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    Mickey Welch

    Mickey Welch from the Chronology

    Jan 28, 1973 - The Hall of Fame Special Veterans Committee selects 19th-century players Mickey Welch and George Kelly‚ plus umpire Billy Evans‚ for enshrinement.

    Aug 14, 1936 - At the Polo Grounds‚ the NL's 60th anniversary is celebrated with the appearance of stars of the 1870s and a 3-inning recreated game between the 'Knockerbockers and the Atlantics'under the old rules. Thousands watch as a parade starts on 110th and Lenox featuring horse-drawn carriages‚ buses and shays. The parade continues to and inside the Polo Grounds. Oldtimers on hand include Arlie Latham‚ Jim Mutrie‚ Mickey Welch‚ Jocko Fields‚ Dick RudolphOtto KnabeHans Lobert‚ Charley Bassett‚ Jimmy RingBill Coughlin‚ Danny Murphy and Doc Kennedy. Mutrie and Bill Terry meet at home plate and discussed the differences in the game‚ with Mutrie saying there was little fundamental change. Mayor LaGuardia looked on from a box decked out in bunting. Today's game under regular rules is won by the Giants‚ 3-0 over the Phillies. Slick Castleman pitches his lone shutout of the year.

    Jun 7, 1892 - Pinch hitting for P George Davies‚ Cleveland Spider Jack Doyle singles against Brooklyn. By some accounts‚ this is the first official pinch hit‚ though Daly's pinch hit on May 14 precedes this In ML history under the new rule allowing pinch hitters in non-injury situations. Other historians cite the Phillies Charles Reilly on April 29‚ 1892‚ while others cite Mickey Welch‚ September 10‚ 1889. Brooklyn wins today‚ 2-1.

    Jul 27, 1891 - Future Hall of Famer Joe Kelley makes his ML debut with the Boston Beaneaters‚ singling off of Mickey Welch in his first at bat.

    May 22, 1891 - Against Cincinnati's Billy Rhines‚ New York's Mickey Welch hits into a game-ending triple play‚ and Reds down New York‚ 8-3.

    Apr 23, 1891 - With no outs and the bases loaded in the 9th‚ Brooklyn's Darby O'Brien hits into a triple play against Philadelphia's John Thornton to end the game‚ a 3-1 loss. New York's Mickey Welch will match Darby next month.

    Jul 28, 1890 - Mickey Welch becomes the second pitcher this season to win 300 career games‚ as the New York Giants beats Pittsburgh‚ 4-2. Welch‚ 31‚ will win just 7 more. Welch makes 3 errors while striking out 3. There are just 147 fans on hand in Pittsburgh for the match (according to author Rich Westcott).

    Jul 19, 1890 - New York sweeps a pair from Cleveland‚ winning 18-4 and 7-5. In game one‚ the Giants score a ML high for the 2nd inning when they tally 13 off Jack Wadsworth. With a 16-1 lead after two innings‚ pitcher Mickey Welch goes to right field for the rest of the game‚ and right fielder Jesse Burkett finishes up. Burkett will go 3-10 in 21 games this year‚ but hit .309 as an outfielder.

    Apr 24, 1890 - With the score tied 2-2 in the 7th between Boston and New York‚ pitcher Mickey Welch gets into such an argument with umpire McDermott that the ump forfeits the game to host Boston. 2300 cranks go home early. Mike Tiernan‚ who will lead the league in homers with 13‚ hits one for New York.

    Sep 10, 1889 - Batting for Hank O'Day‚ New York Giants pitcher Mickey Welch strikes out as the first pinch hitter in ML history. This must have been an injury situation since a rule allowing pinch batters in non-injury situations will not be instituted until 1892. The first pinch hitter under that rule is generally agreed to be Jack Doyle‚ on June 7‚ 1892.

    Aug 29, 1889 - Throwing errors by NY pitcher Mickey Welch and 3B Whitney allow Boston to score 3 runs in the 8th inning to win‚ 6-4‚ in game 1 of the final head-to-head series between the 2 NL contenders.

    Aug 8, 1889 - Jack Glasscock is 5-for-6 and hits for the cycle against Mickey Welch as Indianapolis drubs New York‚ 14-1.

    Jun 11, 1889 - New York's Mickey Welch is the first pitcher to strike out Boston's Dan Brouthers this season. Welch's 2-hitter gives the Giants a 2-1 win over the Beaneaters. New York still trails Boston by 6 games even after 2 straight wins over them.

