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    Bob Emslie

    Bob Emslie from the Chronology

    Jun 21, 1906 - At the Polo Grounds‚ umpire Bob Emslie tosses John McGraw in the 4th inning‚ but his fellow ump Hank O'Day goes one better‚ banishing Joe McGinnity and first sacker Dan McGann in the 5th. Down 4-2‚ Mathewson relieves for the Giants and shuts out the Pirates over the last 4 innings. The Giants load the bases in the 9th and Chappie McFarland relieves a tired Sam Leever. A single scores one and with two outs‚ Doc Marshall singles to score the winning run. Mathewson wins‚ 5-4.

    Sep 23, 1905 - In Chicago‚ Mathewson and Carl Lundgren hook up in a tight pitchers' duel‚ decided in Chicago's favor on a mental error by Giants SS Bill Dahlen. With two on and two out in the 5th inning‚ Dahlen bobbles a grounder and touches 2B as the runner arrives. Dahlen‚ thinking that he has the 3rd out‚ rolls the ball to the mound. But ump Bob Emslie calls the runner safe. Johnny Evers the runner on 3B‚ alertly scores on the play for the game's only run. The loss stops Matty's win streak at 11 games.

    Aug 24, 1904 - In Chicago‚ Mathewson blanks the Cubs on 3 hits and the Giants defeat Herb Briggs‚ 3-0. The 2nd game is called after 10 innings with the score 2-2. Chicago fans show their feelings towards McGraw's Giants by tossing bottles onto the field. RF George Browne is hit on the leg and is almost hit in the head while chasing a fly ball. McGraw tells ump Bob Emslie that he will not allow his team to continue play until all the broken glass is cleared‚ and by the time that occurs it is too dark to continue play.

    May 23, 1904 - Chicago's Jake Weimer and Christy Mathewson duel for 11 innings before the game is a called a 1-1 tie. Ump Bob Emslie calls the game at the West Side Grounds so the Giants can catch a train for New York. Matty allows 6 hits‚ one less than Weimer.

    May 12, 1904 - For his second game in three days‚ Mathewson is shelled in the first inning‚ as the Reds tally 4 runs. Umpire Bob Emslie adds some fireworks of his own‚ tossing McGraw for too much lip. The Giants tie it in the 3rd‚ but the Reds make 13 hits off Matty while the Giants contribute 6 errors. The Reds win‚ 13-7.

    Aug 6, 1902 - The Pirates shut out the Giants for the 2nd day in a row‚ as Jack Chesbro beats Dummy Taylor‚ 2-0. Jimmy Jones assaults umpire Bob Emslie over a call‚ and will be suspended for the season and then released by the Giants.

    Aug 20, 1901 - Umpire Bob Emslie becomes ill before the 2nd game of the Superbas-Phils twin bill and Phils P Al Orth and Superbas C Jim McGuire fill in for him. However‚ it is a close game‚ and Orth is needed as a PH in the 9th. Doc White then becomes the 2nd umpire as Orth hits a single and scores a run. Brooklyn holds on for a 3-2 win.

    Jun 9, 1901 - Overflow crowds ringing the outfields of small parks is a frequent occurrence. At Cincinnati on this Sunday afternoon‚ the first-place Giants lead 15-4 after 6 innings before 17‚000 fans. Ground-rule doubles multiply‚ and 19 more runs score in the next 2 1?2 innings. When the crowd edges onto the infield with two outs in the 9th and the Giants leading 25-13‚ umpire Bob Emslie forfeits the game to New York‚ the 2nd of 2 forfeits this year. The Reds make 18 hits. The Giants register a 20th C. record 31 hits‚ led by the outfield: Kip Selbach is 6-for-7‚ and "Piano Legs" Hickman and George Van Haltren have 5 hits apiece for a NL record 16. Hickman and Van Haltren score 5 runs apiece. The Giants also set a ML record for most runs without a HR‚ a mark that will be tied by Cleveland in 1930. The two teams combine for a NL record 36 singles‚ 22 by New York. Only one Giant will return to the team in 1902: 5 will go to the AL‚ and 3 will retire.

    Sep 7, 1899 - Hometown Brooklyn loses to Boston 2-1 when Tom "Tido" Daly tries to score the tying run in the bottom of the 9th but is called out by umpire Bob Emslie. When the fans attack Emslie‚ police and players escort him off the field to the railway station.

