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  • December 14, 2007 - Fort Worth Star-Telegram
    Naming names: Prominent or not, it's not an honor roll:

    Former Rangers

    PlayerPos.2007 teamComment
    Manny AlexanderIFOut of baseballSteroids found in his car's glove box.
    Chad AllenOFPlayed in JapanSays he used steroids to combat knee injury, and only in the off-season.
    Kevin BrownPOut of baseballKirk Radomski said he sold HGH to Brown.
    Ken Caminiti3BDied in 2004Admitted using steroids during MVP season.
    Jose CansecoOF/DHOut of baseballHis book, Juiced, helped fuel baseball's look into steroids.
    Eric GagnéPRangers/Red SoxRadomski said he mailed HGH to Gagné while with Dodgers.
    Juan GonzalezOF/DHOut of baseballCustoms official found steroids in a bag with his luggage.
    Jerry Hairston Jr.IF/OFRangersRadomski said he sold HGH to Hairston in'03 and'04.
    Gary Matthews Jr.OFAngelsReports link him to Internet drug sales; Chad Allen said he found syringes.
    Rafael Palmeiro1B/DHOut of baseballFirst star to be suspended for steroids.
    John RockerPOut of baseballAdmitted HGH use after shoulder surgery.
    David SeguiIF/OFOut of baseballAdmitted buying steroids from Radomski and using HGH with prescription.
    Mike StantonPRedsRadomski said he sold HGH to Stanton in 2003.
    Ismael ValdezPOut of baseballHad HGH shipped to Rangers ballpark in 2002 while with Seattle.
    Randy VelardeIF/DHOut of baseballAttorney admitted he used clear and cream in 2003.
    Steve WoodardPOut of baseballReceived HGH in 2003.
    Gregg ZaunC/DHBlue JaysRadomski said he received a check from Zaun for steroids.
    Notable non-Rangers

    PlayerPos.2007 teamComment
    Rick AnkielP-OFCardinals(New York) Daily News reported he received 8 shipments of HGH in 2004.
    David Bell3BOut of baseball12-year veteran linked to use of human chorionic gonadatropin ("HCG").
    Marvin BenardOFOut of baseballFeds told by BALCO that he received performance-enhancing drugs.
    Gary Bennett Jr.CCardinalsTwo kits of human growth hormone purchased in 2003.
    Larry BigbieOFMinor leaguesThree checks written for a variety of performance-enhancing substances.
    Barry BondsOFGiantsHome run king indicted on charges he lied about steroids use.
    Paul ByrdPIndiansDuring 2007 ALCS, admitted taking HGH to medicate a"pituitary tumor."
    Roger ClemensPYankeesEx-Yankees strength/conditioning coach says he injected him with Winstrol.
    Jack CustOFAthleticsReportedly told teammate in 2003 that he had tried steroids.
    Brendan DonnellyPRed SoxRadomski recalled that he sold him Anavar, an anabolic steroid, in 2004.
    Lenny DykstraOFOut of baseballRadomski says Dykstra admitted taking steroids.
    Bobby EstalellaCOut of baseballReportedly told a grand jury he used HGH and undetectable drugs.
    Ryan FranklinPCardinalsSuspended 10 days in August 2005 for violating the steroids policy.
    Jason Giambi1B-DHYankees2000 AL MVP appeared to admit using steroids in a USA Today report.
    Jeremy GiambiOF-1BOut of baseballOn a couple of occasions, he's admitted using steroids.
    Jay GibbonsOFOriolesSuspended for first 15 days of 2008 season; says he was prescribed HGH.
    Troy Glaus3BBlue JaysSI.com reported he received steroids between September 2003 and May 2004.
    Jason GrimsleyPOut of baseballAdmitted he used HGH, steroids and amphetamines.
    Jose GuillenOFMarinersSuspended for first 15 days season for violating MLB's drug agreement.
    Darren HolmesPOut of baseballSaid he received HGH and testosterone from Palm Beach Rejuvenation.
    Wally Joyner1BOut of baseballSaid he quit steroids after taking the drug three times.
    David JusticeOFOut of baseballReportedly paid for 2 or 3 kits of HGH after 2000 World Series.
    Chuck KnoblauchIFOut of baseballEx-Yankees strength coach says he injected him 7 to 9 times with HGH.
    Paul Lo DucaCMetsHGH reportedly sent to his house, Dodgers'clubhouse.
    Andy PettittePYankeesEx-Yankees strength/conditioning coach recalled injecting him in 2002 with HGH.
    Armando RiosOFOut of baseballReportedly told a federal agent that he purchased HGH and testosterone.
    Brian Roberts2BOriolesFederal agent's affidavit says he used performance-enhancing drugs.
    Benito SantiagoCOut of baseballReportedly told BALCO grand jury he got HGH and steroids from Bonds'trainer.
    Scott SchoeneweisPMetsReportedly received six shipments of steroids in 2003 and 2004.
    Gary SheffieldOFTigersSaid he took the"clear"and the"cream,"but didn't know they were steroids.
    Miguel TejadaSSOriolesReportedly sought steroids from teammate.
    Mo Vaughn1BOut of baseballBig slugger said in 2003 that he used supplements that contained ephedra.
    Matt Williams3BOut of baseballBought $11,600 worth of growth hormone, steroids and other drugs in 2002.
    Others:Mike Bell, Ricky Bones, Mark Carreon, Jason Christiansen, Paxton Crawford, Matt Franco, Phil Hiatt, Matt Herges, Todd Hundley, Ryan Jorgenson, Mike Judd, Tim Laker, Mike Lansing, Josias Manzanillo, Cody McKay, Kent Mercker, Bart Miadich, Hal Morris, Daniel Naulty, Denny Neagle, Jim Parque, Luis Perez, Adam Piatt, Stephen Randolph, Adam Riggs, F.P. Santangelo, Ricky Stone, Derrick Turnbow, Fernando Vina, Rondell White, Jeff Williams, Todd Williams, Kevin Young

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