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    January 11 The first of a series of Tuesday games on ice is played in Chicago using professional and amateur players. These games would be a regular winter feature.
    January 23 Jerry Denny is feted at a benefit in his hometown of San Francisco just before he leaves for the east to launch a pro career that will last into the 20th century.

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    February 7 Providence rounds out its roster by signing Charles Radbourn‚ who missed most of last season with a bad arm.
    February 11 Veteran Charles "Chick" Fulmer is signed to manage a Philadelphia Athletic team being organized by Charley Mason and Billy Sharsig.
    February 22 George Wright signs a contract with Boston that he claims will only require him to play games in New England and Troy. He feels his business commitments will not allow him to accompany the Reds on their western road trips.
    February 25 Jim O'Rourke signs with Buffalo. He boasts that the contract is for $2‚000‚ but the Buffalo Courier puts the figure at $1‚300.

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    March 8 The NL meets and adopts an 84-game schedule. An enterprising newsman gets the various magnates to predict the winner in the coming pennant race; Chicago is the consensus choice with 5 votes.
    The owners vote to stop giving refunds or rain checks for postponed games.
    March 9 The NL announces a staff of 23 approved umpires‚ but one‚ John Young of Syracuse‚ refuses to serve.

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    April 2 The new Detroit club begins practice games by beating Princeton University‚ 7-2. Manager Frank Bancroft has lined up a full schedule of pre-season games‚ considered something of an innovation.
    April 11 The Eastern Association is organized to link independent clubs in a loose pennant race. The clubs include the Nationals‚ the Mets‚ Atlantics‚ Athletics‚ New Yorks‚ Quicksteps (of NY)‚ and New Bostons.
    April 22 Horace Phillips loses his litigation against Hop Bitter owner A. S. Soule stemming from last year's disappearance with club funds and is ordered to repay $1‚463.
    April 27 Detroit P Bill Sweeney suffers a hemorrhage of the lungs and is out for the season.
    April 28 With P George Bradley already sidelined by pneumonia‚ Detroit is desperate for a change pitcher and signs Will White to a 30-day contract‚ hoping Bradley will be healthy in a month.
    April 30 The NL season opens with games in Worcester and Chicago. The most significant new rules are the increase in pitching distance‚ the reduction of balls for a walk to 7‚ and the elimination of the "fair ball" warning on 2 strikes.

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    May 3 A day after losing their home opener‚ Detroit scores its first victory by beating the Bisons‚ 4-2. Joe Gerhardt stars at 2B‚ scoring 2 runs and handling 14 chances. He also participates in 4 DPs.
    May 4 Boston new P Jim Whitney shuts out Providence 4-0. The hardworking righthander will wind up leading the NL in both wins and losses (with a 31-33 record)‚ a feat not repeated in the ML until Phil Niekro does it in 1979.
    May 5 Charley Radbourn makes his NL pitching debut leading Providence to a 4-2 victory over Boston.
    May 6 Two errors by SS Dan Stearns‚ a local just picked up by the Wolverines‚ helps Buffalo to a 3-2 win. Winning pitcher Jim Galvin is of the opinion that the 5 feet added to the pitching distance is a great help to his curve ball.
    May 7 Despite being outhit 2 to 7‚ Chicago beats Cleveland‚ 4-0.
    May 10 Cap Anson is 4-for-4 against Tim Keefe as Chicago beats Troy‚ 10-5. Unlike Galvin‚ Keefe says the new distance has hurt his out-curve‚ although his in-curve is still good.
    May 14 Having won a judgment for his back salary in an Ohio court‚ Charley Jones has the local sheriff attach Boston's share of the gate receipts in Cleveland.
    May 17 Mike McGeary captains Cleveland for the last time‚ as internal dissension leads to his resignation and replacement by John Clapp.
    May 18 When Detroit base runner Sadie Houck collides with Bob Ferguson of Troy at 2B‚ Ferguson becomes indignant and slaps Houck in the face. The Detroit club prefers charges against Ferguson with the league office‚ but nothing will be done. Troy wins‚ 7-2. Houck was involved in an infield collision two years ago.
    May 19 With the Troy franchise experiencing financial difficulties‚ various rumors have the club moving to New York‚ Cincinnati‚ or Pittsburgh.
    May 20 Chicago resorts to trickery to beat Boston 5-4. Mike Kelly scores the go-ahead run from 2B on a groundout by cutting 3B by some 30 feet. The Sox 3B later saves the game with a hidden ball trick in the 9th inning.
    May 21 John Ward‚ apparently suffering from a sore arm‚ is pounded by the upstart Detroit Wolverines for 16 runs‚ while George Derby holds Providence to 3 hits for a one-sided victory.
    May 25 With Jim White going 5-for-5‚ Buffalo beats Worcester‚ 7-1.
    May 28 James S. Woodruff is apprehended on charges that he tried to bribe Cleveland's John Clapp to throw a game earlier in the season. By going to the police after the incident‚ Clapp has earned the nickname "Honest John."
    Will Hutchison pitches his first game for Yale‚ beating Harvard‚ 8-5. After starring at SS for 3 and a half seasons‚ he will pitch Yale to the college championship in his final year.

