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    January 11 The touring Hop Bitters club‚ representing Rochester‚ NY‚ wins 2 games in New Orleans against local clubs. They beat the Washingtons‚ 26-0‚ in the morning‚ and R. E. Bees in the afternoon‚ 15-4.

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    February 5 Worcester is voted into the NL.
    February 12 The Boston club cuts the price of season tickets from $14 to $12 after the Red Stockings failed to win their 3rd straight pennant last season.
    February 20 An article in the Washington Post states that the National Association amended their rules‚ allowing for the use of either a round or new four-sided bat. But the Brooklyn Eagle will note on April 14‚ 1880‚ that "(t)he Chicago papers claim that the four-sided bat is a failure. . . . " It subsequently quotes a Buffalo paper: "The Chicagos have tested the flat bat and pronounced it worthless‚" noting that "Gore‚ Dalrymple and Flint say‚ 'It is an impossibility to keep the ball off the ground or to prevent it going up in the air with the new bat.'"
    February 25 Yale chooses not to join the American Collegiate Baseball Association because of professional players on other teams. J. Lee Richmond of Brown played professionally for Worcester.

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    March 19 Boston signs P Jim Whitney‚ considered one of the best hurlers in California‚ at a salary of $150 per month The California Base Ball League opens the season. This league and the Pacific Base Ball League‚ both based in the San Francisco area‚ can offer enough to lure some big-name Eastern pro players.
    March 29 Bobby Mathews signs with the Athletics of San Francisco. The West Coast clubs will also sign Cal McVey and Jim Galvin‚ among others.
    March 31 Worcester offers Providence $1‚000 for the right to negotiate with George Wright. Wright is among the 5 players reserved by the Grays under the new agreement‚ and that club has offered him a reduced salary‚ even though he led Providence to the pennant last season. Under the new reserve rule‚ Providence would keep Wright out of action all season.

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    April 4 "A very singular contest took place at New Orleans‚ La.‚ on April 4‚ 1880‚ when five Northern professionals succeeded in defeating the colored professional nine of that city by a score of 17 to 3." According to the account‚ reported 14 months later in the Chicago Tribune of July‚ 1881‚ Tim Keefe pitched‚ Charlie Bennett caught‚ John Sullivan played first base‚ and George Wood and George Creamer "were intrusted with the onerous task of filling the other six positions." Keefe played for Albany and Troy in 1880‚ while the other players were teammates at Worcester.
    April 14 The new Cincinnati ballpark on Bank Street is opened with an exhibition game between the Reds and the Washington Nationals. The park seats 3‚490 and will serve professional teams in three leagues: NL in 1880‚ AA in 1882-83‚ and UA in 1884.
    April 21 George Wright turns down Providence's final contract offer. Since the club has turned down Worcester's offer and will not allow any other club to negotiate with Wright‚ he will sit out the entire season (except for one game)‚ the first player victimized by the reserve system.
    April 28 Boston C Lew Brown shows up drunk at an exhibition game and is suspended for the season.

