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    March 14 The Nassau Base Ball Club is organized on the Princeton campus by members of the class of 1862.
    March 15 At the annual meeting of the National Association of Base Ball Players‚ rule 36 is amended to read: "No party shall be competent to play in a match who receives compensation for his services." This rule will not be enforced although the first instance of a player moving to accept a professional ball playing position‚ Al Reach‚ will not take place until 1864.

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    June 30 The Knickerbockers play a test match with the Excelsior Club to determine the merits of the "fly game." The Knicks have been trying for 2 years to have the rule changed that now reads a batter can be put out when the fielder catches his fair ball on the first bounce. The Knicks lose the test match‚ 28-22.

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    July 1 The first intercollegiate baseball match is played between Amherst and Williams colleges at Pittsfield‚ MA. After taking a early lead‚ the Amherst squad wins the 4-hour‚ 26-round game by a score of 73-32. The game is played under the rules of the "Massachusetts Game."
    July 8 The Atlantics defeat the Eckfords in Greenpoint‚ 25-15. The match draws the largest crowd since the Fashion Series last year.

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    August 2 In South Brooklyn‚ the Knicks demonstrate the "fly game" rule‚ losing to the Excelsiors‚ 20-5.
    August 15 In the championship of Chicago between 2 local teams‚ the Atlantic Club beats the Excelsiors‚ 18-16 with 2 runs in the 9th. They win the best of three games with 2 straight wins.

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    September 8 Before the largest crowd of the year‚ the host Atlantics lose to the Eckford club‚ 22-16. Eckford breaks a tie with 6 runs in the 8th. The teams are tied at one apiece in their 3-game series.

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    October 12 The visiting Atlantics whip the Eckford Club‚ 22-12 to win the championship of 1859. The Atlantics score 7 in the first inning and lead 16-4 at the end of 3. They finish the year at 11-1.

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    November 28 The first baseball club on the West Coast is formed‚ the Eagle Club of San Francisco. The idea for the club belongs to Martin Cosgriff‚ a former member of the Tri-Mountain club‚ who moved to California in 1858.
    November 29 The Nationals‚ the first club in Washington‚ D.C.‚ is organized.

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