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    June 1 Having lost all three games he pitched this year‚ Tommy Bond is released by Boston. He had won 149 games for the Reds in 4 seasons.
    June 7 Aided by 4 errors by SS Art Irwin and the one-sided decisions of ump W.W. Jeffers‚ Chicago wins easily in Worcester‚ 13-1.
    June 9 Buffalo wins a 13-inning thriller 1-0 in Boston to move into a tie for first place with Chicago‚ which loses to Worcester‚ 7-6. Dan Brouthers is the star‚ saving the game with a one-handed catch in LF and the tripling and scoring the only run.
    June 13 Playing no favorites‚ Worcester SS Irwin makes errors that allow Buffalo to score 6 of its runs in a 10-9 victory.
    June 15 Having originally been scheduled to play an exhibition in Albany‚ the Troy Trojans play off yesterday's rainout versus Cleveland in the capitol city. This is one of 7 NL games that Troy will play in Albany in 3 seasons.
    June 16 Buttercup Dickerson goes 6-for-6 as Worcester beats Buffalo's John Lynch‚ 15-4‚ and knocks the Bisons out of first place.
    June 17 Boston thrills a Bunker Hill Day crowd of 6325 by upsetting Chicago‚ 6-3.
    June 18 The Washington Nationals disband‚ blaming lack of interest since the club failed to land a berth in the NL.
    June 20 A new Red Stocking team in Cincinnati takes the field for the first time. This club would be among the founders of the American Association next year and would eventually become the NL Reds.
    June 22 Two NL teams play the Mets in the same day‚ Detroit winning the morning game at the Polo Grounds 5-1‚ Buffalo winning the afternoon contest 9-1.
    June 24 Returning home from a long road trip‚ the Chicago White Stockings unveil new lavender uniforms‚ much to the amusement of the press. An unamused Larry Corcoran then tosses an 8-0 shut out over Providence.
    June 25 Chicago's George Gore steals 7 bases as the Whites beat Providence‚ 12-8. Gore steals second 5 times and 3rd twice‚ scoring 5 runs in 5 trips. This record will be tied only once‚ by Billy Hamilton on August 31‚ 1894. Stolen bases are not an official stat‚ but the Chicago Tribune reports the thefts.
    June 26 In Louisville‚ Akron and Eclipse battle to a 19-inning‚ 2-2 tie. A lightning relay to the plate by 2B Fred Pfeffer in the 18th saves the game for the hometown Eclipse.
    June 27 Chicago wins a slugfest from Providence‚ 19-12. This ups the Whites' lead to 4 1/2 games and drops the last-place Grays to 10 1/2 games behind.
    June 29 In New York‚ the Democrats beat the Stalwarts (Republicans) 58-26 in a game played by members of the state legislature as a benefit for families of the men killed during the construction of the new NY State Capitol Building.
    June 30 There are 217 called balls and other interminable delays in Chicago's 4-2 victory over Troy. The lengthy game takes all of 2 hours and 20 minutes.