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    May 1 Opening Day in the NL. In Cincinnati‚ the Chicagos spoil the official opening of the new park by beating the Reds 4-3 with 2 runs in the bottom of the 9th. Two runs come on a homer by Mike Kelly and two on an error by SS Sam wright. This is the first pro game ended in "sudden death‚" as the old rules required that the full inning be played out even if the team batting last was already ahead.
    May 2 The Cleveland club gives up its appeal and pays its $50 license fee to the city‚ while still complaining about being treated "like a circus‚" i.e. the transient business.
    May 4 Boston wins its home opener against Providence‚ 4-3‚ thanks largely to a 3-run homer by Curry Foley.
    May 5 Back at home‚ Providence turns the tables and beats Boston‚ 1-0‚ on a run thatcomes around from 1B when a throw by P Tommy bond hits the batter running to first base.
    May 7 George Gore of Chicago goes 6-for-6-all singles-with 5 runs scored as the White Stockings trounce Cincinnati 20-7. Gore will lead the NL in batting with a .360 average.
    May 10 Jim "Pud" Galvin wires the Buffalo club from San Francisco‚ accepting terms to play for the Bisons despite his contract to play in the California League.
    May 13 In a 1-0 loss to Cincinnati‚ Cleveland's Al Hall suffers a season-ending broken leg in an OF collision with teammate Pete Hotaling. A 7th inning double is Cleveland's only hit off Reds P Will White‚ who benefits from a 9th inning triple and score by batterymate John Clapp. A benefit will be played on May 17th that will net Al Hall about $400‚ but this will not offset his loss of salary.
    May 17 Worcester jumps on Boston's Bond for 11 runs in the first innings and hangs on to win‚ 19-10. Jack Burdock is 5-for-5 for the Reds.
    May 18 Corcoran returns to the pitcher's box for Chicago as the Whites rally to beat Cleveland‚ 10-6. The Cleveland second baseman Fred Dunlap is 5-for-5but becomes rattled by Chicago's baserunning at a critical time and misses 2 double plays.
    May 20 Chicago captain Cap Anson begins using hurlers Larry Corcoran and Fred Goldsmith in alternating games‚ thereby establishing the first "pitching rotation" ever.
    May 21 In Albany's Riverside Park‚ Lip Pike hits a ball over the wall and into the river. RF Lon Knight begins to go after the ball in a boat but gives up. Few parks have ground rules about giving the batter an automatic HR on a hit over the fence.
    May 22 Jim Galvin makes his first appearance of the season for Buffalo‚ beating Cincinnati 2-1. Galvin had difficulty leaving California‚ where he was forced to walk 36 miles at one point to avoid local detectives who were trying to hold him to his California League contract.
    May 24 Troy City rookie Roger Connor hits his first ML home run‚ off Boston's Tommy bond. He adds a triple and two singles as the Trojans beat the Red Caps‚ 8-1. When Connor retires in 1897 he will have 136 homers‚ a record that will stand until Ruth breaks it in 1921.
    The last place Reds trim Buffalo‚ 17-4. Buffalo center fielder Bill Crowley has 4 assists in the game to tie the ML record. He'll do it again August 27.
    May 25 At a special meeting in Niagara Falls‚ Providence tries unsuccessfully to get Troy expelled from the league for failing to stay over in Providence for a makeup game on May 17. The league awards a forfeit of the game to Providence.
    May 26 Sam Crane‚ disabled by a hand injury‚ is released as a player and captain of the Buffalo Bisons but remains in charge of the team under the new title of manager.
    May 27 Fred Goldsmith and Chicago shut out Buffalo on 2 hits. The 11-0 win extends the Whites' streak to 13 games‚ a new NL record.
    May 29 With George Wright in its lineup‚ Boston upsets Chicago 11-10. Wright scores 2 runs and fields flawlessly‚ but will play no more games because of protests from Providence‚ which still has him "reserved." The loss snaps Chicago's win streak of 13‚ which they will top in a little more than a month (June 2-July 8).
    May 31 Providence captain Mike McGeary‚ who has played poorly‚ is given a "30-day vacation" by the club. The team has a disappointing 8-7 record as 20-year-old Monte Ward takes over as captain.

