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    January 13 Both of the New York ML clubs will play simultaneously at the Polo Grounds. Their fields will be separated by an 8-foot fence.
    January 21 In a game played in the Cuban professional league Ultimatum defeats Caridad 17-9 with the two teams combining for 60 errors (as noted by Kit Krieger). There was one earned run.
    January 31 A Baltimore fan loses a suit against Baltimore player Andrew Burns‚ who‚ while batting‚ accidentally let his bat slip from his hands‚ hitting the spectator. The judge rules fans had been warned to keep a safe distance from the field.

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    February 9 The New York Grammar School League is formed. Only "regular attendees" will be permitted to play in the 14-team league.
    February 17 At a meeting between the AA and the NL at New York's Fifth Avenue Hotel‚ the Tripartite Agreement (or the National Agreement) is drafted. In it the 2 leagues‚ along with the Northwestern League‚ agree to respect each other's contracts‚ ending a brief period of player raids. Also‚ the reserve rule is amended to allow each team to reserve 11 players‚ an increase of 6. The National Agreement will usher in a period of peaceful coexistence‚ lasting until the Players' League war of 1890.

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    March 14 In a Northwestern League meeting‚ Peoria moves to ban blacks in order to prevent Toledo from playing star C Moses Fleetwood Walker. After an "exciting discussion" the motion is withdrawn and Walker is allowed to play.
    March 30 Charles A Fowle‚ secretary of the St. Louis club from 1875-77 and one of the founders of the NL‚ dies in St. Louis.
    March 31 The Olympic Town-Ball Club of Philadelphia‚ the nation's oldest ball club‚ celebrates its 50th anniversary.

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    April 3 The Cleveland club visits the White House‚ where President Chester A. Arthur greets them by telling them that "Good ball-players make good citizens."
    April 7 According to the New York Clipper‚ "Manager Mutrie (of the Metropolitans) has made a new departure in base ball outfits in providing his players with shoes the uppers of which are made of sealskin which‚ besides being neat in appearance‚ promises to be very durable."
    April 15 The first weekly issue of Sporting Life‚ edited by Francis Richter‚ is published in Philadelphia. This outstanding magazine will last‚ with a brief interruption‚ until July 1926.
    April 24 Battling depression‚ journeyman player Terry Larkin shoots his wife and a policeman and then attempts to commit suicide. Failing‚ he tries again the next day. Both his wife and the policeman survive. Larkin will play for several teams in 1884 before retiring.