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    July 2 Boston loses in Buffalo 7-4‚ and the Reds fall to last place for the first time in the clubs' proud 10-year history.
    July 4 Mickey Welch pitches Troy to 2 victories in Buffalo‚ 8-3 and 12-0‚ allowing a total of 10 hits. As noted by historian John O'Malley of NYC‚ this is Welch's 16th straight win over Buffalo (5/29/1880 to 7/4/1881). Bob Ferguson is 6-for-10 in the doubleheader, the first holiday twinbill. Detroit also plays a doubleheader, beating visiting Worcester, 11–8 and 7–3.
    July 5 Chicago beats Boston 13-11 in a game in which the lead changes hands 4 times.
    July 7 Boston errors help Chicago to a 5-4 win. By contrast‚ Silver Flint‚ Chicago catcher‚ stops a Boston rally by strategically dropping a 3rd strike to start a DP with the bases loaded.
    July 12 Chicago continues its winning ways beating Worcester‚ 12-6. Ned Williamson has a perfect day at the plate with 3 singles‚ a triple and homer.
    July 13 LF Mike Moynahan throws 2 runners out at home to help Cleveland beat Troy‚ 3-2.
    July 16 Second place Buffalo nips leading Chicago‚ 10-9. Dan Brouthers ties the game with a 2-run triple‚ then scores the winning run.
    July 18 Boston outhits Troy 7 to 3‚ but still makes enough errors to lose‚ 3-1.
    July 20 Buffalo completes a 3-game sweep of Chicago‚ winning 11-7‚ and reducing Chicago's lead to 3 1/2 games.
    July 21 Cleveland loses at Akron 4-0 in a game that takes just 1:18 to complete‚ the shortest game any of the reporters can remember.
    July 22 Chicago loses to Detroit 6-4 as all 3 potential base stealers are thrown out by Detroit C Charley Bennett.
    July 23 The Only Nolan is 4-for-4 and pitches Cleveland to a 7-3 win over Buffalo. Yesterday‚ Nolan was 4-for-5 while playing 3B.
    July 26 Chicago snaps its 5-game losing streak with a 9-4 win in Detroit. George Gore has 2 triples and a single.
    July 28 Fred Dunlap has 4 hits to pace Cleveland to a 11-2 win over Chicago.
    July 29 Old Dickey Pearce is given a benefit in New York on the 25th anniversary of his joining the old Atlantic club. He'll use the proceeds to set himself up with a "wine saloon" in Brooklyn.
    July 30 Fred Dunlap is 4-for-5‚ completing a series in which he goes 11-for-14 and handles 25 of 27 chances at 2B. However‚ Chicago salvages the final game in the series‚ 7-6‚ and stealing 7 bases.

