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    January 4 The newly organized Union League changes its name to the Eastern League to avoid confusion with the new Union Association. The EL continues today as the AAA International League.
    P Larry Corcoran‚ who had signed with Chicago of the outlaw UA‚ breaks his contract to re-sign with his old club‚ Chicago's NL White Stockings.
    January 10 At the annual meeting of the minor-league Northwest League‚ 1st-place Toledo is declared the league champion for 1883. But because Toledo has moved from the NWL to the major league AA for 1884‚ the NWL pennant is awarded to 2nd-place Saginaw‚ MI. The NWL also rescinds its prohibition of Sunday base ball and the sale of beer at its ball parks‚ thereby aligning itself with AA policy and against the NL policy.
    January 12 In a 5-inning game played on ice skates in Brooklyn‚ Chicago ace Larry Corcoran hurls his team of mostly amateurs to a 41-12 win over a team composed of mostly professionals. Corcoran's team was assembled by veteran writer Henry Chadwick). In 4 days the pros beat Corcoran and another group of amateurs‚ 16-8.
    January 30 Tony Mullane‚ ace of the 1883 St. Louis Browns (AA)‚ and who signed for 1884 with the rival St. Louis Unions (UA)‚ repudiates his UA contract and signs with the AA Toledo club. When Mullane signed with the UA‚ he was the first player to violate the National Agreement's reserve clause.

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    February 9 The grounds of Cincinnati's UA club are flooded under 20 feet of water from the Ohio River. It will cost $3‚000 to rebuild the fallen pavilions and fences and restore the field.
    February 18 P/IF Terry Larkin‚ released from prison after serving several months for beating his wife and shooting a policeman‚ is rearrested for threatening to shoot his father. Larkin will eventually be freed to conclude his ML career in 1884‚ playing for Washington (AA) and Richmond (UA).
    February 20 Altoona‚ PA is admitted to the UA as its 7th club‚ leaving Lancaster as the only franchise in the Inter-State League.

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    March 4 The NL‚ meeting in Buffalo‚ reduces the number of balls required for a walk from 7 to 6. Club owners also agree to provide 2 separate team benches to minimize fraternizing among opposing players during games.
    March 6 High winds in New York destroy much of the fence and blow off part of the Polo Grounds grandstand roof‚ depositing it a block away.
    March 15 Henry Chadwick notes (reprinted in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch) that St. Louis "ground-keeper"August Solari "has introduced an improvement which might be copied to advantage. It is the placing of tarpaulins over the four base positions to protect them from wet weather." A number of other clubs will be quick to follow suit‚ and that some of them also cover the pitcher's area‚ the batter's area‚ and the baselines with separate tarpaulins.
    March 17 The UA admits a Boston club organized by George Wright‚ bringing the number of teams to 8. The UA decides to stick with the 7-ball walk rule.
    The UA also expands its schedule to 112 games and adopts the percentage system for determining the champion.
    March 28 During an exhibition game between Philadelphia's Phillies (NL) and Athletics (AA)‚ umpire William McLean‚ reacting to fans' taunts‚ hurls a bat into the stands hitting but not injuring a spectator. McLean is arrested after the game‚ but the charges are soon dropped.

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    April 1 Rookie OF Henry Larkin of the Philadelphia Athletics (UA) undergoes a 1 1/2 hour operation-with anesthesia or drugs-to remove a large tumor from his neck. He'll live another 58 years and play 10 years in the majors‚ compiling a .303 average.
    April 2 The AA eliminates the rule allowing batters hit by pitches to go to 1B‚ instead giving umpires the authority to fine offending pitchers between $5 and $10.
    April 3 The Fast Day game-a Boston Red Stockings tradition-is canceled for the first time since the club's founding in 1871. Mass. governor Robinson has set the date for Fast Day a week earlier than usual and blizzard and six inches of snow fall today.
    April 5 Boston UA 1B James Ryan is said to have "a tremendous reach and can catch equally well with his left or right hand‚" an important skill to have in an era in which many players do not wear gloves or wear thin fingerless models on both hands.
    April 6 Two days after winds have blown down the fence at Cincinnati's UA grounds‚ high winds destroy much of the fence at NY's Polo Grounds and at Metropolitan Park‚ new home of the Mets.
    April 7 Chicago's Larry Corcoran‚ on his way to a 30+ win season‚ beats the Phillies for the 11th straight time. His streak started last year on May 12.
    April 17 The UA opens its regular season with 3 games‚ getting a 2-week jump on the older NL and AA. Boston's Tom O'Brien wields the day's hottest bat with 5 hits. and 4 runs in Boston's 14-2 win over the Philadelphia Keystones. Bill Sweeney's 7-3 five-hitter for Baltimore over Washington is the first of what will be a UA-high 40 wins-12 more than his closest rival
    April 20 Five Columbus (AA) Colts swap a total of 7 homers in an exhibition romp‚ 29-0 over Muskegon‚ MI‚ Colt P Ed Morris allows 5 hits. Morris will win 34 games for Columbus this year‚ while the Colts will homer 40 times‚ a new AA record.
    April 21 Providence (NL) records its only pre-season loss‚ a forfeit to Brooklyn (AA). The Grays refuse to continue play after the ump awards 1B to three batters‚ on balks by P Charlie Sweeney. Sweeney insists on throwing overhand (newly permitted by NL rules‚ but not by the AA rules under which the game is played). Brooklyn holds a 10-8 lead at the time of the forfeit.
