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    January 3 The recently disbanded Cleveland team (NL) releases its players.
    January 6 Millionaire Henry V. Lucas purchases the Cleveland club and plans to fill the vacancy in the NL with his own St. Louis Maroons.
    January 10 At an NL meeting‚ St. Louis is admitted to the League‚ Cleveland's registration is formally accepted‚ and Detroit has its request to remain in the NL granted‚ leaving only one opening for 1885.
    The NL approves Harry Wright's 5-year-old idea of a flattened bat. The idea will be greeted with little enthusiasm‚ and it will quickly fade.
    As noted by Jerry Molloy‚ The "New York Clipper" reports that Paul Hines‚ an outfielder for the Providence club‚ and resident of Washington‚ D.C.‚ had been challenged to catch a ball dropped from the top of the Washington Monument‚ a distance of "over 535 feet from the ground." The "Clipper" calculated the "natural philosophy" involved‚ and warned Hines of the danger he would confront in attempting such a foolish stunt. "Hines would probably prefer to stop a pistol ball when it was coming down‚ hurtful as it would be to his hand‚ than to interfere with it when it left the barrel. It would be a good idea for Hines to first practice both ways with the pistol ball. If he likes it‚ he will certainly enjoy the baseball which‚ by the time he can see it‚ will be coming at a 'stand-from-under' gait of 140-ft. a second. It will not weigh much when it starts on its journey‚ but‚ great Scott‚ there is a rule of natural philosophy that will tell Hines before he begins just how many dozens of pounds it practically will weigh when it lands on his sconce‚ in case he fails to judge it correctly." The "Clipper" thought that if Hines thought matters through‚ there was "a possibility that Paul is not going to fool much with a baseball around the base of the Washington Monument."
    January 15 At a Union Association meeting held in Milwaukee‚ only 2 clubs show up‚ Milwaukee and Kansas City. It is decided to disband the league.
    January 16 Brooklyn signs several players from the late Cleveland club‚ inking Hotaling‚ Phillips‚ Harkins‚ George Pinckney‚ Smith‚ and Krieg.
    January 17 The New York Clipper reports that Paul Hines cancels his Washington Monument ball-drop exhibition. "The experiment of trying to catch a ball thrown from the top of the Washington Monument has proved to be a failure. The ball reaches the ground with such great speed that it indents the ground almost as much as a heavy cannon ball would dropped from a proportionate height. The fact is that‚ independently of the difficulty of judging the ball balling from such a height‚ the speed is too great to allow of any one holding it when it nears the ground."
    January 20 The AA is reorganized‚ with clubs from St. Louis‚ Cincinnati‚ Pittsburgh‚ Brooklyn‚ Louisville‚ New York‚ and Baltimore.

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    February 12 The Western League is officially formed‚ with Indianapolis‚ Kansas City‚ Cleveland‚ Milwaukee‚ Toledo‚ and Omaha as the original clubs. It will last until June 23rd.
    February 22 Boston P Charlie Buf?nton invents a baseball "roller skate" that gives pitchers greater impetus and swing in their delivery while still allowing them to keep both feet on the ground.

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    March 15 A lower court in NY decides that playing baseball on Sunday is a crime. This decision will be overturned‚ but it will be appealed.
    March 25 A new rule is adopted stating that the pitcher must "do all his throwing to bases before he has taken his stride as if to pitch ball."

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    April 1 The Philadelphia and New York clubs open with exhibition wins over college teams. Philley beats Brown University‚ 9-1‚ while New York takes on Manhattan College at the polo grounds for a 16-2 rout.
    The Spalding Sporting Goods store opens in New York.
    April 3 The Metropolitans release Tim Keefe and Dude Esterbrook; both players later sign with the New York Giants.
    April 10 In an exhibition game between the two St. Louis teams‚ Browns P Dave Foutz throws a no-hitter as they defeat the Maroons‚ 7-0.
    April 17 The 4 NL players (including Hugh Daily‚ Orator Shaffer‚ and Fred Dunlap) who violated the reserve rule in 1884 by signing with the UA before the season started are reinstated with fines of $500 each.
    April 18 The AA season opens with all 8 teams playing.
    At an NL meeting‚ the 5 men who jumped the NL to sign with the UA in 1884 (including John Day‚ Charlie SweeneyDupee Shaw‚ and Jim McCormick) are reinstated with fines of $1‚000.
    Pitcher Ted Firth is murdered. He pitched one game for Richmond (AA) in 1884.
    April 21 Fred Mann hits the longest HR ever seen at Eclipse Park‚ over the RF fence in the bottom of the 13th inning to help Alleghenies defeat Louisville 4-3. Since a runner scores ahead of him‚ he does not get credit for the HR‚ which would have been his first and only one of the season.
    April 24 Pittsburgh and Cincinnati play 16 innings with the Alleghenies winning 7-6. This is the longest ML game of the year.
    April 29 After the 2nd straight shutout by St. Louis over Cincinnati‚ Reds manager O. P. Caylor fines his players $25 each for failing to make a run.

