Chicago 17-4. "Buff" is making a successful comeback after being given up on by Boston last winter. The only hit is Fred Pfeffer's home run.
    At Baltimore‚ the New York Mets and Baltimore (AA) play a nine-inning‚ 10-10 tie‚ called on account of darkness. In the 8th inning Baltimore leftfielder Joe Sommer records three assists‚ all on throws to home plate on base hits. His first throw is muffed by catcher Lawrence Daniels‚ but his next two nip runners.
    August 10 Tip O'Neill gets his 10th consecutive hit (including one walk but not including one HBP) before being retired by Cleveland pitcher John Kirby. Against the Babies‚ Tip will finish the season with an astounding .652 average (60-for-92) including 10 walks‚ or .610 without walks.
    August 12 At the Mets' grounds on Staten Island‚ Philadelphia Athletic batter Gus Weyhing hits an apparent triple that RF Bob Hogan kicks into the stage of the play "The Fall of Babylon." Since the ground rules at the park call for a double on hits into the theatrical set‚ the umpire orders Weyhing back to 2B. After a futile argument‚ the Athletics leave the field and forfeit the game‚ 9-7.
    August 13 The White Stockings beat the Wolverines‚ 8-2‚ with Clarkson pitching and hitting a HR. Detroit's lead narrows to 1 1/2 games.
    August 14 St. Louis P Dave Foutz suffers a broken thumb when hit by a line drive. When he eventually returns to pitching‚ he will be ineffective.
    August 15 John Clarkson and Chicago beat Detroit again‚ 6-4 this time. Since the NL has just thrown out a protested game previously awarded to the Wolverines‚ this leaves Chicago and Detroit tied for first place.
    August 16 Detroit bounces back and beats Clarkson and Chicago 5-3 with a 5-run 4th-inning rally to regain sole possession of first place.
    August 17 Managing from the press table costs Ollie Caylor and the Mets a game. With a Baltimore runner on 3B in the bottom of the 10th inning‚ manager Caylor yells last-second instructions to C Bill Holbert. Just as Holbert turns around to look at the press stand‚ P Al Mays begins his delivery. When Mays sees Holbert turned away‚ however‚ he stops‚ committing a balk that sends the winning run across the plate for the Orioles.
    Boston and Washington play a regular game in Worcester‚ MA‚ hometown of Senator manager John Gaffney. Boston wins‚ 6-5.
    August 18 Chicago C Tom Daly misses a 4th strike and drops a throw‚ costing his club a run each time and allowing Pittsburgh to win‚ 2-1.
    August 19 After missing 3 weeks with malarial fever, Bob Caruthers returns to the Browns' lineup with a 6-for-6 day (including 2 phantoms), as St. Louis thrashes Philadelphia, 22–8. St. Louis (70-24) boosts its lead over 2nd place Louisville to 17 games. The confident Browns allow the baseball editor of the Globe-Democrat to pitch and as his paper reports, “. . . .Joe Murphy, the local amateur, baseball editor of the Globe-Democrat, pitched an excellent game, and after the second inning, received superb support..." Murphy had played 10 major league games before, all in 1886 (as noted by Steve Boren).
    August 20 Vet pitcher Jim Whitney pitches the Senators to 2 wins in Boston‚ the town where he achieved his greatest glory. Bill Stemmeyer picks up both losses for Boston‚ 3-1 and 4-3.
    August 23 Ned Williamson hits a HR over the distant CF fence in Boston's South Ends Grounds‚ only the 2nd ball ever hit over that area in the park's 17-year history. But the game and HR are washed out by rain.
    August 26 Although they make only 4 legitimate hits‚ the White Stockings take advantage of 10 Giant errors to beat New York‚ 5-2.
    August 27 Mike Kelly and Ezra Sutton score 6 runs each‚ a ML record for 2 teammates‚ as the Beaneaters trounce the Alleghenies 28-14. The score is the biggest ever yielded by a Pittsburgh ML team.
    August 29 Denny Lyons of the Athletics is held hitless for the first time since May 23rd‚ ending a 52-game hitting streak. In 2 of those games-July 22 and August 19‚ however‚ Lyons's only hits were actually bases on balls‚ which are counted as hits this year. As noted by historian Bill Deane‚ Joe DiMaggio's streak of 56 games in 1941 would actually be 74 under the rules of 1887.
    August 30 Blondie Purcell succeeds Tom Burns as the Baltimore Orioles' captain. The high-strung Burns overstepped his bounds yesterday when he threw a ball at the opposing pitcher after grounding out in the 9th inning.
    August 31 The Mets use 5 pitchers while being bombed by Louisville (AA)‚ 25-11‚ becoming the first team ever to use that many pitchers in one game. For Louisville‚ the victory is the 6th in a row‚ during which time the Colonels scored 92 runs. Pete Browning made 23 hits and stole 12 bases during the streak. Louisville beat New York yesterday‚ 23-5.

