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    Roscoe Miller

    Roscoe Miller from the Chronology

    Jun 6, 1904 - New York scores 6 runs in 3 innings against Pirates' P Roscoe Miller and coasts to an 11-0 win. The Giants are led by Browne‚ with 4 hits‚ Gilbert‚ with a homer and 3 hits‚ and Roger Bresnahan‚ with two homers‚ both inside-the-park. With the game safely in hand‚ Mathewson departs after 5 innings. Miller will be 7-8 with the Pirates before incurring a severe injury in a carriage accident on the way to the ball park in Philadelphia. The injury ends his career.

    Jun 9, 1903 - At St. Louis‚ the Giants win easily‚ 11-2‚ over the Cards. With the game in hand‚ Mathewson (12-2) is lifted in the 7th for Roscoe Miller.

    Sep 5, 1901 - In the first of two in Detroit‚ Tiger ace Roscoe Miller puts on a disgraceful exhibition against the A's. lobbing in the ball‚ grinning as the A's batters hit it‚ and throwing a bunt into the stands to allow 3 runs to score. Miller settles down in the last 3 innings‚ allowing only a single‚ but the Tigers lose 11-9. His performance is explained by writers in that he is in one of his sulks. The A's light up rookie Yip Owen in game 2 to win‚ 9-3.

    Sep 2, 1901 - Detroit sweeps a Labor Day doubleheader from Washington‚ picking up an AL record 21 infield assists in game 2. This is still the AL record. SS Kid Elberfeld has 12 assists to back up Roscoe Miller.

    Jun 24, 1901 - Turkey Mike Donlin is 6-for-6 with 2 singles‚ 2 doubles and 2 triples‚ and scores 5 runs as Baltimore trounces Detroit‚ 17-8. The other 2 outfielders total 6 hits to set an AL record of 12 two weeks after the NL mark for hits by an outfield is set. Roscoe Miller toils the whole game for Detroit.

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