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    May 2 In the New York opener‚ Mickey Welch throws a one-hitter against Boston for his first of 44 wins. He and Tim Keefe will combine for 76 victories this year‚ 2nd in history only to Grays P Hoss Radbourn and Charlie Sweeney‚ who won 77 in 1884.
    2B Joe Gerhardt goes 1-for-3 in the Giants-Reds game. He will set the record for lowest BA ever for a 2B with over 350 at bats by hitting .155.
    May 7 St. Louis (AA) trounces the Athletics 13-1 to take the lead in the standings. They will remain there for the rest of the season.
    May 9 Pitcher Tim Keefe throws the Giants second one-hitter in a week‚ beating Providence‚ 1-0. New York scores the only run with one out in the 9th.
    May 12 Louisville scores all of its runs in the 3rd to beat the Athletics‚ 10-5.
    May 21 The Metropolitans score 9 runs on just 3 hits‚ but come up short‚ losing 11-9‚ to the St. Louis Browns.
    May 22 Boston P Charles Buf?nton gets 5 hits in 6 tries while pitching a 6-hitter over Detroit.
    May 27 New York embarrasses Buffalo 24-0 for the worst whitewashing of the ML season. Every Giant gets a hit and scores a run. New York P Mickey Welch scores 5 times and allows the Bisons only 5 hits.
    New York SS John Montgomery Ward graduates from Columbia Law School.
    May 28 NY manages its 3rd shutout in a row‚ this time against Buffalo 11-0. The Giants have outscored their opponents 52-1 in the last 4 games.