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    August 2 Having finally rounded into shape‚ John Ward pitches and bats Providence to a 2-1 win over Troy. He pitches out of a bases-loaded‚ no out jam in the 9th and then singles home the winning run in the 11th.
    August 3 Jack Farrell quits as Providence captain and is succeeded by Tommy York. The team was 24-27 under Farrell.
    August 4 Larry Corcoran of Chicago stops Buffalo on 2 hits‚ 4-0‚ and the Whites give him errorless support.
    August 5 Detroit releases 3B Art Whitney because he is unable to play due to illness. They will resign him late in the season after he recovers.
    August 6 A 4-hitter by Fred Goldsmith gives Chicago a 3-0 win over Buffalo and a sweep of their 3 game series. The Bisons are now 7 games behind.
    August 8 Providence C Emil Gross snaps tendons in his leg and is out for the season.
    August 9 "The delicious uncertainty of baseball" (New York Mercury) is demonstrated at the Polo Grounds when the Atlantics score 11 runs in the 9th inning to beat the Mets‚ 14-12.
    August 11 In the most one-sided game of the NL season‚ Chicago trounces Detroit‚ 17-0. Fred Goldsmith pitches for Chicago against Frank Mountain‚ and Silver Flint is 5-for-5. He also catches his 9th straight game without a passed ball.
    August 12 The Providence club is reorganized. New capital is pledged. C. L. Gardiner is the new president‚ and Robert Morrow replaces James Bullock as manager.
    August 13 Hoss Radbourn leads Providence to a 1-0 win over Boston‚ pitching a 4-hitter and knocking in the only run with a single.
    August 14 Statistics published in the Chicago Tribune put Dan Brouthers at the top of the batting list with a .390 average. Cap Anson is second with .377. Official figures at the end of the season will declare Anson batting champ with a .399 average‚ Brouthers finishing 7th at .318.
    August 16 For Buffalo‚ Blondie Purcell is 4-for-4 and Jack Rowe hits a pair of 2-run triples. But Chicago gets home runs from Gore and Burns and beats the Bisons‚ 13-9.
    August 17 Worcester suspends its captain‚ Mike Dorgan‚ and Harry Stovey takes over the post. Lee Richmond‚ who had quit because of conflicts with Dorgan‚ rejoins the team.
    August 18 The declining fortunes of the Worcesters receive a further blow when Art Irwin suffers a broken leg during a game in which the team blows an 8-0 lead and has to settle for an 8-8 tie with Providence.
    August 21 The Eclipse club refuses to allow black C. M. Fleetwood Walker to play for the visiting Cleveland Whites in a game in Louisville‚ much to the disgust of many fans and sportswriters. Walker later becomes the first African-American to play ML baseball with the Toledo (AA) club in 1884.
    Buttercup Dickerson starts 2 double plays from LF as Worcester beats Boston‚ 6-1.
    The first note of an intentional base on balls with the bases loaded occurs when Abner Dalrymple of Chicago (NL) is intentionally walked by Buffalo’s Jack Lynch (NL) in the eighth inning  (as noted by Trent McCotter) The Chicago Tribune writes: "At one time, when the bases were full, Lynch deliberately sent in seven balls (the rule at the time is seven balls constitutes a walk) rather than take the chances of a hit by Dalrymple, who was at bat, and in this way forced a run upon Chicago. But all to no purpose, for Gore followed with a terrific drive for two bases, and three men came in on the hit." The Tribune further notes: "In the eighth the bases were filled, and nobody out, on successive hits by Goldsmith, Flint, and Quest, and Lynch was so afraid of Dalrymple that he gave him his base on balls and brought Goldsmith in with the gift." At the time of the intentional walk, the Buffalo team was down, 5-0; they end up losing, 11-2.
    August 22 Worcester signs veterans Candy Nelson and Lip Pike‚ both from the Atlantic club of Brooklyn.
    August 23 When P Fred Goldsmith is injured in the 3rd inning‚ substitute Larry Corcoran is called in from the turnstiles‚ where he was monitoring the count for the visiting Chicagos. He pitches 9 innings as the White Stockings win a 12-inning game in Detroit‚ 8-6.
    August 27 Tony Mullane makes his ML debut with Detroit and shows outstanding speed in beating Chicago‚ 9-1. A finger injury and wildness will lead to his release a month later.
    August 29 Protecting a 5-4 lead with men on 2B and 3B in the 9th‚ Troy's Tim Keefe strikes out 3 batters in a row to beat Boston.
    August 30 Anson and Flint have perfect days at the plate as Chicago pounds out 21 hits to beat Detroit‚ 12-8. The loss drop Detroit into a tie for 3rd place with Providence.

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    September 2 Jim Galvin allows 13 hits but bangs out a single‚ double and triple to help Buffalo to a 14-6 rout of Detroit.
    September 3 CF Lip Pike makes 3 errors in the 9th inning to give Boston 2 runs and a 3-2 victory over Worcester. The losing club immediately accuses Pike of throwing the game and suspends him.
    September 8 Jack Rowe is 4-for-4 to help Buffalo beat Chicago‚ 10-1‚ in the opener of the final series between the two leaders. Chicago will win tomorrow to take a 6 1/2 game lead with 13 to play.
    September 10 In a game in Albany‚ Troy's Roger Connor hits the first grand slam in NL history‚ and the first "ultimate" grand slam. The blow‚ with his team 3 runs down‚ comes off Worcester's Lee "Ruby Legs" Richmond with 2 out in the bottom of the 9th inning and wins the game‚ 8-7.
    September 12 John "Chub" Sullivan‚ who had been the Worcester captain this spring before falling ill‚ dies in Boston.
    September 14 Fifteen errors by the Wolverines allow Providence to beat Detroit‚ 4-1.
    September 15 Buffalo 2B Dave Force makes 2 unassisted DPs‚ participates in 2 other DPs‚ and starts a triple play in a 12-inning 7-6 loss at Worcester. Only 2 other second basemen (Claude Ritchey‚ 7/9/1899 and Mike Edwards 8/10/1978) will make 2 unassisted DPs in one game.
    September 16 Chicago clinches the pennant with a 4-0 victory in Boston. Mike Kelly is 4-for-4‚ scoring 2 runs and driving in 2.
    September 17 Boston informs its players that it will release them on October 1st and not pay them the last month of their salaries.
    September 20 Ed Nolan‚ John Clapp‚ and Jim McCormick all miss the Cleveland game in Worcester because their return from a side trip to NYC is delayed by a t rain wreck. The club fines each $100. The Blue Stockings win without them‚ 6-5.
    September 23 Boston LF Joe Hornung makes 10 putouts and one assist as the Reds beat Buffalo 4-3. This one-game record of 11 chances accepted by a LF still stands.
    September 25 Although the league has offered membership to the Mets and the Athletics and been turned down‚ it is announced that all 8 teams from this year will be back in the NL next season‚ a first for the league.
    September 27 At Troy‚ NY‚ Chicago plays its last game of the year‚ winning 10-8.A heavy rain storm throughout the game keeps the attendance to 12‚ a ML record for the smallest crowd. The Detroit team 28th receives just $107.55 as the visitors' share in 3 games in Worcester‚ which means the average attendance is under 240.
    Charles Radbourn has a no-hitter broken up with one out in the 9th when Fred Dunlap hits a double. Rad settles for a 6-0 one-hitter‚ his second one-hitter in a month.
    September 29 At an NL meeting in Saratoga Springs‚ NY‚ the league adopts a blacklist of ten players who are barred from playing for or against any NL teams until they are removed by unanimous vote of the league clubs. The reason for the blacklisting is "confirmed dissipation and general insubordination." These men are: Sadie Houck‚ Lip Pike‚ Lou Dickerson‚ Mike Dorgan‚ Bill Crowley‚ John Fox‚ Lew Brown‚ Emil Gross‚ The Only Nolan‚ and Ed Caskins.
    September 30 The NL meeting adopts an "ironclad" contract that gives the club the right to fine a player for any conduct the club deems detrimental to its interest. Furthermore‚ the player assumes the responsibility for all risks of injury or illness and must pay for his own medical treatment.