    April 22 The Providence Grays (NL) defeat the New York Mets (AA) in the first game of a 3-game exhibition sweep. Six months to the day later‚ the Grays will repeat the sweep in baseball's first World Series.
    April 24 St. Louis (UA) rookie Perry Werden‚ just 18‚ wins his first ML game‚ 11-2‚ over Altoona. After compiling a 12-1 record for pennant-bound St. Louis‚ Werden will drop out of the majors for several seasons‚ returning full-time in 1890 for 5 seasons as a first baseman.
    April 28 During an exhibition game between the Phillies (NL) and the Athletics (AA‚ umpire William McLean responds to fans' taunts by hurling a bat into the stands. He hits but doesn't injure a fan but is arrested after the game. Charges are later dropped.
    April 30 The Columbus Colts (AA)‚ with a 15-5 win over the Allegheny (AA) reserve team‚ finish their exhibition season at 19-0.

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    May 1 Rookie John Hamill holds Brooklyn (AA) to 5 singles as Washington wins its opener 12-0. But Washington will win only 11 more games (losing 51) before disbanding in early August‚ and Hamill will record only one more win (against 17 losses) in his only ML season.
    Following Cincinnati's Opening Day 10-9 loss to Columbus (AA) at the new Cincinnati ballpark‚ a section of bleachers collapses‚ injuring many exiting fans‚ including one fatally. Fans had complained about the creaking and swaying of the hastily built structure. This location will be used by Cincinnati ML teams until mid-1970‚ when the Reds move into Riverfront Stadium.
    Moses Fleetwood Walker becomes the first black in the ML when he plays for the Toledo club in the American Association. He goes 0-for-3 in his ML debut‚ allowing 2 passed balls and committing 4 errors‚ as his team bows to Louisville 5-1. He will do better in 41 subsequent games before injuries force Toledo to release him in late September. Racial bigotry will prevent his return to ML ball. In July he is joined by his brother Welday‚ an OF. No other black player appears in a ML uniform until Jackie Robinson in 1947.
    May 2 New York (AA) fails to take advantage of Jack Lynch's 14 strikeouts and 6-hit pitching and loses to Baltimore 8-3. In 166 innings this year Lynch will total only 32 K's for the Metropolitans.
    May 3 Charlie Sweeney gets off to a good start by throwing a one-hitter to lead Providence (NL) to a 3-0 win over Buffalo.
    Buck Ewing gets a triple‚ a double‚ and 3 singles as New York (NL) defeats Detroit 11-3.
    May 5 After pitching in St. Louis on May 4‚ Tony Mullane of Toledo (AA) is enjoined from playing ball in Missouri until defense of his contract jumping from the St. Louis UA club can be heard in court.
    Buffalo (NL) P Billy Serad‚ in his first ML outing‚ walks 3 Providence batters in the first inning and lets 2 score on wild pitches. The Bisons tie the game in the 3rd‚ but Providence scores 3 in the 6th to defeat reliever (and manager) Jim O'Rourke‚ who has traded his LF position with Serad. The loss is the only decision in 6 pitching appearances for this HOF outfielder.
    May 6 Rookie P Larry McKeon of Indianapolis (AA)‚ whose 41 losses will top the major leagues in 1884‚ pitches a 6-inning no-hitter. Rain halts the game with the score 0-0.
    Buffalo P Pud Galvin‚ the victim of Charlie Sweeney's one-hitter in his last outing‚ turns on Boston (NL) with one of his own. He allows only a first-inning double‚ but must wait until the 9th before his teammates produce the winning run in a 3-2 battle against Boston. Galvin (1-2) will finish the season at 46-22 and a 1.99 ERA‚ his finest season.
    May 7 Jack Lynch's one-hitter is enough for victory as the Mets whip Allegheny 8-1.
    The Missouri Republican reports the death of Ike Carter‚ an infielder for the all-black St. Louis Black Stockings. "Ike Carter‚ the best second baseman in the country‚ and a member of the celebrated Black Stockings‚ of St. Louis‚ recently received a ball that was too much for him. It was made of lead. He turned burglar and was shot dead by a St. Louis man into whose house he broke." (as noted by Greg Bond) The Black Stockings were founded in 1883 and toured the country‚ playing minor league and local teams‚ both black and white. They claimed the mythic "colored championship" in 1883.
    May 8 Chicago (UA) stuns the Keystones of Philadelphia with an 8-run rally in the 9th to take an 11-10 win.
    May 9 At American Park‚ the Cincinnati Reds (NL) beat visiting Toledo‚ 9-1. Fleet Walker‚ catching and batting cleanup for Toledo is 0-for-4. The Reds will win again tomorrow‚ 11-1.
    May 10 Washington (AA) C Alex Gardner's first ML game is also his last‚ as he allows 12 passed balls‚ a ML record that still stands. Washington loses the game to New York's Mets 11-3.
    Altoona (UA) wins its first ML game after 11 straight losses 9-4 over Boston. They will win only 5 more times before disbanding at the end of May.
    Legal woes continue for Toledo (AA) P Tony Mullane as the courts rule that he is forbidden to play for any team other than St. Louis (UA). Mullane ignores the ruling and continues to pitch for Toledo. On August 1‚ Henry Lucas‚ the St. Louis owner‚ will withdraw the suit against Mullane.
    May 13 C Thomas "Pat" Deasley of the St. Louis Browns (AA) is arrested for drunkenness and for making insulting comments to ladies. He is released but 6 days later he will be seriously injured in a fight‚ and his wife will be asked to join the team on its trip to keep him in line.
