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    Dupee Shaw

    Dupee Shaw from the Chronology

    Jun 11, 1887 - At the Polo Grounds‚ the Giants make it easy by scoring 11 runs in the opening inning enroute to a 26-2 pasting of Washington. New York collects 10 hits in the big inning‚ including 2 hits apiece by Mike TiernanBuck Ewing‚ and Monte Ward. Danny Richardson is 6-for-7 for New York with 6 singles. This is the second time this season the Giants have scored 26 runs: in 4 days they'll score 29. The starter and loser for Washington is Dupee Shaw‚ the inventor of the windup‚ according to John L. Sullivan (TSN obit 6/23/38). Ugly rumors will erupt about today's big loss‚ and Washington will release Shaw in August. The Boston Globe will report on his release that he‚ "had shown lack of heart in his work and was sick of the club. it is said he never recovered emotionally from the effects of the accusation late last year that he was crooked in some of his work versus certain clubs."

    Apr 18, 1885 - At an NL meeting‚ the 5 men who jumped the NL to sign with the UA in 1884 (including John Day‚ Charlie SweeneyDupee Shaw‚ and Jim McCormick) are reinstated with fines of $1‚000.

    Oct 3, 1884 - P Henry Porter of Milwaukee (UA) matches Dupee Shaw's distinction of July 19th as he strikes out 18 batters while losing the game 5-4 to Boston.

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