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    May 1 On opening day in the AA and the NL no less than 4 games are decided in the bottom of the final inning. The best of these is in Cincinnati‚ where the defending AA champs score 2 in the bottom of the 11th to win‚ 6-5.
    New York wins its first league game‚ defeating Philadelphia‚ 7-5‚ at the Polo Grounds located at 110th street between 5th and 6th Avenues. The 5 Phillie tallies against Mickey Welch are all unearned. The opener attracts a crowd of 15‚000+‚ including former President U.S. Grant.
    May 2 At Boston‚ New York pitcher John Montgomery Ward clubs a 9th inning game ending homerun to give the New Yorkers a 3-2 win.
    May 3 New York's John Montgomery Ward becomes the first pitcher in history to hit 2 HRs in a game‚ giving him a 10-9 victory over Boston. Manager John Clapp drives home the game-winner with a single in the 9th.
    Providence crushes Philadelphia‚ 24-6‚ with 26 hits‚ including 5 each by Paul Hines and Arthur Irwin. They are aided by Philadelphia's catcher Bill Harbridge who commits 8 errors.
    May 5 In the first game in Chicago's spectacular remodeled ballpark‚ featuring 41 uniformed attendants and private boxes built in front of the left field fence‚ Detroit scores with 2 out in the bottom of the 9th to win‚ 3-2. With a new rule considering balls hit over the fence to be homers‚ Chicago will increase their amperage from 13 homers in 1983 to 142 this year. Last year‚ a ball hit over the fence was a double.
    May 12 At newly built Washington Park‚ between Brooklyn's Park Slope and Red Hook sections‚ opens for play. The home team is the Merritts (Interstate League)‚ recently moved from Camden‚ NJ‚ who will play in the American Association after this one year of minor league ball. Despite seating for only 2‚500 fans‚ 6‚000 show up to cheer. After a warm-up by the 23rd Regiment Band‚ Brooklyn whips Trenton‚ 12-6.
    May 13 St. Louis defeats the Eclipse in the 9th‚ 4-3. More significantly‚ neither team makes an error.
    May 15 In St. Louis a meeting is scheduled to plan the taking of "active steps looking towards the foundation of a Colored League."
    May 22 Future evangelist Billy Sunday‚ playing for the Chicago White Stockings has a miserable ML debut‚ going 0-for-4 with 4 strikeouts against Spider Jim Whitney. But Chicago wins 4-3 behind the pitching of Larry Corcoran‚ at Lakefront Park.
    May 25 Cleveland forges into a 3-way tie for first place in the NL with Detroit and Providence by defeating New York in 14 innings‚ 4-3.
    May 28 At New York's old Polo Grounds‚ heavyweight boxing champion John L. Sullivan pitches his team to a 20-15 victory in an exhibition of semipro teams. More than 4‚000 fans are on hand to watch Sullivan play. He collects 3 hits-although critics charge he is served "gopher balls"- and makes 4 of his team's 10 errors. For his efforts Sullivan pockets half of the proceeds-$1‚595. On November 4th Sullivan will pitch another game.
    The first of 2 games between Fort Wayne and Indianapolis is played under electric lights.
    May 30 It's a busy and confusing Decoration Day of AA baseball. As part of a unique Memorial Day doubleheader‚ the Reds (AA) play in two different cities. The Reds start a 9:30 a.m. game at New York's Polo Grounds‚ losing 1-0‚ then travel by train to Philadelphia where they fare better‚ scoring twice in the final frame and winning 10-8 in 11 innings. The Reds played the Athletics in Philley yesterday. The Metropolitans‚ after beating Cincinnati in the a.m. game‚ whip Columbus‚ 12-5 in the afternoon game. (This was on the western diamond of the original Polo Grounds on 110th Street‚ just north of the Polo Grounds. At the same time on the eastern diamond‚ the New York National League team was playing a doubleheader against Detroit‚ splitting 2-5 and 4-8. In between games of the New York-Detroit doubleheader‚ the first of which started at 10 a.m.‚ was a game between Yale and Princeton to decide the college championship) Columbus is the loser on the day‚ dropping an a.m. game in Philadelphia 8-5. Meanwhile‚ Cleveland loses 3-1 in Boston in the morning‚ then travels to Providence to win‚ 5-2. Buffalo loses to Providence‚ 4-2 in the morning‚ then trains to Boston to lose‚ 2-1 in the afternoon. The Chicago (NL) White Stockings have the easiest of the day's doubleheaders‚ feasting on the Phillies 15-8 and 22-4. In the 2nd game‚ the Whites score 7 runs in the 1st and 9 runs in the 5th as Mike KellyFred Pfeffer‚ and Tommy Burns make 3 hits apiece.

