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    Harry Stovey

    Harry Stovey from the Chronology

    Apr 20, 1964 - At Los Angeles‚ Braves pitcher Bob Sadowski notches a 7-1 win and sets a Braves franchise record of striking out 5 times in a regulation game. The only other Braves to whiff five times was Harry Stovey‚ who did it in extra innings in 1891.

    Jun 3, 1895 - Roger Connor becomes the ML's all-time HR leader‚ passing Harry Stovey with his 4th round-tripper of the season‚ and the 122nd of his career. This historic HR drives in St. Louis's only 2 runs in a 5-2 loss to Brooklyn.

    Aug 12, 1892 - The Orioles remove OF posts‚ around which ropes holding back overflow crowds would be wrapped‚ after a ball hit by Harry Stovey strikes a post and bounces back toward the infield‚ forcing Stovey to stop at 2B. Another factor in the decision was an incident 3 days ago in which Oriole RF Frank "Piggy" Ward missed a sure catch when he ran upon a post. It doesn't help today as visiting Philadelphia wins‚ 9-6.

    Jul 21, 1892 - Harry Stovey smacks 3 triples and drives in 6 runs in the Orioles' 10-3 win over Pittsburgh.

    Jul 3, 1892 - Baltimore signs Harry Stovey‚ released by Boston.

    Aug 21, 1891 - George Hemming‚ who fanned Harry Stovey 5 times on June 30th‚ fans Stovey 4 times today as the Bridegrooms beat the Beaneaters‚ 8-1.

    Jun 30, 1891 - In a 4-1 10-inning loss at Brooklyn‚ Boston's Harry Stovey strikes out 5 times versus George Hemming. No Brave will fan five times in a game until Bob Sadowski matches Stovey on April 20‚ 1964.

    Feb 14, 1891 - The National Board of Control "reluctantly" awards 3 disputed players (Lou BierbauerHarry Stovey‚ and Connie Mack) to the NL clubs that signed them despite the prior claims of the AA. Philadelphia (AA)‚ assumed that with the disbanding of the Players League‚ Lou Bierbauer would return to play with them. They call the signing of the 2B by Pittsburgh a Piratical" move‚ and the nickname "Pirates" will stick.

    Feb 5, 1891 - Harry Stovey‚ who played with the A's in 1899‚ and like Lou Bierbauer‚ was not claimed by that club through a clerical error‚ signs with the Boston NL club for 1891.

    Jul 23, 1890 - Harry Stovey‚ the leading slugger of the Boston Players' League club‚ hits his 100th career home run. He is the first ML player to attain this milestone. Boston rolls over Chicago‚ 22-5.

    Oct 2, 1889 - King Kelly shows up drunk and is taken by the police when he threatens umpire McQuade. Without him‚ Boston loses 7-1 and falls behind New York‚ which wins 6-3. Sam Thompson of the Phillies hits his 20th HR of the season. The AA HR leader‚ Harry Stovey‚ hits 19 this season‚ considered a greater achievement because of the bigger parks in the AA.

    Jun 30, 1887 - Athletics manager Frank Bancroft is given a 3-day vacation to be with his ailing son. Before the month is over‚ however‚ he will be officially fired. Captain Harry Stovey is in charge of the team on the field and no new manager will be hired.

    Oct 15, 1886 - The AA season ends with 2 games in Philadelphia. Harry Stovey hits a HR to give him at least a share of the Association leadership for the 4th consecutive season.

    Sep 28, 1885 - Philadelphia's Harry Stovey hits his AA-leading 13th HR off Pittsburgh's John Hofford. This is also Stovey's 51st career HR‚ which is the current ML record.

    Aug 15, 1885 - Athletics manager Lon Knight is fired and temporarily replaced by 1B Harry Stovey; former Athletics manager Charlie Mason is eventually hired as his replacement.

    Aug 18, 1884 - Harry Stovey's 3 triples and 2 singles contribute to Philadelphia's 20-1 pounding of Baltimore (AA). Two of his triples come in the 8th inning.

    Aug 18, 1883 - The Athletics defeat Columbus‚ 19-5‚ with 5 hits by Harry Stovey.

    Aug 17, 1881 - Worcester suspends its captain‚ Mike Dorgan‚ and Harry Stovey takes over the post. Lee Richmond‚ who had quit because of conflicts with Dorgan‚ rejoins the team.

    Sep 21, 1880 - Harry Stovey hits a pair of homer runs to take the league lead with 6. Harry adds a single and double as Worcester beats Troy's Mickey Welch‚ 17-2.

    Sep 17, 1880 - Harry Stovey hits a leadoff home run‚ his second of the week‚ to start Worcester towards a 3-1 win over Troy.

    Jul 17, 1880 - Rookie Harry Stovey hits his first ML HR‚ connecting off Jim McCormick as Worcester beats Cleveland 7-1. Stovey will be the first ML player to reach 100 career HRs.

    Oct 7, 1879 - Worcester beats Providence‚ 4-3‚ giving pitcher Richmond a 7-2 record versus NL teams for the season. Harry Stovey‚ having been signed with Worcester for 1880‚ makes his debut.

    Sep 19, 1877 - Young Harry Stovey of the Athletics shuts out St. Louis‚ 6-0‚ on 2 hits. Stovey will become a star slugger‚ not pitcher‚ in the next decade.

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