    New York (NL) buries Buffalo 20-5 behind 1B Alex McKinnon's 5 hits. It is the 9th win in a row for New York as they will win 3 more before its first loss. It is the 3rd and last pitching win of John Montgomery Ward's ML career‚ as the one-time teenage ace shifts to the IF and OF.
    May 14 Louisville Grays P Charles "Old Hoss" Radbourn gets 5 hits-the same number he allows Detroit-to spur a 25-3 rout‚ the most decisive victory in the NL this year. Detroit contributes to its own demise by committing 18 errors‚ including 5 by RF Fred Wood‚ whose ML career will total only 13 games. Bill Geiss, a starting pitcher last season, pitches his only game this year when he relieves Stump Wiedman with Detroit ahead 9-0. Geiss allows 16 runs half earned in 5 innings.
    New York (NL) pitcher Mickey Welch hurls his 2nd straight shutout‚ a 4-hitter against Buffalo. Two days earlier he blanked Cleveland on 2 hits.
    May 16 When a foul tip from a Detroit (NL) batter sticks in the mask of Boston C Mike Hines‚ umpire Van Court calls the batter out on a foul catch. NL Secretary Nick Young will later instruct league umpires not to rule an out in such cases.
    May 17 The New York Maroons (NL) suffer their first loss of the season-4-1 to Buffalo-after 12 straight wins.
    May 18 Hugh Daily of Chicago (UA) throws his 2nd consecutive one-hitter against the Nationals of Washington. He adds to the Nationals' embarrassment today by recording 15 strikeouts.
    May 21 The Providence Grays‚ with their 2nd straight win over New York‚ leap over the Maroons into 2nd place. Charles Radbourn twirls a 3-hit shutout.
    May 22 At Metropolitan Park‚ located on the east coast of Manhattan‚ Dave Orr‚ slugging first baseman of the Mets‚ hits the first home run at the field. It sails over the left field fence and lands in the Harlem River. As noted by historian Cliff Blau‚ the Metropolitan club played a few games in the newly built park.
    May 23 Larry Corcoran limits Cleveland (NL) to one single in a 5-0 shutout for Chicago. Jim McCormick takes the loss at National League Park.
    May 24 Against Pittsburgh‚ Philadelphia Athletics (AA) P Al Atkinson hits the leadoff batter‚ Ed Swartwood‚ who steals 2B‚ takes 3B on a putout‚ and scores on a passed ball. But Atkinson sets down the next 27 Alleghenies for a near-perfect‚ no-hit 10-1 win. (Ernie Lanigan spells the name Atkisson)
    After 20 consecutive wins St. Louis (UA) finally falls 8-1 to Boston. The Maroons will finish the season with a .832 percentage‚ the highest in ML history.
    With RF Mike Dorgan committing 5 errors‚ New York loses to Providence‚ 19-5‚ at the Polo Grounds. According to Nick Peters and Fred Stein‚ The New York Times reports that the game was so bad that "the Siamese Embassy [staff] occupied the stockholder box and showed their knowledge by leaving in the middle of the game." Charlie Sweeney (8-1) has 4 hits‚ 3 doubles and scores 4 times.
    Boston (NL) P Jim Whitney blanks Philadelphia for the 2nd time in 5 days‚ and helps power the Red Stockings to their 13-0 win with 4 hits.
    May 26 Jim Galvin of Buffalo (NL) scatters 8 Chicago hits and blanks the White Stockings 4-0 in the 1st of his ML high 12 shutouts.
    May 27 In Buffalo‚ Chicago pitcher Fred Goldsmith clouts 2 homers in a 14-6 win.
    May 29 Taking advantage of a ground rule change which scores balls hit over Chicago's inviting 180' LF fence as HRs (instead of doubles)‚ 5 players hit round trippers in the White Stockings' NL home opener against Detroit‚ winning 29-5. Chicago will hit 142 HRs-last year they hit 13-during the 112-game season (more than 90 percent of them at home) to set a record that will last until the 1927 New York Yankees. The rule change appears to be unilaterally made by Cap Anson‚ as noted by historian Bob Schaeffer‚ and the other league owner will squawk to no avail. But the league will set a minimum distance of 210 feet for an outfield fence after the 1884 season.
    Ed Morris (Columbia AA) no-hits Pittsburgh 5-0‚ allowing only one walk.
    May 30 In the afternoon game of Chicago's doubleheader with Detroit (NL)‚ White Stocking Ned Williamson doubles and hits a ML-record 3 HRs as Chicago overwhelms the Wolverines 12-2. Weldman‚ the losing pitcher‚ swaps place with SS Meinke‚ who finishes up. Williamson's HRs are his first of 27 (25 at home)‚ which will set a ML season record not broken until Babe Ruth hits 29 in 1919. Williamson and his teammates will combine for a record 142 dingers-all but 10 at home-in taking advantage of tiny Lake Front Park's new ground rule: a ball hit over the fence is now a homer‚ whereas last year it went for a ground-rule double.
    In the morning game of a Decoration Day twinbill in Providence‚ the Grays and NY fielders-with the sun in their eyes-combine for 21 errors. New York's Johnny Ward‚ in the last pitching start of his career‚ gives up 16 hits in a 12-9 loss. The afternoon game is in Boston‚ where New York loses to the Red Stockings 5-1 before 14‚000 fans. So many fans ring the outfield that batters are only awarded a single on balls hit into the crowd.