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    June 2 Chicago commits 20 errors‚ while New York records 10‚ as New York defeats Chicago 22-7 in the sloppiest game of the year. One player on each team plays error-free.
    Boston overcomes "stupid base-running" by Jim Whitney‚ leading to a 6th inning triple play‚ to defeat Buffalo‚ 2-1.
    June 6 Philadelphia takes its first home win in grand style‚ belting Detroit‚ 20-4.
    June 8 For the 2nd consecutive game Allegheny obliterates the Eclipse‚ taking the 2 games by a combined score of 28 to 6. In the 2nd game Ed Swartwood has 5 hits.
    June 9 After falling behind 5-2 in the 2nd inning‚ Boston rallies to whip Detroit 30-8. Paul Radford and Jim Whitney each get 5 hits‚ and Whitney sets a ML record by scoring 6 runs. Four players have 8 plate appearances. This record will stand until 1886. Boston has 28 hits, good for 46 runs‚ off Stump Wiedman and outfielder Tom Mansell. Mansell's 6 2/3 innings pitched marks his only major league appearance on the mound. He gives up 18 runs, 14 earned.
    Despite 3 triples and a single by C Buck Ewing‚ New York loses to visiting Buffalo‚ 8-7.
    Philadelphia (NL) receives permission to charge 25¢ for admission‚ instead of 50¢‚ to allow them to compete with their popular cross-town rivals‚ the AA-leading Athletics. Philadelphia's attendance quadruples for the rest of the season.
    In the first meeting of Cincinnati and Brooklyn teams in Brooklyn since the Atlantics broke the 2-season unbeaten streak of the legendary Red Stockings in 1870‚ winning 8-7‚ the Reds turn the tables winning today‚ 3-1.
    June 12 Providence passes Chicago to take 1st place in the NL‚ beating their Windy City rivals‚ 8-1.
    New York crushes Buffalo‚ 17-8‚ as Pete Gillespie has 5 hits and 5 runs.
    Boston triumphs over Detroit‚ 20-9‚ as every players hits safely.
    June 13 With the Allegheny field "half overflown with water" following a series of floods in Pittsburgh‚ Columbus overcomes the waterlogged home club 25-10‚ scoring in every inning.
    June 16 The New York Gothams introduce the concept of "Ladies Day‚" which will become a baseball staple for nearly a hundred years. Ladies‚ escorted or not‚ are admitted free. New York whips Cleveland‚ 5-2.
    June 18 In Philadelphia‚ "the umpire‚ it is alleged‚ gave the visitors considerable assistance by his unfair manner of calling balls and strikes." Buffalo wins‚ 11-2.
    June 20 Boston mauls Philadelphia 29-4‚ as Sam Wise goes 6-for-7 with 4 extra-base hits. Wise‚ Ezra Sutton‚ and Joe Hornung each score 5 runs‚ and Jim Whitney has 8 plate appearances. Philadelphia helps by committing 21 errors.
    June 23 Hugh "One Arm" Daily of Cleveland shuts out Chicago‚ 3-0‚ with 14 strikeouts.
    June 28 As noted in Sporting Life of July 1 (by Maria Vaccaro) Providence backup shortstop Joe Mulvey is shot in the shoulder while walking off the Providence Grounds with several players after a workout. The shooter‚ a fan named James Murphy‚ was aiming for teammate Cliff Carroll. Earlier in the day‚ Carroll had taken a hose and drenched Murphy. Murphy went home‚ got his gun‚ and returned to the park.

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    July 1 St. Louis thrills 12‚000 home spectators by coming from behind in the 8th and defeating the Athletics in the bottom of the 9th‚ 9-8.
    July 3 Chicago stampedes Buffalo 31-7‚ as each Chicago player hits safely and scores at least 3 runs. Abner Dalrymple and Cap Anson each get 5 hits (including 4 doubles)‚ and Dalrymple scores 5 runs. Three players (Dalyrumple‚ Gore‚ Kelly) each have a record 8 plate appearances. Chicago sets a ML record with 14 doubles‚ amassing 16 extra-base hits and 32 hits overall‚ good for 50 total bases. All come off George Derby.
    July 4 Tim Keefe of New York wins both ends of a doubleheader against Columbus 9-3 and 1-0‚ allowing a 2-game total of 3 hits. Three days from now Columbus will eke out some measure of revenge‚ allowing New York only one hit (by O'Keefe) in a 3-0 win.
    July 6 Cincinnati (AA) thrashes Baltimore 23-0‚ setting a ML record for the most decisive shutout. The record lasts for 46 days. Will White is the winner over Hardie Henderson.
    July 14 Cleveland defeats Philadelphia‚ 9-2‚ to temporarily wrest the NL lead from Providence.
    July 17 Buffalo pummels last place Philadelphia‚ 21-6‚ led by 5 hits by both Jim O'Rourke and Hardy Richardson.
    Allegheny survives runs by the Mets in the 10th and 12th and wins in the 14th‚ 7-6.
    July 19 Buffalo defeats Philadelphia 25-5‚ getting 27 hits in the process. Dan Brouthers goes 6-for-6 with 2 doubles‚ and Jim O'Rourke again gets 5 hits.
    July 21 Providence takes a firm grip on 1st place with a 7-5 win over Detroit.
    July 25 Charles Radbourn throws a no-hitter as Providence beats top rival Cleveland‚ 8-0. Hugh Daly is the loser.
    July 26 Joe Gephardt of the Eclipse is forced to miss a game against St. Louis because of temporary paralysis. He will return to the lineup within 2 weeks.
    Hoss Radbourn follows yesterday's no-hitter with a 9-hit loss to Cleveland‚ 5-2.
    July 27 Baltimore kicks Allegheny‚ 21-8‚ with every player collecting at least a hit and a run.
    July 28 In the first recorded game in Hawaii‚ the Honolulu Club wins over the Oceanic Club‚ 14-13.
    July 30 In one of the two 17-4 games of the day‚ Lon Knight of Allegheny hits for the cycle and scores 5 runs over hapless Philadelphia. In the other‚ Cincinnati tops Columbus.

