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    Jack Doyle

    Jack Doyle from the Chronology

    Sep 29, 1957 - With 1895 manager Jack Doyle among the 11‚606 looking on‚ the Giants lose their last game at the Polo Grounds 9-1. Pirate P Bob Friend defeats Johnny Antonelli. Bucs rookie Johnny Powers hits a HR in the top of the 9th‚ the last homer and RBI at the Polo Grounds.

    Jul 12, 1905 - The Detroit Tigers beat New York‚ 6-3‚ with the help of 2 errors by Highlander 1B Jack Doyle. The vet Doyle was signed yesterday and this will be his only appearance for New York.

    Jun 2, 1902 - After the team loses 14 of the last 15 games in May‚ the Giants strip Jack Doyle of his captain's role and give the job to George Smith. Doyle will be released in late June.

    Jul 1, 1901 - Colts 1B Jack Doyle‚ harassed by a Polo Grounds fan‚ jumps into the stands and hits him once with his left‚ reinjuring his hand‚ which he had broken several weeks before. The Giants' "Dummy" Taylor trims Chicago's Jack Taylor‚ 6-4.

    Jan 18, 1901 - The New York Giants trade Jack Doyle to the Chicago Orphans for Virgil Garvin‚ Sammy Strang (called William in the newspapers) and John Ganzel. Speculation in the papers is that Doyle will be named captain‚

    Sep 14, 1900 - At the Polo Grounds‚ the Giants pull off the first triple play of the 20th century in a 5-1 win. With Chicago's Johnny Kling behind the plate‚ Jack DoyleGeorge Davis and Kid Gleason do the deed. It'll be another 10 years before a trifecta is pulled off in the NL.

    Sep 13, 1900 - At the Polo Grounds‚ Christy Mathewson makes his first start‚ pitching a complete game loss to the Colts. Chicago wins‚ 6-5‚ scoring 4 runs in the first‚ thanks to an error by 1B Jack Doyle.

    Jul 4, 1900 - At Cincinnati‚ in the 3rd inning of game 2‚ Giants 1B Jack Doyle slugs ump Robert Emslie after being called out on a steal attempt. Fans jump from the stands as the two get into it and players finally separate the two fighters. Two policemen chase the fans back into the stands and then arrest Doyle and take him to the York street station. He'll be fined for the assault. The Reds lose the nitecap‚ 6-3‚ after winning the opener‚ 8-1.

    Apr 26, 1900 - On their way to the Polo Grounds‚ New York Giants George DavisKid Gleason‚ and Mike Grady spot smoke rising from an apartment building and rush to help with the rescue. Davis climbs a fireman's ladder to rescue a woman who fainted in the heat‚ and Gleason and Davis help a woman and child down a fire escape. Forty-five families are left homeless from the major blaze. Then the trio‚ with Davis stroking a triple‚ help the Giants against Boston‚ scoring 5 in the 9th to tie‚ 10-10. Boston then scores 3 in the top of the 10th and the Giants answer back by stalling‚ waiting for darkness. One batter lights a newspaper and uses the torch to search for a bet‚ causing fans in the stands to light newspapers as well. At 6:55 the game is called‚ and the score reverts to a 10-10 tie. Giants Jack DoyleMike Grady‚ and Al Gelbach are fined $5 each‚ but no forfeit is called.

    Jul 8, 1898 - Bill Joyce returns as Giants manager and New York celebrates with a 10-1 win over Brooklyn. Joyce replaces Cap Anson‚ who was 9-13 in his 22 games as manager. The Giants purchase the aggressive and versatile Jack Doyle from Washington. Having recovered from a bout of malaria‚ he will be used in the outfield‚ at short‚ and at first base.

    Aug 6, 1897 - In Boston‚ the Beaneaters edge the Orioles 6-5. In the 8th inning‚ umpire Lynch loses his temper and strikes Baltimore 1B Jack Doyle on the jaw. It takes the Boston police 10 minutes to restore order. LF Hugh Duffy saves the game for the league leaders by throwing out a runner at home in the bottom of the 9th.

    May 10, 1897 - Jack Doyle hits an unusual home run for Baltimore‚ but Washington defeats the Orioles 13-5. The HR is noteworthy in that the ball rolls to the fence where a ladder had been placed. It rolls up the ladder and disappears over the fence. The O's execute a triple play: 1B Jack Doyle to SS Hugh Jennings to 2B Heinie Reitz.

    Jun 5, 1895 - New York makes the debut of new manager Jack Doyle a happy one as it scores 4 runs in the 10th to beat Louisville‚ 7-3.

    Aug 22, 1894 - With the Giants up by 6 runs in the 8th‚ Chicago's Bill Lange comes to the plate wielding a 5 foot 10 inch bat that had been given to Jimmy Ryan by a New York theater manager. Neither the umpire‚ John McQuaid‚ nor the Giants object‚ and Lange‚ who had struck out twice against Jouett Meekin‚ hits a soft grounder to 1B Jack Doyle‚ who mishandles it. New York wins‚ 8-5.

    Jun 7, 1892 - Pinch hitting for P George Davies‚ Cleveland Spider Jack Doyle singles against Brooklyn. By some accounts‚ this is the first official pinch hit‚ though Daly's pinch hit on May 14 precedes this In ML history under the new rule allowing pinch hitters in non-injury situations. Other historians cite the Phillies Charles Reilly on April 29‚ 1892‚ while others cite Mickey Welch‚ September 10‚ 1889. Brooklyn wins today‚ 2-1.

    Sep 10, 1889 - Batting for Hank O'Day‚ New York Giants pitcher Mickey Welch strikes out as the first pinch hitter in ML history. This must have been an injury situation since a rule allowing pinch batters in non-injury situations will not be instituted until 1892. The first pinch hitter under that rule is generally agreed to be Jack Doyle‚ on June 7‚ 1892.

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