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    Madison McEntire

    Madison McEntire loves lists, what baseball fan doesn't, but he not only enjoys reading them, he has a fervor for assembling them as means of underscoring unusual, rare and otherwise noteworthy events from the history of the National Pastime. We think he's a listmeister, and the Baseball Library is lucky to have him among our ranks. You'll regularly find his compilations gracing our front page and this archive.

    Jim Gerard

    Jim Gerard is a journalist, dramatic writer and author of four books, including Yankees S**k, Beam Me Up, Jesus and Who Moved My Secret? His website is www.gangof60.com. He lives in New York City. “DFA” is the blog of lifetime minor league catcher Ric Grieff. It is a work of satirical fiction that will survey the landscape of contemporary professional baseball from the perspective of one of its most underprivileged participants.

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