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    June 1 Boston beats Chicago for the 2nd time in a row‚ winning 5-4. Burdock also shocks the crowd with a 2-run homer‚ his first homer in professional play since June 18‚ 1874.
    June 2 Buffalo fines 1B Oscar Walker $50 for breaking his temperance pledge.
    June 3 Lee Richmond of Worcester shuts out Cincinnati to make it 2 shutouts in a row‚ 13-0 and 4-0.
    June 4 Larry Corcoran of Chicago and John Ward of Providence battle to a 1-1 tie in 16 innings‚ called because of darkness. Sixteen innings would remain the longest game in big-league history until August 17‚ 1882‚ when Ward will win 1-0 over Detroit in 18 innings.
    June 10 Boston's Charley Jones‚ last year's HR king with 9‚ hits 2 HRs in one inning‚ becoming the first big leaguer to accomplish this feat. Both HRs come off Buffalo's Tom Poorman in the 8th inning of a 19-3 rout. Jones now has league-high 4 homers‚ one more than Fred Dunlap.
    June 11 Yale beats Worcester‚ 3-2‚ to raise the college team's record against pros to 9-1 for the season. The Elis will lose 2 to Chicago and finish 10-3 versus pro clubs‚ including 2-2 vs. the NL.
    June 12 John Lee Richmond pitches the first perfect game in professional history‚ leading Worcester to a 1-0 victory over Cleveland. RF Lon Knight saves the no-hitter by throwing out Bill Phillips at 1B for a 9-3 putout.
    June 14 After 2 catchers are injured-Bill Holbert with a cut from a broken mask and Bill Harbidge with a split finger-Troy is forced to recruit amateur Mike Lawlor to finish the game. Not surprisingly‚ Chicago wins easily 16-2.
    June 16 After having played in an a.m. game and then attended his graduation ceremonies at Brown‚ Lee Richmond is whisked into a special train so that he can pitch in the afternoon game in Worcester. He loses a tight game to Chicago‚ 7-6‚ in 10 innings.
    June 17 John Montgomery Ward pitches a perfect game in Providence against Buffalo‚ winning 5-0. Losing P Pud Galvin makes the last out. This is the 2nd perfect game in the NL in 6 days. The 3rd will not be pitched until 1964‚ when Jim Bunning turns the trick.
    June 19 Cleveland's Jack Glasscock goes 5-for-5 with 2 doubles to lead a 27-hit attack against Troy in an 18-6 rout.
    June 23 Boston edges Buffalo‚ 7-6‚ in 10 innings‚ scoring in the top of the inning when the Bisons turn a double play while allowing the run on 3B to cross the plate.
    June 26 Abner DalrympleGeorge Gore‚ and Larry Corcoran‚ all normally lefthanded batters‚ cross over and bat right-handed against southpaw Lee Richmond and get one hit each as Chicago beats Worcester 4-0. The victory runs the Whites' latest winning streak to 14 games‚ breaking the "old" record that they set last month.
    June 29 Cleveland beats Boston 6-5 with Sid Gardner pitching his first league game for the season. Jim McCormick had pitched complete games in all of Cleveland's 31 previous NL games.