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    June 2 St. Louis (AA) loses 7-1 to Baltimore‚ snapping the Browns' 17-game winning streak‚ an AA record.
    June 3 New York's Mickey Welch holds on for an 8-7 win over the Phillies in 11 innings. Dude Esterbrook comes around from 1B on a hit-and-run and though nailed at the plate‚ he kicks the ball out of the hands of C Chick Ganzel. The win leaves NY with a record of 19-5. With the victory‚ new manager Jim Mutrie allegedly proclaims‚ "My big fellows! My Giants! We are the People!" The nickname catches on and the team is dubbed the Giants.
    June 4 The St. Louis Maroons beat Buffalo 8-4 in the last game played at the Palace Park of America. Two days later‚ the Maroons begin playing at Vandeventer Lot.
    Hardie Henderson‚ pitching for Baltimore (AA)‚ is 5-for-5 while beating Cincinnati‚ 12-1.
    June 6 The first game played at Chicago's new West Side Park proves victorious for the White Stockings‚ as they beat St. Louis 9-2. Hugh "One-Arm" Daily makes his debut as a Maroon before more than 10‚000 spectators.
    Two days after teammate Henderson has 5 hits‚ Oriole P Bob Emslie collects 5 hits and scores 4 runs in beating Cincinnati‚ 21-5. It is his 2nd win of the year: He'll win just one more after having won 32 last season.
    June 7 The AA wipes out all restrictions on pitchers using an overhand delivery. The foul bounce out is also removed from the rule book.
    June 12 David Orr‚ star 1B for New York (AA)‚ goes 6-for-6 and hits for the cycle against the St. Louis Browns P Bob Caruthers.
    Brooklyn manager Charlie Hackett tenders his resignation after a 15-25 record.
    June 13 Detroit's George "Dandy" Wood hits for the cycle in a losing cause as Chicago wins‚ 17-9.
    Baltimore pulls off a clutch triple play (the firm of Manning‚ Stearns and Trott) in the bottom of the 11th to stop a Pittsburgh rally. The Orioles score twice in the 12th and hold on for an 11-10 squeaker.
    June 16 Philadelphia's (AA) Henry Larkin goes 6-for-6‚ scores 4 runs‚ and hits for the cycle against Edward Morris of Pittsburgh.
    Chicago beats Detroit‚ 8-6‚ to pull a game ahead of New York in the NL race. The White Stockings will stay on top for the rest of the season.
    AA umpire Jack Valentine officially resigns because certain managers had tried to influence him before games to have calls made in their favor.
    June 17 Brooklyn (AA) P "Phenomenal" Smith loses his debut to St. Louis by a score of 18-5. All 18 runs against the brash lefthander are unearned‚ due to 14 Brooklyn "errors‚" 7 by SS Germany Smith. When he first joined the team‚ Smith‚ who gave himself his nickname‚ said he was so good that he didn't need his teammates to win. The intentional misplays of his teammates cause club president Lynch to fine the guilty players $500 each‚ but he reluctantly agrees to release Smith to ensure team harmony.
    June 19 One Arm Daily pitches a one hitter to beat Detroit‚ the first of just three wins for the year. He won 28 in 1884. Joe Quest has the lone safety today for Detroit.
    June 20 John Clarkson allows only one hit in leading Chicago over the Bisons 5-0. He will lead all NL pitchers in wins (53)‚ complete games (68)‚ strikeouts (318)‚ shutouts (10)‚ and HRs (4).
    Harvard completes an unprecedented undefeated season by beating Yale‚ 16-2. The Crimson's 10-0 record is the first perfect season in collegiate history.
    June 23 The Western League officially disbands.
    June 25 Philadelphia beats Chicago 2-0‚ handing them their first loss at West Side Park‚ and breaking their 18-game winning streak. The streak is 3 wins short of the Chicago franchise mark‚ set in 1880.
    Ten Brooklynites make at least 2 hits each tying a ML record‚ as Brooklyn (AA) defeats Philadelphia 21-14. One scribe reports‚ "an unusually hard and elastic ball was used." The 35 total runs and 29 hits by Brooklyn are both season highs. Dodger 3B George Pinckney goes 6-for-6 against pitchers Robert Mathews and John Coleman‚ the 3rd AA batter this month to collect 6 hits in a game. Philadelphia SS George Strief hits a ML-record 4 triples in the game; he also becomes the first player to get 5 extra base hits in a game when he adds a double. Bill Joyce will hit 4 triples in 1897‚ the last to do it.
    Abner Dalrymple hits a leadoff homerun to start Chicago on its way to a 12-8 win over Boston. The victory allows Chicago to maintain its one-game lead over New York. Dalrymple will lead off with a homer on the 29th to set an oft-tied record eventually broken by Brady Anderson in 1996.
    June 29 Guy Hecker almost single-handedly beats Pittsburgh‚ as he pitches all 13 innings‚ striking out 8‚ to win 4-3. At the plate he is 3-for-6 and scores the winning run for Louisville.

