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    Tony Mullane

    Tony Mullane from the Chronology

    Sep 28, 1995 - The Reds defeat the Expos by a score of 9-7‚ with Expos reliever Greg Harris switch pitches the 9th ambidexterously. The Reds don't score against him as he faces two with his (normal) right arm and two with his left. After Harris (right-handed) retires Reggie Sanders on a grounder‚ manager Felipe Alou permits him to do what he had wanted to try for 10 years. Following a wild lefty toss to the backstop‚ he walks Hal Morris. Remaining as a southpaw‚ though‚ he gets Eddy Taubensee to ground out. Finally‚ returning the ball to his right hand‚ he retires Bret Boone on a ground out. Harris uses a special six-finger glove‚ which is sent to the Hall of Fame. Before Harris‚ Bert Campaneris was the last pitcher to use both hands in a professional game‚ doing it in 1962 for Daytona Beach in the Florida State League. The only major leaguers to toss with each hand are: Tony Mullane (July 18‚ 1882); Larry Corcoran (June 10‚ 1884); John Roach‚ May 14‚ 1887; Elton "Icebox" Chamberlain (May 9‚ 1888); Tony Mullane again (July 14‚ 1893).

    Jan 30, 1902 - Dashing Tony Mullane‚ the first player to have jumped the reserve rule by signing with the St. Louis Unions of the Union Association in 1883‚ signs a contract with Toledo‚ of the new American Association (AAA).

    Jun 22, 1898 - The Phillies depose manager George Stallings. Club secretary Bill Shettsline‚ a non professional‚ steps in and is 15 games over .500 for the remaining 103 games. Stallings replaces Tony Mullane at Detroit.

    May 1, 1895 - The Western League season opens. At Milwaukee‚ Minneapolis is a 4-3 winner before 5‚000 fans. At Kansas City‚ St. Paul wins by the same score. St. Paul is managed by Charles Comiskey and its first baseman is pitcher Tony Mullane.

    Jun 18, 1894 - Some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed. On Bunker Hill Day in Boston‚ in the a.m. game of twinbill‚ Baltimore's Tony Mullane digs himself a record hole by giving up 16 runs in the first inning (A record for the frame) to Boston. Mullane walks 7 in the inning to tie the ML record. He also "vaccinates" one batter. Boston scores a NL record 16 runs in the first inning. Batterymate Wilbert Robinson takes himself out of the game after the inning to rest for game 2. Mullane is lifted in the 7th for Bert Inks as Boston wins‚ 24-7‚ avenging a pummeling on April 24. In the frame Lowe is 2-for-2 with a HBP; Long is 2-for-2 with a walk; Duffy is 1-for-1‚ a homer‚ and 2 walks; McCarthy is 1-for-2 with a walk; Kid Nichols then gets beat in the afternoon game‚ 9-7‚ despite the help of Bobby Lowe's 12th homerun in his last 21 games at Congress Street Grounds. It is the Kid's only loss (8-1) at CSG.

    May 7, 1894 - Baltimore (NL) routs the Washington Senators 17-0 for Baltimore's only shutout of the season. Tony Mullane is the winner over Al Maul‚ the 2nd time Al has been on the short end of a lopsided mauling (8/29/90).

    Jul 14, 1893 - Right-handed P Tony Mullane‚ losing to Chicago‚ the team he played for earlier in the season‚ pitches the 9th inning lefthanded. Chicago adds 3 more runs to their total and whips Baltimore‚ 10-2. Mullane switch pitched once before‚ in 1882‚ losing then as well.

    Aug 6, 1892 - Cincinnati manager Charles Comiskey reaches a temporary salary compromise with P Tony Mullane‚ who returns to the club but pitches poorly in a 6-1 loss to Chicago. He would soon leave the club to pitch in Butte‚ MT.

    Jul 4, 1892 - Tony Mullane is the only member of the Reds to object to a salary cut and is given a 10-day notice of his release. Switch pitcher Mullane will throw both hands up in tomorrow's game‚ pitching both left and right handed. (as noted by historian Cliff Blau). The release will be rescinded but Mullane will start just one more game this year for Cincinnati.

    Jun 30, 1892 - Tony Mullane of Cincinnati and Ad Gumbert of Chicago pitch 20 innings in a 7-7 standoff. It is the longest game in the 19th century.

    Apr 19, 1892 - Cincinnati's Tony Mullane surrenders only a bunt single in a 3-0 win over the Chicago Colts‚ in the 2nd game of a twinbill.

    Apr 30, 1891 - Although a small grandstand fire was extinguished during the game‚ the heated action in Cincinnati comes immediately after the Reds lose to Cleveland‚ 4-3. Reds pitcher Tony Mullane charges umpire Phil Powers and punches him in the face. Mullane will not end up being suspended‚ and rumors will have it that the NL president will rescind his fine.

    Sep 27, 1890 - Jack Glasscock of the New York Giants collects 6 hits‚ all singles‚ off the Reds Tony Mullane.

    May 1, 1889 - As noted in 1998 by historian John O'Malley‚ Washington's George Keefe sets the ML record by walking 7 New York Giants in the 5th inning. The mark will be matched by Tony Mullane in 1894‚ and Bob Ewing in 1902.