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    August 4 The Mets counter 2 runs by Allegheny in the top of the 14th with 3 of their own to win‚ 7-6.
    August 7 Providence loses the NL lead permanently with a 6-4 defeat by Boston‚ while Cleveland beats Buffalo 5-2. For the 2nd straight season Providence holds the NL lead for more than twice as many days as any other team but does not win the pennant.
    August 11 Boston P Jim Whitney muffs a popup‚ but catcher Mike Hines catches it before it hits the ground and starts a. triple play. All the runners had taken off with the apparent error. Providence still wins‚ 6-2.
    The Mets please 9‚000 fans by defeating the first place Athletics in the bottom of the 9th‚ 3-2.
    Frederick Thayer‚ the inventor of the catcher's mask‚ and George Wright sue the Spalding Brothers Company for copyright infringement. The two will eventually lose their case.
    August 14 In a 7-inning game‚ Buffalo scores 4 times in the top of the 7th to beat Chicago‚ 19-17. Jim O'Rourke leads by hitting for the cycle.
    August 18 The Athletics defeat Columbus‚ 19-5‚ with 5 hits by Harry Stovey.
    August 20 After the Eclipse-Allegheny game‚ Allegheny players Billy Taylor‚ Mike Mansell‚ and George Creamer are each fined $100 and suspended indefinitely for drunkenness.
    August 21 In the most lopsided shutout in ML history‚ Providence routs Philadelphia 28-0‚ as Larry Corcoran picks up the victory over Art Hagen. The Phils will give up on the 1-14 Hagen and shuffle him off to Buffalo‚ where he will go 0-2.
    August 24 Some 41‚000 Athletic cranks watch a 4 game series with Cincinnati. The Reds take the final 3 matches.
    August 25 Chicago outlasts Buffalo‚ 18-14 as both clubs get 20 hits. Chicago's Abner Dalyrumple and Buffalo's Jack Rowe go 5-for-6‚ and Rowe hits for the cycle.
    August 29 Guy Hecker of Louisville (AA) gives up 4 hits to the A's John Stricker‚ but picks him off 3 times. Getting caught off base three times will happen once more‚ in 1916 when Benny Kauff matches it.

