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    Nap Rucker

    Nap Rucker from the Chronology

    May 11, 1945 - The Giants defeat the Reds‚ 4-3‚ for their 6th win in a row‚ but New York CF Johnny Rucker goes hitless for the first time in 19 games. Rucker is a nephew of great Dodger southpaw Nap Rucker.

    Oct 11, 1916 - Rube MarquardLarry Cheney‚ and Nap Rucker yield 10 hits as the Red Sox win game 4 easily 6-2. The Brooklyn Robins score twice in the first‚ but Larry Gardner's 2nd HR‚ an inside-the-park blast‚ scores 3 in the 2nd and puts Boston ahead to stay. Dutch Leonard holds his foes to 5 hits. Rucker's 2 innings are the last in the majors for the vet: he hangs up his spikes with a 134-134 record‚ all with Brooklyn.

    Sep 7, 1916 - At the Polo Grounds‚ the Giants Ferdie Schupp beats Brooklyn's Nap Rucker‚ 4-1‚ to launch New York's record 26-game winning streak.

    Apr 15, 1915 - Rube Marquard‚ who lost 22 games for the Giants in 1914‚ pitches a 2-0 no-hitter over Brooklyn in the Giants' 2nd game of the season. The loser is Nap Rucker‚ who pitched a no-hitter in 1908. Rube faces just 30 batters‚ walking Stengel and Zack Wheat‚ while George Cutshaw reaches on an error.

    Sep 27, 1913 - The Giants lose to Brooklyn and Nap Rucker‚ 4-0‚ but the pennant is theirs‚ as the Phils lose to Boston‚ 9-3.

    Apr 29, 1913 - At Ebbets Field‚ New York's Christy Mathewson beats Nap Rucker 6-0 in 13 innings and gives up no walks. He has thrown 22 innings without a pass; he will not walk a batter for 47 innings‚ then will top his own record later in the year. During his 25-11 season‚ Matty will walk 21 and hit none.

    Apr 18, 1913 - At Ebbets Field‚ the Phillies edge Brooklyn‚ 1-0 behind Tom Seaton‚ who will lead the NL in wins‚ innings pitched‚ strikeouts and walks. Nap Rucker takes the loss.

    Apr 9, 1913 - With league approval‚ the Dodgers play their opener-and first regular-season game at Ebbets Field-a day ahead of the rest of the league. Cold weather keeps the crowd down to about 12‚000‚ and the Phils' knuckleballer Tom Seaton beats Nap Rucker‚ 1-0. Seaton will lead the NL in wins with 27.

    Apr 5, 1913 - An exhibition game with the newly christened Yankees opens Ebbets Field; 25‚000 are on hand to watch Nap Rucker beat the American Leaguers‚ 3-2. The first HR is hit by Brooklyn's Casey Stengel‚ who legs out an inside-the-parker in the 1st. Jake Daubert legs out another round tripper in the 2nd. The Yanks suffer a loss when Zack Wheat spikes starting SS Claud Derrick on his throwing hand. Derrick will play just 7 games before New York ships him to Sacramento (PCL).

    Oct 6, 1912 - At the Remington Arms Company in Bridgeport Connecticut‚ Walter Johnson and Nap Rucker fire fast balls through a tunnel of fine wires in an attempt to clock their fastballs. In street clothes‚ both throw three pitches. The rudimentary test clocks Johnson at 122 feet per second (82 mph) and Rucker at 113 feet per second (77 mph) both on their 3rd throw.

    Sep 2, 1912 - Brooklyn's Tex Erwin cracks a 9th inning homer off Alexander to tie and the Superbas tip the Phils‚ 2-1 in 11 innings. In the nitecap‚ Eppa Rixey outpitches Nap Rucker to give the Quakers a 2-1 win in 12 innings. Rucker will lose 20 (18-21) this year after winning 20 (22-18) last season.

    Jul 3, 1912 - The Giants Rube Marquard nips Nap Rucker 2-1 to capture his 19th straight game this season. With two end-of-year wins in 1911‚ he has 21 in a row in regular season play. Both marks are records. On the 8th‚ the Cubs will beat him‚ but he will ultimately compile a league-leading 26 victories against 11 defeats. Today's game is the Giants' 16th consecutive win. Brooklyn will end the streak tomorrow

    Oct 4, 1911 - At Washington Park‚ the Giants clinch the pennant with a 2-0 victory over Brooklyn. Mathewson allows 7 hits in besting Nap Rucker.

    Jul 22, 1911 - Brooklyn hurler Nap Rucker loses a no-hitter with 2 outs in the 9th inning when Cincinnati's Bob Bescher comes through with a chopper up the middle. Rucker wins the game‚ 1-0‚ outpitching Frank Smith‚ who gives up 2 hits and an unearned run. The Reds set a ML record for 9 innings by going to bat just 24 times (it'll be topped in the AL and tied twice in the NL this century) and the 2 teams combine for just 48 at bats‚ to tie a ML record set April 22‚ 1910.

    May 30, 1911 - New York takes the NL lead‚ winning two from Brooklyn. Giants C Art Wilson makes the first 9 putouts in the morning game as four Superbas fan‚ three foul out‚ and two are thrown out at home trying to score on base hits. The Giants win‚ 4-1‚ before 8‚000. Before a turnaway crowd of 25‚000 in the nitecap‚ Bugs Raymond gives up just a single in 5 innings before leaving with acute stomach pain "just southwest of the fourth rib" (NY Times) caused by eating a strawberry sundae between games. Red Ames allows two hits the rest of the way as the Giants whip the Dodgers Nap Rucker‚ 3-0.

    Jul 24, 1909 - Brooklyn ace Nap Rucker strikes out 16 Cardinals in a 1-0 win. Rucker will fan 201 batters this year‚ just 4 behind Orval Overall‚ the NL leader.

    Sep 8, 1908 - Mathewson's 30th win is a gem-an 11-inning 1-0 win over the Superbas‚ Nap Rucker. A single by Bridwell drives home Cy Seymour with the winning tally. New York stays a half-game ahead of Pittsburgh.

    Sep 5, 1908 - Nap Rucker pitches a no-hitter for Brooklyn against the Boston Doves 6-0‚ striking out 14 and walking none. Three runners reached 1B on errors. The Doves send up 3 righty pinch hitter in the 9th to no avail. The 14 strikeouts tops the previous NL high this season of 12‚ held by Rucker and Mathewson.

    Jul 9, 1908 - The Cubs win their 2nd in a row from Brooklyn‚ this time in 10 innings‚ 4-3. Three Fingered Brown tops Nap Rucker.

    Jun 22, 1908 - The Phils lose 1-0 at Brooklyn. Nap Rucker shuts out the Quakers‚ the 4th whitewash in 5 games for the Phillies.

    May 29, 1908 - At Ebbets Field‚ Christy Mathewson rights himself and shuts out Brooklyn for a 1-0 Giants win. Matty gives up 4 hits‚ K's 8‚ in beating Nap Rucker.

    May 26, 1908 - Against the Reds‚ Brooklyn's Nap Rucker strikes out 12‚ but errors do him in and he loses‚ 4-2.

    Apr 15, 1907 - Brooklyn's Nap Rucker makes his ML debut‚ and rookie mistakes give him a 3-2 loss to Boston. All 3 runs against him come in the 2nd inning when he makes 2 wild throws and 2 wild pitches. Claude Ritchey scores the 3rd run‚ stealing home as Rucker holds the ball.

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