    What a difference a day makes. Ed Morris follows yesterday's no-hitter by giving up 17 hits in losing to Baltimore‚ 10-3.
    You need a scorecard in the American Association. Brooklyn and the Metropolitans play doubleheaders, switching opponents between the first and second games. In the forenoon, the Metropolitans beat St. Louis, 4–2, at Metropolitan Park while Brooklyn was shutting out Indianapolis, 5–0, at Washington Park in Brooklyn. St. Louis and Indianapolis then crossed paths with Indianapolis playing, and beating, the Metropolitans, 10-4 at Metropolitan Park in the afternoon as St. Louis was defeating Brooklyn, 11-5, at Washington Park. All three teams end the day 1-1.
    Also in the AA, Washington plays a morning game with Columbus, winning 10–1 and then losing an afternoon match with Cincinnati, 6-5. Columbus plays Baltimore in the afternoon, losing 10-2.
    May 31 The Altoona club disbands‚ the first casualty of the UA‚ and is replaced by a new club formed in Kansas City. Two Altoona players sign with KC.
    CF Oscar Walker's 6-for-6 spark a 16-1 Brooklyn (AA) romp over the St. Louis Browns.
    In Washington D.C.‚ umpire Tom Connell needs a police escort to escape an angry mob after calling a forfeit. With the Cincinnati Reds (NL) leading‚ 6-0‚ in the 6th‚ Washington manager Holly Hollingshead pulls his team off the field because he is angry at the umpire's calls. Connell then calls the forfeit in favor of the Reds‚ and that sets of a firestorm. Police escort him to the Reds team carriage parked behind the outfield fence.

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    June 5 Frank Mountain (Columbus AA) no-hits Washington 12-0. In addition‚ he hits a HR‚ possibly the first pitcher to do so.
    June 6 Boston remains a game ahead of Providence at the top of the NL after a 16-inning 1-1 pitchers' duel between Red Stocking Jumbo Jim Whitney and the Grays' Charlie Radbourn. The game will be the season's longest in the NL.
    June 7 Charlie Sweeney of Providence (NL) strikes out 19 Boston Red Stockings to establish a ML record for a 9-inning game. It will be tied a month later but not broken until Roger Clemens fans 20 on April 29‚ 1986. Providence's 2-1 win moves it into first place‚ but Boston will take the next 4 from the Grays to regain the lead. Sweeney's mound opponent‚ a tired Jumbo Jim Whitney‚ subbing for a sore-armed Charlie Buffinton‚ is almost Sweeney's equal at the start‚ striking out 6 straight batters over the first three innings. Sweeney allows 2 unearned runs in the 8th inning to lose.
    June 9 Frank Mountain follows up his no-hitter by giving up 7 hits in a 9-0 loss to Philadelphia.
    Against Cleveland‚ Billy Sunday of Chicago (NL) homers for the 3rd time in 3 games. His season total will be 4.
    June 10 The Mets edge Louisville 7-5 in 11 innings to tie the Eclipse for first place in the AA with a 20-8 record.
    Chicago White Stocking ace Larry Corcoran switch pitches in a 2-0 win over Cleveland. Tony Mullane did it two years ago.
    June 12 New York (NL) rookie Ed Begley hurls a one-hitter against Philadelphia‚ but loses in the 9th when Phillie P Charlie Ferguson reaches on an error‚ takes 2B on a wild pitch‚ steals 3B‚ and scores the only run on a fly to RF.
    Francis Pidgeon‚ the famous pitcher for Brooklyn Eckfords in earlier days‚ is killed by a train in NYC while walking along the tracks.
    June 13 Baltimore (AA) management surrounds the playing field with a barbed wire fence to restrain the crowd. Baltimore fans had surged onto the field and manhandled the umpire following a 13-inning tie with Louisville the day before.
    June 14 P Charlie Radbourn of Providence and P Jim Whitney of Boston-rivals in the NL's longest game 8 days earlier-face each other in a 15-inning 4-3 Providence win. The victory starts the Grays on a 10-game win streak that will lift them over Boston into first place.
    Washington (UA) P Bill Wise helps his own cause with 4 hits-3 doubles-as his Nationals defeat the Philadelphia Keystones‚ 12-7. Because the Nats SS has deserted the club‚ UA secretary Warren White‚ a former SS‚ fills in. He has 2 errors‚ but gets a hit and scores.
    Noah Brooks's Our Base Ball Club‚ and How It Won the Championship‚ one of the first works of baseball fiction (and Brooks's 2nd) is advertised in the New York Clipper.
    June 16 Two days after his 15-inning loss‚ in which he struck out 18 Providence batters‚ Boston (NL) hurler Jim Whitney fans 11 New York Maroons for a 2-game total of 29‚ stopping New York on one hit 6-1. Whitney will end the year with 270 strikeouts and just 27 walks‚ a ratio of 10:1. Not till Bret Saberhagen in 1994 will anyone with 100 K's better this mark.
    Chicago's Larry Corcoran pitches both left- and righthanded in an NL game against Buffalo. Corcoran‚ normally a righty‚ has a "felon‚" a painful inflammation on his right index finger‚ and tries to ease the pain by alternating pitching hands. Hit hard‚ he is lifted after four innings and goes to short for the rest of the game‚ finishing with three hits‚ including two triples. Chicago loses 20-9 to the Bisons. Buffalo LF Jim O'Rourke hits for the cycle.