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    July 1 Chicago and Boston combine for 34 runs‚ the NL season high‚ as Chicago wins 24-10. A HR hit by Chicago SS Tommy Burns is estimated at 500 feet.
    July 2 Against New York‚ Detroit RF Gene Moriarty injures himself chasing a foul fly in the 6th inning‚ and he's replaced by 25-year-old Sam Thompson in his ML debut. The future Hall of Famer singles in his first at bat on his way to a career average of .331.
    July 3 Providence P Jim McCormick beats St. Louis 3-2 for his 200th career victory.
    July 4 An exhibition between 2 old-time clubs is played at the Polo Grounds; the Old Mutual Nine (with pitcher Reno Walters) beats the Old Eckford club (with OF Dave Eggler and 1B Andy Allison) 25-17.
    Pitching for Youngstown (OH) against New Castle‚ ambidexterous Owen Keenan pitches a doubleheader victory‚ winning one game from each side (as noted in the NY Times‚ March 14‚ 1915 by Steven Steinberg)
    July 9 In an 8-5 Chicago win‚ George Gore gets 5 long hits‚ 3 doubles and 2 triples‚ off Providence's ace P Hoss Radbourn. He is the first player to accomplish this feat. His ML record of five extra-base hits in a game has since been tied many times but not topped.
    Pittsburgh's (AA) Ed Morris shuts out New York to win‚ 17-0. Dug Crothers is the loser. Morris will be on the top side of an 18-0 shutout next year.
    July 11 Chicago releases injured P Larry Corcoran. After averaging 34 wins the last 5 seasons‚ Corcoran wins only 7 games in 1885-he'll win 2 for New York-as injuries end his career. He reportedly strained his arm muscles so badly he couldn't throw.
    July 12 Buffalo sells a struggling Pud Galvin (13-19) to Pittsburgh for $5‚000. This would be the only year from 1879-89 in which "The Little Steam Engine" doesn't win 20 games.
    July 14 An infield hit by Jack Manning that Boston SS Walter Hackett can't field in time spoils pitcher Charlie Buffinton's no-hit bid.
    July 18 The Browns (AA) lose to the Athletics in St. Louis‚ snapping their 27-game consecutive-win streak at home‚ still a ML record.
    July 22 Giants 1B Roger Connor becomes the first NL player to make 100 hits this season. He'll finish the year with a NL-high 169 hits and lead the NL in hitting at .371.
    July 27 John Clarkson pitches a no-hitter in defeating Providence and Charles Radbourn‚ 4-0.
    July 29 In Philadelphia's (AA) 9-5 win over Baltimore‚ Henry Larkin strokes a record tying 4 doubles.

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    August 1 The largest paying crowd to date gathers at the Polo Grounds; 13‚427 fans watch the Giants defeat the Chicago White Stockings 7-6.
    August 2 Allegheny P Ed "Cannonball" Morris strikes out 15 Colonels‚ but still loses 4-1. Morris will lead the AA in complete games (63)‚ innings pitched (581)‚ strikeouts (298)‚ and shutouts (6) this year.
    August 7 Detroit defeats Providence‚ 32‚ snapping a ML record 26 straight home wins by Providence over Detroit‚ dating back to June 2‚ 1882.
    August 8 All games are canceled in New York City today because of General Ulysses S. Grant's funeral.
    August 15 Louis Henke‚ 1B for Atlanta (Southern League)‚ is injured during a game against visiting Nashville. The injury occurred when Henke collides with Nashville first baseman Charles Marr. Henke will return to his team's hotel but will die tomorrow of a ruptured liver.
    Athletics manager Lon Knight is fired and temporarily replaced by 1B Harry Stovey; former Athletics manager Charlie Mason is eventually hired as his replacement.
    August 18 Providence 2B Jack Farrell is suspended without pay for obscenities directed at spectators at the home grounds.
    August 19 An article in the Sporting Life criticizes "the tedious slowness of some pitchers in handling the ball. When a pitcher‚ after getting it into his hands‚ invariably goes through a large variety of twistings and turnings‚ changes his position‚ rubs his arm and his spine and feels if all the bones are in proper position for a great (?) effort before delivering the ball‚ and repeats the same manoeuvers each time‚ the spectators get restless and lose interest. The query is often heard 'Is ___ going to pitch to-day?' And if answered in the affirmative‚ 'Well‚ I guess I won't go‚ He's too slow. Life is too brief and the benches too hard.'"
    August 26 A line drive caught by NY 1B Roger Connor catches runners at 1B and 2B off guard‚ enabling Connor and 2B Joe Gerhardt to complete a triple play in the first inning against Providence. Connor would take part in another first-inning triple play on September 7th. New York wins today‚ 6-0.
    August 27 Providence lays off former batting champ Paul Hines and accuses him of intentionally playing poorly to receive his release. His .358 in 1878 led the NL.
    August 29 Philadelphia's Charles Ferguson pitches a no-hitter over Providence‚ beating them‚ 1-0. Fred Shaw takes the loss.

