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    Amos Rusie

    Amos Rusie from the Chronology

    Jan 31, 1977 - The Special Veterans Committee selects Joe SewellAmos Rusie‚ and Al Lopez for the Hall of Fame.

    Sep 29, 1966 - The Dodgers Sandy Koufax pitches a 4-hitter and beats the Cards 2-1. He becomes the first ML pitcher to achieve a third 300-strikeout season since Amos Rusie in 1890-92.

    Jan 10, 1918 - While acknowledging that Ty CobbTris Speaker‚ and Eddie Collins are all good ball players‚ Cap Anson picks his all-time team‚ leaving them off while modestly naming himself as the first baseman. In the current issue of TSN‚ Anson selects C-Buck Ewing and King Kelly; P-Amos RusieJohn ClarksonJim McCormick; 2B-Fred Pfeffer; 3B-Ned Williamson; SS-Ross Barnes; OF-Bill LangeGeorge GoreJimmy Ryan‚ and Hugh Duffy.

    May 8, 1901 - Amos Rusie‚ onetime Hoosier Thunderbolt‚ makes his first start for the Cincinnati Reds after a two-year layoff and is bombed 14-3 by the Cards. Emmett Heidrick makes 5 singles off Rusie. After 2 more appearances‚ he goes back to digging ditches‚ having won 245 games‚ mostly for the Giants‚ in 9 years.

    Dec 15, 1900 - Amos Rusie‚ out for the past 2 years with arm problems‚ is traded to the Reds by the Giants for young Christy Mathewson. Though only 30‚ Rusie‚ a future Hall of Fame pitcher‚ will not have the ability that brought him 8 straight 20-win seasons‚ and he will not add to the 245 wins he collected in 9 seasons. Appearing in just 3 games in 1901‚ he will finish with an 0-1 record. Mathewson‚ 0-3 with the Giants but 20-2 with Norfolk (Virginia League)‚ is much coveted by Cincinnati owner John T. Brush‚ who is currently negotiating to buy control of the Giants from the unscrupulous Andrew Freedman. Before he takes over‚ Brush wants Mathewson in place as a Giants' starter‚ rather than the "pitched out" Amos Rusie.

    Mar 30, 1899 - Amos Rusie refuses to sign a new contract with the Giants for $2‚000. He made $3‚000 in 1898 but hurt his arm. He will stay out of baseball for the next 2 years.

    Aug 16, 1898 - Boston moves into first place‚ as Kid Nichols downs Chicago‚ 5-4‚ and the Giants' Amos Rusie shuts out Cincinnati‚ 4-0‚ The Reds held the lead for 98 days

    Jul 28, 1898 - Louisville star Honus Wagner leads the Colonels to their 8th straight win by hitting his first grand-slam HR and driving in 5 runs. Louisville pins the 6-4 loss on New York ace Amos Rusie. Despite the streak‚ the Colonels are just 32-55.

    Jul 22, 1898 - Amos Rusie edges Pittsburgh's Frank Killen 1-0 in 13 innings at New York.

    May 10, 1898 - Amos Rusie of the Giants sets down Brooklyn on one hit and wins 5-0.

    Apr 6, 1898 - Pitcher Amos Rusie and OF Mike Tiernan of the Giants are on the sick list. The cold and wet weather while the team has been playing at Lakewood‚ NY‚ instead of Hot Springs‚ Ark‚ is blamed.

    Mar 27, 1898 - Scrappy Joyce‚ new manager of the NY Giants‚ says facetiously that if the U.S. Army runs out of cannons in the conflict with Spain‚ he will loan his hard throwing pitching staff of Amos RusieCy SeymourJouett Meekin‚ and Ed Doheny.

    Aug 25, 1897 - Led by George Davis’s four hits, New York records a 20-4 win over Louisville in game one. Phil Knell takes the loss. In game two, Amos Rusie pitches a one-hitter to win, 5–1 and hand Louisville its 10th straight loss.

    May 17, 1897 - Pirates lefty Frank Killen‚ a 30-game winner last year‚ allows 2 hits to defeat Amos Rusie and the Giants‚ 3-2. Pittsburgh's Denny Lyons has 2 fingers broken after being hit by a Rusie pitch.