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    September 1 Following a 3-game sweep at the hands of the Detroits‚ Boston removes King Kelly as captain and gives the job back to manager-1B John Morrill.
    September 3 The Browns win a doubleheader on Staten Island to run their latest winning streak to 12 games and extend their lead in the AA race to 191?2 games. New York falls‚ 20-8 and 7-4.
    September 4 The Mets and Browns try and stage a Sunday game at Monitor Park in Weehawken‚ NJ. But the field is in bad shape and the crowd is much too large for the facilities‚ so only an exhibition game is played. St. Louis CF Curt Welch is knocked out of action for a week when he is hit in the head with a bat that slips out of the hands of teammate Tip O'Neill.
    September 5 Chicago wins the opening game of their final series against league-leading Detroit 11-7. John Clarkson picks up his 9th victory over the Wolverines‚ the most ever by a pitcher over a pennant-winning team.
    September 7 Detroit gets sweet revenge against Clarkson and the White Stockings‚ beating them twice‚ 8-2 and 8-4‚ while amassing 34 hits. The defeat pushes the 2nd-place Chicagos 7 games behind.
    September 11 The Mets successfully stage a Sunday "home" game in Weehawken‚ NJ‚ losing to the Colonels 10-6.
    The St. Louis Browns players refuse to play an exhibition game versus the all-black Cuban Giants team‚ stating in a letter to the owner that "we will cheerfully play against white people at any time and think that by refusing to play [blacks] we are only doing what is right." Arlie Latham is singled out as the leader of the recalcitrant players and is fined.
    September 13 Jimmy Ryan goes 6-for-6 for Chicago with a single, double, HR, and 3 walks. He also pitches the final 5 innings in relief of Lady Baldwin to get the win. The White Stockings rally to beat the Phillies, 16–13, overcoming 13 errors committed.
    September 14 Chicago whips the visiting Phillies‚ 17-12‚ for their 3rd win in a row over the Philadelphians. The Phils will not lose for the rest of the season. Adrian "Cap" Anson is 3-for-5‚ giving him 17 hits in the last 5 games. His hot streak will win him the NL batting title with an official .421 average (without walks‚ which are counted as hits‚ Sam Thompson would have won the title with a .372 mark).
    September 15 For the 2nd day in a row‚ the Reds play a morning game in Staten Island‚ NY‚ against the Mets and an afternoon game in Brooklyn. The Mets play Cleveland in the p.m. game‚ losing both games. The Reds Tony Mullane pitches his 5th shutout of the year‚ winning 4-0‚ against the Mets to tie the ML season record of a pitcher against one team (Lady Baldwin‚ 1886). The Reds (AA) beat Brooklyn‚ 11-1‚ in the p.m. game.
    September 18 Doc Bushong catches for the Browns for the first time since suffering a broken finger on July 1. But he'll never regain the form that made him the best defensive catcher in the AA.
    September 22 Elmer Smith of Cincinnati shuts out St. Louis 6-0. The Browns will be blanked in only 2 regular season games‚ both times by Smith.
    September 28 Abner Dalrymple hits 2 dramatic HRs in front of his old fans in Chicago‚ one to tie the game for Pittsburgh in the 8th inning and one to win it 3-2 in the 10th. These are Dalrymple's only HRs of the season.
    September 30 Connie Mack singles‚ steals 2B‚ and scores on John Irwin's first NL hit to give Washington a 1-0 victory over New York. Jim Whitney and Tim O'Keefe each strike out 10.