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    July 2 Cap Anson paces his Chicagos to a 10-5 victory over Boston with a 5-for-5 day at the plate. He scores 4 times and drives home 2.
    July 3 Andy Leonard of Cincinnati makes 2 two-run errors to lose a game to Providence‚ 6-4. This will lead to Andy's release‚ ending a career that dates back to the original Red Stockings of 1869.
    July 4 Three of the four holiday games are decided in extra innings. Buffalo beats Worcester‚ 1-0‚ in 10 innings after Richmond gets thrown out at home place twice in earlier innings. Cleveland scores 2 in the bottom of the 14th to edge Troy‚ 5-4. Chicago nips Providence in 11 innings‚ 3-2‚ before a crowd of nearly 9‚000‚ the largest for any NL game this season.
    July 6 Troy's Mickey Welch pitches a one-hitter to beat Cleveland‚ 8-1. The Trojans knock McCormick out of the box for his first incomplete game of the season.
    July 8 Chicago wins its 21st consecutive decision‚ beating Providence 5-4. This streak will be surpassed only once in ML history‚ by the New York Giants in 1916‚ and will be tied by the Cubs in 1935. Chicago had set the NL record of 13 straight wins earlier this year. The victory raises Chicago's won-lost record to 35-3‚ far ahead of 2nd-place Providence's 21-16 mark.
    July 10 Cleveland snaps Chicago's long winning streak with a thrilling victory. The game is scoreless until the bottom of the 9th inning. Then Jack Glasscock walks‚ and Fred Dunlap hits a long drive to the deepest part of the park and circles the bases for an apparent HR. A lively debate ensues as to whether Dunlap gets a HR or whether the game ends the instant Glasscock touches the plate under the new sudden death rule.
    July 11 The Chicago Tribune publishes statistics for the White Stocking players‚ including runs batted in. RBI would be dropped after the end of the season.
    July 12 A home run by Dan Brouthers off Jim Galvin gives Rochester a 4-3 voctory over Buffalo in an exhibition game.
    July 13 Corcoran pitches Chicago to a 3-0 victory over Cleveland. With Goldsmith on the sick list‚ the White Stockings' pitching rotation is temporarily ended.
    July 14 Jim O'Rourke of Boston hits 2 homers‚ one off Red Corey and the other off Lee Richmond‚ but Boston still loses‚ 6-5‚ to Worcester. O'Rourke hit a homer yesterday in a losing effort.
    July 16 Jim Galvin wins over Monte Ward in the season's longest pitching duel‚ 1-0‚ in 14 innings.
    July 17 Rookie Harry Stovey hits his first ML HR‚ connecting off Jim McCormick as Worcester beats Cleveland 7-1. Stovey will be the first ML player to reach 100 career HRs.
    July 19 Roger Connor strokes 2 homers and 2 singles off Corcoran as Troy beats Chicago for the first time this season‚ 12-9.
    July 21 Ward and Providence gain revenge against Galvin and Buffalo by winning‚ 6-3 in 15 innings.
    July 23 Monte Ward pitches a 5-0 one-hitter against Cincinnati. A leadoff single in the first inning by Blondie Purcell keeps Ward from getting his 2nd no-hitter of the season.
    July 24 Art Irwin's single‚ 2 doubles and triple enable Worcester to beat Chicago for the first time this season‚ winning today‚ 4-3.
    July 25 Having guided the team to an 18-13 record in 8 weeks‚ Johnny Ward resigns from Providence. Mike Dorgan takes the reins.
    July 26 Chicago is beaten by the Nationals of Washington‚ 2-1‚ in 12 innings in an exhibition game in Springfield‚ MA. The Nationals have relocated to Springfield temporarily because of the lack of good opposition coming through the nation's capital.
    July 27 Jim "Deacon" White finally joins the Cincinnati Reds. He had signed a contract in mid-May but had delayed his departure from home to care for his sick wife.
    July 29 Rochester Hop Bitters manager Horace Phillips disappears with $400 of the club's money. He would later claim that he borrowed the money from owner A.S. Soule.
    July 30 Captain Bob Ferguson's 5th hit of the day starts a 2-run rally in the bottom of the 9th to give Troy a 7-6 victory over Buffalo.
    July 31 Chicago beats Providence‚ 4-1‚ to snap the Whites' only 3-game losing streak of the year. They would only have two other losing streaks of 2 games each.