    Apr 27, 1897 - Amos Rusie‚ the Giants' "Hoosier Thunderbolt‚" returns to the mound to beat Washington 8-3 before 10‚000 welcoming New York fans.

    Apr 19, 1897 - Amos Rusie ends a year-long holdout and signs with the Giants for $3000 and drops his law suit challenging the reserve clause.

    Mar 27, 1897 - Cleveland president Frank DeHaas Robison proposes that NL teams chip in to pay the 1896 salary of New York star Amos Rusie‚ who refused to play due to a contract dispute. Robison and other NL officials want to avoid Rusie's lawsuit‚ in which he seeks free agency. Although New York president Andrew Freeman vehemently opposes the NL plan‚ the $3‚000 payment is made and Rusie rejoins the Giants.

    Dec 10, 1896 - Amos Rusie's attorneys drop his suit in the U.S. Circuit Court. He is later reimbursed for a reported $3‚000 by the NL owners for his lost season.

    Dec 1, 1896 - Amos Rusie‚ a season-long holdout‚ announces he will settle with New York and play next season.

    Jun 29, 1896 - The NL Board of Directors meets and fines Patsy Tebeau $200 for rowdyism. Tebeau refuses to pay and announces he will seek legal redress. In another action‚ the board denies the appeal of Amos Rusie against fines levied last year by New York president Andrew Freedman. Rusie is in the process of sitting out the 1896 season.

    Jul 30, 1895 - At Washington‚ the New York Giants vote down the Senators‚ 17-5‚ with the help of Amos Rusie‚ 23 hits‚ some poor officiating‚ and poor play by the Senators. "It was an exhibition of yellow ball from beginning to end‚" sniffs the Washington Post. Young umpire Hunt‚ who took the blame for the poor calling‚ was assisted on the basepaths by a local amateur John Heydler‚ who the Post comments called an excellent game. A ladies day crowd of 2800 fans watched.

    Aug 25, 1894 - Amos Rusie throws a one-hitter‚ as New York hands Louisville its 10th straight loss 5-1.

    Jul 24, 1894 - Boston moves into first place as Baltimore begins a 7-game losing streak by falling to Amos Rusie and New York‚ 1-0.

    Jul 20, 1894 - Reopening burned-down South End Grounds‚ Boston celebrates by whipping New York's pitching ace Amos Rusie‚ 12-1. Hugh Duffy walks twice and hits a home run.

    Jun 20, 1894 - At Boston‚ the Beaneaters play their last ever game at their temporary Congress Street. When the Beaneaters return from a month road trip‚ South End is repaired well enough to finish season. With five runs in the eighth‚ Boston takes a 10-7 over Baltimore (1894 Champs). The Orioles then scored five in the ninth on a single‚ double‚ walk‚ hit-by-pitch‚ walk‚ 2-run wild pitch‚ and a fly ball to lead 12-10. Boston scores one in the 9th and puts runners Lowe and Long to third and second. Hugh Duffy then hits McMahon's pitch over the left field fence goes and the game is won 13-12 because the rule only allows for winning run to score. Duff gets a single and two RBI. The crowd explodes as the last hit at Congress Street wins the game. Duffy also homered in the game before the fire and at the first game back at South End Grounds on July 20 (plus the next two) when they blasted Amos Rusie (Triple Crown pitcher that year) 12 to 1. In the 27 games at CSG‚ Boston and their opponents each hit 43 homers‚ enabling Boston to top the 100-mark by the season's end‚ only the 2nd team to do so until Ruth's 1920 Yankees.

    May 7, 1894 - Kid Nichols' three-hitter beats Amos Rusie 1-0 in New York as Triple Crown Rusie allows fellow Triple Crowner Hugh Duffy a 1-for-4 day. Pitcher Jack Stivetts plays CF and his double‚ a pop up muff by 2B John Montgomery Ward‚ and a double steal plates "Happy Jack" in the first inning. Duffy played SS for Herman Long who was injured by flicking cigar ashes in his own eyes. Long's error was flipping lighted cigars and catching them in his mouth. Long will start tomorrow's game wearing an eye patch‚ but after booting his first play‚ he leaves the game to much ribbing.