    June 17 Baltimore (AA) Orioles OF Frank "Gid" Gardner is jailed after severely beating lady friend Effie Jones and a woman who had come to her aid. The charges are dropped‚ but Orioles manager Billy Barnie will fine Gardner and suspend him indefinitely.
    In Providence‚ Charles Sweeney pitches his 2nd one-hitter of the year‚ beating New York (NL) 9-0 in the afternoon game. Providence is errorless‚ while New York fumbles 10 times. New York won the morning game in Boston against the Nationals‚ 7-6. Tomorrow teammate Charles Radbourn matches Sweeney's performance in a 15-0 win‚ Buck Ewing getting the only New York hit in the 9th. In the last 3 games New York has totaled 3 hits. This is the first time and only time in the 19th century that back-to-back one-hitters have been thrown in the ML: it'll happen 8 times in the 20th century.
    Philadelphia ace Charlie Ferguson tosses a 7-2 victory over Boston (NL) in the afternoon Bunker Hill Day game ending Boston's streak of 21 straight victories over Philadelphia. Seven of the wins were in 1884. Ferguson also is 4-for-4 as Boston loses twice today to different teams.
    June 18 According to a book by Harry Palmer‚ the most one sided contest on record between professional clubs occurs as the Mutuals of New York vanquish the Chicagos by 38 to 1.
    June 23 After failing to take advantage of Chicago's short RF fence on June 21‚ the Red Stockings fine the range‚ outhomering Chicago 5-2‚ and winning 12-5. Winning P Charles Buffinton has one homer and Jack Burdock has 2. The Sporting Life (July 9) reports that Adrian Anson uses a new style of bat in this game. It is made of several pieces of ash‚ jointed and glued together lengthwise‚ while in the center is inserted a rattan rod about one inch square‚ and composed of 12 strips of rattan glued together. The handle is wound with linen cord. He has a single and double off Buffinton‚ and tomorrow will have 2 singles‚ a double and HR off Whitney with the bat.
    June 24 A Chicago court rules that‚ although the NL lakefront ballpark illegally blocks the lake view and breezes from homes to its west‚ the White Stockings may continue to use it through the end of the season.
    St. Louis (UA) continues its winning ways‚ downing Philadelphia 15-1. Dave Rowe has 3 triples for the winners.
    Hoss Radbourn of Providence continues to stifle NL bats with a 3-hit‚ 1-0‚ win‚ with 15 strikeouts over Detroit in 15 innings. In his last 3 games Radbourn had allowed only 6 hits.
    June 27 Chicago ace Larry Corcoran ends the Providence Grays' 10-game winning streak with the NL's first no-hitter of the season. The 6-0 win is Corcoran's third ML no-hitter. Charles Sweeney is the losing pitcher‚ suffering the Gray's first shutout of the year.
    June 28 In the 6th inning of an AA game at Toledo‚ several Brooklyn and Toledo players are arrested for playing ball on Sunday. Because of the crowd's anger‚ though‚ police permit the players to finish the game before taking them into custody. Brooklyn wins‚ 5-3.
    In American Park‚ the Reds beat the New York Metropolitans‚ 8-7. Reds P Will White hits a home run‚ the first Reds pitcher to hit a homer.
    June 30 Providence loses 5-4 to Mike "King" Kelly's HR with 2 out in the bottom of the 9th. Chicago's win‚ coupled with Boston's 11-2 triumph over Detroit‚ allows Boston to pass the Grays and move into the NL lead by one-half game.

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    July 1 At Cincinnati‚ Hick Carpenter has 5 hits including 4 long hits (2 homers‚ 2 doubles) to lead the Reds to a 16-5 win over Washington.
    July 2 Bid McPhee smacks 4 hits‚ including a HR and a double‚ to support Gus Shallix's one-hit pitching and give Cincinnati (AA) a 16-1 romp over Washington.
    July 4 Before a crowd of 8‚000‚ Louisville (AA) ace Guy Hecker defeats Brooklyn in a morning game (5-4) and again in the afternoon (8-2) en route to a season total of 52 wins. This remains the AA record.
    Boston (UA) 2B Tom O'Brien gets 5 hits‚ including a ball which disappears into a dirt heap and cannot be dug out in time to prevent O'Brien from circling the bases. Thanks in part to the groundskeeper (or lack thereof) Boston whips Kansas City 22-3‚ one of three different games (in three different leagues) that are decided by 16+ runs.
    In Chicago‚ the Philadelphia Nationals fumble their way to two losses. Chicago takes the morning game‚ 3-1‚ as the Phillies make 8 errors. In the 22-3 loss in the afternoon‚ the Phils phumble 11 times.
    In an unusual doubleheader arrangement between three UA teams‚ Cincinnati is victorious over Baltimore‚ 9-2‚ then wins the 2nd game‚ 12-10‚ over St. Louis. St. Louis was stopped in their first game‚ against Washington‚ 12-1. Washington beats Cincinnati in their game 2‚ 8-4.
    July 5 After a 17-2 loss at Cincinnati (AA)‚ Philadelphia Athletic pitcher Al Atkinson deserts his club for Chicago (UA)-the first player to break his contract and join the UA.
    July 6 Louisville slips past New York (AA) into first place with a 5-1 win over Baltimore.
    Indianapolis (AA) teenager Pat Callahan legs out a inside-the park homer‚ at 17 years‚ nine months the youngest player to ever hit one.