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    August 1 Rochester owner Soule offers a $100 reward for information concerning the whereabouts of manager Horace Phillips.
    August 2 George Derby and the Nationals shut out Buffalo‚ 7-0. The Nationals have a decisive lead in the three-team National Association race at this point.
    August 5 Providence nips Cleveland‚ 2-1 on 2 late runs and a Jack Farrell to Joe Start triple play.
    August 6 Tim Keefe‚ recently with the Albany (NA) club‚ makes his ML debut with Troy‚ fanning 7 and beating Cincinnati‚ 4-2 on a 4-hitter. He is 2-for-4 at the plate.
    August 7 George Bradley hurls his 2nd shutout in 2 days for Providence over Cleveland. This completes a 3-game sweep that puts the Grays ahead of Cleveland to stay in the race for 2nd place.
    August 10 Larry Corcoran's one-hitter beats the Grays‚ 5-1‚ Bradley doubling over the RF wall in the 8th for the only Providence hit. Chicago's Lake Front Park‚ Buffalo's Riverside Park‚ and Cleveland's Kennard Street Park all have ground rules call for only two bases on hits over certain portions of the outfield fences.
    August 12 After 21 consecutive victories at home‚ Chicago suffers its first defeat at Lake Front this season‚ losing to Providence 6-4. The White Stockings had not lost an NL game at home since August 25‚ 1879.
    August 13 Switching OF and pitching positions 5 times‚ Fred Corey and Lee Richmond combine to hurl Worcester to a 3-1 victory over Cleveland.
    August 16 Worcester becomes the only team all season to win 2 NL games in one day‚ beating Cleveland 3-1 in the morning and 8-2 in the afternoon.
    August 19 Pitching his 3rd game in 3 days‚ Larry Corcoran hurls a no-hitter versus Boston‚ winning 6-0 over Tommy Bond. He walks none‚ but 4 men reach on errors. Although the ball is described as "mushy and shapeless‚" that doesn't stop the White Stockings from making 11 hits‚ including 4 by George Gore.
    August 20 Jim Galvin pitches a no-hitter against Worcester and Buffalo wins 1-0 on a first inning run. Frank Cory takes the loss.
    August 21 George Gore goes 4-for-4 for the 2nd game in a row to cap an 11-for-18 series versus Boston. Chicago wins‚ 11-2‚ to complete a 4-game sweep.
    August 24 The Boston game in Buffalo is stopped after 7 innings because the setting sun is right in the catchers' eyes. With the Reds leading 11-2 the outcome of the game seems assured.
    August 27 Boston beats Buffalo 5-3. For the 2nd time this season‚ Buffalo center fielder Bill Crowley throws out 4 runners in a game to tie the ML mark. Crowley also recorded 4 assists on May 24th‚ the only outfielder to accomplish this twice.
    When catcher Sam Trott injures his knee in the 1st inning‚ Boston changes both pitcher and catcher‚ with Tommy Bond and Phil Powers coming in. The new battery limits Buffalo to one run‚ and the Reds win‚ 4-3.
    August 28 Cincinnati commits 9 errors in the 4th inning and 16 in the game as the Reds are trounced by Troy 13-2. 2B Charlie Smith makes 4 errors on his way to an NL record 89 errors by a 2B in one season.
    August 31 Left fielder Abner Dalrymple leads Chicago to a 2-1 victory over Troy by scoring both runs and throwing out two baserunners.

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    September 1 Boston OF Charley Jones is suspended by the Boston club for demanding his $378 in back pay and then refusing to play when it is not forthcoming. In reaction to Jones's actions‚ the club suspends‚ fines‚ and blacklists him without paying him anything.
    September 2 The first night baseball is attempted in Nantasket Beach‚ MA‚ between teams from 2 Boston department stores‚ Jordan Marsh and R. H. White. The Boston Post reports the next day that "A clear‚ pure‚ bright light was produced‚ very strong and yet very pleasant to the sight" by the 12 carbon-arc electric lamps. The game ends in a 16-16 tie.
    September 3 The Rochesters fail to appear for a game against the Nationals in Washington because of a dispute over game receipts. With the Albany club already disbanded‚ this means the end of the National Association after 4 seasons.
    September 6 Cincinnati P Will White suffers another hard-luck defeat‚ losing 1-0 on 2 first inning errors by SS Louis Say.
    September 8 The Polo Grounds in New York at 110th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues is leased by the new Metropolitan club being assembled by Jim Mutrie with the backing of John B. Day. The grounds‚ which have been used for polo matches‚ will be converted into the first commercial baseball park ever to be built on Manhattan Island.
    September 13 NL secretary Nick Young rules that the final score of the July 10th game in which Fred Dunlap hit the apparent HR in the bottom of the 9th inning should be 2-0‚ not 1-0‚ as some contend. Young rules that Dunlap's hit should be a HR and it would be a "gross injustice" to deprive him of one.
    September 14 Abner Dalrymple becomes the first NL hitter to reach 100 hits for the season. He will finish with 136.
    September 15 Providence loses to Boston 5-4 as John O'Rourke of Boston keys the Reds' victory with 4 doubles‚ becoming the first ML player to hit 4 two-baggers in one game. The younger brother of Jim O'Rourke will lead the NL in RBI and slugging averages.
    Chicago‚ with a 59-13 record‚ clinches the NL pennant by beating Cincinnati‚ 5-2.
    September 17 Harry Stovey hits a leadoff home run‚ his second of the week‚ to start Worcester towards a 3-1 win over Troy.
    September 18 Aided by 3 Worcester errors‚ Troy scores 4 in the bottom of the 9th to win‚ 4-3.
    September 20 Before a home crowd of just 390‚ Paul Hines goes 5-for-5 to lead Providence to a 5-0 decision over Boston.
    September 21 Harry Stovey hits a pair of homer runs to take the league lead with 6. Harry adds a single and double as Worcester beats Troy's Mickey Welch‚ 17-2.
    September 23 Worcester beats the Boston Red Sox 9-4 behind the pitching of Fred Corey. Corey also hits a homerun, but fails to touch 3B and is credited with a double instead. It would have been his only NL HR; he’ll hit 7 in the AA.
    September 27 The venerable Knickerbocker club of New York honors its president John Whyte Davis on the 30th anniversary of his joining the club by staging a ball game followed by a gala dinner.
    September 28 Cincinnati makes 11 errors including 6 missed fly balls‚ and loses to Cleveland‚ 7-3.
    September 29 The Polo Grounds is opened with a 4-2 Mets victory over the NA champion Nationals. The crowd of around 2‚500 is the largest for a ball game in the New York area in several years.
    September 30 Chicago wins its final game‚ beating Buffalo 10-8‚ to finish the season with a 67-17 record‚ establishing an NL record for winning percentage (.798)‚ although winning percentage will not be used officially in the league until 1884. Providence is 2nd‚ 15 games behind. The last-place Reds (21-59) finish with a 2-0 win over Cleveland before a home crowd of 183 fans.