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    October 1 Matt Kilroy pitches and wins both games of a doubleheader to close the home season at Oriole Park. This duplicates a feat of July 26th. The fastballer finishes the season with a 46-20 record‚ the ML-season record for a lefthander.
    October 7 In an attempt to play off a tie‚ the Giants and Phils end in another tie at 5-5. The Phils score in the top of the 10th but the game is called on account of darkness.
    October 8 The Metropolitan franchise and player contracts are sold to AA rival Brooklyn for $15‚000. Purchaser Charles Byrne has the Mets play today's game in Brooklyn's Washington Park‚ where the hapless Indians lose to the Orioles 10-0.
    The Phillies finish the NL season with a 6-3 win over New York before 4500 at the Polo Grounds. The late spurt jumps them to 2nd place behind Detroit. The winner is Charlie Ferguson (22-10)‚ who finishes his 4th 20-game season in a row. He has won 8 in a row to end the season. Ferguson‚ who also plays 2B‚ when not pitching‚ hits a team-high 337‚ and drives in 85 runs in just 264 at-bats. His teammate James Fogerty ends with league-high 82 walks and 102 stolen bases in just 126 games.
    Tip O'Neill hits his 14th homer of the season as part of a 5-for-5 day in the Browns' 11-5 win over Louisville. O'Neill is the only player in ML history to lead his AA league in all 3 categories of extra base hits: homers (14)‚ triples (19)‚ and doubles (52). Even without counting walks‚ his .435 adjusted average is 2nd on the all-time list.
    Washington announces that Walter Harris will manage the team next year. Harris is a surprise pick.
    October 9 The St. Louis Browns end their season with a 95-40 record‚ besting their 1886 record by 2 wins. This will not be topped until the adoption of the 154-game schedule.
    Batting and pitching star Guy Hecker sets a fielding record while playing 1B. He is the first player at the position to play a 9-inning game with no fielding chances.
    October 10 The World Series opens in St. Louis with the Browns beating the Detroits 6-1. P Bob Caruthers holds the Wolverines to 5 hits and has 3 safe hits himself.
    October 11 Fumbling by the Browns gives the Wolverines 5 unearned runs and a 5-3 win in game 2.
    October 12 Game 3 is the most dramatic of the series‚ Detroit winning at home 2-1 in 13 innings. St. Louis squanders 13 hits against Charlie Getzien‚ while Caruthers limits Detroit to 6 real hits.
    October 13 The best-of-15 WS begins its tour of the other cities with a game in Pittsburgh‚ Detroit winning 8-0 behind the 2-hit pitching of Lady Baldwin.
    October 15 After the Browns won yesterday in Brooklyn‚ 5-2‚ Detroit bounces back in New York today with a 9-0 win. Charlie Getzien takes a no-hitter (not counting walks) into the 9th inning but settles for a 3-hit game. Charlie Ganzel‚ playing 1B in place of the injured Dan Brouthers‚ leads with 4 hits. Brouthers is out for the series with a sprained ankle.
    October 19 Detroit runs its lead in the WS to 7 games to 2 with a 4-2 victory at the Athletics' Park. This follows a 3-1 win at the Phillies' Park on the 17th and a 9-2 rout on the 18th at the old Dartmouth Street Grounds in Boston‚ where Sam Thompson poled two HRs.
    October 21 Detroit clinches the World Championship with its 8th victory in game 11 this afternoon in Baltimore 13-3. With a rainout yesterday in Washington‚ this morning's rescheduled game sees the Browns pull off a triple play and win‚ 11-4‚ to delay elimination.
    October 26 The World Series winds up with a game back at Sportsman's Park in St. Louis. St. Louis wins the final game but loses the series‚ 10 games to 5. Sam Thompson leads all hitters in the series with a .362 average.
    October 27 The Brotherhood of Professional Base Ball Players holds a meeting and club representatives pledge not to sign standard contracts until negotiations are held concerning the wording of those documents.
    October 29 Ned Williamson and Silver Flint sign with Chicago for 1888 despite the Brotherhood pledge.

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    November 2 The Athletics are sold to a syndicate headed by Henry C. Pennypacker. The 3 long time partners‚ Sharsig‚ Simmons‚ and Mason‚ still hold a sizable block of stock.
    November 3 The directors of the Omaha club agree to pay $3‚000 per month to manager Frank Selee to bring his team from Oshkosh‚ where they won the Northwestern League pennant in 1887. Two top stars‚ outfielders Tommy McCarthy and Dummy Hoy‚ will spend 1888 in the ML‚ however‚ and Selee's Omaha team will finish 4th in the WA race.
    November 4 Washington sells veteran Paul Hines to Indianapolis for $5‚000.
    November 14 Cleveland announces a new uniform design featuring dark blue stripes and piping. The new suit will inspire the nickname "Spider" because of the web-like pattern.
    November 16 The Joint Rules Committee does away with the 4-strike rule and with the scoring of walks as hits. Five balls for a walk remains the rule.
    November 17 The NL meets and officially recognizes the Brotherhood by meeting with a committee of 3 players‚ John Montgomery WardNed Hanlon‚ and Dan Brouthers.
    November 18 The NL adopts a new contract that spells out reserve provisions for the first time. The NL refuses to accept the players' demand that the salary be written out on all contracts‚ however.
    November 21 The St. Louis Browns announce a trade with the Athletics that ships Kid Gleason and Curt Welch to Philadelphia for Fred Mann‚ Chippy McGarr‚ and Jocko Milligan‚ plus $3‚000. This is the first of a number of trades or sales‚ mostly to Brooklyn.

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    December 2 The International League disbands. Syracuse‚ Toronto‚ Hamilton‚ and Buffalo split off to form the International Association‚ while Newark‚ Jersey City‚ Wilkes-Barre‚ and Scranton become the nucleus of the Central League.
    December 7 The Arbitration Committee meets and grants reserve rights to minor league clubs for the first time. In the most prominent contract dispute‚ prospect Bug Hilliday signs with minor league Des Moines‚ despite the claims by ML St. Louis.
    December 8 In a controversial move the AA doubles its basic admission price to 50 cents. In late August 1888‚ the league‚ suffering from decreases in attendance and revenues‚ reinstitutes the old admission fee.
    December 12 A baseball reporters association is organized. It pledges to work to standardize scoring practices‚ especially in the gray area of stolen bases.
    December 13 Chris von der Ahe completes his biggest deal selling Bob Caruthers to Brooklyn for $8‚250. The deal was delayed by Caruthers's negotiations with Brooklyn‚ but he finally agrees to $5‚000 for 1888.
    December 15 The Texas League is organized at a meeting in Austin‚ thanks largely to the efforts of John McCloskey.

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