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    September 1 Chicago scores 11 runs in the 3rd inning en route to a 21-7 thrashing of Cleveland. Chicago collects 9 doubles with Abner Dalyrumple and Fred Pfeffer each getting 4 hits. It must feel good‚ because Chicago toddles again in 5 days.
    September 3 Philadelphia breaks its 14-game losing streak‚ the longest of the year‚ by defeating Providence 6-3.
    September 4 Columbus crushes Baltimore 21-4 behind Tom Brown‚ who goes 6-for-7 with 5 runs and 4 extra-base hits.
    September 6 Chicago uses the big inning to roll against Detroit‚ winning 26-6. Chicago sets a ML record by scoring 18 runs in the 7th inning as Tom Burns sets records by going 3-for-3 with 2 doubles and a HR and scoring 3 runs. Fred Pfeffer and Ned Williamson also collect 3 hits in the inning‚ while Goldsmith‚ Billy Sunday and Kelly have two apiece. Chicago tallies 6 doubles in the inning‚ a record that won't be topped until Boston hits 7 on August 25‚ 1936. Fourteen runs score before the first out and before manager Dan O'Leary changes pitchers. Detroit scores zero‚ but the 18 runs in the 7th is actually a record for 2 teams as well. All Chicago hitters have 3 or more hits‚ except leadoff hitter Dalrymple with 2. Detroit Free Press editor Charles Mathison‚ in listing the box score‚ writes‚ "The Free Press would be pleased to submit the full score of this remarkable game to its readers‚ but the Western Union Telegraph Company‚ which has no excuse for its poor service‚ has furnished it bobtailed and in ludicrous deformity (no assists or errors are listed) it is submitted below. The company was requested to supply the missing links‚ but the head operator declined to do so."
    The Athletics cling to their lead in the AA by defeating second-place St. Louis‚ 4-3‚ for the 3rd consecutive game. Over 45‚000 fans attend the series.
    September 8 With Chicago winning 12-8 over Detroit‚ the team concludes an extraordinarily successful series. Chicago outscores their opponent in the 4-game series by a combined score of 65-16.
    At Philadelphia‚ New York scores 13 runs in the 3rd inning to coast to a 16-6 win over the Phils. The game is called after 8 innings because of darkness as "the baby actions in the box" (NY Times) by the Phillie pitchers delays the game.
    September 10 Chicago loses to Boston 4-2‚ breaking its 11-game winning streak‚ the longest of the season.
    Cincinnati slugger John Reilly hits two homers‚ a club first‚ in a 12-6 win at Bank Street Grounds. Both homers are inside-the-park.
    September 11 Boston scores 2 runs in the top of the 9th to top Chicago 3-2‚ taking over the first place. Boston will not relinquish the lead for the remainder of the season.
    September 12 At a meeting in Pittsburgh‚ the Union Association is formed. The UA states its intention to ignore the reserve rule.
    Cincinnati (AA) mauls Allegheny 27-5 collecting a club-record 33 hits. Warren "Hick" Carpenter and "Long John" Reilly each get 6 hits‚ while Reilly scores 6 runs and hits for the cycle. Charley Jones has 5 hits for the Reds. The 17 hits by three players sets a record‚ tied in 1897.
    September 13 Hugh "One-Arm" Daly of Cleveland pitches a no-hitter‚ defeating host Philadelphia 1-0. Daly was on the short end of a no-hitter on July 25.
    September 15 Philadelphia features an all-Yale battery as Al Hubbard catches Jack Jones‚ teammates on the Eli intercollegiate championship team‚ at Cincinnati. The Reds flunk Jones‚ beating him‚ 11-0‚ the A's worst loss of the year. This was Hubbard's 2nd and final game in the ML; he debuted two days ago in Columbus under the name Al West.
    September 18 Before the start of the Reds-Philadelphia game in Cincinnati‚ a wedding takes place at home plate. Assistant groundskeeper Louis Can marries Rosie Smith. The Reds collect $60 in cash and the visiting Athletics chip in with another $40. The novelty of the wedding attracts a crowd of 2‚201‚ the highest Monday crowd of the year‚ who see the Athletics edge the Reds‚ 13-12.
    September 19 For the second time in a week‚ Cincinnati 1B Long John Reilly hits for the cycle‚ turning the trick against Philadelphia's George Bradley in a 12-3 win. Bradley gave up baseball's first cycle‚ in 1882‚ to Buffalo's Foley.
    September 25 The Union League‚ later known as the Eastern League‚ is officially formed in New York.
    September 27 Boston officially clinches the NL title‚ beating Cleveland 4-1.
    September 28 After losing 2 straight games to the Eclipse‚ the Athletics rally in the bottom of the 10th inning‚ 7-6‚ to clinch the AA championship.

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    October 10 Jim Devlin‚ a former star pitcher for the Louisville Grays (who was expelled from baseball in 1877 for his role in throwing a series of games at the request of gamblers)‚ dies in Philadelphia. Before his death he served as a policeman.

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    November 22 New York owner John B. Day proposes a resolution to prohibit a team from signing a player who has broken the reserve clause in his contract. This resolution‚ eventually adopted by both the AA and the NL‚ effectively changes the reserve rule from a device designed to protect owners from their own greediness to a vindictive weapon to be used against uncooperative players.
    November 24 The AA agree to expand to 12 teams by admitting Brooklyn‚ Washington‚ Indianapolis and Toledo.

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    December 13 The Ohio League is formed.
    December 15 In Louisville a "first-class colored team" is formed. The team‚ later known as the Falls Cities‚ becomes one of the nation's best black teams. It joins the National Colored Base Ball League (NCBBL) in 1887‚ but apparently disbands shortly after the collapse of the NCBBL in the first week of its season.

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