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    Matt Kilroy

    Matt Kilroy from the Chronology

    Oct 10, 1969 - Yutaka Enatsu of the Hanshin Tigers strikes out his 401st batter of the season. This puts him 3rd on the all-time list after Matt Kilroy with 513 in 1886 and Old Hoss Radbourn with 441 in 1884.

    Oct 1, 1890 - At Buffalo‚ Boston's Matt Kilroy picks off a baserunner at first by running from the pitcher's box over to first and tagging him out. Kilroy wins‚ 12-5‚ as Buffalo (PL) sags to a 35-95 record.

    Jul 29, 1889 - Poor baserunning by the pitcher costs Baltimore dearly against St. Louis. In the opener‚ Bert Cunningham is thrown out at home in the 9th inning as the Orioles lose‚ 4-3. In the 2nd game of a doubleheader‚ Matt Kilroy pitches a 7-inning no-hitter but has to settle for a 0-0 tie because he fails to touch 3B while scoring a run in the 3rd inning.

    Apr 9, 1888 - Matt Kilroy signs with Baltimore in the morning and then hustles back to Philadelphia to marry Fanny Denny in the evening. The honeymoon will be spent training with the Orioles.

    Oct 1, 1887 - Matt Kilroy pitches and wins both games of a doubleheader to close the home season at Oriole Park. This duplicates a feat of July 26th. The fastballer finishes the season with a 46-20 record‚ the ML-season record for a lefthander.

    Oct 8, 1886 - Matt Kilroy follows up his no-hitter by giving up 10 runs in 4 innings to the Reds. Cincinnati wins‚ 14-8.

    Oct 6, 1886 - After 3 one-hitters and 4 two-hitters earlier in the season‚ Matt Kilroy finally gets a no-hitter‚ beating Pittsburgh 6-0. Pitching for last-place Baltimore‚ Kilroy's won-lost record is a respectable 29-32.

    Aug 24, 1886 - In a rematch of the double one-hitter‚ Miller allows 4 hits and wins 3-0 over Matt Kilroy‚ who allows only 2 hits. Kilroy fans 16 Athletics‚ his high in a season in which he will set the all-time record with 513 strikeouts. He fans leadoff Wilbert Robinson 3 times.

    Aug 20, 1886 - Matt Kilroy of the Orioles and Joe Miller of the Athletics hurl opposing one-hitters. Baltimore wins 1-0 on first-inning errors‚ but doesn't get a hit until the 9th. There will be 4 other opposing one-hitters in the next 100 years‚ all 1-0 games: Mordecai Brown over Lefty Leifield on July 4‚ 1906; Bob Cain over Bob Feller on April 23‚ 1952; Jack Harshman over Connie Johnson on June 21‚ 1956; and Frank Bertaina over Bob Meyer on September 12‚ 1964.

    Jul 31, 1886 - Tom Ramsey pitches a 13-inning 16-strikeout one-hitter-a double by Fulmer-to beat Baltimore 2-1. It is Ramsey's 2nd consecutive one-hitter in 3 days‚ and the 3rd time in 4 games that the Orioles have gotten only one hit. Matt Kilroy is the Baltimore pitcher.

    Jun 24, 1886 - The Brooklyn Grays rout Matt Kilroy in the 3rd inning and beat Baltimore 25-1. The run total and margin still stand as a Dodger franchise record.

    Apr 19, 1886 - Baltimore rookie Matt Kilroy pitches his 2nd two-hitter in 2 games‚ both against Brooklyn.

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