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    Curt Flood

    Curt Flood from the Chronology

    Jan 20, 1997 - Former major league OF Curt Flood‚ who challenged baseball's reserve system and made possible today's megasalaries‚ dies at age 59.

    Jun 18, 1972 - By a 5-3 vote‚ the U.S. Supreme Court confirms lower court rulings in the Curt Flood case‚ upholding baseball's exemption from antitrust laws and the legitimacy of its reserve clause. Its decision is narrowly construed‚ however‚ and leaves the way open for legislation or collective bargaining to undercut the reserve system. By the year's end the ML owners will destroy it themselves by agreeing to salary arbitration.

    Apr 27, 1971 - Curt Flood jumps the Senators after 13 games and departs for Denmark‚ ending his playing career. He sends a telegram to Senators' owner Bob Short‚ which says in part:

    Apr 7, 1971 - The dismissal of Curt Flood's suit against baseball is upheld by a 3-judge U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

    Nov 3, 1970 - The Phillies trade Curt Flood to the Senators for 3 minor league players.

    Aug 12, 1970 - Curt Flood loses his $4.1 million antitrust suit against baseball‚ as Federal Judge Irving Ben Cooper upholds the legality of the sport's reserve clause. Cooper does recommend changes in the reserve system‚ to be achieved through negotiation between players and owners. Less than 6 years later‚ this recommendation would become a reality.

    Apr 8, 1970 - The Phillies acquire minor league 1B Willie Montanez as partial compensation for their loss in the October 7‚ 1969‚ deal in which Curt Flood refused to report.

    Jan 16, 1970 - Curt Flood‚ Cardinals Gold Glove outfielder‚ files a civil lawsuit challenging ML baseball's reserve clause‚ a suit that will have historic implications. Flood refused to report to the Phillies after he was traded by the Cardinals 3 months ago‚ contending the baseball rule violates federal antitrust laws.

    Dec 29, 1969 - The New York Times reports that Curt Flood will sue baseball and challenge the reserve clause.

    Oct 7, 1969 - The Cards trade outfielders Curt Flood and Byron Browne‚ P Joe Hoerner‚ and C Tim McCarver to Philadelphia for 1B Richie Allen‚ 2B Cookie Rojas‚ and P Jerry Johnson.

    Sep 18, 1968 - Sixteen hours after Perry's feat‚ Ray Washburn of the Cards makes ML history by hurling a 2nd consecutive no-hitter in one park. Run-scoring hits by Mike Shannon and Curt Flood at Candlestick down the Giants‚ 2-0.

    Sep 15, 1968 - The Cardinals clinch the NL pennant with a 7-4 win at Houston. Roger Maris hits his 275th‚ and last‚ regular-season HR‚ off Don Wilson in the 3rd‚ and Curt Flood racks up 5 hits.

    Jul 12, 1968 - The Cardinals beat the Astros‚ 8-1‚ but Houston scores a run on Bob Gibson‚ who wins his 9th straight. Denis Menke's bloop double‚ fair by inches‚ drives home the lone run. Houston reliever Tom Dukes ties the ML record with his 9th straight relief appearance for the Astros. Curt Flood has 4 hits for the Birds.

    Jun 19, 1967 - In the Cardinals 5-4 win over Houston‚ St. Louis CF Curt Flood pulls off an unassisted DP. It is the 1st by a NL CF since Danny Taylor in 1933.

    Jun 4, 1967 - Curt Flood's record string of 568 straight chances without an error ends when he drops a ?y ball during a 4-3 win over the Cubs at St. Louis. The Cardinals CF had played a NL-record 227 straight games without an error beginning September 3‚ 1965.

    Oct 2, 1966 - Cards rookie Jim Cosman makes his first ML appearance‚ shutting out the Cubs‚ 2-0. St. Louis OF Curt Flood concludes the season with his 159th consecutive errorless game‚ the most by an NL outfielder in one campaign. Flood handled 396 chances without a miscue.

    Sep 6, 1965 - The Phils split with the Cards‚ taking the 2nd game 10-5 behind Chris Short. Curt Simmons‚ who had won 17 of 20 from the Phils since they released him‚ is the loser. Rookie Adolfo Phillips has three doubles and his first ML homer to pace the attack. In the opener‚ the Cards win‚ 10-3 behind the spark of Curt Flood‚ who singles home a run‚ steals his 56th base‚ and hits a 3-run homer. He adds a 2-run homer in the nitecap.

    Aug 16, 1964 - Sandy Koufax (19-5) pitches a 3-0 win against St. Louis‚ but he will miss the rest of the season because of a elbow injury suffered when he slid back into 2B against Milwaukee on August 8. In the nightcap‚ Curt Simmons matches Koufax with a 4-0 shutout of the Dodgers. Card CF Curt Flood has 8 straight hits in the doubleheader split.

    Jul 30, 1960 - Just as he predicts‚ Philadelphia P Art Mahaffey‚ just called up from Buffalo‚ picks off the first batter to get a hit against him. Then with the next batter to get a hit‚ he does it again. Curt Flood and Bill White are the base runner victims‚ but St. Louis still wins 6-3. In his next game‚ the first batter to get a hit off Mahaffey will be Jim Marshall‚ and Mahaffey will pick him off as well. In the 1980s‚ Tippy Martinez will pick off 3 runners in one inning.

    Aug 17, 1958 - Curt Flood and Gene Freese‚ the first two Cardinal batters‚ blast home runs off Dodger Sandy Koufax‚ who lasts but 1 1/3 innings. It's the 5th time in NL history the first 2 batters in a game have homered. The clouts propel the Cards to a 12-7 win‚ but the Dodgers come back to win the nitecap‚ 9-3.

    Dec 5, 1957 - The Cards turn down the Phillies offer of Richie Ashburn and Harvey Haddix for Ken Boyer‚ trusting that Boyer will turn into a good 3B. Then‚ in one of their best trades ever‚ the Cardinals acquire outfielders Curt Flood and Joe Taylor from the Reds for pitchers Marty Kutyna and Ted Wieand. The 19-year-old Flood‚ who appeared in 8 games for Cincinnati over the past 2 seasons‚ will anchor the St. Louis OF for the next 12 years.

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