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    Jimmy McAleer

    Jimmy McAleer from the Chronology

    Jul 15, 1913 - Jake Stahl‚ hobbled by a foot injury‚ is released as Red Sox manager. President Jimmy McAleer says that it was not differences with Stahl but that the stockholders want a player-manager. C Bill Carrigan replaces him.

    Sep 15, 1911 - Washington manager Jimmy McAleer announces his resignation. Ban Johnson then arranges for McAleer and Robert R. McRoy buy a half-interest in the Red Sox for $150‚000. Clark Griffith will take over as manager and‚ by purchasing 10% of the team‚ its largest single stock holder.

    Apr 14, 1910 - With the weather perfect‚ President and Mrs. William Howard Taft‚ along with Veep Sherman‚ surprise the Nationals by showing up for the season Opener. Jimmy McAleer suggests Taft throw out the first ball‚ and he becomes the first president to do so. Walter Johnson catches it‚ then pitches the first of his 14 Opening Day Washington games‚ striking out 9. An easy ?y hit by Frank "Home Run" Baker into the overflow crowd-a ground-rule double-mars his 3-0 pitching gem over rival Eddie Plank. Gabby Street is behind the plate for Johnson‚ the only Opener in which he catches for Walter.

    Oct 2, 1909 - In the first game of a season-ending doubleheader against Washington‚ Jim Curry plays second base for the Athletics and goes 1-for-4 against Walter Johnson. At 16 years‚ six months‚ and 22 days‚ Curry is the youngest player in American League history and the youngest major league position player in the 20th century (his birth year is reported as both 1889 and 1893): Carl Scheib will debut at 16 years of age in 1943. Walter Johnson's 6-5 loss in the opener seals the last-place finish for Washington with 110 losses-Johnson and Bob Groom suffering 51 of them. The A's take the nitecap as well‚ 7-2. Three years later‚ when Washington rises to 2nd place‚ Johnson and Groom will combine for 56 wins. Today‚ Groom and P Dolly Gray play the outfield for the Nationals. The last place finish costs Pongo Joe Cantillon his job. The new manager is Jimmy McAleer.

    Sep 22, 1909 - Jimmy McAleer‚ one of the AL's original managers‚ resigns from the Browns after 8 years‚ switching to Washington.

    Jul 13, 1901 - At Detroit‚ Bill "Doc" Nance has 6 hits-5 singles and a double-off 4 Cleveland pitchers to pace Detroit to a 19-12 win. Giving up the hits are Gus Weyhing (soon on his way to the Reds)‚ Pete Dowling‚ manager Jimmy McAleer‚ in his only pitching appearance (0.1 IP‚ 2H‚ 3BB)‚ and 3B Bill Bradley‚ in his only pitching appearance (1IP‚ 4H).

    Jun 27, 1896 - In an aftermath to the previous day's brawl‚ several Cleveland players are brought before a Louisville court on a warrant sworn by Louisville owner Hunt Stuckey. Manager Tebeau is fined $100 for disturbing the peace. Ed McKean and Jimmy McAleer are fined $75 each‚ and Jesse Burkett‚ $50.

    Apr 24, 1894 - Cincinnati manages just 2 hits off Cy Young and loses 1-0 to Cleveland. Jimmy McAleer's single in the 9th drives home Ewing‚ who had doubled.

    Aug 18, 1891 - Milwaukee is victorious in its first AA game‚ beating the Browns in St. Louis 7-2. Back in Cincinnati‚ the NL game is enlivened by Cleveland's Jimmy McAleer chasing the Reds' Arlie Latham around the field with a baseball bat. Latham had tripped McAleer as the runner rounded 3B/ No blows are struck as Cleveland wins‚ 6-2.

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