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    Pinch Thomas

    Pinch Thomas from the Chronology

    Dec 14, 1917 - Connie Mack and the A's need money. He sells P Joe Bush‚ C Wally Schang‚ and OF Amos Strunk to the Red Sox for sore-armed P Vean Gregg‚ OF Merlin Kopp‚ C Pinch Thomas‚ and $60‚000. Bush must be happy as he lost 14 straight to the Red Sox (6/2/14-7/5/17). Pinch Thomas won't play a game for the A's and will end up being sold to the Indians in June. With Cleveland‚ he'll get into his 3rd World Series‚ in 1920.

    Jun 23, 1917 - In the memorable first of two games at Boston‚ Babe Ruth starts for the Red Sox and walks the leadoff man‚ griping to plate umpire Brick Owens after each pitch. On ball 4‚ Ruth plants a right to the umpire's jaw and is ejected. Ernie Shore hastily relieves and Sam Agnew takes over behind the plate for Pinch Thomas. The runner Ray Morgan is then caught stealing by Agnew‚ and Shore retires all 26 men he faces in a 4-0 win‚ getting credit in the books for a perfect game. Ruth is fined $100‚ and draws a 10-day suspension. Agnew is 3-for-3 at the plate. In the nitecap‚ Boston's Dutch Leonard then beats Walter Johnson‚ 5-0.

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