    Aug 28, 1898 - Umpire Bob Emslie is too ill to continue after the first game between Baltimore and St. Louis. Orioles Manager Ned Hanlon recommends that Browns' manager Tim Hurst‚ a former NL umpire‚ officiate in the 2nd game. The Orioles win 6-2‚ but "Tiny Tim" is cheered by the crowd.

    Jan 8, 1898 - NL president Nick Young says he will have the more experienced umpires such as Tom Lynch‚ Bob Emslie‚ and Hank O'Day stay behind the plate when he institutes the new 2-umpire system. Previously‚ the single umpire would move behind the pitcher only with men on base.

    Aug 30, 1897 - In New York‚ the Colts are leading 7-5 after 8 innings when Colts manager Cap Anson‚ leading off the 9th‚ argues that it is too dark to continue. Umpire Bob Emslie tells Anson to hit and‚ after a strike is called‚ Anson protests so loudly that he is tossed‚ joining the Chicago subs in the club house. He refuses to allow a pinch hitter and Emslie rules an out against Chicago. Chicago then scores 3 runs for a woolworth lead‚ 10-5‚ and in the bottom of the 9th‚ takes the field without a left fielder (LF George Decker moves to Anson's spot at 1B). Finally a figure [pitcher Dan Friend]‚ dressed in a bathrobe and cap‚ emerges from the club house and takes his place in left. After two outs‚ Giants manager Scrappy Bill Joyce protests that Friend has no uniform on under the robe. At that point‚ Emslie throws up his hands and calls the game on account of darkness. Chicago wins‚ 7-5.

    Jul 24, 1896 - Baltimore wins over St. Louis by forfeit. After the Orioles score the first 5 runs in the top of the 13th to break an 8-8 tie‚ St. Louis flagrantly delays in the bottom of the inning‚ prompting umpire Bob Emslie to call the forfeit.

    May 9, 1896 - Baltimore's Hughie Jennings knocks down Reds 3B Charlie Irwin before he can catch Bid McPhee's throw. Jennings scores afterward to give the Orioles a controversial 6-5‚ 10-inning win over Cincinnati. Umpire Bob Emslie is escorted out of the ballpark by Cincinnati police.

    Jul 3, 1895 - Baltimore beats New York, 5–4, in 10 innings to move past Boston into first place. For the first four innings, the plate umpire is Ben Tuthill, prompting the New York Times to state, “just where Nick Young, President of the Baseball Players, found Ben Tuthill no one knows. . . . for he doesn’t know the difference between a ball and a strike.” Someone must agree. Bob Emslie, who was umpiring at 1B, eventually replaces Tuthill. The next day Tuthill will umpire at first base and get “suckered” on two plays.

    Jul 11, 1890 - Chicago's Cap Anson is awarded an intentional walk‚ one of the earliest ever recorded (as noted by historian Dixie Torengeau)‚ by Jouett Meekin of the Giants. With the score tied in the 11th‚ Bill Dahlen doubles‚ and a wild pitch sends him to 3B. Lange is semi-intentionally walked on 4 pitches‚ and Meekin allows him to steal 2B. Then he pitches four wide ones to Wilson (NY catcher)‚ who stands ten feet to one side of the plate. He permitted Lange to steal second without opposition‚ and then pitched four wide ones to Wilson (NY catcher)‚ who stood ten feet to one side of the plate. "Capt. Anson (the batter) was aggravated at this deprivation of a chance to win the game by making a hit‚ and sought to reach one of the curves that Meekin was putting so far away from him." Chicago Tribune. "The spectators laughed at Anson's impotent rage and the Captain was forced to walk to first‚ filling the bases." Meekin then retires Ryan‚ who had doubled in a run in the 4th‚ Decker‚ and Pfeffer to preserve the 2-2 tie. Chicago's other run was a leadoff homer by Everitt‚ the leadoff hitter. Meekin loses the game in the 12th when Donohue hits a leadoff double and botched sac bunt leaves Friend safe at first. Meekin winds up and fakes a throw to 1B without stepping out of the box. Anson gets a balk call from ump Bob Emslie and wins 3-2.

    Jun 6, 1885 - Two days after teammate Henderson has 5 hits‚ Oriole P Bob Emslie collects 5 hits and scores 4 runs in beating Cincinnati‚ 21-5. It is his 2nd win of the year: He'll win just one more after having won 32 last season.

    Jul 10, 1884 - In the AA's longest game of the season‚ Louisville ace Guy Hecker emerges after 15 innings a 5-4 victor over Baltimore ace Bob Emslie.

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