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Lee Magee
Given Name: born Leopold Christopher Hoernschemeyer

OF-2B-1B-3B 1911-19 Cardinals , Brooklyn
Manager in 1915 Brooklyn

Lee Magee's Teammates

Career 1034.27512277

Wins-LossesWinning %
Manager 53-64.453

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Matthew Fulling
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Magee batted a career-high .323 as player-manager for Brooklyn's 1915 Federal League entry. His career came to a turbulent end when a jury found him guilty of having bet against his own team, the Dodgers, in 1919. (JK)
January 2, 1915: The Cardinals try to prevent OF Lee Magee, 25, from playing for the Brooklyn Tip-Tops. Like most such suits, it will fail. Magee will play and manage in the Federal League.

January 14, 1916: Lee Magee, player-manager of the Brooklyn Tip-Tops, is sold to the Yankees for about $25,000.

June 27, 1916: Boston's Babe Ruth allows two runs in the first inning, but settles down to beat the A's, 7-2, while striking out 10. Red Sox infielder Larry Gardner is caught stealing three times, the 2nd time this year that A's catchers have caught a base runner three times (New York's Fritz Maisel, April 26). On June 29th, Lee Magee will be caught three times by the A's while trying to steal, and not until Rickey Henderson, in 1982, will an AL runner be cut down thrice in a game.

June 28, 1916: New York Yankee outfielder Lee Magee collects a record-tying four assists.

July 15, 1917: The Yankees send Lee Magee to the Browns for Armando Marsans.

April 18, 1919: Brooklyn's Larry Kopf returns to the Reds in exchange for OF Lee Magee.

February 10, 1920: Lee Magee, "wanting to make a clean breast of things," admits to NL Prexy Heydler and Cubs head William Veeck that he tried to "toss" a game with the Braves when he was with the Reds, but that the Reds won in the 13th. Heydler will later testify on June 8th that Magee told him he became suspicious that Hal Chase had double-crossed him and so he stopped payment on the check.

February 20, 1920: The Cubs give an unconditional release to Lee Magee after they learned a week ago from him that he had been betting against his team. Magee will sue the Cubs for his salary of $4,500 charging that his livelihood as a ball player was destroyed through the sudden canceling of his contract. The Cubs will ask for a dismissal of the suit, saying that "previous to the making of the contract the plaintiff was guilty of betting against the team of which he was a member, and sought to win bets by intentional bad playing to defeat said team."

June 9, 1920: Former Chicago OF Lee Magee loses his suit against the Cubs. He had charged that he was released without just cause last February. While on the witness stand, Magee admitted to having bet on a ball game between Boston and Cincinnati on July 25, 1918, while a member of the Reds.