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    October 1 The Mets beat the champion Chicagos in New York 7-4. The Mets are the only non league team to have won more than one game versus NL opposition.
    October 8 Chris Von der Ahe‚ president of the corporation that runs Sportsman's Park in St. Louis‚ signs the members of the previously independent St. Louis Browns semiprofessional club‚ giving Von der Ahe control over the players for the first time. This is a key step toward the establishment of the club that would eventually become the St. Louis Cardinals.
    October 10 Cincinnati baseball backers meet in Pittsburgh with H. Denny McKnight and issue a call to other independent club operators to meet November 2nd to form a major league independent of the NL.
    October 15 H. D. McKnight organizes a new Allegheny Baseball Club of Pittsburgh in anticipation of the proposed new league.
    October 16 The Mystics beat Oakland‚ 12-10‚ to win the loosely organized California League championship.
    October 31 The Metropolitan club plays its final game of the season. The Mets played 151 games altogether‚ winning 80 of them. They were 18-43 versus NL teams.

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    November 2 The American Association of Professionals is founded with the motto "Liberty to All." The members are St. Louis‚ Cincinnati‚ Louisville‚ Allegheny‚ Athletic‚ and Atlantic. This AA will be considered a major league.
    November 3 The AA elects H. D. McKnight as its president. It votes to honor the NL blacklist in the case of drunkenness but not to abide by the NL reserve clause. The new league will rely on home gate receipts‚ visiting teams getting just a $65 guarantee on the road‚ as opposed to the NL's policy of giving 15¢ from each admission to the visitors. The AA will allow Sunday games‚ liquor sales‚ and 25¢ tickets‚ all prohibited by the NL.

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    December 1 The Buffalo club meeting reveals the Bison's home attendance for 1881 was just over 32‚000.
    December 7 At the NL annual meeting the owners reject the applications of Phil Baker and Charley Jones for reinstatement.
    December 8 The NL rules: the 3-foot line along 1B is adopted for the first time; runners can no longer be put out returning to their bases after foul ball not caught; the fine for pitchers hitting batters with pitches is repealed; the "block ball" rule allowing runners to take as many bases as possible on balls going into the crowd‚ the fielding team being able to put them out only after returning the ball to the pitcher in his box.
    December 21 The Boston club meets and elects a new board of directors‚ who will retain Harry Wright as manager. The club reports an operating surplus of $75 on home attendance of around 35‚000.
    December 22 Harry Wright signs to manage Providence for 1882.
    December 23 The Western Inter-collegiate Base Ball Association is formed by Northwestern‚ University of Michigan‚ and Racine College.

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