    Apr 24, 1889 - Opening Day in the NL. The New York Giants open their season in Jersey City's Oakland Park (Home of the Atlantic League entry) losing to Boston 8-7 before a crowd of 3‚042. The pitching matchups feature two future Hall of Famers‚ Boston's John Clarkson and New York's Mickey Welch. After tomorrow's game in Jersey City‚ an 11-10 Giant win‚ the Giants will relocate at the Mets' old grounds in Staten Island.

    Jul 3, 1886 - Jim McCormick loses his first game of the season as Mickey Welch and the Giants win‚ 7-3. The sore hands of C Mike Kelly and 5 hits by Monte Ward are the key factors.

    Sep 7, 1885 - Despite a first-inning triple play by New York‚ Mickey Welch loses to the Phillies 3-1‚ snapping his 17-game winning streak‚ a ML record. His last loss was on July 16th‚ versus Boston. Charlie Ferguson is the winner. Tim Keefe‚ in 1888‚ will compile a streak of 19 straight wins‚ and Rube Marquard will match that in 1912.

    Sep 5, 1885 - Philadelphia's Charles Ferguson beat's New York's Mickey Welch‚ 3-1‚ stopping Welch's 18-game consecutive winning streak.

    Sep 4, 1885 - New York's Mickey Welch defeats Boston‚ 6-3‚ to run his consecutive game win streak to 17‚ one short of the mark set by Hoss Radbourn last year.

    Jun 3, 1885 - New York's Mickey Welch holds on for an 8-7 win over the Phillies in 11 innings. Dude Esterbrook comes around from 1B on a hit-and-run and though nailed at the plate‚ he kicks the ball out of the hands of C Chick Ganzel. The win leaves NY with a record of 19-5. With the victory‚ new manager Jim Mutrie allegedly proclaims‚ "My big fellows! My Giants! We are the People!" The nickname catches on and the team is dubbed the Giants.

    May 27, 1885 - New York embarrasses Buffalo 24-0 for the worst whitewashing of the ML season. Every Giant gets a hit and scores a run. New York P Mickey Welch scores 5 times and allows the Bisons only 5 hits.

    May 2, 1885 - In the New York opener‚ Mickey Welch throws a one-hitter against Boston for his first of 44 wins. He and Tim Keefe will combine for 76 victories this year‚ 2nd in history only to Grays P Hoss Radbourn and Charlie Sweeney‚ who won 77 in 1884.

    Aug 28, 1884 - New York's Mickey Welch opens a game against Philadelphia by striking out the first 9 men he faces for the all-time ML mark (1st inning-Phillips‚ Hotaling‚ Pinckney; 2nd inning-Burch‚ Muldoon‚ Evans; 3rd inning-Smith‚ Henry‚ Moore). Welch's feat goes unnoticed because the official scorer does not credit him with a strikeout of Smith‚ who reaches 1B safely. Historian Harry Simmons corrects the error in 1941. Welch's ML record will stand until Tom Seaver strikes out 10 straight in 1970.

    May 14, 1884 - New York (NL) pitcher Mickey Welch hurls his 2nd straight shutout‚ a 4-hitter against Buffalo. Two days earlier he blanked Cleveland on 2 hits.

    May 1, 1883 - New York wins its first league game‚ defeating Philadelphia‚ 7-5‚ at the Polo Grounds located at 110th street between 5th and 6th Avenues. The 5 Phillie tallies against Mickey Welch are all unearned. The opener attracts a crowd of 15‚000+‚ including former President U.S. Grant.

    Aug 3, 1882 - Pud Galvin misses the Buffalo-Troy game because of illness. His replacement‚ Mickey Welch‚ loses the game to Troy‚ 7-3.

    Jul 4, 1881 - Mickey Welch pitches Troy to 2 victories in Buffalo‚ 8-3 and 12-0‚ allowing a total of 10 hits. As noted by historian John O'Malley of NYC‚ this is Welch's 16th straight win over Buffalo (5/29/1880 to 7/4/1881). Bob Ferguson is 6-for-10 in the doubleheader, the first holiday twinbill. Detroit also plays a doubleheader, beating visiting Worcester, 11–8 and 7–3.

    Sep 21, 1880 - Harry Stovey hits a pair of homer runs to take the league lead with 6. Harry adds a single and double as Worcester beats Troy's Mickey Welch‚ 17-2.

    Jul 6, 1880 - Troy's Mickey Welch pitches a one-hitter to beat Cleveland‚ 8-1. The Trojans knock McCormick out of the box for his first incomplete game of the season.

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