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    April 25 The New York Clipper announces that it will give a Gold Ball of regulation weight and size to the club proclaimed Champions of 1868. In addition‚ gold medals will be given to the 9 best players at their positions.

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    May 12 The second all-star game of the year is played between players selected from the New York and Brooklyn clubs. New York has only 8 players and go without a shortstop‚ but last until the 11th inning before losing 36-33. Lipman Pike and George Wright play for New York.
    May 23 In a battle of the top 2 Cincinnati teams‚ the Red Stockings cut down the Buckeyes‚ 28-10. Asa Brainard‚ from the Excelsior Club‚ makes his first appearance with the Reds as a number of players have changed teams this year. Those who do so while having a valid contract with their original team are called "revolvers."

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    June 1 The Champion Unions of Morrisania‚ with George Wright at SS‚ play their first game of the season winning‚ 31-16‚ over the Olympic Club of Patterson‚ NJ.
    June 6 The Athletics of Philadelphia beat the Reds‚ 20-13‚ before 5‚000 at a soggy Union Grounds in Cincinnati. The Reds‚ with new players Mart King (from the Haymakers) and John Hatfield (Mutuals) are unable to stop the A's heavy hitting.
    The Champion Unions are almost upset by a team of Yale students in New Haven‚ and need 2 runs in the last of the 9th to tie‚ and 2 in the last of the 10th to win‚ 16-14.
    June 10 In Buffalo‚ the Atlantics are defeated by the Niagaras and pitcher Atwater‚ 19-15. The Niagaras jump to a 9-0 lead‚ then fall behind before rallying to win.
    June 18 Continuing their western tour‚ the Athletics of Philadelphia face the Forest City of Rockford club‚ winning decisively‚ 94-13.
    June 24 Playing without their injured star‚ 2B Al Reach‚ the Athletics of Philadelphia have no trouble defeating the Forst City Club of Cleveland‚ 85-11. The New York Clipper observes‚ "The Athletic Club‚ unlike the Atlantics‚ have no compassion on their opponents-whoever they might be-and the game is played as though upon each run depends the result of the game."
    In Chicago‚ the Atlantics trip Al Spalding and the Forest City of Rockford Club‚ 31-29. The Atlantics need 12 runs in the 8th to win.
    June 29 The touring Athletics of Philadelphia finally lose as Excelsior of Rochester‚ NY wins‚ 26-20. The Excelsiors take advantage of A's pitcher Dick McBride‚ who has a sore arm.

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    July 1 The Atlantics play in Indianapolis‚ soundly beating the Active Club‚ 103-8.
    July 2 In Hoboken at the once pristine Elysian Fields‚ the Gramercy Club‚ occupying the old Mutual Grounds‚ loses to the Actives‚ 28-17. Most of the top New York teams have abandoned Elysian Fields and crowd have dropped from the thousands to the hundreds.
    July 4 Before a crowd of 2‚500 at Chicago‚ the Forest City Club of Rockford beats the Chicago Excelsiors‚ 36-27‚ and‚ with 2 wins over them‚ claims the championship of the Northwest.
    July 9 The Red Stockings have a field meet at Cincinnati and John Hatfield throws a baseball a record 396 feet‚ breaking his own record of 349 feet‚ done in 1865.
    July 25 The game for the Championship of American Colleges is played at Worcester‚ MA‚ with Harvard defeating Yale‚ 25-17.

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    August 4 The quickest game on record is played at the Union Grounds‚ Brooklyn. Al Martin holds the Uniques to one run against 37 for the Eckfords in the 50-minute game.
    August 6 The Union of Morrisania‚ on their Western tour‚ travel to Chicago where a good crowd sees the Champions defeat the Atlantic Club of Chicago 41-12. George Wright and John Goldie each score 7 runs.
    The Champions of Marshalltown (Iowa) travel to Omaha‚ winning 32-16. Three Ansons play for Marshalltown: Henry‚ and his sons Sturgis and Adrian.
    August 11 In Rockford‚ IL‚ the Unions of Morrisania play before 5‚000‚ their biggest crowd on their tour. They win their 11th straight‚ beating the Forest City Club‚ 23-17. George Wright hits a homer off Al Spalding.
    August 17 the first match for the Championship of 1868 is played before 15‚000 people at the Brooklyn's Union Grounds between the Atlantics of Brooklyn and the Mutuals of New York. Home runs by Ferguson and Mills lead the Atlantics to a 12-11 win. Lipman Pike's 3-run homer in the 9th makes it close for the Mutuals. John C Chapman‚ the Atlantics RF‚ makes a fine running catch with the tying run on 3B in the 9th. The fans take a "stretch" after the first half of the 5th inning.
    August 25 In Cincinnati‚ the Union of Morrisania club loses their first game after 25 straight wins‚ including a 12-8 win over the local Red Stockings yesterday. The Cincinnati Reds club wins‚ 13-12. Harry Wright plays SS for the Reds while his brother George plays for the Unions.

