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    Little League from the Chronology

    Jun 6, 2006 - The Royals select former U. of Tennessee pitcher Luke Hochevar with the 1st pick of the ML draft. Hochevar had been drafted by the Dodgers last year, but failed to reach a deal with the team. The next five picks are all from college: Stanford’s Gregory Reynolds (Col); Evan Longoria (TB); Brad Lincoln (Pit); Brandon Morrow (Sea); Andrew Miller (Det). Picking 7th, the Dodgers take high schooler Clayton Kershaw; the draft will eventually comprise of 36% high schoolers. The Cubs surprise with the 13th pick and take Clemson’s Tyler Colvin, projected by Baseball America as a 5th rounder. Picking 18th, the Phillies choose the first of a number of ML offspring as they select Doug Drabek’s son, Kyle. The Dodgers will pick Preston Mattingly, Don’s son, and the Mets will take Jesse Barfield’s son, Jeremy. The Papelbon brothers Jeremy (19th round, Cubs) and Josh (48th round, Red Sox) are both taken out of the U. of North Florida. The Orioles draft the Figueroa twins, Stephen and Justin, sons of Bien Figueroa, Baltimore’s class A manager for Frederick. In the 5th round, the Cubs take Notre Dame all-American Wide Receiver Jeff Samardzija, a P, and eventually sign him for a guaranteed $10 million contract, including a $2.5 million signing bonus. Samardzija, who holds all of Notre Dame’s notable receiving records, was considered a questionable baseball signing. They also pay $1.3 million to 11th round high schooler Chris Huseby. Huseby barely pitched in the spring while recovering from Tommy John surgery. Not drafted are Jeffrey Maier, who hit .403 in Division 3, but is better known as the 12-year-old who interfered with a ball to help the Yankees, and Danny Almonte, who made headlines as an overage Little League P.

    Aug 28, 2005 - Hawaii defeats Curacao‚ 7-6‚ on a walkoff HR by Michael Memea to win the Little League WS.

    Apr 25, 2004 - Little League Baseball grants its northern Virginia district jurisdiction over the planet Mars. The idea is the brainchild of district Administrator Michael Pobat‚ who wants a theme as northern Virginia prepares to host the annual state tournament this year. Believing the Martian theme might be a way to get kids excited about science and technology‚ he successfully petitioned Little League to annex the planet into the northern Virginia district.

    Aug 25, 2003 - Yuutaro Tanaka dominates the championship game of the 57th Little League WS‚ leading Tokyo‚ Japan‚ to a 10-1 victory over Boynton Beach‚ Florida.

    Aug 30, 2001 - The Little League forfeits all games won by the Bronx WS entry after it is discovered that star pitcher Danny Almonte is 14. Sports Illustrated first broke the story with evidence of two birth registrations‚ the 2nd‚ which took 2 years off‚ made just weeks before the boy entered the United States. Continued protests of racism against Dominicans prompts further investigations which will show that Almonte and others did not even attend school in the Bronx‚ did not play the requisite number of games with their Bronx team‚ that their coach had been banned from Caribbean Little League play in 1988 for using overage players‚ and that Danny's older brother was 14 when he played in 2000.

    Aug 18, 2001 - Danny Almonte‚ pitching for the Bronx Little League entry‚ the Rolando Paulino all-stars‚ hurls the first perfect game since 1957 in the Little League WS‚ beating the eventual winner‚ Apopka‚ FL‚ 2-0. The Bronx team will win next week‚ but all the victories will be stripped from them when an investigation proves a number of rules infractions‚ not the least of which is that Almonte is too old. His brother‚ who pitched last year‚ will also be shown to be too old.

    Oct 7, 1999 - Continuing the Asian theme‚ the Rockies sign Taiwan pitcher Tsao Chin-Hui. Last January‚ the Dodgers signed a Taiwan prospect‚ outielder Chin-Feng Chen for a bonus of $680‚000. Chen had been the rightfielder on the 1990 team that won the Little League WS.

    Aug 25, 1999 - The Phillies follow yesterday's scoring feast with another‚ defeating the Padres‚ 15-1. Rico Brogna goes 4-for-5‚ with 2 doubles and 2 homers‚ and drives home 7 runs for Philadelphia. The Pads finally turn to infielder Ed Giovanola who pitches 1 1/3 innings of scoreless relief. Giovanola last pitched in Little League.

    Sep 11, 1998 - At Turner Field‚ the Florida Marlins lose to the Atlanta Braves‚ 8-2‚ to become the 1st WS champion in history to lose 100 games the next season. Former Atlanta Braves pitcher Larry Bradford‚ there for a pre-game cermeny with a Little League team‚ dies of a sudden heart attack before the game.

    Aug 28, 1993 - In Williamsport‚ Long Beach becomes the first U.S. team to repeat as Little League champions‚ beating Panama‚ 3-2. Long Beach‚ led by Jeff Burrough's son‚ Sean‚ is just the 3rd team to repeat as champs: Seoul‚ South Korea in 1984-85 and Monterrey‚ Mexico‚ in 1957-58 are the other repeaters.

