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Tom Haller
Born: 1937

C 1961-72 Giants , Dodgers, Tigers

Tom Haller's Teammates

  • All-Star in 1966-68

Career 1294.257134504
League CS 1.00000
World Series 4.28613

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After a career at quarterback for the University of Illinois, the 6'4" Haller signed with the Giants in 1958. In their pennant-winning 1962 season, he hit 18 HR as a platoon catcher. He was San Francisco's first-string receiver in the years 1964-67, and hit 27 HR in 1966. He went to the Dodgers in a 1968 trade for Ron Hunt and Nate Oliver, the first trade between the two clubs since 1956. In a ML first, on July 14, 1972, Tom was the Tiger catcher while his brother, Bill, umpired behind the plate. The durable Haller caught all 23 innings of a May 31, 1964 Mets-Giants game, and set the NL record for most double plays by a catcher in a season (23, in 1968). After serving as a Giant coach from 1977 to 1979, he was their vice president of baseball operations from mid-1981 until September 1986. (RTM)
October 8, 1962: Tom Haller and Chuck Hiller power San Francisco to a World Series-tying win 73. Haller's 2-run home run puts the Giants in front, and Hiller's surprising grand slam is the margin of victory.

September 27, 1965: Tom Haller clouts two home runs to give the Giants an 84 win over the Cards. The Dodgers keep pace by defeating the Reds 61.

February 13, 1968: The Giants trade C Tom Haller and P Frank Kasheta to the Dodgers for infielders Ron Hunt and Nate Oliver. This is the first trade between the two clubs since 1956 when Jackie Robinson was sent to the Giants but retired instead.

July 14, 1972: In a ML first, the plate umpire and the catcher in a game are brothers. Bill Haller is the ump and Tom Haller is the Tigers C during a game with the Royals. Kansas City wins 10.