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    September 1 Detroit C Charlie Bennett hits a grand slam in the first inning‚ leading Detroit to an 8-3 victory over the NY Gothams. Only 2 other grand slams are hit this year‚ one by Dave Orr (NY) and one by Tom Brown (Pitt).
    September 3 Charles Ferguson follows up his no-hitter with a 18-hitter‚ losing 18-3 to New York.
    September 4 Playing a make-up game (a rain-out in Buffalo) in Milwaukee‚ Chicago player-manager Cap Anson hits HRs in consecutive innings (6th and 7th)‚ to help Chicago down Buffalo‚ 12-4. Chicago won yesterday‚ 10-4‚ in Chicago and will beat Buffalo again tomorrow‚ 6-0‚ in the Windy City. John Clarkson is the winner of both games‚ while Pete Conway picks up the losses. Chicago will play a second game in Milwaukee on the 25th.
    New York's Mickey Welch defeats Boston‚ 6-3‚ to run his consecutive game win streak to 17‚ one short of the mark set by Hoss Radbourn last year.
    September 5 Chicago's John Clarkson stops Buffalo‚ 6-0‚ for his 10th straight win over the Buffs this year. Clarkson will win 53 games this year‚ completing all 70 starts he makes.
    Philadelphia's Charles Ferguson beat's New York's Mickey Welch‚ 3-1‚ stopping Welch's 18-game consecutive winning streak.
    September 7 Despite a first-inning triple play by New York‚ Mickey Welch loses to the Phillies 3-1‚ snapping his 17-game winning streak‚ a ML record. His last loss was on July 16th‚ versus Boston. Charlie Ferguson is the winner. Tim Keefe‚ in 1888‚ will compile a streak of 19 straight wins‚ and Rube Marquard will match that in 1912.
    September 9 The Grays beat the Phillies 3-1‚ ending their 13-game losing streak. This is the last ML game ever played in Providence.
    September 11 Providence suspends ace P Hoss Radbourn and 3B Jerry Denny; Radbourn‚ the NL's highest-paid player ($6‚000)‚ is unjustly suspended due to NY beating him‚ 9-1.
    September 15 Boston P Charles Buffinton receives an $80 coat for defeating Chicago.
    September 16 Ed Cushman of New York (AA) strikes out 8 batters in a row enroute to a 4-1 win over Pittsburgh.
    September 17 The Southern League ends its season‚ one month before scheduled.
    Detroit management pays $7‚000 for control of the Buffalo club. NL president Nick Young will later declare the deal illegal‚ and disallows the sale and transfer.
    September 19 Buffalo's "Big Four" (Dan BrouthersHardy RichardsonJack Rowe‚ and Deacon White) are to play for Detroit today‚ but NL prexy Young orders umpire Bob Ferguson to forfeit the game to New York. Detroit withdraws the players‚ and they are forced to play out the season with Buffalo.
    September 25 Playing their second game of the year-a make-up for a rainout in Providence-at Milwaukee's Wright Street Grounds‚ Chicago pummels Providence‚ 21-3. Providence won yesterday in Chicago‚ 6-3‚ beating John Clarkson‚ but will lose to the future Hall of Famer tomorrow‚ 6-0.
    September 28 Philadelphia's Harry Stovey hits his AA-leading 13th HR off Pittsburgh's John Hofford. This is also Stovey's 51st career HR‚ which is the current ML record.
    September 29 More than 10‚000 fans crowd West Side Park (seating capacity of 6‚000); seats are placed in right and left field‚ and it is declared that if a ball is hit into the crowd‚ a triple shall be credited. Chicago hits 5 triples‚ 3 by King Kelly‚ in this manner‚ while New York hits 0‚ and beats NY‚ 7-4.
    September 30 Philadelphia AA pitcher Bobby Mathews strikes out 4 Pittsburgh Alleghenies in the 7th inning‚ the first pitcher ever to do so. Two of the 4 strikeout victims end up on 1B‚ but Mathews still emerges with a 5-2 win.
    Chicago NL clinches the pennant with a 2-1 victory over New York. Fred Pfeffer's 7th-inning homer is the margin of victory as John Clarkson wins over Tim Keefe.
    Canadian Fred Wood catches his only game for Boston‚ with brother Pete Wood pitching. This is one of the few brother batteries ever in ML history‚ preceded only by the White brothers‚ Deacon and Will‚ of the 1878 Cincinnati team. Boston tops Buffalo‚ 5-3.