    July 7 One Arm Hugh Daily strikes out 19 as visiting Chicago downs Boston‚ 5-0. The only hit for Boston is a triple by Ned Crane.
    July 10 Hugh "One Arm" Daily of Chicago (UA)‚ having tied Charlie Sweeney's one-game record of 19 strikeouts in his previous outing July 7th‚ becomes the first ML pitcher to hurl consecutive one-hitters‚ defeating Boston 2-1. By season's end Daily will have hurled 4 one-hitters‚ a ML record equaled by Grover Alexander in 1915. Boston third baseman John Irwin nabs Charley Householder with a hidden ball trick (as noted by Bill Deane).
    In the AA's longest game of the season‚ Louisville ace Guy Hecker emerges after 15 innings a 5-4 victor over Baltimore ace Bob Emslie.
    July 11 P William "Bolliky Bill" Taylor‚ who deserted St. Louis (UA) after compiling a 25-4 won-loss record‚ wins in his first outing for Philadelphia's Athletics (AA)‚ a 5-2 four hitter vs. Toledo. He will go on to win 17 more games for the A's in 1884.
    July 12 Boston (NL) C Mert Hackett is struck on his mask by a foul tip‚ and his forehead is gashed by one of the mask's wires. Louisville (AA) C Dan Sullivan is forced to leave a game the same week when a foul ball breaks through his mask.
    July 14 The NL Chicago White Stockings send rookie Mike Corcoran to the mound and last place Detroit collects 16 hits off him in a 14-0 pounding. It is Mike's only appearance. But his teammate and brother Larry Corcoran will rack up another 30-win season this year‚ winning 163 games in 5 years.
    July 19 Boston's (UA) Fred "Dupee" Shaw holds pennant-bound St. Louis to one hit while fanning 18 batters‚ but loses the game 1-0 when batter Bill Gleason gets all the way to 2B on a dropped 3rd strike and scores on a wild pitch. In his outings of July 16th‚ 19th‚ and 21st‚ Shaw will amass 48 strikeouts‚ a ML record for 3 consecutive games (as is his 2-game total of 34 strikeouts on July 19th and 21st). (Ernie Lanigan lists the one hit today as made by Joe Quinn).
    July 20 Cincinnati star Charley Jones slugs 3 triples to propel his club to a 17-5 rout of Indianapolis. The victory puts the 5th-place Reds within 2 games of the lead in the tight AA race.
    July 22 Providence star Charles Sweeney is suspended without pay after he refuses to move from the mound to RF in the 9th inning with a safe lead over Philadelphia. Sweeney is lifted and Providence plays the 9th with just 8 men because of the rule that specifies no subs unless there is an injury. Sweeney quits the Grays and jumps to St. Louis (UA)‚ for which he wins 24 games for a season's total of 41. As a result‚ Charles Radbourn is forced to pitch almost every game for the rest of the year. Sweeney's stubbornness has an immediate effect as substitute P Joseph "Cyclone" Miller surrenders 8 unearned runs and gives the Athletics a 10-6 win.
    Columbus (AA) slips into first place past Louisville and the Mets with a 5-1 win over Toledo.
    July 24 The New York Mets move past Columbus into the AA lead‚ rising from 4th place in 5 days.
    July 26 At Trenton‚ William Fox of Trenton pitches a 2-1 no-hitter against York. It is the Eastern League's first no-hitter.
    July 28 Providence rookie Cyclone Miller works the first five innings against Philadelphia. The Grays trail‚ 4-3‚ after 5‚ but rally for 4 runs in the top of the sixth. Hoss Radbourn replaces Miller and pitches 4 scoreless innings to earn the win. Under later rules‚ Radbourn would have a save‚ not a win‚ but this will help him win 60.
    July 30 Lon Knight of Philadelphia (AA) goes 6-for-6 to lead the Athletics to a 19-11 win over Washington.
    Showing why they lead the AA‚ the Metropolitans take their 11th straight win 11-5 over Brooklyn.

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    August 4 Buffalo's Pud Galvin no-hits Detroit and coasts home‚ 18-0. Frank Meinke takes the loss.
    August 5 Richmond-a mid season replacement for Washington-makes its AA debut with a 14-0 home loss to the Athletics. The Virginias will finish with a .286 record‚ some 96 percentage points better than Washington.
    The ML debut of Chicago (NL) deaf-mute P Thomas Lynch goes well until the 8th‚ when his arm gives out. When the umpire refuses to allow Lynch to leave the game‚ Lynch switches positions with Cap Anson‚ who proceeds to surrender 5 runs and lose the game to Cleveland 8-5. Lynch‚ the 2nd deaf-mute in ML history‚ will never play another game.
    August 6 Chicago's Cap Anson hits 3 HRs in a 13-4 win against Cleveland at Lakefront Park. This gives him 5 HRs in 2 games.
    August 7 Philadelphia Keystone (UA) disbands.
    Pud Galvin shuts out Detroit 9-0 with a 3-hitter. In the Buffalo star's last 3 games he has allowed only 4 hits. Galvin's scoreless-inning streak will reach 38 innings before Detroit beats him 1-0 in 12 innings.
    August 9 Charles Radbourn wins an 11-inning thriller 1-0 over 2nd-place Boston after Arthur Irwin hits a ball through a hole in the lathing above the RF wall for a HR. Radbourn is in the midst of a 42-inning streak in which he allows only one run‚ including 29 consecutive scoreless innings.
