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    January 30 At a meeting of the Knickerbocker Baseball Club a communication is received from the Empire Club requesting the Knicks call a convention of all regular organized baseball clubs.

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    March 10 At Cooper Union in NYC‚ the formation of the National Association of Baseball Players takes place with the gathering of delegates representing 29 clubs. William H. Van Cott is elected president.

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    June 12 The Brooklyn Daily Eagle reports today: "There was an error in our notice of the Base Ball matter yesterday which requires correction. It was stated that the defeat of the Excelsiors was owing to the bad feeling existing amongst them. It should have read that they were beaten in consequence of the bad fielding‚ which makes all the difference in the would (sic)." (as noted by JP Caillault).

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    July 8 At Carroll Park‚ the Excelsiors of Brooklyn have no problem with Knick's pitcher Harry Wright pounding him‚ 31-13.
    July 20 The first game to attract wide attention in the New York area is an all-star game between players from New York and Brooklyn. The match is played at the Fashion Race Course on Long Island and is the first at which an admission fee (reportedly 10) is charged. The admission is to cover the cost of the grounds‚ with the surplus to be split between the Fire Department Funds of New York and Brooklyn. The receipts for the game are $508.84 and the expenses $437.75. John Henry Holder‚ a player with the Excelsiors‚ hits the first home run ever recorded in a box score‚ but New York wins the game 22-18. Brooklyn will take the rematch on August 19th‚ and on September 19th‚ New York wins the rubber game and the series. This series introduces Henry Chadwick to the newspaper-reading public‚ starting a baseball reporting career that will last 50 years.

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    August 19 In the 2nd game of the Fashion Course series‚ Brooklyn beats a team of New York all stars‚ 29-8.
    August 20 In one of the finest games to date‚ the Excelsiors defeat the Knickerbockers‚ 15-14. After the game‚ the 2 clubs celebrate at the Odd Fellow's Hall in Hoboken. Dodsworth's band is on hand to entertain the 200 gentlemen assembled.

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    September 8 The first game under the "New York rules" is played in New England‚ on the Boston Common. The Tri-Mountain Club of Boston loses to the visiting Portland‚ Maine club‚ 47-42.
    September 10 The Fashion Course Series comes to an end before several thousand spectators‚ the largest crowd to witness a game so far. The New York all stars beat Brooklyn‚ 29-18‚ with Gelston and Pinckney homering for the winners. This series will catapult baseball in the public eyes.

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    November 16 The Atlantics of Brooklyn finish their season by beating the Excelsiors‚ 27-6‚ for their 7th win of the year against one loss. Having been the 1857 champs and not having lost a "home and home" series in 1858‚ they are considered the 1858 champs. The title is unofficial since no champion is recognized.

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