    Jun 24, 1993 - After never having had a multi-homer game in his career‚ dating back to Little League‚ Giants 2B Robby Thompson hits 2 HRs in a game for the 2nd day in a row‚ leading SF to a 17-2 win over the Rockies. Thompson gets 5 hits on the day for the Giants.

    Sep 17, 1992 - The Philippine team is stripped of its Little League World Series title‚ as Little League authorities say the Asians used ineligible players. The team from Long Beach‚ California‚ is awarded the title.

    Jun 4, 1992 - Carl Stotz‚ creator of Little League baseball‚ dies at age 82 in Williamsport‚ Pennsylvania.

    May 20, 1992 - North Carolina Little League coach Richard Blackwell is arrested after slashing the throat of a rival coach during an argument over a game of a few days earlier. On June 8‚ Blackwell will be banned from participating in Little League for 2 years‚ but will not be given jail time after pleading guilty to a reduced sentence.

    Jul 17, 1979 - In pre-game ceremonies‚ Crystal Fields‚ 11‚ defeats a field of seven boys to become the first girl to win the National Pitch‚ Hit‚ and Run Championship. Crystal‚ an All-Star SS in her Little League in Cumberland Maryland‚ batted .529 this year.

    Jun 7, 1977 - The White Sox select Harold Baines with the number-one pick in the draft. Bill Veeck had first seen Baines play Little League ball and had followed his career. P Bill Gullickson is taken with the 2nd pick by the Expos‚ and Milwaukee takes University of Minnesota infielder Paul Molitor with the 3rd pick. Danny Ainge‚ a potential pro basketball player‚ is picked in the 15th round. The Reds come up empty with the 8th pick in round 1‚ picking prep 3B Ted Venger. The Expos pick Tim Raines on the 5th round.

    Dec 26, 1974 - The Little League is officially open to girls as President Gerald Ford signs legislation amending the charter of the organization. Little League had sought changes in their charter after a series of lawsuits challenged its boys-only rule.

    Aug 29, 1959 - Hamtramck‚ MI‚ wins the Little League WS at Williamsport‚ PA.

    Jun 1, 1959 - Two-time champ Monterrey‚ Mexico is barred from 1959 Little League competition for its failure to comply with the rule that specifies using only players from a predetermined geographical area.

    Apr 7, 1959 - In an effort to protect its players‚ Little League moves its pitcher's mound 2 feet back‚ from 44 to 46.

    Aug 22, 1958 - Monterrey‚ Mexico repeats as Little League WS champions‚ beating the Kankakee‚ IL‚ Yankees 10-1. Hector Torres pitches a 3-hitter for the victory.

    Jun 6, 1958 - The Little League announces that 4 foreign teams will play in its World Series.

    Aug 23, 1957 - Angel Macias‚ a 12-year-old righthander from Monterrey‚ Mexico‚ hurls a perfect 12-inning game over La Mesa‚ striking out 11 to win the Little League Championship in Williamsport‚ PA. In the tourney before Williamsport‚ Macias pitched a game lefthanded.

    Jan 6, 1956 - A federal court bars former Little League Commissioner Carl Stotz from forming a rival group. He initiated the suit because he felt the league had grown too big‚ and that increasing team rosters to 15 players was preventing less able players from getting any real playing time.

    Dec 5, 1955 - Carl Stotz plans to set up a rival Little League of his own.

    Nov 21, 1955 - In an obvious power struggle for control‚ the principal founding father of Little League‚ Carl Stotz‚ sues the organization for breach of contract. The suit will be settled out of court.

    Aug 27, 1954 - In the championship game of the Little League WS‚ Schenectady‚ NY‚ defeats Colton‚ CA‚ 7-5. Future NL Rookie of the Year‚ Cub 2B Ken Hubbs leads Colton‚ while future major leaguers Jim Barbieri and Billy Connors starred for the New Yorkers. This team later becomes the subject of a best-selling book by Martin Ralbovsky‚ Destiny's Darlings.

    Jun 24, 1953 - The Braves add $20‚000 bonus baby Joey Jay to their roster. The 18-year-old pitcher is the first Little League player to make it to the majors.

    Jan 30, 1953 - The Little League names Peter J. McGovern as its first full-time president. Its office is moved to Williamsport‚ PA.

    Dec 12, 1952 - Peter J. McGovern becomes president of the Little League‚ succeeding Charles Durban‚ who resigns because of ill health. The Little League began in 1939 with 8 teams in 2 leagues and has grown to over 1‚800 leagues in 44 states and several foreign countries.

    Aug 21, 1947 - The first Little League World Series tournament is held in Williamsport‚ PA. The Maynard Midgets of Williamsport‚ with a tourney batting average of .625‚ win the WS‚ 16-7.

    Mar 7, 1896 - A Chicago writer quoted in the New York Clipper notes that "[Bill] Dahlen is one of the few now in the League who came blood new from a punky little league and became a good thing at first jump." Indeed‚ Dahlen eventually accumulates 2‚460 hits and a .272 average over a 21-year career.

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