    August 14 Radbourn pitches another 1-0 victory over Boston; he threw one 5 days earlier.
    August 16 The minor league NWL reorganizes to shorten travel distances between clubs‚ dropping Evansville‚ IN‚ and one of its strongest teams‚ Saginaw‚ MI. Saginaw ace John Clarkson (31-8) is thus freed to sign with Chicago (NL)‚ where his pitching (10-3‚ 2.14 ERA) will give the White Stockings a lift.
    August 18 Harry Stovey's 3 triples and 2 singles contribute to Philadelphia's 20-1 pounding of Baltimore (AA). Two of his triples come in the 8th inning.
    August 21 The UA game at Washington is halted after 8 innings. Charlie Gagus ?nishes with a no-hit 12-1 win over Wilmington.
    August 23 After 9 losses‚ Toledo (AA) defeats Louisville for the first time‚ as Tony Mullane outduels Ren Deagle for a 1-0 two-hit victory. Deagle allows only 3 hits himself‚ but one is to engineering student Frank Olin‚ whose single drives Mullane home from 2B. Following his brief ML career‚ Olin will go on to found what is today the giant Olin Corporation.
    August 25 Chicago's UA club completes the transfer of its franchise to Pittsburgh and‚ in its first game as the Pittsburgh Unions‚ defeats front-running St. Louis 3-2.
    August 26 Kansas City (UA) manages to score one run against Cincinnati but bows 3-1 before Dick Burns's no-hit pitching.
    Eclipse star Guy Hecker registers 17 strikeouts and allows only 6 hits‚ but 2nd-place Columbus (AA) manages to win 4-3. Despite the loss Hecker will lead the AA with 52 wins-the most in the history of the league-and in strikeouts with 385.
    August 27 In the Piladelphia (AA) 13-3 win over Brooklyn‚ Sadie Houck lines three triples for the winners..
    August 28 New York's Mickey Welch opens a game against Philadelphia by striking out the first 9 men he faces for the all-time ML mark (1st inning-Phillips‚ Hotaling‚ Pinckney; 2nd inning-Burch‚ Muldoon‚ Evans; 3rd inning-Smith‚ Henry‚ Moore). Welch's feat goes unnoticed because the official scorer does not credit him with a strikeout of Smith‚ who reaches 1B safely. Historian Harry Simmons corrects the error in 1941. Welch's ML record will stand until Tom Seaver strikes out 10 straight in 1970.

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    September 2 Boston (NL) star Charlie Buffinton strikes out 17 while beating Cleveland, 4-1. Buffinton will finish the year with 48 wins‚ second only to Old Hoss Radbourn's ML record 60.
    September 5 With his St. Louis Browns (AA) in 5th place‚ manager Jimmy Williams resigns to become clerk of the Ohio Republican State Committee. 1B-captain Charlie Comiskey will pilot the Browns to a 16-7 record the rest of the way.
    September 6 Hoss Radbourn and Providence beat visiting Cleveland‚ 3-0. For Radbourn it is his record 16th straight win a consecutive win streak that began on August 7.
    September 9 Buffalo‚ with Jim Galvin pitching‚ stops Hoss Radbourn's winning streak of 18 straight games‚ A NL record. The final score is 2-0 over Providence‚ the second time the Grays have been shut out this year. Tim Keefe will top Hoss in 4 years.
    September 11 The Grays‚ led by the indefatigable Charles Radbourn‚ win their 20th consecutive win over Cleveland‚ 9-1‚ giving them a 7-game cushion over Boston in the NL race.
    When no umpire shows up for the Philadelphia-Toledo (AA) game‚ rookie Toledo P Hank O'Day is pressed into duty. After an undistinguished pitching career O'Day becomes a full-time umpire. In 1908 he will call New York Giant Fred Merkle out in a late-season game‚ erasing a game-winning‚ pennant-clinching run with one of the most famous umpiring decisions in the history of baseball.
    September 13 Cleveland concludes a 51-day road trip (35 games) with an 11-2 loss at Boston.
    September 15 In their final home game‚ against the Kansas City Unions (UA)‚ the last place Wilmington Quick Steps have exactly zero fans in the stands at game time. Manager Joe Simmons decides to forfeit the game rather than play. Wilmington then disbands and four days later Pittsburgh (UA) disbands as well.
    September 16 Jim McCormick picks off 4 Boston Unions in an 8-4 Cincinnati victory‚ one of his 21 UA wins. Earlier in the season he won 19 games for Cleveland (NL). He will lead the UA in winning percentage and in ERA and his combined won-loss record for the year is 40-25 (21-3 in UA)‚ just missing being a 20-game winner for two teams in the same season.
    September 19 The UA decides to drop Pittsburgh and Wilmington and replace them with Milwaukee and Omaha. The latter club will last just 8 days before being replaced by St. Paul.
    As noted in Harry Barber's book‚ a game between the Dayton (Ohio) and Ironton clubs in Dayton‚ is noteworthy as being the quickest on record‚ only forty-seven minutes being occupied in playing the entire nine innings.
    September 20 Louisville moves into 2nd place in the AA‚ just 2 games behind the Mets‚ with a 2-1 win over Brooklyn. However‚ the Eclipse will fall back to 3rd within the week and will remain there for the rest of the season.
    Baltimore (AA) hits 6 HRs‚ including 2 each by Oyster Burns and Jimmy Macullar‚ to topple Columbus 13-6.