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    October 1 The first black professional team is organized by Frank P. Thompson. The team is called the Athletics but will shortly become known as the Cuban Giants.
    October 3 Boston (N) routs Buffalo 18-0 with Bill Stemmeyer making his first ML victory an easy one. Pete Conway‚ in his last game for Buffalo‚ is the loser: he'll start next season in Kansas City.
    Newark (Eastern) hosts the Baltimore Orioles (AA) and inhospitably no-hits them behind the pitching of John "Phenomenal" Smith. Smith fans 16 in the win (as noted by Ernie Lanigan).
    October 4 Tony Mullane‚ who has been blacklisted‚ pitches an exhibition game for Cincinnati against St. Louis. Despite missing this season‚ Mullane will still win 285 games in his career.
    October 5 The Athletics beat Brooklyn 9-1 in the last game of the AA season. Athletics P Bobby Mathews wins his 30th of the year (he won the same in 1883 and 1884) and 150th of his career.
    October 6 At the Polo Grounds, the New York Mets beat the Black Cuban Giants, 11–3, in 6 innings. The Mets score 9 runs in the first.
    October 7 The last NL game ever played in Buffalo's Olympic Park attracts 12 fans as Providence takes 2 from the Bisons 4-0 and 6-1. Grays P Fred Shaw goes the distance in both victories (each 5 innings)‚ throwing a no-hitter in the first game.
    October 9 Dave Orr goes 6-for-12 in NY's last 3 games‚ but still falls one point short in the batting race‚ finishing 2nd to Louisville's Pete Browning. St. Louis shuts out New York‚ 5-0‚ with three games to be played in the league tomorrow.
    October 10 The NL season comes to a close today. Another doubleheader is played between Buffalo and Providence and the Grays again win both games‚ with Fred Shaw pitching. Shaw wins 3-0 and 7-3. The Bisons end the season on a 16-game losing streak.
    Phillies SS Charlie Bastian goes 5-for-10 in the last 2 games to raise his average up to .167‚ the lowest ever for a SS with over 350 at bats. Philley beat Chicago today‚ 10-3.
    October 14 The White Stockings (NL) and Browns (AA) engage in a "World's Championship" series. The winner of the 7-game series is to receive a $1‚000 prize. Darkness ends game one after 8 innings‚ at a 5-5 stalemate.
    October 15 Game 2 of the championship series is forfeited to Chicago. In the top of the 6th inning‚ Browns manager Charlie Comiskey calls his men off the field to protest a ruling made by umpire Sullivan.
    October 17 At a joint meeting in New York between both leagues‚ a salary maximum of $2‚000 and a minimum of $1‚000 is set for the upcoming season.
    October 22 John Ward and several teammates secretly form the Brotherhood of Professional Base Ball Players. The Brotherhood‚ strengthened by fights against salary restrictions and abuses of the reserve clause‚ will become a force to be reckoned with by the end of the decade.
    October 23 The "World Series" moves from Pittsburgh to Cincinnati‚ setting a ML record for the series played in the most (4) cities. (also played in NY and St. Louis.). Chicago takes a 3-2 series lead by beating the Browns 9-2.
    October 24 The St. Louis Browns defeat Chicago 13-4 in the 7th and last game in their series. The Browns claim the game 2 forfeit didn't count and therefore claim the championship. Each club receives $500.

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    November 19 At an NL meeting‚ it is decided that Buffalo's "Big Four" (Dan BrouthersHardy RichardsonJack Rowe‚ and Deacon White) can play in Detroit next season.
    November 28 President Arthur H. Soden buys the Providence franchise and players for $6‚000.

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    December 4 The NL Metropolitans franchise is sold to millionaire Erastus Wiman. The Metropolitan Exhibition Company receives $25‚000 for the transaction.
    December 8 At an AA meeting in Philadelphia‚ the Metropolitan club is removed from the Association‚ and the National club of Washington is admitted. By court order‚ the Metropolitans will be readmitted.
    December 18 The Washington Nationals are admitted to the NL‚ in place of Providence. The Washington club was displaced in the AA by the court's decision that the Mets' franchise could not be revoked.
    December 20 The St. Louis Maroons announce that Jerry DennyDude EsterbrookPaul Hines‚ and George Myers are to play for them in 1886. Denny and Myers do so‚ but Esterbrook stays with the Giants and Hines goes to the newly formed Washington Nationals.
    December 24 The St. Louis Browns agree to sell the reserve rights to infielder Sam Barkley to Baltimore for $1‚000.
    December 28 The AA officially admits the Metropolitans‚ having been forced by the courts to do so.

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