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    September 7 The 2nd meeting between the Atlantics and the Athletics draws a crowd of 15‚000 to the Union Grounds. The Athletics flex their muscles beating Zettlein and the Atlantics‚ 37-13. Every member scores 4 runs except Cuthbert who scores 5.
    September 10 At Brooklyn's Union Grounds‚ the Athletics cuff the Champion Unions of Morrisania‚ 31-7. The winners have 34 hits and 7 errors while the losers have 9 hits and 21 errors.
    September 18 The first game of the Championship Series between the Unions of Morrisania and the Mutuals is played before 6‚000 at the Union Grounds. The Champions‚ helped by 3 home runs from George Wright-2 in the 7th-win‚ 28-12.
    September 21 In Philadelphia‚ the Mutuals of New York beat the Athletics‚ 51-24 before a crowd of 10‚000. Dockney has a pair of homers in a losing cause.
    September 30 In Philadelphia‚ the visiting Cincinnati Red Stockings lose to the Athletics‚ 15-12. A controversy occurs before the game when the Reds introduce a completely dead ball made expressly for their own use. Philadelphia refuses to play with the dead ball and finally McBride yields and the game is played.

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    October 1 The Cincinnati Reds visit the New York area for the first time‚ losing to the Atlantics‚ 31-12. Tomorrow‚ they will beat the Mutuals‚ 29-28.
    October 6 In a match that decides the Championship of 1868‚ the Atlantics pound the Unions‚ 24-8‚ at Morrisania. The Atlantics win the best-of-three from the Champions‚ from the title holders and await a challenge from the Athletics.
    October 12 The Mutuals of New York defeat the current champion Atlantics of Brooklyn‚ 25-22‚ and threaten to capture the 1868 championship.
    October 14 The Athletics of Philadelphia travel to the Union Grounds to play the Mutual Club which had defeated the Atlantics two days ago. On a cold‚ rainy day‚ several hundred spectators watch the Athletics win‚ 25-15.
    October 26 A crowd of 10‚000 are at the Union Grounds in Brooklyn to see the Mutual Club of NY capture the championship of 1868 by defeating the Atlantics of Brooklyn for the 2nd time‚ 28-17. This is the first time a NYC club has won the title.
    October 29 With the Atlantics no longer the champions‚ the Athletics of Philadelphia cancel their game. The New York Clippers will ask the Mutual Club to schedule a series with the A's to afford them an opportunity to contend for the Gold Ball and the championship. The Athletics will say they challenged; The Mutuals will say they did not. The Clipper will refuse to award the gold ball until next year. According to the custom‚ the Mutual Club is declared the year's champions‚ despite the Athletics having a better record (Athletics: 47-3; Atlantics: 47-7; Union of Morrisania: 38-6; Mutuals: 31-10). The Clipper awards individual medals to Radcliffe‚ McBride‚ Fisler‚ Reach‚ Sensenderfer (all 5 with the A's)‚ Waterman‚ Geo Wright‚ Hatfield‚ and J. Henry Johnson.

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    November 11 The New York State Base Ball Convention at Albany expels the Mutual Club from the Association for reinstating Hugh Duffy‚ a player found guilty of throwing a game in 1865. Their championship is not at stake for the association does not recognize any team as official champions. Because their motives in reinstating Duffy were honorable‚ the penalty is waived.
    November 26 The first enclosed Baseball grounds in San Francisco is opened‚ called Recreation Grounds‚ at the corner of 25th and Folsom streets. The first game sees the Eagle Club defeat the Wide Awakes‚ 37-23.

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    December 9 The 12th annual convention of the National Association of Professional Base Ball Players is held in Washington‚ DC. A new rule states that "no game shall be considered as played unless 5 innings on each side have been completed." The National Association decides to divide the players into classes‚ and for the first time recognizes professionals.

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