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Kansas City Athletics


Team 829-1222, 404

The Athletics had operated in Philadelphia for 54 years, but attendance and better Phillies teams prompted the shift to Kansas City, which had not seen major league baseball since the Federal League (1914-15). Blues Stadium was expanded and renamed Municipal Stadium to accommodate the Athletics. Their maiden year in Missouri produced a sixth-place finish under manager Lou Boudreau, the highest the Athletics would ever place in Kansas City. In 13 seasons they compiled an unenviable 829-1,222 record under ten managers.
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1959: Team Scores 11 Runs in One Inning on One Hit
1965: Campy Plays 'Em All
1965: Player Takes All Nine Fielding Positions in One Game

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In 1960 insurance and real estate magnate Charlie Finley purchased controlling interest in the club. He took a strong role in the daily operations of the club, often usurping his manager's function. Finley tried numerous promotions, moved the fences in and out, fired managers and broadcasters yearly, and traded players in an attempt to produce a winner and maintain fan interest. After a 13th consecutive losing season in Kansas City, Finley moved the Athletics to Oakland without realizing the great baseball potential the Royals would later discover. (FO)
March 30, 1955: The Yanks sell P Ewell Blackwell and Tom Gorman, plus reserve IF Dick Kryhoski, to the Kansas City Athletics, now in the AL, for $50,000.

April 28, 1955: The Kansas City Athletics sign P Vic Raschi, who has just been released by the Cardinals. The Athletics purchase P Lou Sleater from the Yankees for cash.

June 26, 1958: Hector Lopez of the Kansas City Athletics hits three home runs in a 86, 12-inning home win against Washington. His 3rd homer is a 2-run shot to win the game. Roy Sievers almost matches Lopez with two homers.

April 22, 1959: The White Sox, down 6-1 after two innings, storm back and score 11 runs in the 7th inning on one hit; there are three errors, a near-record 10 walks, a HBP, stolen base, and single in the frame. Kansas City Athletics relief P George Brunet gives up five bases-loaded walks and a bases-loaded HBP, as the White Sox garner just one hit, by John Callison. Jim Landis makes two outs, both grounders to the pitcher, in the strange inning. Nellie Fox drives in two runs in the inning, both times by walking. Fox does collect four hits in the game, while Aparicio has a 3-run homer. There are three other bases-loaded walks as Kansas City loses, 206.

December 6, 1960: A group headed by movie star Gene Autry and former football star Bob Reynolds is awarded the new American League Los Angeles Angels. Fred Haney will be GM. Finley withdraws his bid for Los Angeles and offers to purchase control of the Kansas City Athletics.

April 25, 1961: Norm Bass picks up the win for the Kansas City Athletics in a 202 rout of the visiting Twins. Norm's brother Dick will pick up 1,000 yards this year for the Rams.

August 17, 1961: Charles Finley denies he plans to move the Kansas City Athletics to Texas. "I have no plans to move. We are a Kansas City team, and besides, we have no place to move to." He said he put out no feelers to other cities about moving the A's.

October 1, 1967: In a 43 loss to the Yankees and Mel Stottlemyre, Dave Duncan hits the last homer for the Kansas City Athletics. The team is relocating to Oakland.