    September 22 Metropolitan ace Tim Keefe strikes out 12 and gives up his only hit in the 9th in a 12-0 rout of Columbus.
    September 27 At Lakefront Park‚ Chicago drops 10 runs on Providence in the first inning‚ then holds on for a 15-10 victory. Gore and Dalrymple each have 2 hits in the big frame. Dalrymple ends with 5-for-6.
    September 28 Ed Cushman (Milwaukee‚ UA) no-hits Washington‚ 5-0.
    September 30 Chicago rolls by New York, 17-2, as winning pitcher John Clarkson strikes out 7 batters in a row.

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    October 1 Charlie Getzein (Detroit NL) hurls a 6-inning no-hitter against Philadelphia‚ winning‚ 1-0.
    At Buffalo‚ Pud Galvin shuts out the Providence Grays‚ 2-0. It is the third time this year the Grays have been held scoreless‚ and twice were 2-0 losses to Galvin.
    October 3 P Henry Porter of Milwaukee (UA) matches Dupee Shaw's distinction of July 19th as he strikes out 18 batters while losing the game 5-4 to Boston.
    October 4 P Ed Cushman (Milwaukee‚ UA) follows up his no-hitter of September 28th with 8 more hitless innings before Boston's Ed Callahan loops a 9th-inning single. Cushman wins the one-hitter‚ 2-0.
    Edward Kimber (Brooklyn‚ AA) hurls a 10-inning no-hitter against Toledo‚ called due to darkness with the score tied 0-0.
    October 5 St. Louis (UA) pitchers Charlie Sweeney and Henry Boyle stop St. Paul without a hit or walk‚ striking out 9 men‚ before rain halts play after 5 innings. But the Maroons lose the game when 2 St. Louis errors allow the game's only run. The Sweeney-Boyle performance caps what is still the premier ML season for no-hitters: 12 in all‚ including one of 10 innings and 7 nine-inning games.
    October 6 The Mets announce that they will allow ladies to attend their home games for free for the remainder of the season-all of 5 games.
    October 7 Edward Kimber follows up his no-hit tie with another tie‚ this one a 7-hitter With the score 4-4‚ Brooklyn (AA) and Toledo call it after 8 innings because of darkness.
    October 9 Fred Dunlap's 13th HR helps his St. Louis Maroons (UA) bury the Washington Nationals 11-1. The 2B will add the HR championship to his UA titles in batting‚ slugging‚ on base percentage‚ hits‚ doubles‚ and total bases‚ the most dominant season by any nonpitcher of the 19th century. He also leads all UA second basemen in fielding average‚ putouts‚ assists‚ DPs‚ and total chances per game.
    At Chicago's Lake Front p Lake Front Park‚ Jack Manning clubs 3 HRs‚ getting half of Philadelphia's hits in the process‚ but his club still falls in Chicago (NL) 19-7. Manning totals only 5 HRs for the season and 13 over a 9-year career. Manning is the 3rd player to hit 3 homers at Lake Front park this year‚ a reflection of the cozy RF fence 215 feet from home plate.
    October 10 Pat Deasley‚ who will hit .205 for St. Louis (AA) this year‚ gets all 3 of his team's hits off Tim Keefe‚ but cannot prevent the 3-1 loss to New York.
    October 12 Ed Crane of Boston (AA) cannonballs a throw 135 yards‚ one ft‚ 1/2 inches. A week later in St. Louis he will toss one 134 yards 5 inches. According to editor A.H. Wright of the Clipper‚ in 1888‚ the circumstances of these throws were such that they were not considered records.
    October 18 Ed Crane of Boston (UA) hits his twelfth home run against St. Louis and establishes a still-standing major league record for the latest date on which anyone has ever hit a regular season homer. Despite his heroics, Boston loses, 11-7.
    October 22 The weekly Sporting Life announces-just one day before the start of the event-that the two pennant-winners have agreed to meet in a 3-game series October 23-25 at New York's Polo Grounds‚ just north of Central Park‚ to decide "the championship of America." There will be no games in Providence.
    October 25 Hoss Radbourn of Providence wins his 3rd straight over the (AA) New York Mets‚ concluding the 3-game series. Only 500 diehard fans show up in the cold‚ since Providence clinched by winning the first two games.
    October 30 Financially troubled despite finishing 2nd to New York in the AA‚ the Columbus club decides to sell its players to Allegheny of Pittsburgh (AA)-for $6‚000-and go out of business.

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    November 4 Tony Mullane violates an oral agreement to sign with St. Louis (AA) by signing a Cincinnati (AA) contract for $5‚000. The AA suspends Mullane for the 1885 season and fines him $1‚000‚ but allows him to remain with Cincinnati. Over the next 8 years Mullane will win 163 games with the Reds on his way to a career total of 285 victories.
    November 19 NL president Abraham G. Mills resigns and is replaced by former league secretary Nick Young.
    November 20 The NL agrees to allow overhand pitching‚ but rules that pitchers must keep both feet on the ground throughout their pitching motion in order to reduce the velocity of their pitches. They still must throw the ball at the height requested by the batter. In addition‚ teams are now required to supply a separate bench for each club at their park to limit inter-team fraternization.

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    December 11 The AA votes to keep its ban on overhand pitching and to continue to allow fouls caught on one bounce to count as outs. It does abolish the tradition of team captains flipping for the honor of batting first. Now the home team will automatically bat first.
    December 18 Only 5 clubs attend the "annual" UA meeting‚ one by proxy. The UA will die early in 1885.

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