    Apr 12, 1894 - In the Opening Day game of the National League's first 12-team season‚ two future Hall of Fame pitchers‚ Amos Rusie of the Giants and Tim Keefe of the Phillies‚ square off. Rusie wins 5-4.

    Aug 19, 1893 - Amos Rusie fires a 2-hit shutout to lead New York to a 2-0 win over Cleveland.

    Aug 1, 1893 - At the Polo Grounds‚ New York beats Brooklyn‚ 8-3 behind Amos Rusie. Ward's triple with the bases loaded is the big support.

    Oct 4, 1892 - Amos Rusie of the Giants pitches 2 complete- game victories over Washington at the Polo Grounds‚ winning 6-4 and 9-5.

    May 28, 1892 - In the Players' League‚ Jimmy Ryan helps Chicago defeat Amos Rusie and New York 10-4 by drawing 5 walks-half of Rusie's total for the game.

    Apr 12, 1892 - Inaugurating the first 12-team NL season‚ Amos Rusie of the New York Giants outpitches Tim Keefe of the Philadelphia Phillies 5-4.

    Sep 28, 1891 - The Giants arrive in Boston without their two best pitchers (Amos Rusie and John Ewing) and their best hitter (Roger Connor) and arrange to play 5 games in 3 days. They lose the first one 11-3 as the Beaneaters move to within one-half game of Chicago‚ which loses to Cy Young and Cleveland‚ 4-2.

    Sep 26, 1891 - Amos Rusie wins both ends of a doubleheader in Brooklyn for the Giants. He is then given the final week of the season off‚ so he will not pitch against Boston.

    Sep 19, 1891 - Amos Rusie beats Chicago for the second time in 3 days as the Giants complete a 3-game sweep of the Colts. Boston‚ having meanwhile won 3 from Pittsburgh‚ closes to within 2 1/2 games of first place.

    Aug 31, 1891 - In the season's best pitching duel‚ Chicago's Bill Hutchison and New York's Amos Rusie battle to an 11-inning scoreless tie. A great throw from CF to home plate by Jimmy Ryan saves the day for the Colts.

    Jul 31, 1891 - New York Giants P Amos Rusie hurls a no-hitter against Brooklyn‚ winning 6-0‚ over Bill Terry. He walks 8‚ hits one‚ and fans 4. Rusie lost on a no-hitter last month.

    Jun 22, 1891 - Tom Lovett of Brooklyn no-hits New York 6-0‚ giving up 3 walks. Amos Rusie is the losing pitcher.

    Jun 16, 1891 - Amos Rusie's three-hit‚ 5-0 shutout gives New York a 4-game sweep and a 4-game lead over Chicago.

    Oct 3, 1890 - Chicago's rookie Pat Luby (NL) wins his club-record 17th consecutive game of the season‚ a 3-2 victory over Amos Rusie and the Giants‚ to finish the season at 20-9. He'll lose in his first game next year.

    May 12, 1890 - A scoreless pitching duel between future Hall of Famers Amos Rusie (New York‚ NL) and Charles "Kid" Nichols is broken up by a tape measure solo HR by New York OF Mike Tiernan in the 13th inning. The ball clears the OF fence and high dirt embankment and lands in the middle of a Players League game going on at the adjacent Brotherhood Park. Fans from both parks cheer Tiernan's homer. Tiernan is in the middle of a 20-game hit streak that will end May 27th. Nichols gives up just 4 hits‚ while Rusie allows only 3.

    May 9, 1890 - In an era when 320 errors is the fewest made by any ML team‚ and over 10‚000 are charged in the three leagues (with walks‚ WP‚ PB‚ and HPB counted as errors)‚ it's a rare day when a team commits no errors of any kind. But New York NL does it‚ beating Boston‚ 16-3‚ behind Amos Rusie's 6-hitter. Boston commits 8 fielding errors and 11 battery errors.

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