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    Jouett Meekin

    Jouett Meekin from the Chronology

    Aug 12, 1899 - The Giants sell pitcher Jouett Meekin to Boston for $3‚500. Meekin averaged 25 wins a year from 1894-98‚ but had slipped to 5-11 this season.

    Mar 27, 1898 - Scrappy Joyce‚ new manager of the NY Giants‚ says facetiously that if the U.S. Army runs out of cannons in the conflict with Spain‚ he will loan his hard throwing pitching staff of Amos RusieCy SeymourJouett Meekin‚ and Ed Doheny.

    Jul 31, 1897 - At Eastern Park‚ 11‚000 fans cheer as Brooklyn's "Fighting Bill" Kennedy takes a 2-0 lead into the 9th inning against the Giants. Giants pitcher Jouett Meekin leads off with a single. Two more singles‚ a sac bunt‚ an error on Davis' grounder‚ and a flyball ties the game and puts Davis at second. When umpire O'Day turns his back‚ "Fighting Bill" fires a ball at his head. Typically‚ Kennedy is offline‚ allowing Davis to trot home with what proves to be the winning run. The Giants win‚ 4-3.

    Jun 17, 1897 - Jouett Meekin allows 11 hits and his teammates commit 4 errors‚ but New York still manages to shut out Cleveland 7-0. Tomorrow‚ Cleveland is held to 3 hits and loses‚ 5-0.

    May 27, 1896 - Cleveland takes advantage of Jouett Meekin's 13 walks and 3 wild pitches to beat the New York Giants 11-5. However‚ the Spiders fall to 2nd in the NL race behind Cincinnati‚ which whips Washington 10-6.

    Jun 1, 1895 - St. Louis 1B Roger Connor gets six of his team's 30 hits in a 23-2 burial of New York. All the runs come off Jouett Meekin‚ pitching with a sore arm.

    Sep 6, 1894 - For the 2nd time in 3 days‚ New York beats Pittsburgh by scoring in the bottom of the 9th‚ allowing them to pass Boston-which loses to Louisville‚ 15-10‚ in the Colonels' first victory in 19 games-and move into 2nd place. Pitcher Jouett Meekin clubs a home run in the 9th to give the host New Yorkers a 6-5 win.

    Aug 22, 1894 - With the Giants up by 6 runs in the 8th‚ Chicago's Bill Lange comes to the plate wielding a 5 foot 10 inch bat that had been given to Jimmy Ryan by a New York theater manager. Neither the umpire‚ John McQuaid‚ nor the Giants object‚ and Lange‚ who had struck out twice against Jouett Meekin‚ hits a soft grounder to 1B Jack Doyle‚ who mishandles it. New York wins‚ 8-5.

    Jul 21, 1894 - In a 14-3 Boston win over New York‚ returning rookie Fred Tenney belts a HR off Jouett Meekin.

    Jul 4, 1894 - Two teams win 12-11 thrillers in the bottom of the 9th. New York outfielder Mike Tiernan's one out homer with the Giants batting last downs host Cleveland. The afternoon attendance is only 4‚000 as the parade in downtown Cleveland prevents many trolleys from running. New York also wins the morning contest in Cleveland‚ 4-3‚ behind Jouett Meekin's six-hitter. Meekin clubs three triples‚ a major league record for a pitcher that has not been equaled. Philadelphia edges Chicago‚ this time with a 3-run rally in the nitecap‚ to win‚ 12-11. Chicago takes the morning game‚ 16-10.

    May 29, 1894 - Pittsburgh moves past Cleveland into first place by edging Baltimore 3-2 as the Spiders‚ held to 3 hits by Jouett Meekin‚ lose to New York 2-0.

    Jul 26, 1891 - Louisville snaps its 15 game losing streak‚ the longest losing streak in the majors this year‚ by beating host Cincinnati‚ 9-5 behind Jouett Meekin.

    Jul 11, 1890 - Chicago's Cap Anson is awarded an intentional walk‚ one of the earliest ever recorded (as noted by historian Dixie Torengeau)‚ by Jouett Meekin of the Giants. With the score tied in the 11th‚ Bill Dahlen doubles‚ and a wild pitch sends him to 3B. Lange is semi-intentionally walked on 4 pitches‚ and Meekin allows him to steal 2B. Then he pitches four wide ones to Wilson (NY catcher)‚ who stands ten feet to one side of the plate. He permitted Lange to steal second without opposition‚ and then pitched four wide ones to Wilson (NY catcher)‚ who stood ten feet to one side of the plate. "Capt. Anson (the batter) was aggravated at this deprivation of a chance to win the game by making a hit‚ and sought to reach one of the curves that Meekin was putting so far away from him." Chicago Tribune. "The spectators laughed at Anson's impotent rage and the Captain was forced to walk to first‚ filling the bases." Meekin then retires Ryan‚ who had doubled in a run in the 4th‚ Decker‚ and Pfeffer to preserve the 2-2 tie. Chicago's other run was a leadoff homer by Everitt‚ the leadoff hitter. Meekin loses the game in the 12th when Donohue hits a leadoff double and botched sac bunt leaves Friend safe at first. Meekin winds up and fakes a throw to 1B without stepping out of the box. Anson gets a balk call from ump Bob Emslie and wins 3-2.

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