    Sep 20, 1888 - In a doubleheader pitching duel‚ Tony Mullane beats Ed Seward twice 1-0 and 2-1. The Reds total only 9 hits‚ while the Athletics get 10.

    Jun 14, 1888 - Reds pitching star Tony Mullane suffers a broken nose when hit by a drive in Kansas City. The injury will keep him out of action for 10 days‚ but his famous good looks will not be permanently damaged.

    Sep 15, 1887 - For the 2nd day in a row‚ the Reds play a morning game in Staten Island‚ NY‚ against the Mets and an afternoon game in Brooklyn. The Mets play Cleveland in the p.m. game‚ losing both games. The Reds Tony Mullane pitches his 5th shutout of the year‚ winning 4-0‚ against the Mets to tie the ML season record of a pitcher against one team (Lady Baldwin‚ 1886). The Reds (AA) beat Brooklyn‚ 11-1‚ in the p.m. game.

    May 28, 1887 - Recently suspended Tony Mullane sues the Reds over his lost pay. He would eventually settle out of court and rejoin the team in mid-June.

    Apr 22, 1887 - Tony Mullane pitches a regular-season game in Missouri for the first time since 1883. The Missouri injunction obtained against him by the St. Louis Unions in 1884 having finally been resolved‚ Tony leads the Reds to a 5-2 victory over the Browns.

    Jun 18, 1886 - The Cincinnati Enquirer publishes a letter purporting to show that Tony Mullane sold ball games in Philadelphia and Brooklyn to gamblers on the last road trip. After the author of the letter fails to produce any evidence‚ the club exonerates the pitcher.

    Jun 4, 1886 - Tony Mullane pitches 7 shutout innings‚ then allows 12 runs in the final 2 frames to lose to Brooklyn 12-7‚ fueling suspicions that he is throwing games.

    Jun 2, 1886 - At the last minute‚ Tony Mullane refuses to pitch against Brooklyn‚ so George Pechiney steps in and pitches the Reds to a 6-2 win.

    Oct 4, 1885 - Tony Mullane‚ who has been blacklisted‚ pitches an exhibition game for Cincinnati against St. Louis. Despite missing this season‚ Mullane will still win 285 games in his career.

    Nov 4, 1884 - Tony Mullane violates an oral agreement to sign with St. Louis (AA) by signing a Cincinnati (AA) contract for $5‚000. The AA suspends Mullane for the 1885 season and fines him $1‚000‚ but allows him to remain with Cincinnati. Over the next 8 years Mullane will win 163 games with the Reds on his way to a career total of 285 victories.

    Aug 23, 1884 - After 9 losses‚ Toledo (AA) defeats Louisville for the first time‚ as Tony Mullane outduels Ren Deagle for a 1-0 two-hit victory. Deagle allows only 3 hits himself‚ but one is to engineering student Frank Olin‚ whose single drives Mullane home from 2B. Following his brief ML career‚ Olin will go on to found what is today the giant Olin Corporation.

    Jun 10, 1884 - Chicago White Stocking ace Larry Corcoran switch pitches in a 2-0 win over Cleveland. Tony Mullane did it two years ago.

    May 10, 1884 - Legal woes continue for Toledo (AA) P Tony Mullane as the courts rule that he is forbidden to play for any team other than St. Louis (UA). Mullane ignores the ruling and continues to pitch for Toledo. On August 1‚ Henry Lucas‚ the St. Louis owner‚ will withdraw the suit against Mullane.

    May 5, 1884 - After pitching in St. Louis on May 4‚ Tony Mullane of Toledo (AA) is enjoined from playing ball in Missouri until defense of his contract jumping from the St. Louis UA club can be heard in court.

    Jan 30, 1884 - Tony Mullane‚ ace of the 1883 St. Louis Browns (AA)‚ and who signed for 1884 with the rival St. Louis Unions (UA)‚ repudiates his UA contract and signs with the AA Toledo club. When Mullane signed with the UA‚ he was the first player to violate the National Agreement's reserve clause.

    Sep 11, 1882 - Tony Mullane of the Eclipse pitches a no-hitter over Cincinnati 2-0. The next day Mullane does not allow a hit until the 7th inning‚ and wins 10-4.

    Jul 18, 1882 - Switch pitching Louisville hurler Tony Mullane pitches both right- and left-handed in an AA game against Baltimore‚ the first time the feat is performed in the major leagues. Starting in the 4th inning he pitches lefthanded whenever Baltimore's lefty hitters are at bat‚ while continuing to pitch right-handed to right-handed hitters. It works until the 9th when‚ with 2 outs‚ Charlie Householder hits his only HR of the year to beat Mullane 9-8. One newspaper account labeled the move a "novelty‚" though the gloveless Mullane‚ who faced the batter squarely‚ evidently had a devastating pickoff move to 1B or 3B.

    Apr 10, 1882 - Stellar rookie Tony Mullane of the Eclipse of Louisville injures his foot running the bases in an exhibition game against Detroit.

    Aug 27, 1881 - Tony Mullane makes his ML debut with Detroit and shows outstanding speed in beating Chicago‚ 9-1. A finger injury and wildness will lead to his release a month later.

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