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    William Veeck

    William Veeck from the Chronology

    Jan 10, 1934 - William Walker is elected president of the Cubs‚ filling the vacancy created by William Veeck's death during the WS.

    Aug 22, 1933 - William Veeck‚ president of the Chicago Cubs‚ urges a midsummer series of inter-league games. He also proposes a split season. While some owners are in agreement on interleague play‚ Washington owner Clark Griffith is opposed. "We're not going for any Hippodrome stuff. The AL is a big league."

    Jan 26, 1932 - William K. Wrigley‚ 70-years-old‚ majority owner of the Cubs since 1919‚ dies and is buried on Catalina Island. His only son‚ Philip K. Wrigley‚ inherits the Cubs and the minor league Los Angeles Angels‚ but will leave most of the daily operations to president William Veeck.

    Feb 10, 1920 - Lee Magee‚ "wanting to make a clean breast of things‚" admits to NL Prexy Heydler and Cubs head William Veeck that he tried to "toss" a game with the Braves when he was with the Reds‚ but that the Reds won in the 13th. Heydler will later testify on June 8th that Magee told him he became suspicious that Hal Chase had double-crossed him and so he stopped payment on the check.

    Jul 6, 1919 - The NL rules that a team president can't serve as a manager at the same time and William Veeck‚ former sportswriter‚ replaces Fred Mitchell as Cubs president. Mitchell remains manager for Chicago.

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