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    October 4 At a special NL meeting in Rochester‚ the league prohibits its members from renting their grounds for use on Sundays and from selling alcoholic beverages on the premises. These rules are aimed at the Cincinnati club‚ which has sold beer and rented out the park to amateur teams for Sundays.
    October 5 The NL makes a statement putting its aggregate losses for the season at $20‚000. Blame is placed on high salaries‚ which run over $14‚000 for some clubs.
    October 6 The Cincinnati club refuses to accede to the October 4th restrictions and is thrown out of the NL. The NL also votes to retain the year-old reserve system.
    October 7 The Metropolitans beat Worcester‚ 12-6‚ the Mets first victory over an NL team. The Mets will finish 5-10 versus NL opponents‚ but 12-1 against all other clubs.
    October 10 The Boston and Providence clubs release their players‚ thereby saving themselves 20 days' worth of salary.
    October 16 The Mets beat Troy‚ 9-3‚ to split a six game "State Championship" series. John M. Ward pitches for the Mets‚ but he denies that he will play in New York next year‚ since he has a year left on his 2-year contract with Providence.
    October 23 The Mets and the Chicagos close their season with a 3-2 White Stocking win in New York.

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    November 4 A Meeting is held in New York to discuss the possibilities for establishing a new league to rival the NL. Nothing concret comes of the discussions.
    November 11 Boston signs P Jim Whitney‚ considered one of the best hurlers in California‚ at a salary of $150 per month.

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    December 8 At the annual NL meeting‚ the league rejects the Nationals' bid for admission‚ electing Detroit instead‚ although there is no established club there. The Michigan city is chosen for geographic reasons‚ since its 1880 population (116‚340) is smaller than both Washington's (147‚293) and Cincinnati's (255‚139)‚ the city being replaced.
    December 9 The NL reelects William Hulbert as president‚ and adopts several new rules‚ including:
    Reinstituting the old rule that allowed the fielding team to put out a runner on a foul ball if they can return the ball to the pitcher in his box‚ and then to the runner's original base before the runner can get back.
    Prohibiting all pinch runners (this rule will be ignored many times).
    Eliminating substitutions (except in the case of illness or injury)‚ the old rule having allowed subs in the first inning but not thereafter.
    Moving the pitcher's box back 5 feet so that its front line is 50 feet from the back point of home plate.
    Again reducing the number of called balls for a walk‚ from 8 to 7.
    Adopting the first rule requiring that the batting order be announced before the start of the game. This first rule was a scorecard printer's delight‚ since it called for the captain to announce the lineup the night before the game.
    December 30 The Providence club meets and announces its squad for 1881. The newcomers include Bobby MathewsJerry Denny‚ and Bill McClellan.

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